Top Medicine Colleges in Australia: Courses, Fees, Eligibility, Scholarships and Jobs

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    Australian medical schools enjoy deservedly excellent international reputations for the quality of their training and research. Some of the top-ranking medicine universities of the world are located in Australia. For example, University of Sydney, Monash University, University of New South Wales, according to QS Rankings 2020. Around 20 medical colleges in Australia offer bachelor's, masters and doctoral degrees. They cater to an array of fields along with providing numerous specializations like anatomy and histology, applied medical science, immunology and pathology and more.

    • In the year 2019, around 1,685,100 people were employed in the medical sphere in Australia. Thus making the health care and social assistance industry of this country the fastest growing in the world. Thus, more international students are interested to study in Australia
    • An employee earns an average of 127,000 AUD after pursuing a program from medical colleges in Australia.
    • With global health care allocating expected to escalate at a CAGR of 5 percent in 2019-23, it will likely present opportunities for the sector. 
    • MBBS In Australia is highly sought after by international students especially from India as the degree is recognized by the Medical Council of India. 

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    Top Medical Colleges in Australia

    There are 5 top universities in Australia offering a program in medicine that are ranked among the top 50 in the world. They are listed below along with the program offered and global ranking: 

    University Program QS Ranking 2020
    Australian National University Bachelor of Medical Science (Honours); Doctor of Medicine; Doctor of Medicine and Surgery 51-100
    The University of Sydney Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Medicine* 18
    The University of Melbourne Bachelor of Medical Science; Doctor of Medicine; Master of Surgery; 16
    Monash University Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine; Bachelor of Medical Science; Bachelor of Paramedicine; Bachelor of Physiotherapy 31
    University of New South Wales, Sydney Bachelor of Science (Medicine); Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine; 46
    The University of Queensland Doctor of Medicine; PhD 48
    University of Adelaide Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery; Bachelor of Medical Studies 51-100
    The University of Western Australia Major in Medical Sciences; Master of Surgery; Doctor of Medicine; 101-150
    James Cook University Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery 251-300

    Medical Colleges in Australia: Degree and Specializations

    Medicine universities offer an assortment of courses that cater to the student’s needs in every manner. Before applying for an Australian university, one needs to understand different specializations offered in the field. 

    • Bachelor of Medicine: Specializes in genetics, immunology, nutrition, physiology, microbiology, anatomy and biochemistry. 
    • Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine: A dual degree program which aims at providing a bachelor’s degree to the students for three years and then continuing with the postgraduate course for four years. The four years program aims more towards the internship purpose.
    • Bachelor of Paramedicine: Focuses on the delivery of emergency health care along with securing a registered paramedic. This course solely aims at preparing the student for handling emergency situations by teaching paramedical skills.
    • Bachelor of Physiotherapy: This course aims at preparing the student to cater to all the health conditions related to healing. An experienced physiotherapist trains the students.
    • Master of Surgery: This course aims at undertaking a research project dedicated to a concerning aspect of surgery under academic supervision.

    In addition to the regular degree courses, students also have the choice to go after professional courses in the Medicine field, check Nursing colleges in Australia

    The following table gives an overview of specializations offered in medical colleges in Australia: 

    Anatomy and Histology Agroecosystems
    Animal Health, Disease and Welfare Applied Medical Science
    Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Cell and Development Biology
    Behavioral Sciences Radiology
    Sociology Medical Imaging

    Medical Colleges in Australia: Research Areas for Ph.D. 

    The following are the areas of research offered by the majority of the medical universities in Australia. Most of the colleges have major and minor options to choose from.

