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From the beginning of her career, Nikkil has the drive to serve people by educating her audience with the right information. Having said that, before taking up a career in content writing, she started her career working in an education sector delivering value to her students. It’s the desire of providing value to every student across India that pulled her towards content writing where her passion met her work.
With a good experience in the field of education, Nikkil now writes about competitive exams to help aspiring students to find the path to success. 


Education has played a pivotal role in boosting her career growth. A holder of an MBA with proficient communication skills, she has an in-depth knowledge of her role in the company. It comes to surprise how she handles the pressurized situations and tops her research work with ease which seems to be her second nature. 
The ability to process the data faster and present it in her research is something she learned from her strong educational background. This is something rare and unique to find in a person in this role. Her articles are always packed with factual data and real-time experiences.

Few words from Nikkil

I have a  passion to gather and analyze the information from the data and present it to the reader in the simplest language possible. Being a content writer I held myself accountable to present the information on time to the audience. Adhering to the timelines has always been my forte. I believe when you’re in the role of content writing, just being a content writer isn’t good enough, you have to keep an eye on the competitor’s performance, correct information sources and upskilling. It’s part of my routine to keep myself versatile for any situation which can benefit my audience and my company.
With an unquestionable passion towards writing, I see myself transferring my knowledge by the medium of words to those who really need that information. In the era of technology and internet, information is easily available but in bits and pieces and I try my best to provide all the facts, figures, statistics in one place. 


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