Data Science Colleges in Australia: Courses, Fees, Eligibility, Scholarships and Scope

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    Data Scientist is rated as the “Sexiest Job of the 21st century” by Harvard Business Review. With the booming of big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning, demand for data scientists in the job market has been growing across the world. Hence, it is one of the most in-demand professions. Over 50 data science courses are offered by 19 colleges in Australia. Some of the Best Australian colleges offering this program are University of Melbourne, University of Sydney and University of New South Wales.

    • Data Science in Australia is expected to experience a 2.4% increase in workforce every year from 2017 to 2022, according to a report by Deloitte Access Economics.
    • This growth is above the average increase in the total Australian workforce ie. 1.5% per year. Based on the rate, it can be anticipated that the data science jobs in Australia will reach upto 339,000 persons in 2021-2022 approximately.
    • Graduates from Data Science field from Australia earn approximately three times more than the average wage earners, as per the research of Analytics Professionals of Australia (IAPA).
    • Consequently, being a fresher, Data Scientists in Australia can earn 52,000 AUD in a year (on average).
    Data Science Employment Forecast

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    Best Data Science Colleges in Australia

    Data Science should be taken up as a field of study if the candidate is interested in statistics and can make decisions based on numbers and observations. Colleges in Australia train the students in fields like Computer Programming, Statistics and Mathematics. For instance, the students can get the opportunity to become experts in programming languages such as R, Python, SQL, or in TensorFlow, etc. 

    Australia comes in top 5 most preferred study abroad destinations mainly as the Quality of education is superior compared to other destinations. Hence, a post-graduate data science student in the country can be offered 200,000 AUD per year. 

    Some of the popular colleges for data science in Australia are:

    College/University QS Global Ranking 2020 Program Offered Courses Covered
    The University of Melbourne #38 1 Bachelor's degree, 1 Master Degree, 1 Ph.D. program. Professional skills subjects like scientific communication, capstone data
    The University of Sydney #42 1 Master's Degree, 1 Ph.D. program. Data mining, data visualization and machine learning
    The University of New South Wales #43 8 Graduate Diploma, 4 Graduate, 12 masters program on data science. Online learning environment, database system or statistics
    The University of Queensland #47 4 Masters in data science, 1 Applied data science, 1 Ph.D. program. Social media analytics, advanced bioinformatics and longitudinal correlated data, software engineer
    Monash University #58 4 bachelor degrees, 1 applied bachelor degree, 1 Master degree, 1 PhD program. Data analysis, data pre-processing, data science objectives and visualization
    The University of Adelaide #106 1 Bachelor degree, 1 Masters degree Skill building in IT and programming, IT program
    University of Wollongong #212 2 Bachelor degree, 1 Master Course Data analysis and data pre-processing,

    Data Science Colleges in Australia: Specialization and Degrees

    The students get plenty of opportunities by opting for data science in Australia. They can be recruited as business intelligence analysts, developers, data architects, data engineers, web analysts, research scientists in Australia. Consequently, an experienced data scientist in Australia can receive an average salary of 103,922 AUD per annum. 

    In the following section, the data science courses offered by the top-ranked universities and colleges of Australia are going to be discussed. 

    Specialization Specialization
    Data wrangling Modeling for data analysis
    Computer architecture and operating systems Programming foundations in Python
    Mathematical foundations for data science Business Intelligence Modelling
    Data curation and management Data exploration and visualization
    Big data management and processing Business intelligence and data warehousing
    Applied data analytics Master of Data Science

    The students can avail following renowned degrees in data science in Australia:

    • Undergraduate program: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in data science.
    • Post Graduate Program: Master in data science (M.Sc) in data science.
    • Doctoral Program: Ph.D. in data science

    Data Science Colleges in Australia: Undergraduate Program

    The colleges and universities offer three years of full time bachelor courses in data science in Australia. There are approximately 13 bachelor's degrees available to study in Australia. Some of the popular ones are: 