    Anesthesia Anatomy and histology
    Cardiology Dermatology
    Endocrinology Gastroenterology and hepatology
    General practice Geriatric medicine
    Hematology Infection and immunity
    Medical genetics Neurology
    Nuclear medicine Obstetrics
    Oncology Clinical ophthalmology
    Pediatrics and Child health Pathology
    Pharmacology Physiology
    Psychological medicine Renal medicine

    Medical Colleges in Australia: Undergraduate Programs

    These are the courses that mark the foundation of higher studies in medicine. Medical colleges in Australia offer much-diversified course structures as is evident from the list given below. One can always study the course curriculum and opt for their favorite course. MBBS in Australia is one of the most opted medical programs by international students. 

    University Program Annual Fees (AUD) Duration
    Australian National University Bachelor of Medical Science (Honours) 50,904 1 year
    The University of Sydney Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Medicine 80,000 7 years
    The University of Melbourne Bachelor of Medical Science 62,528 37 weeks
    Monash University Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine 79,700 5 years
    Bachelor of Medical Science 68,000 1 year
    Bachelor of Paramedicine 34,200 1 year
    Bachelor of Physiotherapy 46,900 4 years
    University of New South Wales Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine 81,831 6 years
    Bachelor of Science (Medicine) 49,480 1 year
    University of Adelaide Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery 76,000 6 years

    Medical Colleges in Australia: Eligibility for Bachelors

    To secure a seat in the undergraduate degree of a medical university in Australia, a student has to achieve certain goals and those are mentioned below. These are a few mandatory requirements devoid of which the university will not consider the applications.

    • Completion of 12th class 
    •  In certain universities, there are immunization and infection tests carried on.
    •  All the students must complete the International Students Admission Test or ISAT*
    • The interview offer will be based on the ISAT score
    • Proof of English proficiency
      • TOEFL: 94
      •  PTE: 65
      • IELTS: 7.0

    Medical Colleges in Australia: Documents Required for Bachelors 

    •  ISAT results
    •  Letter of recommendation
    •  Proof of qualifications
    •  Blue card (working with children check)
    • Criminal history check

    ISAT exam: This is regulated by the Australian Council for Educational Research which includes a 3 hours test examining the student’s caliber. This test has worldwide recognition and is considered as eligibility by the majority of universities as a pathway to study medicine.

    Medical Colleges in Australia: Postgraduate Programs 

    The majority of the medical universities in Australia offer dual degrees where the students get the opportunity to enroll in a continuing education program and complete their graduation eventually. 

    The following are the postgraduate degrees which are offered by the majority of the top universities in Australia.

    Programs University Annual Fees (AUD) Duration (Years)
    Master of Surgery The University of Melbourne 191,507 2 years
    Master of Medicine (Skin Cancer) The University of Queensland 40,640 2 years (part-time only)
    Master of Surgery University of Western Australia 35,169 2 years

    Medical Colleges in Australia: Eligibility for Masters 

    The following details will guide international students to ensure a smooth admission process. It is to be noted, in certain colleges, the student has to undertake a thesis project and work on it for 6 months.

    •  Previously pursued related studies like anatomy, physiology, biochemistry
    •  Must have completed two years full-time course in the related subjects
    •  Passing the interview
    • Proof of English proficiency
      • IELTS: 7.0
      • TOEFL: 94
      • PTE: 65
    • In certain universities, immunization and infection tests are conducted
    • All the students must complete the International Students Admission Test or ISAT
    • The interview offer will be based on the ISAT score

    Medical Colleges in Australia: Documents Required for Masters 

    • Proof of previous educational qualifications
    • Letter of Recommendation
    • Research Proposal for a master’s thesis
    • Personal Statement

    Medical Colleges in Australia: Graduate Certificate Courses

    Australia has a lot of schools that offer a Diploma as well as Certificate Courses in Medicine. Here is a compilation of some of the best ranking universities in Australia offering the same: 

    University Certificate Course/ Diploma Annual Fees (AUD)  Duration THE World Ranking
    Flinders University Chronic Condition Management/ Clinical Rehabilitation $18,000 6 months Certificate Course #251
    Western Sydney University Epidemiology $31,600 1 Year Diploma #251
    Griffith University Forensic Mental Health/ Paediatric Nursing $14,750 1 Year Certificate Course #201
    James Cook University Medical Science/ Public Health/ Research Methods $ 32,280-34,480 1 Year Diploma  #131
    University of Western Australia Rural and Remote Medicine
    Infectious Diseases
    1 Semester Certificate Course
    1 Year Diploma

