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The top BBA colleges in Bangalore include Christ University (CU), Bangalore, Mount Carmel College, Bangalore and GIBS Business School. The city has many dedicated colleges offering BBA in regular and distance learning mode.

  • There are a total of 167 colleges in Bangalore, out of which 144  are private and 23 are government (public) colleges in the city.
No. of Private and Public Colleges in Bangalore
  • The best BBA college in Bangalore is Christ University, known for its industrial exposure and placement opportunities.
  • The admission process in Bangalore colleges for BBA is done through the university's personal entrance exams. 

Top BBA Colleges in Bangalore: Rankings

Various ranking agencies release the list of top BBA colleges in Bangalore on the basis of different parameters every year. Ranking agencies like NIRF, Business Today, and Times B School release rankings in state-wise and city-wise categories.

Top BBA Colleges in Bangalore: NIRF Rankings

These rankings are based on parameters like Teacher-Student Ratio, Perception of the University, Faculty, Placement Reports, and many more. The ranking is also based on the public and private nature of the Business School.

NIRF Table for BBA Colleges in Bangalore 2020

College Name

NIRF Ranking 2020

NIRF Ranking 2019 Change Average Annual Fees

Alliance University


42 +3 INR 2,00,000
Christ University 76-100 NP - INR 2,23,000

Top BBA Colleges In Bangalore: Times B-School Ranking

The Times B-school ranking takes a compression of business schools and collects the management courses offered by them. Unlike the other researches and lists, the Times B-school does only part crowdsourcing of information and relies on the methodical research of the institute and its effect on the students. 

The survey is executed during the first week of January to the 2nd week of February. The research has 2 major modules: Factual survey and perceptual Rating Survey. Once the data is collected, it is put through methodical research and various Top B-schools in India actively participate in it. The ranking involves a holistic approach when it is being ranked. 

Here are the top schools, as per the Times B-school ranking:

College Name

Times B-School 2019

AVERAGE Annual Fee per year

St.Joseph College of Commerce, Bangalore


INR 85,800 

Center for Management Studies (CMS) - Jain University, Bangalore


INR 2,75,000 

Dayananda Sagar Business Academy, (Dayananda Sagar B-School), Bangalore


INR 50000

Presidency College, Bangalore


INR 3,00,000

Indian Academy Degree College-Autonomous, Bangalore


INR 40,000

Reva University, Bangalore


INR 230,000

Institute of Finance And International Management (IIFIM), Bangalore


INR 1,50,000

Surana College, Bangalore


INR 19,000

  • As per Times Ranking, St. Joseph College of Commerce, Bangalore, has been ranked 6th nationally.
  • The most expensive college of this lineup is the Presidency College, which ranks 25th on the list.
  • A total of nine Bangalore colleges rank in the top 100 colleges nationally. 

Top Private BBA Colleges in Bangalore: ROI (Return on Investment) Percentage

The ROI (Return on Investment) on colleges:

ROI is of great significance when choosing a college. It tells you how profitable your education is, and how long will it take for you to break even on your fees. Comparing ROI while arriving at a decision can drastically change the course of your career post-graduation. Here are the top BBA colleges in Bangalore, ranked on the basis of the ROI they offer:


Average Annual Fees


Average Placement Package

ROI Rank*

Mount Carmel College




The Oxford College of Business Management




IFIM College




Kristu Jayanti College




Jain University




Christ University 




Surana College 




Presidency College




*ROI Percentage={(Average Placement Package)/(Average Annual Fee)}*100%

 As the list discloses, Christ University offers the best ROI and students who wish to invest the 2 Lakhs per year in their education can get their money back in less than 4 months. Some observations from the list ahead:

  • Christ University Graduates have been observed to be placed at the very last in terms of ROI. 
  • A large number of colleges have an average ROI of 25%.

Top BBA College in Bangalore: Admission Process

The admission process of colleges in Bangalore begins with the entrance exams. Aspirants are required to be updated with the date and timing of individual applications of the colleges. 

There are 289 Management colleges in Bangalore. Out of those, 167 offer BBA courses to freshers from all over the country. 

Here are some of the top colleges of Bangalore:

Christ University

Christ University (Deemed to be University) Bangalore is the multi-disciplinary University, offering Bachelor and Doctoral programs in Management, among other courses.

