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Carrying a soft spot for both art and artists, Vaishnavi happens to be a dreamer by day and writer by night. She is an Economics graduate from Delhi University who has always found her way in tough times. She has grasped a few opportunities seeking her interests and missed a few. During the first year of my college, she got a chance to explore her writing skills by putting up motivational content for Later she also worked for a freelance writer. After giving almost one year to shaping her lettering skills and taking orders she soon started a blog at WordPress ( which gave her the freedom to express her thoughts in the manner she wanted. Little events in life have poised her to grow more and learn from her mistakes. 

Vaishnavi is the Marx prodigy among peers whose sole purpose in life is to bother her friends by doing their character sketches. It is probably the reason how she got customary to penning down observational reports. She is most likely to be found cozying up in her room and attempting to paint two canvases at the same time. The party in her brain can unmistakenly be named ‘chaos’. Jokes apart, Vaishnavi’s articles have been published in many online and offline magazines too. 

While in college she started an opinion based website along with a group of friends looking to voice their views about matters contemporary, or old, or even new. The website is not limited to any type of content. Writers are free to select their topics, they have complete artistic autonomy over their articles. Her idea to start such kind of word-based platform where nothing is looked down upon or prohibited has been acknowledged by avid readers. Working on this website, Vaishnavi has also gained a handful of SEO knowledge, Content Research Strategy, and Digital Marketing. Economics is her stream of qualification but content writing is what she prefers carrying forward. She has just completed her graduation and collegedunia is her first peek at employment. She works as a Content Writer at collegedunia, Study Abroad Team.

Vaishnavi is an MBA aspirant and understands the value of higher education thoroughly, working at collegedunia has given her a chance to dig into higher education options and spread this information for students like her. 

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