    Medical Colleges in Australia: Doctoral Programs 

    A Ph.D. opens the door to certain possibilities like working closely with the government to develop collaborations and research opportunities. The medicine universities in Australia targets the growth of students by incorporating numerous Ph.D. areas: 

    Programs University Annual Fees (AUD) Duration
    Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine and Health) University of Sydney 49,000 3-4 years
    PhD University of Adelaide 48,500 4 years
    Ph.D. in Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences Monash University 46,500 3-4 years
    Ph.D. in Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences University of Melbourne 48,963 4 years

    Medical Colleges in Australia: Eligibility for Ph.D. 

    Once you’ve made up your mind to apply for Ph.D. in Australia, the next thing to do is to pass all the eligibility and gather the documents required to swiftly carry on with the admission process.

    • A bachelor’s degree with a first-class or 70% honors,
    • A master’s program or a higher-level degree is mandatory,
    • A first-class or 70% in bachelor’s degree is also needed,
    • An equivalent qualification which proves research skills, merit and proficiency,
    • If students don’t meet the above requirements, in certain universities, they have to pursue MPhil as a pathway to proceed with Ph.D.
    • Proof of English proficiency:
      • TOEFL iBT: 96
      • IELTS: 7.0
      • PTE: 68

    Medical Colleges in Australia: Documents Required for Ph.D.

    • Proof of previous qualifications
    • ISAT scores
    • The research proposal
    • Personal Statement

    Medical Colleges in Australia: Scholarships Offered

    Scholarships in Australia for international students ensure proper education and would let them focus only on education. International students get an ample option to choose from and some of those are listed below: 

    Scholarship Name University Offered to Awards (AUD)
    Australian National University(ANU) Canberra India Scholarship Australian National University Undergraduate and Postgraduate 10,000 per year
    Melbourne Research Scholarship University of Melbourne Graduate Research degree 100% tuition fee waiver & 11,000 as stipend
    Monash International Merit Scholarship Monash University UG or PG 10,000 per year
    Robert S. McNamara Fellowship Program (RSMFP) University of New South Wales, Sydney PhD 25,000
    Global Citizen Scholarship University of Adelaide UG or PG 15-30% tuition fee waiver

    Medical Colleges in Australia: Career Scope

    After the completion of the degrees, the students would definitely want to secure a job in the medical sphere. It is to be noted in this matter, there has been a significant rise in the numbers of general practitioners and resident medical officers in the last five years and the same is expected in the upcoming 5 years - 60,400 in 2018 to 67,800 by 2023. 

    It is stated that over the upcoming 5 years, there will be job openings of around 4,200 every year. The healthcare industry has also ranked at the highest with 96.8%. Let us now get an idea of what are the available job roles in Australia are:

    Designations Average Annual Salary (AUD) Designations Average Annual Salary (AUD)
    Academic Clinician 145,000 Administrative Director 153,000
    Ambulance Officer and Paramedic 74,600 Anatomic Pathology Supervisor 159,000
    Anesthesiologist 289,000 Biomedical Engineering Director 110,000
    Cardiology Manager 294,000 Care coordinator 97,200
    Clinic Manager 101,000 Clinical Director 221,000
    Director of Medical Staff Services 139,000 Doctor 236,000
    Immunologist 176,000 Nuclear medicine technologist 90,800

    Medical Colleges in Australia: Placements

    These are the companies that have climbed the ladder and top the list always. The efficient completion of the degree would aim towards the student’s employment in any of these companies.

