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    Australia has a wide range of options in terms of education as well as institutions. There are mainly 4 types of education providers- Universities, TAFE institutes, ELICOS Providers and Private colleges. International students can opt for the desired program from a pool of choices available.

    Interesting Facts

    • Total Institutions: 1,100
    • Number of Universities: 43
    • Private college: 1
    • Total Courses: 22,000

    Degrees Offered by Australian Universities

    Following are the degrees and duration of the award offered to international students in Australia:

    Level Degree Duration
    University Bachelors 3-4 years
    Masters 1-2 years
    Doctoral 3 years
    Vocational Education and Training Certificate I 4-6 months
    Certificate II 1 year
    Certificate III 1 year
    Certificate IV 12-18 months
    Diploma 18- 24 months
    Advanced Diploma 24- 36 months
    ELICOS (English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students) Certificate 5 weeks to 1 year

    Universities in Australia

    Universities in Australia are preferred by International students to take up full-fledged bachelors, masters or post-doctoral courses. The university enrolment for the year 2018 to study in Australia was more than 250,000 international students.

    The top 5 universities in Australia are:

    University Number of International enrolments
    Australian National University 7,200
    University of Melbourne 19,995
    University of Sydney 10,000
    University of New South Wales 16,686
    University of Queensland 15,431

    How to Choose Universities in Australia?

    Choosing the right university can be a daunting task especially in Australia. While all the universities in Australia work under provisions and guidelines as laid by AQF, it is relatively hard to choose one out of all the available options. However, international students must keep the following factors in mind while selecting the right university for themselves:

    • Academic Excellence: The foremost requirement for any student is the quality of education and academic ranking of the university. Check rankings, publications and overall reputation of the institution.
    • Costs: Lower the cost, better the sail
    • Scholarships: Take advantage of high academic grades and athletic abilities, Australia values both enormously.
    • Location: While making the selection, keep the location in mind. Overall cost of living depends from city to city, Melbourne and Sydney are among the costliest ones.
    • Further Research and Opportunities: Long-term vision does help a lot, dot on university that can provide you with good research and job opportunities post-degree completion.
    • International Student Support: From orientation to the convocation, an international student support executive can help pave a path for glorious future.

    Graduate Programs in Australia

    Among international students, the most popular course in the Australian university is in the field of Management and Commerce with 49% enrolment. Following are the best courses for international students in Australia with enrolment figures for 2018:

    Subject International Enrolment Number
    Management and Commerce 145,539
    Engineering and Technology 34,741
    Information Technology 24,578
    Health and Medicine 23,270
    Society and Culture 22,725
    Natural and Physical Sciences 15,967

    TAFE Colleges in Australia

    Technical and Further Education or TAFE provides a wide array of VET courses in the field of business, finance, hospitality, tourism, construction, engineering, visual arts, information technology and community work.

    International students with diplomas aspiring a degree in Australia can opt for these certificates and diplomas. After completion of one year, these certificates can be used as pathways to get into Australian Universities for a degree program.

    Fee for international students may range from $3025- $11,020, depending on the course opted.

    Some of the famous TAFE Colleges in Australia accepting international students are:

    • Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE, Melbourne (Victoria)
    • Sydney Institute of TAFE, Sydney (New South Wales)
    • TAFE SA Regional, Adelaide (South Australia)
    • TAFE South Australia, Adelaide (South Australia)
    • Northern Sydney Institute of TAFE, Sydney (New South Wales)
    • TAFE Queensland SkillsTech, Brisbane (Queensland)
    • TAFE Queensland Southwest, Brisbane (Queensland)
    • South Western Sydney Institute of TAFE, Sydney (New South Wales)

    What to Study in Australia to Get PR?

    Following courses can be opted for strong PR prospects:

    • Social work
    • Automotive
    • Nursing and medical courses
    • Education and teaching
    • Cookery, patisserie and hospitality
    • Computer and information technology (IT)
    • Engineering
    • Accounting
    • Building and construction

    What to Study in Australia to Get a Job?

    Some of the top courses to study and get a job in Australia are:

    • Accountancy
    • Actuarial science
    • Agricultural Sciences
    • Architecture
    • Biomedical engineering
    • Core engineering
    • Earth sciences and related
    • Computer sciences and information technology
    • Medicine
    • Tourism and hospitality management


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