    Program College/ University Duration Course Fees (Annually in AUD)
    Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Data Science University of Melbourne 3 years 41912
    B.Sc in Data Science University of New South Wales 3 Years 49674
    Bachelor of Computer Science in Data Science Monash University 3 Years 42800
    B.Sc in Information Systems (Data Analytics) The University of Western Australia 3 Years (B.Sc)
    4 Years (B.Sc Hons)
    B.Sc in Computer Science (Data Science) Swinburne University of Technology 3 Years 32087
    B.Sc in Data Science Western Sydney University 3 Years 29182
    Bachelor in Information Technology (BIT) in data science University of Southern Queensland 3 years 25832
    Bachelor in Information Technology (Data Analytics) University of Southern Queensland 3 years 25678

    Data Science Colleges in Australia: Eligibility for Bachelors 

    Students should meet the following criteria for applying to bachelors in data science in Australia:

    • Students should score minimum of 70% marks in their 12th Examination. 
    • Must have strong and in-depth knowledge in mathematics
    • International students need to get a 6.5 band score in IELTS or 64 in PTE to demonstrate proficiency in the English language. 

    Data Science Colleges in Australia: Admission Requirements for Bachelors

    You should attach and send the following required documents to the college at least before 12 months of the proposed admission date:

    • Marksheet of 12th examination or junior college
    • Higher school certificate
    • Higher secondary certificate
    • Report of English proficiency test scores

    Data Science Colleges in Australia: Fees and Funding for Bachelors 

    The average B.Sc in Data Science in Australia course fees is lying from 25000 to 56000 AUD per annum. Unless students are availing of any scholarship or fellowship program, it will be challenging for them to bear such a lump sum amount in the country. 

    Data Science Colleges in Australia: Postgraduate Programs

    The colleges and universities of Australia offer 39 different types of Masters in Data Science. It is streamlined in 1 to 2 years. Some of the renowned postgraduate programs offered are: 

    Program University Duration Course Fees (Annually in AUD)
    Masters of Science (M.Sc) in data science University of Canberra 2 years 33509
    M.Sc in Data Science James Cook University 2 years 31681
    M.Sc in Data Science Western Sydney University 2 years 32169
    M.Sc in Data Science Macquarie University 1 year 39601
    M.Sc in Data Science Deakin University 2 years 33540
    M.Sc in Data Science University of New England 1 year 32087
    M.Sc in Data Science University of Queensland 2 years 45816
    M.Sc in Data Science University of Adelaide 2 years 43663
    Master in Information Technology Charles Sturt University Study Centres 2 years 25145
    Master in Information Technology (Information Systems) Charles Darwin University 2 years 29892
    Master in Business and Innovation (Big Data and Visualisation) The University of Southern Queensland 1.5 years 30120

    Data Science Colleges in Australia: Eligibility for Masters 

    Following are the guidelines to understand the required admission criteria for getting into the Australian institute: 

    • Bachelor certificate as proof of completion. 
    • Completed bachelors in computer science, data science, engineering, statistics, finance, economics or physics 
    • 70% marks in bachelors (that is 4.0 GPA) 
    • An average of 6.5 band score in IELTS or 66 in PTE as a proof of English proficiency

    Data Science Colleges in Australia: Admission Requirements for Masters  

    In order to take admission into a master in data science coursework, the students should submit the following required documents along with the academic score: 

    • One identification certificate
    • 4 passport size photographs of the student
    • Your valid passport
    • Letter of recommendation (Not mandatory)
    • Transcripts of prior studies
    • One statement certificate of the purpose of studying
    • Your current CV

    Data Science Colleges in Australia: Fees and Funding for Masters 

    The course fee in Australia is not so high like the MS in Data Science in the USA, or the UK. The program fees vary between 31000 AUD to 46000 AUD for a year. Students can get concessions up to 50000 AUD or 100% rebate in tuition fees. Sometimes, the aspirants can avail the accommodation free from the university.

