Shahid Baig

Content Curator

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Illuminating features: 

  • A writer by Heart and an Artist by soul.
  • Former Assistant Editor at Technoquest
  • Passionate for Writing (Fiction/Technical/Script) and even more passionate about Cooking
  • An active participant in academic counseling and curating data. 

Who is Shahid Baig - Personality Sketch 

Shahid lives in Gurgaon, but he was born and brought up in Cuttack, Odisha. Although he has been growing up around the East Indian Culture, Shahid imbibes the attitude of both North and South Indian traits which he received from his parents. 

Shahid loves traveling and finds his curiosity best served by meeting people from diverse cultures. One out of many wishes he has, is to explore the mountains and he will never stop himself to venture out for it.  Just a firm believer of “Empty Mind is a Devil’s workshop” theory, Shahid takes out his time visiting the theater and watching plays. He ended up writing a couple of scripts for them and finds the utmost joy in observing his stories being given life on the stage. 


Shahid graduated from IGIT Sarang in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering. Throughout his academic career, Shahid said he found it challenging to navigate through stringent time schedules covering the diverse syllabus.  But he never gave up and that’s how he learned the effective use of Time Management and Discipline. 

Being the Topper of the University, Shahid has also been an Automotive Quality Engineer for three years. But his passion for writing made him break the shell and chase his dream. He resumed his craft of writing and says this will never stop again anymore.  


When 12, Shahid was disqualified from a State level Poetry writing competition when he was rejected for submitting a 14 line sonnet. That day He took it as a challenge to Master the Art of Writing of every possible form. He enrolled for a Summer class in “Writing for Fiction '' and aced the nuances of creativity and complex understanding of every piece. By 16, he had already secured his position in the top 10 writers of the state. This did not stop him further. He went on to be the most active literary enthusiast at college that made him the Assistant Editor of the only writing and literary club of the college. 

Shahid finds ease in writing technical articles where he gets to frame and summarises the information in an understandable manner. Weaving any information that happens to be scattered, is like ease for him and that makes him distinct.  

At Collegedunia 

Shahid Baig is a Content Writer at, a web portal that houses the information of colleges, admission procedures, exams, results, and every related niche that covers the beginning of an academic career. His job of accessorizing the data and relevant figures that portray the academic structure of an institution is turning spellbound. He enjoys writing articles and providing creative inputs for making the digital page more user-friendly.  

Few words from Shahid

Being a part of this organization, it gives me a lot of happiness and joy that words can never describe.  With multiple information providing channels, students find it difficult to understand the confusion related to colleges, admissions, and related information. I find this challenge as a tough patch and enjoy the process of making articles more concise. As a person from a strong and sound academic background, I always make sure that any kind of confusion must come down to simplicity.

Not just deciding which college to get in, but knowing which course suits the interest of a student keeping the scores in my mind must be the brainstorming part.  Apart from this, I really prefer to make my after-office hours productive by participating in NGOs, theater, stand up comedy, public meetups etc.