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  • Predominantly focusing upon exam content in Collegedunia.
  • Formerly worked at BARC AHWR team
  • Holds a B.Tech degree in Nuclear Engineering

“Keep your fears to yourself, but share your courage.”

– Samrat Roy

And that’s how the professional content writer at collegedunia, Samrat Roy present his ideas. he's a poet, searching for words which sureshot convey his thoughts to his readers. In collegedunia, his focus is primarily laid upon the latest news related to various exams being conducted across India. His flair for research and lucrative writing style enables him to create concise and reliable content.While writing for exams, it's necessary to stay an eye fixed for detail, and that’s what Samrat’s objective is. he keeps a keen eye on the happenings and tries to share it with the students in no time. He rightly identifies the importance of an exam during a student’s life, therefore, he looks out for information with utmost accuracy and quality; well expressed in his articles. 


Samrat has earlier worked as a Project Trainee in AHWR Team, BARC, Mumbai. One thing that he learnt during that time period was how to stay focused even when working under immense pressure.

When the day is light and he is basking under the sun, writing poetry and creating melodies are the things he does for fun!


Samrat is a proud holder of B.Tech Degree in Nuclear Science and Technology from reputed university Amity University, Noida. Being a lot into news never actually stopped Samrat to participate in various Quiz Competitions held both at the state and National Level. He was the First Runner’s Up in Bournvita Quiz Championship. 

A word for his Readers:

Exams play a vital role in every person’s life and honestly, the whole life is an exam.  No matter to what field you aspire to be a member, no matter in which territorial boundaries are you confined, for at least once, you have to sit for an exam. It may be an exam for your career growth, or an exam of life. Thus, it is very essential to look for every minute detail involved, before you prepare yourself to take the final step. 

Good luck for your future!