    It is advisable for international students to apply for a suitable scholarship program, otherwise, they may find it challenging to bear the cost of living in Australia

    Data Science Colleges in Australia: Doctorate Program

    PhD in Data Science in Australia can be completed in 4 years. There are seven popular universities in Australia, which offer the PhD in data science. The following table provides detailed information about these universities and their doctorate program: 

    Program University Duration Course Fees (Annually in AUD)
    PhD in Learning Analytics University of Technology Sydney 4 years 35823
    PhD in Machine Learning (Information technology) Monash University 3-4 years 42800
    PhD in Computer Science (Data Science and Analytics) RMIT University 3-4 years 33600
    PhD in Data Science University of Melbourne 4 years 44128
    PhD in Artificial Intelligence University of Sydney 3 years 49000
    PhD in Data Science University of Queensland 4 years 26000
    PhD in Data Science University of Western Australia 4 years 46400

    Data Science Colleges in Australia: Eligibility for PhD 

    • Distinction score in Bachelor
    • 70% in Masters 
    • The international students should get at least 6.5 band score in IELTS or 66 in PTE as proof of English proficiency. 

    Data Science Colleges in Australia: Admission Requirements for PhD 

    Despite the aforementioned academic qualification, the applicants should submit some required documents along with the application of the admission. Find the list of necessary documents:

    • Transcripts of prior academic mark sheets
    • 2-3 academic reference letters
    • Your updated CV or Resume
    • Letter of intent
    • Score of English language test
    • Receipt of application fees

    Data Science Colleges in Australia: Fees and Funding for PhD 

    • The average fees for studying PhD in data science from the Australian universities vary between 32000 AUD to 46000 AUD per annum (approximately).
    • If the students prefer to choose part time PhD course work, it is also available. Nevertheless, they should pay more for availing the part time program.
    • PhD students can also apply for scholarship programs for reducing the course fees.

    Data Science Colleges in Australia: Certificates Programs

    Bachelors in data science is not so popular like the Master's degree of the country. Most of the global students come to pursue master's in data science in Australia. However, few students come to the country to avail the short period certificate programs. For example Australian National University offers a 1-year diploma in applied data analytics.

    Similar to the full-time Masters in Data Science in Australia, the postgraduate certificate or diploma program in the country is also very popular: 

    University Certificate/ Diploma Program
    University of Southern Queensland

    Diploma of Science in Applied Data Science

    Certificate of Science in Applied Data Science

    Monash University Graduate Diploma of Data Science
    Charles Sturt University Graduate certificates in data management
    University of South Australia Certified graduate diploma in Information technology (data science)
    University of Sydney Graduate certificates in data science
    Murdoch University Graduate diploma in data science
    Arden University Post graduation certificate program in data analytics
    Deakin University Graduate certification in data science

    Data Science Colleges in Australia: Scholarships Offered

    The cost of living of the students in Australia not only depends upon the tuition fees but also lies on the accommodation cost and the cost of food. Hence, it is suggested to avail any of the suitable scholarships for international students in Australia in order to reduce the cost burden. Being a student, it is difficult to spend such a huge amount. 

    Few of the scholarships offered to international students are:

    Scholarship Scholarship is given by Scholarship is given to Amount of scholarship program
    Melbourne School of Engineering Scholarship University of Melbourne M.Sc in data science students 5000- 20000 AUD
    Future of Change Scholarship University of New South Wales M.Sc in data science students 5000 AUD/ Year
    School of Computer Science Master of data science Entry Scholarship The University of Sydney M.Sc in data science students 6000 AUD/ Year
    ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science International Postgraduate Merit Scholarship Australian National University M.Sc in data science students 25% concession in tuition fees
    Curtin University International Research Scholarships Curtin University M.Sc and PhD program Rebate in tuition fees based on the merit of the students
    Meng Fei Innovative Future Leader Scholarships Curtin University Undergraduate and Postgraduate students 10000 AUD

    Data Science Colleges in Australia: Career Scope

    As per the statistical report of Deloitte, the demand of data scientists in Australia will be increased by 18000 people per annum by the next five years. In addition, according to Australian Labour force, the non-IT occupations will experience a 3.2% annual growth rate. This signifies that the job growth of the passed out data scientists in Australia has flourished over the past years.

