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    According to QS World University Ranking, some of the best design colleges in Australia are 

    RMIT University, University of Technology Sydney and Swinburne University of Technology. RMIT University was ranked #1 in the Asia Pacific and #12 in the world for Art and Design (2020 QS World University Rankings by Subject).

    A lot of Australian universities offer bachelor's double degree in design, on completion of which one can pursue their Doctor of Philosophy in the subject. Australia is one of the most popular study abroad destinations for international students. 

    The latest government statistics show that the number of international students as of October 2019, has experienced a growth of 10% since October 2018. More specifically, a total of 738,107 international candidates are studying in Australia.

    Other than the above mentioned facts, global recognition of the design courses, low cost of accommodation, wide range of majors and the high employment rate of the international students are few of the reasons which makes design colleges in Australia an international student magnet.

    Top Design Colleges in Australia

    Australia houses few of the best universities and colleges for design studies around the globe. In QS world subject ranking for design, 5 best universities of Australia come under the top 50 universities around the world. 

    Some of the best design colleges in Australia are tabulated below: 

    University/College Global Ranking(QS Subject Ranking) Design Programs Offered
    RMIT University 11 13 Bachelors, 6 Masters,1 Doctoral,3 Certificates, 3 Diplomas
    University of Technology Sydney 23 22 Bachelors, 2 Masters, 1 Doctoral, 1 Graduate Certificate, 1 Graduate Diploma
    Swinburne University of Technology 43 11 Bachelors, 5 Masters, 5 Doctoral, 2 Swinburne Foundational Year Diploma, 5+ Diplomas, Certificate, Graduation Certificate
    The University of New South Wales(UNSW Sydney) 48 2 Bachelors, 3 Double Bachelors, 4 Masters, 1 Doctoral
    The University of Melbourne 49 1 Bachelors, 8 Masters,1 Doctoral, 3 Diplomas and 1 Certificate
    The Australian National University 51-100 1 Bachelors, 1 Masters, 1 Diploma
    Monash University 51-100 6 Bachelors, 2 Masters

    Design Colleges in Australia: Degree Types and Specializations

    The field of design is vast and is offered in many disciplines in Australia. Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral degrees are the main education level in which design colleges in Australia offer programs. Beside the above mentioned courses there are several other diploma, certificate courses. An added park of pursuing design studies in Australia is that this country houses universities which offer a double degree in design studies.

    Below given are some of the popular specialization in Design studies that one can pursue in Australia.

    Spacialization Bachelors Offered at Masters Offered at
    Graphic Design RMIT University, University of Canberra, Torrens University of Australia University of Sydney, RMIT University, Griffith University
    Fashion and Textile Design University of Technology Sydney, RMIT University, University of Canberra Torrens University Australia, RMIT University, Australian National University
    Interior Design Torrens University of Australia, Swinburne University of Technology, Curtin University University of Canberra, University of Sydney , University of South Australia
    Landscape Design University of Canberra, University of NSW, University of Technology Sydney RMIT University, University of Melbourne, University of Westarn Australia

    There’s also a few other specializations available in Design studies like Product Design, Transportation Design, Animation Design and User Experience Design Etc.

    Degree Available: 

    • Undergraduate Design Courses: 3-5 years full time bachelors degree courses
    • Graduate Design Courses: 2-3 years full time masters degree courses
    • Doctoral Design Courses: 3-4 years full time research program

    Bachelors Program at Design Colleges in Australia

    A bachelor's degree in Design is delivered in many disciplines like Bachelors(Hons), Dual Bachelor, Associate Undergraduate Degree etc. Below given are few popular colleges and universities in Australia offering undergraduate degrees in design. 

    University Course Duration Tuition Fee Per Year (AUD)
    RMIT University Bachelor of Arts(Photography) Hons. Bachelor of Media and Communication(Honours) 1 Year 31,680
    Associate Undergraduate Degrees 2 Years 30,720
    Bachelors of Arts Degrees 3 Years 32,640
    Bachelors of Design Degrees 3 Years 35,520
    Bachelors of Design(Honours) Degrees 4 Years 38,400
    Dual Bachelor's Degrees 5 Years 41,184
    University of Technology Sydney Bachelor's Degree 3 Years 78,783
    Bachelors Combined Degree 5 Years 131,305
    Bachelor’s Honours Degree 1 Year 26,261
    Swinburne University of Technology Bachelor of Design 3 Years 32,480
    Bachelor of Design(Hons) 3 Years 34,200-36,600
    Bachelor of Design(Double Degree) 4-5 Years 32,480-37,600
    The University of New South Wales(UNSW Sydney) Bachelor of Design 3 Years 37,440
    Bachelor of Design(Honours) 4 Years 37,440
    Bachelors of Design Double Degree 5 Years 40,269
    The University of Melbourne Bachelor of Design 3 Years 34,112-44,632
    The Australian National University Bachelor of Design 3 Years 38,304
    Monash University Bachelor of Design 3 Years 27,806

    Fees and Scholarships for Bachelors in Design in Australia

    Tuition fees for undergraduate studies in various universities in Australia ranges from 31,000 AUD to 42,000 AUD. There are several scholarships provided by the university as well as the government of Australia to aid international students in need. 

