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  • Study-abroad expert at Collegedunia Pvt. Ltd.
  • A former editor at Macmillan Publishers and writer at ELK Education Pvt. Ltd.
  • Develops content pertinent to education offered in abroad


Supriya is currently working as a study abroad expert with Collegedunia. After completing her Masters in Microbiology, she chose to explore prospects in editing and writing. She started her career by working as an associate editor with Macmillan Publishers, wherein she was involved in editing scientific journals complying with the strict editorial guidelines set by their client, Springer-Nature. Subsequently, she joined ELK Education Consultants and worked as an academic content writer and academic consultant. The job primarily involved providing unique solutions for research-related queries of clients.

With this experience in Scientific editing and writing, she joined Collegedunia in January 2019. With a keen eye for detail, Supriya has been developing content that is highly insightful for students aspiring to study abroad. Till present, she has contributed for over 350 articles related to overview and admission process of various universities located in countries like Canada, USA, Germany, UK, Australia, New Zeland etc.

Education and Other Accomplishments

Supriya completed a triple major degree in Microbiology, Chemistry & Genetics from Bangalore University in the year 2013. Later on, she completed her masters in Microbiology from Bangalore University in 2015. While pursuing her bachelors, she actively volunteered for National Service Scheme (NSS) and took part in various activities for the social cause. 

A Word from Supriya Sarkar

In view of high-quality education and better future prospects, many students aspire to seek education from an overseas institution. However, this seems to be a distant dream due to the lack of appropriate knowledge required to transit to a foreign land and often fall prey to fraud education consultants and put their money at stake. Thus, it is imperative for all students to do thorough research about procedures and requirements for studying abroad and take decisions wisely. 

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