Popular courses offered at the university:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Finance and International Business)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Tourism and Travel Management)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours)

BBA Program at Christ University

  • A 3-year program, offering high-quality professional education in Business Administration for young students, seeking executive placements in the industry.  
  • Rigorous training entailing conceptual, analytical and performance-driven syllabus.

Admission Process

BBA admission to Christ University is through the Entrance test. Before the test, candidates have to present themselves in person with mandatory documents on the designated date.

Jain University (Deemed to be University)

Jain University (Deemed to be university since 2009) has been offering quality education to students from all over the country. Ever since its establishment by the JGI GROUP in 1990, it has been a pinnacle of technical and commercial studies in the city of Bangalore. 

The BBA program at the Jain University is a comprehensive course, which equips students with the chops to achieve a high paying administrative job in any MNC. 

  • A wide array of companies pool students from Jain University. Some of them include Airtel, Bajaj Allianz, Dell, Bosch, and Axis Bank. 
  • The college offers a conducive environment for learning and overtaking extracurricular activities. 

Top BBA Colleges in Bangalore: Entrance Exam

BBA, unlike MBA, does not have nationalized exams. The entrance is based on school results and personalized tests demanded by each university. 

Here are the entrance exams required by particular colleges:


Entrance Exams

IFIM Bangalore


[Exam conducted by All India Management Association (AIMA)]

NMIMS, Bangalore


Gems B School, Bangalore

GEMS Admission Test (GAT)

Christ University 

Christ University Entrance Test

Top BBA Colleges in Bangalore: Placement Wise

The BBA colleges in Bangalore offer courses that create valuable professional capabilities in freshers. A college's placement opportunities matter as much as any other factor, and thus, it is essential that you consider all these options well.

Here's how the placement cycle looks like for leading BBA colleges in Bangalore:

CTC offered in Top BBA colleges in Bangalore

Top BBA Colleges in Bangalore: For Finance

BBA graduates have a blooming market for job opportunities available to them. The industry has some really positive facts like:

  • The financial sector is growing at 7.5% and is estimated at $3 trillion USD in 2019. 
  • The financial growth needs fresh minds and constant talent influx.

Given below are some of the top management BBA colleges in Bangalore for Finance:

  • Jain University
  • The Oxford College of Business Management

The average salary for BBA finance graduates in India is INR 2-3 lakh/per year after graduation.

Top BBA Colleges in Bangalore: For Sales and Marketing

The sales and marketing team now outnumbers content creators in many offices these days. This is a booming market and has an incredible demand.

The sales and marketing sector is set to cross $10 billion by the first quarter of 2020. With the influx of digital marketing and fierce competitors rising from mobile phones, the sector is growing at a rate of 30%.

Some of the top BBA colleges in Bangalore for Sales and Marketing are:

  • Christ University
  • Presidency College, Bangalore
  • Mount Carmel College
  • IFIM College
  • Jain University
  • Kristu Jayanti College
  • M.S. Ramaiah College

The average salary for marketing graduates in India is INR 3-6 lakh.

Top BBA Colleges in Bangalore: FAQs

Ques. Which college is best for BBA in Bangalore?

Ans. The best BBA colleges in Bangalore are: 

  1. Christ University
  2. Presidency College
  3. Mount Carmel College

Ques. How many BBA colleges are there in Bangalore?

Ans. There are a total of 167 BBA colleges in Bangalore.

Ques. What is the average cost of BBA colleges in Bangalore?

Ans. The average cost of a BBA course in Bangalore is 2 lakhs.

Ques. Are there any entrance exams for BBA admission?

Ans. The BBA colleges do not have any nationalized or public entrance exams. The colleges do have their personal entrance exams.

Ques. Which college guarantees the highest pass out salary?

Ans. Christ University promises the highest pass out salary, i.e. 6-7 lakhs. 


9.8 /10

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

The same fees will be collected in this college when compared to other colleges. Scholarship provided by the CMR universities.The first batch was passed in this year so there was no more placement but in from the 2nd year of batch will get placed it in the companies well. the internship opportunities were taken by some of the good companies in this college.the college will help to get internship facilities very easily the teachers will help to get in the ship outside the college also.

