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Urvashi Singhal

Exams Prep Master

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  • Predominantly focusing upon exam content in Collegedunia.
  • Formerly worked in Google Content Creation team.
  • Awarded with "All-rounder for the year 2013” by Delhi CM.

“Do something which is worth writing, reading, and remembering.”

– Urvashi Singhal

And that’s how the professional content writer at collegedunia, Urvashi Singhal, present her ideas. She is a scribbler, looking out for words that can aptly portray her thoughts. In collegedunia, her focus is primarily laid upon the exams being conducted round the globe. While writing for exams, it is necessary to keep an eye for detail, and that’s what Urvashi’s objective is. She rightly identifies the importance of an exam in a student’s life, therefore, she looks out for information with utmost accuracy and quality; well expressed in her articles.


Urvashi has earlier worked in the field of Content Creation for the most widely used search engine, Google. She has an upper hand on defining how a raw that can be presented to the end audience.

When it’s a lightweight day, Urvashi loves spending her time writing two-liners, poems (English and Hindi), and shayari. She is a newspaper person by nature, thus her day does not start by turning over the pages. Her strong advocacy for what Will Roger’s once said, “All I know is what I read in the papers” is immensely reflected upon her writings.


Urvashi is a proud holder of Master of Public Administration degree from reputed university Jamia Millia Islamia. She has pursued her bachelor’s in Political Science from Delhi University. Being an active orator and writer, she has been a part of many debates across universities in Delhi making the audience ponder over her thoughts.

A word for her Readers:

Exam is a very important phase in every man’s life. No matter to what field you aspire to be a member, no matter in which territorial boundaries are you confined, for at least once, you have to sit for an exam. It may be an exam for your career growth, or an exam of life. Thus, it is very essential to look for every minute detail involved, before you prepare yourself to take the final step. Good luck for your future!