    Intake Season: Australian universities generally has two intakes i.e. February and July, but it varies depending upon the concerned university. 

    Eligibility for Bachelors in Design in Australia Admission

    Students applying for bachelor courses in design in general must have-

    • 65% or above score in the board finals.
    • Proof of English proficiency by submitting one of these scores: IELTS (6.5), TOEFL IBT (79-93), TOEFL PBT (550-583), Pearson’s (58-64), CAE (176-184).
    • Qualify the university-specific entrance exam(if any)

    Documents Requirement for Bachelors in Design in Australia Admission

    The documents you need to carry are: 

    • Academic Transcript
    • Letter of recommendation
    • Statement of purpose

    Masters Program at Design Colleges in Australia

    Few disciplines in which postgraduate courses are offered in Australia are master of design, master of design (coursework by research) and master of research (design) etc. The salary of a graphic designer with a masters degree is 31% more than that of an individual with a bachelor's degree with graphic design. 

    Below given are some of the universities offering masters in design in Australia: 

    Name of the university Course Duration Tuition Fee per year (in AUD)
    RMIT University Master of Design 2 Years 39,360
    University of Technology Sydney Masters of Design(Coursework by Research) 2 Years 19,030
    Swinburne University of Technology Master of Design Master of Design(Research) 1-2 Years 29,660
    The University of New South Wales(UNSW Sydney) Master of Design 2 Years 38,550
    The University of Melbourne Master of Design 2 -3 Years 42,784
    The Australian National University Master of Design 2 Years 32,640
    Monash University Master of Design and Master of Design( by Research) 2 Years 36,700

    Tuition Fee and Scholarships for Masters in Design in Australia

    Depending on different universities and specializations of the course the tuition fee varies. In general it’s in range between 19,000- 43,000 AUD. There are various university specific, generic and scholarships provided by the government of Australia to aid the international students.

    Intake Season for Masters in Design in Australia

    For admission in postgraduate in Australia, you need to apply through the online portal of the university before mid February. Most of the universities of Australia take new admissions in February and July. UNSW accepts the applications thrice a year: February, June, and September.

    Eligibility for Masters in Design in Australia Admission

    Applicant should at least satisfy the following minimum eligibility criteria: 

    • Hold a bachelor degree in the relevant field with a score of 65% or up
    • Fulfill the university-specific entrance exam requirement
    • Qualifying score in English language proficiency test: IELTS (6.5), TOEFL IBT (79-93), TOEFL PBT (550-583), Pearson’s (58-64), CAE(176-184).

    Documents Required for Masters in Design in Australia

    For admission you need to provide the following documents: 

    • All the academic transcripts
    • Letter of recommendation
    • Statement of purpose
    • CV
    • Proof of work experience including the documents of project worked on (if applicable)

    Doctoral Program at Design Colleges in Australia

    Students with a desire to pursue higher studies in design in Australia can check out the doctoral courses mentioned below. Having a doctoral degree gives you a detailed understanding of the subject as well as increases your chances of getting a job in the field of design. With higher qualification, you can also expect increments in salary. 

    University Program Duration Tuition Fees per annum (in AUD)
    RMIT University PhD (Design) 3-4 Years 36,480
    University of Technology Sydney PhD (Design) 4 Years 15,265
    Swinburne University of Technology PhD (Design) 3-4 Years 30,550
    The University of New South Wales(UNSW Sydney) PhD (Art, Design and Media) 4 Years 26,723
    The University of Melbourne Doctor of Philosophy - Architecture, Building and Planning 4 Years 41,472
    Monash University PhD (Art, Design and Architecture) 3 Years 23,529

    Cost of Pursuing Doctoral Degree in Design in Australia

    Tuition fee per annum for pursuing doctoral degree in design ranges from 15,000-42,000 AUD.

    Different scholarships like university specific, Scholarships provided by the government of Australia like Australian Government Research Training Program(RTP) that you can opt for for funding.

    Intake Season for PhD in Design in Australia

    The start date of application of the doctorate business courses is February in almost all the universities. There are a few colleges and universities with two or more sessions for the doctorate courses. Students can get admission in July there for next semester.