    Cochlear Ramsay Health Care
    Healthscope Sonic Healthcare
    ResMed CSL
    Fisher and Paykel Healthcare Virtus Health
    Sirtex Medical Ansell

    Australia is the third favorite place for international students. The medical colleges in Australia offer specializations which tend to nurture the students into being professionals without lagging behind. It offers dual degrees which helps the student to finish their graduation without any hindrance and that makes the course structures of Australia even better than the rest.


    10.0 /10

    Test I searched on google and reviewed my colleges and universities. Thereby I collided with VU and deep inside the website. When I saw this I was amazed and I choose it. The fee was suitable and the teachers' faculty members all were very friendly. My consultancy also suggested choosing this uni due to its globally recognized degree as well as the degree value in the international market. So this made me attracted to my uni.

    Fees :

    The fee structure was 10000 dollars per semester. It was affordable and my parents could offer it as well. It was the best affordable. I maintained OHSC and paid a total fee of 10000 dollars. Many scholarships are available to the international students regarding their ability and the marks they secured on their exams.

    8.8 /10

    From the beginning, I have felt at home at the college. The nature of the university is unique and I have found that the faculty and admin really care, not only about my current education but also future employment, offering me so many opportunities. Also, the stunning campus takes my breath away every day on my way to class.

    Fees :

    $89,500 is the fee paid by me. This fee covers all costs, including flights and accommodation for the Business in Asia field trip.

    10.0 /10

    This was my first preference because I really wanted to go to uni in Sydney. I really love Sydney so much and I can't wait until I can live there but for now, I have to catch the train but hopefully, I can move there very soon because I feel like good stuff will happen once I'm actually living in Sydney and am close.

    Fees :

    I have a loan through hecs so I don't have to start paying off my loan until I make something like over $50,000 a year. most people try to get out of paying for it because they think that if they just never really get a proper job the government will just pay for their hecs and they won't ever have to pay it back themselves.

    9.3 /10

    I chose this university, as it had a guaranteed atar which meant that if I received the set atar I was guaranteed to be accepted, this allowed me to be confident with acception. Moreover, Sydney Uni is the most reputable university in Australia, therefore when my degree is complete this will hopefully mean an easier transition into the work force. I chose this particular course as I’ve always wanted to be a PDHPE teacher from a young age, it’s struck everything I would want in a uni course and offers the study of another subject to teach, thus I have a more appealing application when I go into the workforce.

    Fees :

    The tuition fee varies with the courses you choose however are around 7000 per year. I applied for a HECS debt which is where the government covers the payment and as you earn enough money in the future you slowly pay it back. Scholarships are available for those in rural or remote areas, ATSI and for high academics.

    Top Colleges

    Sort ByPopularityAdmin RatingHighest FeesLowest Fees
    Queensland, australia
    Australian Capital Territory , australia
    Victoria, australia
    • M.P.H0/Yr

      Course Duration : 2 years

      GRE 304 | TOEFL 79
    • B.Med.Sc/M.D0/Yr

      Course Duration : 5 years

      GRE 304 | TOEFL 79
    South Australia, australia
    Western Australia, australia
    New South Wales, australia
    Australian Capital Territory , australia
    New South Wales, australia
    Queensland, australia
    1989Estd. Year
    Queensland, australia
    New South Wales, australia
    New South Wales, australia
    South Australia, australia
    Queensland, australia
    1991Estd. Year
    Victoria, australia
    New South Wales, australia
    Queensland, australia
    South Australia, australia
    Tasmania, australia
    Victoria, australia
    • B.N0/Yr

      Course Duration : 3 years

      IELTS 6.5
    • B.Pharm0/Yr

      Course Duration : 4 years

      IELTS 6.5
    Victoria, australia
    1908Estd. Year
    Victoria, australia
    Western Australia, australia
    • M.N0/Yr

      Course Duration : 2 years

      TOEFL 84
    • M.N0/Yr

      Course Duration : 2 years

      TOEFL 84
    Queensland, australia
    1967Estd. Year
    Northern Territory , australia