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Durgesh Rai

Content Curator

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  • An avid reader of Magical Realism fiction.
  • Content writer at College Dunia, which is one of India's top platform or extensive information about colleges.
  • Outside of content writing, he writes poems and stories which can be tracked on his Instagram webpage.

About Durgesh Rai

Durgesh Rai is a commerce graduate who is working as a content writer at Collegedunia.com, a one-stop destination with a repository of 20,000 colleges helping students to provide all the information ranging from colleges, competitive exams, courses and all kinds of related data. 

He tries his hand on various topics for reading as that allows him to widen his horizon, eventually enabling him to write better day by day.

In addition to the content writing, he is into creative writing which can be tracked on his Instagram webpage, @durgeshraiforever.

 He is psyched about writing, travelling and gaining new experiences. When not writing, he enjoys music, travelling and basketball.

Helping out people is his innate trait which can be traced by his blogs on academia and various other topics which act as a great resource for learning. He believes that there are two types of people in this world; one who helps and the one who needs help, and he tries to be in the former category by helping out people through detailed research on varied topics.


He holds a degree in commerce with French as an additional subject. He was an active participant in writing and quiz events during his education. He’s organised quiz events in his college and was also the overall batch topper of his course.

What excites him?

He is passionate about writing and travelling as that helps him to better understand the world and himself. He is captivated by good books, music and by the thought of travelling around the world.

Apart from traveling and writing, he also likes meeting new people and experiencing different cultures and food as that helps in gaining new experiences.

He is also intrigued by the power of networking and the internet. As in the modern age era, the Internet is something which is connecting the world and bringing people closer to each other.


He was in his second year of graduation when he realised that he has this strong desire for writing and that is when he started his writing journey. 

He is also a founder of a writing page on Instagram under the username of @havelivedalittle which features works of aspiring writers. He believes that reading and writing is a substantial element in life.

At College Dunia

He joined Collegedunia in the month of January 2020 and is having a great time in the office as Collegedunia offers a pleasant working environment, and is home to enthusiastic and warm people with a common goal of providing the most relevant and substantial information about colleges.

A word from Durgesh

We live in a modern age where information about everything is readily available and life has been easier than ever. Science and Tech innovations have brought the world on a man’s fingertips. But, yet there is a lack of sorted and researched information at one place which could be useful to people in need of the hour, that’s when bloggers, artists and communities which are dedicated to providing the solution for the problem act as a key player in bridging the gap.