    Most of the data science jobs are available in New South Wales and Victoria. The scientists are recruited by Capgemini, Leidos, Zone IT solution, Jenny Barbour, Hudson, HAYS, Greythorn etc. 

    Designation Annual Salary (in AUD)
    Research Scientist 94613 - 111170
    Data Scientist Manager 122060 - 150000
    Senior data scientist 101511 - 149824
    Senior consultant and decision modeling and analytics 77000 - 140000
    Lead Data scientist 112669 - 180614
    Data Engineer (Cloud) 103548 - 128551
    Senior Fraud risk data scientist 18600 - 362000
    AI and Machine learning engineer 88330 - 153528
    Senior Science Communicator 99265 - 128119

    Data scientists in Australia can experience a good career growth rate. Once the students complete their study, they can join any firm as data scientist, research scientist, data (cloud) engineer, fraud risk analyst, machine learning engineer etc. Hence, opting for data science in Australia can be a good opportunity for international students to flourish their career path in a broader way.


    8.8 /10

    From the beginning, I have felt at home at the college. The nature of the university is unique and I have found that the faculty and admin really care, not only about my current education but also future employment, offering me so many opportunities. Also, the stunning campus takes my breath away every day on my way to class.

    Fees :

    $89,500 is the fee paid by me. This fee covers all costs, including flights and accommodation for the Business in Asia field trip.

    9.2 /10

    Federation University being a global leader in research and academic innovation is providing me a platform for a better career. Being an international student we get to do a lot of interaction with the teaching staff and I am enjoying being a part of a close-knit community. The university's primary goal is to provide me the knowledge and skills required to make a difference in the world.

    Fees :

    $27,800 is the annual tuition fee that my dad is paying.

    10.0 /10

    This was my first preference because I really wanted to go to uni in Sydney. I really love Sydney so much and I can't wait until I can live there but for now, I have to catch the train but hopefully, I can move there very soon because I feel like good stuff will happen once I'm actually living in Sydney and am close.

    Fees :

    I have a loan through hecs so I don't have to start paying off my loan until I make something like over $50,000 a year. most people try to get out of paying for it because they think that if they just never really get a proper job the government will just pay for their hecs and they won't ever have to pay it back themselves.

    9.3 /10

    I chose this university, as it had a guaranteed atar which meant that if I received the set atar I was guaranteed to be accepted, this allowed me to be confident with acception. Moreover, Sydney Uni is the most reputable university in Australia, therefore when my degree is complete this will hopefully mean an easier transition into the work force. I chose this particular course as I’ve always wanted to be a PDHPE teacher from a young age, it’s struck everything I would want in a uni course and offers the study of another subject to teach, thus I have a more appealing application when I go into the workforce.

    Fees :

    The tuition fee varies with the courses you choose however are around 7000 per year. I applied for a HECS debt which is where the government covers the payment and as you earn enough money in the future you slowly pay it back. Scholarships are available for those in rural or remote areas, ATSI and for high academics.

    Top Colleges

    Sort ByPopularityAdmin RatingHighest FeesLowest Fees
    Victoria, australia
    Victoria, australia
    South Australia, australia
    Australian Capital Territory , australia
    New South Wales, australia
    New South Wales, australia
    Victoria, australia
    Queensland, australia
    South Australia, australia
    Victoria, australia
    Northern Territory , australia
    South Australia, australia
    2012Estd. Year
    New South Wales, australia
    2010Estd. Year