    Eligibility for PhD in Design in Australia Admission

    Students willing to pursue the doctorate degree in design should in general have: 

    • Completed bachelor and master degree on the relevant field with 70% or above score


    • A double bachelor degree in a similar field


    • 4 years bachelor degree with an upper second class score
    • The ability to conduct independent research on the approved proposal
    • Qualifying score in English language proficiency tests: IELTS (6.5), TOEFL IBT (79-93), TOEFL PBT (550-583), PTE (58-64), CAE(176-184).
    • Work experience with the ability to handle a project(if needed)

    Required Documents for PhD in Design in Australia Admission

    During the admission, the students must provide following documents: 

    • All the academic documents
    • Recommendation letter
    • Statement of purpose
    • CV
    • Certificate of work experience showing the evidence of project handling under a senior project manager(if asked)
    • Approved proposal

    Scholarship Available in Design Colleges in Australia

    International students with good academic records are given financial aid for pursuing their undergraduate and postgraduate studies by the universities and government of Australia 

    Below given are a few available scholarships in Australia for international students.

    Scholarship Name Offered To Amount Awarded (in AUD) No of Scholarship
    RMIT Future Leaders Scholarship International students pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate from RMIT University Variable Varies
    Swinburne International Excellence Scholarships International students enrolled in Swinburne University of Technology Varies Varies
    Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship International students with excellent academic record pursuing UG degree from form University of Melbourne 32,088 50
    Monash International Merit Scholarship Merit based scholarship for international students enrolled in UG and PG courses in Monash University 6,561 31
    Australia Awards Scholarship International students of a participating country’s target institution willing to undertake full-time PG or UG education in Australia. 3,161 Varies
    ANU Study Canberra India Scholarship Indian students enrolled in UG and PG courses in Australian National University 6,818 5
    Australian Government Research Training Program(RTP) For international and domestic students undertaking research masters and research doctorate degree Varies Varies

    Scope and Job Prospects of Pursuing Design Studies in Australia

    The field of design is hugely in demand and one of the most contributing fields in creative economy. Going by the conservative estimates , a total workforce of 7 million designers will be required to meet the industry demand in 2020.

    An individual in the field of design in Australia earns around 61,200 AUD per annum. The salary range varies depending on the skill and experience. While someone with a Certificate or Diploma gets a salary of 46,200 AUD per year, 18% more than someone having a High School degree. 

    A Bachelor's Degree gets its holder an average salary of 66,900 AUD per year, 45% more than someone with a Certificate or Diploma. Professionals who hold a Master's Degree are rewarded with an average salary of 87,700 AUD per year, 31% more than someone with Bachelor's Degree.

    Given below are some of the job roles and average annual salary offered to students of design studies.

    Designation Annual Salary Range(in AUD)
    Animator 53,407-66,000
    Creative Director 73,113-116,644
    Graphic Designer 44,633-68,396
    Graphic Artist 46,084-66,000
    User Experience Designer 57,972-12,079
    UX Designer 58,900-100,841
    Interior Designer 45,658-81,305
    Kitchen Designer 54,054-64,062
    Fashion Designer 44,102-88,983
    Product Developer 57,338-117,407
    Textile Designer 49,355-70,273
    Web Designer 43,933-76,645

    Design is one of the biggest sectors in the global economy in this century. Qualified candidates have always received a decent salary in Australia that is also a reason behind the double-digit growth in the number of international students last year. So choosing Australia for your design studies is a decision worth making.


    10.0 /10

    Test I searched on google and reviewed my colleges and universities. Thereby I collided with VU and deep inside the website. When I saw this I was amazed and I choose it. The fee was suitable and the teachers' faculty members all were very friendly. My consultancy also suggested choosing this uni due to its globally recognized degree as well as the degree value in the international market. So this made me attracted to my uni.

    Fees :

    The fee structure was 10000 dollars per semester. It was affordable and my parents could offer it as well. It was the best affordable. I maintained OHSC and paid a total fee of 10000 dollars. Many scholarships are available to the international students regarding their ability and the marks they secured on their exams.

    8.8 /10

    From the beginning, I have felt at home at the college. The nature of the university is unique and I have found that the faculty and admin really care, not only about my current education but also future employment, offering me so many opportunities. Also, the stunning campus takes my breath away every day on my way to class.

    Fees :

    $89,500 is the fee paid by me. This fee covers all costs, including flights and accommodation for the Business in Asia field trip.

    8.8 /10

    Being an international student at Bond University it was a bit difficult for me to study in an English speaking country. However, my experiences while traveling helped me a lot in understanding the culture out there. After coming to university I got to study in a friendly and supportive community.

    Fees :

    $20,040 is the per semester for my course.

    10.0 /10

    This was my first preference because I really wanted to go to uni in Sydney. I really love Sydney so much and I can't wait until I can live there but for now, I have to catch the train but hopefully, I can move there very soon because I feel like good stuff will happen once I'm actually living in Sydney and am close.

    Fees :

    I have a loan through hecs so I don't have to start paying off my loan until I make something like over $50,000 a year. most people try to get out of paying for it because they think that if they just never really get a proper job the government will just pay for their hecs and they won't ever have to pay it back themselves.

    Top Colleges

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    1971Estd. Year
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