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Sonal Vaid

Content Curator

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Sonal is a content writer and editor at Collegedunia with over 300 articles under her name. She is working to provide students with the latest updates and news about various exams and admissions in India. She has also worked in creating articles for students looking for education abroad at various colleges and universities in some of the top sought countries for higher education. 

In addition to being a content writer with Collegedunia, Sonal has experience in training education counselors at a private university in India. She also has experience of counseling students about the best-sought program to study according to their interests and future goals. All the counseling experience has helped her to know about what a student seeks while going for higher education and therefore incorporating that insight into the articles she writes. 

Sonal holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons) degree in Resource Management and Design Application from Lady Irwin College, University of Delhi. Sonal had also been a member of the DU Innovation Project on ‘Waste to Wealth: Promoting Sustainable Consumption’. 

Sonal has also been an active member of a Delhi-based NGO- Leaders For Tomorrow that conducts various drives and activities working towards the various environmental and social issues during her graduation.  

During her free time, you can find Sonal either busy with her fiction-books or trying a hand at doodling and creating some art pieces. She likes to listen to music and watch various web series. You can find her busy in k-pop and k-dramas. She is also a design enthusiast and likes to read and learn about the current trends in product and interior design. 

A word from Sonal Vaid
Choosing the right college as well as the right program is one of the important decisions that a student needs to make in their life. To be able to pursue a program that helps to reach your life goal makes life a lot easier. Look out for the various colleges, speak to our counselors and get to know more about your college/ university of interest. 

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