Course Curriculum Overview :

I choose this college because computer science and engineering in this college was good after coming to this college I came to know I made a good decision and that faculties were very cooperative they help to us. the internal assessment test 1 and 2 verb be conducted if you are fail in that you will get internal assessment 3 to get rid of fail.

Placement Experience :

In this college be excited to be good placement from next year because the college first year graduation took place in 2019 from 2020 the placement will be good the placement officer said that and the voice pro chancellor said that the placement will be 90% in this college for all the good scorers.

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8.3 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

Christ University is in top 10 in terms of media studies. In journalism we get fair share of practical as well as theory subjects. Practical subjects allows hands on experience for students such as photography in the 1st semester gives you detailed insights how to handle camera and technicalities and all the tricks associated with it. Mr. Ajay Kumar, the departmental head teaches this subject and he is a champion in this. Candidates are often taken for outdoor photography class where they are allowed to execute shots that the faculty has taught. The time to time assignments also tests your skills. Other theory subjects allows good crisp discussions and intense debate sessions in class. The faculties does not follow a particular book and that is the most amazing part of the course. The faculty helps broadens the knowledge beyond the books. The Writing for Print Media subject in 2nd semester is another practical subject teaches how to write proper news articles for newspapers and also how to conduct interviews, and even editing, the assignments of which gives you proper field experience. Students in 1st year are asked to come together and launch their own class blog where their handwritten news articles are put up. 2nd year focuses totally on broadcasting part of journalism so it's all about practical learning. Sound and video production is taught with proper hands on experience. Even the assignments are fun to do as one can experiment with different softwares. The faculties are much advanced, they provides the space for students to speak up when faced with any issue or problem and they try their level best to solve it. Their advanced teaching technics beyond books is what makes it amazing, where they just bring interesting memes, pics or videos to decide and have discussions in the class. The faculties are always there to guide you and help you. Especially Pradeep Thomas Sir, if you go to him with any problem he is always there to help you out. He most fun to work with and can chat over a hot cup of coffee, and it's all the faculties for that matter.

Campus Life :

Our campus has innumerous clubs, student groups and theatre groups which helps students explore their creative side. One can participate in the fests held in our campus. For example the CSA wing(Centre for Social Action) allows you to go for amazing excursions and adventurous trekkings, timely city clean ups and many more. There are several sports team as well which allows participation in inter- college compitions and even inter-state competitions, the wi-fi speed is pretty amazing and to use it you just need to get your laptop configured from the computer department. There are respective labs for every course, be it physchology or media, and the students are allowed to enjoy the lab facilities, like in media lab there are proper professional cameras, lighting setup, a recording studio and computers. Even the NCC wing of the college allows both girl as well as boy participation and helps in self growth. Other than these the campus is quite nature friendly and it is full of greenery.

College Events :

Christ gives you amazing campus life as one not only goes there for knowledge purpose but self growth and improvement as well. One can continuously explore one's creative side. There are different student wings or clubs or groups or theatre groups that allows you to have an amazing life apart from the academic life. There are several fests in which you can show your talents, there fests where you work together with your class and groove to bolly numbers, the best part of Christ is ethnic day, where the students and faculty come dressed in their ethnic costumes or any traditional costume of their choice and enjoy the day fullest. On ethnic day the college goes in a different vibrant mood with all the music and colours and dancing.

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7.7 /10

Campus Life :

The infrastructure is quite impressive. Even though the campus is not that big, but still it provides all the facilities to their faculties and students. There is a gym fir hostellers, an auditorium, ground, a library with all necessary books, a dance room, a room for organizing committee, there's a sports room as well. The classrooms are well ventilated and clean. Aldo the cllg provides hostel facilities.

Course Curriculum Overview :

Our college is affiliated with banglore University South campus. The syllabus is updated. Every Saturday, the College conducts CC activities to make students learn more. The faculties are extremely helpful, they not only teaches us the business attiquetes but also helps us to nurture our talent. Our HOD Mr Girish babu sir is extremely helpful and us personally helping me with my startup

College Events :

The campus life is preety amazing. The college conducts lots of seminars and webinars for students, guests lectures, business meets, convocation day, student of the year, freshers and farewell party.and also celebrate festivals irrespective of castes and religion.

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