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    University de Sherbrooke is a public university located in the Province of Quebec, Canada. It is a French-speaking university established in the year 1954. University de Sherbrooke offers around 400 programs in three cycles across several areas in which programs such as Theology, Ethics and Philosophy, Engineering, Education, Science, etc. UdeS hosts more than 31,000 students. International students are also welcomed here, with more than 1,600 foreign students from 88 countries. Moreover, around 82% of the students enrolled at the university are from outside Sherbrooke. The University has affiliations with AUCC, CARL, CBIE, IAU, CUSID, etc. The University of Sherbrooke is one of the most appreciated universities in Canada.

    University of Sherbrooke Rankings

    The University of Sherbrooke, Canada is a reputed institution in the Canada Higher Education System. A snapshot of its rankings by some of the most famous agencies is given below:

    Ranking Types Ranking
    QS World University Rankings 2021 #701-750
    US News World Rankings, Best Global Universities 2021 #763
    US News World Rankings, Best Global Universities in Canada 2021 #24
    THE World University Rankings, 2020 #601-800
    Edurank, Canada 2021 #26
    EduRank, Sherbrooke 2021 #1


    Type of University Public
    Establishment Year 1954
    Location Sherbrooke, Quebec
    Campus Setting Urban
    No. of Campuses 3
    Medium of Instruction French
    Language Proficiency Required French
    International Students 1,600
    Student Enrollment 31,000 students
    Financial Aid Urban
    Official website

    University of Sherbrooke Campus

    • The University of Sherbrooke has three campuses namely the Main campus, Health campus, and Longueuil campus.
      • The Sherbrooke main campus - This campus is located mountainside with incorporates faculties and centers, the management of the institution, and the support services.
      • The Health Campus - This campus is located in the east of Sherbrooke, which houses the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.
      • The Longueuil Campus - Located in Montérégie, offers nearly 100 study programs.
    • The main campus has seven faculties and two training centers.
    • Useful daily life services such as residences, cafeterias, libraries, ATMs, cooperative offering bookstores, convenience stores, and computer equipment sales services, etc. are available on the campus.
    • Sports facilities and a cultural center presenting a variety of shows with an art gallery are also provided.
    • Near the campus, within a 15-minute walk or less, are restaurants, a grocery store, and other services.
    • FEUS and REMDUS are general associations bringing together several member associations representing all UdeS students.
    • Students can enjoy several recreational activities close to the campus such as Parc du Mont-Bellevue which has 30 km of trails for skiing, hiking, mountain biking, archery, tennis, running, etc.

    University of Sherbrooke Residence

    • Students have a choice of living on-campus or off-campus.
    • The main campus has two complex housing university residences - G residence and E residence.
    • G-residence is located at the foot of Mountain Bellevue. It offers 389 rooms across 12 blocks.
    • Located close to the Student Life Pavilion and the Multifunctional Pavilion, the E residences offer 333 small single rooms and 18 large single rooms.
    • Amenities and services available to students living on campus include telephone, internet connection, cable TV, mail, housekeeping, parking, common areas, repairs, long-distance calling service, etc.
    • Off-campus accommodation options include renting an apartment, flat, buying a house or renting affordable rooms in apartments through the Student Cooperative.

    University of Sherbrooke Courses

    • The University of Sherbrooke offers 396 programs through 8 faculties, 3 university training centers, 121 chairs, institutes, and training centers.
    • Students can register up to two bachelor's, master's, or doctoral programs while applying.
    • The University offers 132 undergraduate, 216 graduate, 50 doctoral, 49 certificate, and 8 postgraduate diploma programs.
    • Programs can be divided into the 1st cycle, 2e, 3e cycles in the following manner.
    • 1st round programs: Bachelor's degrees, integrated bachelor's-master's degree, a doctorate in medicine.
    • 2e cycle programs: Firmware, Diplomas (DESS), Course-type masters, Research-type master's degrees (with thesis). These programs prepare for employment.
    • 3e cycle programs: Doctorates in research (Ph.D.), Professional doctorates, Diplomas from 3 e cycle, Firmware
    • The fields in which programs are distributed include administration, arts, letters, and languages, law, environment and sustainable development, multisectoral studies, genie, computer science, physical activity sciences, health sciences, educational sciences, social science and pure sciences.

    University of Sherbrooke Application Process

    The requirements for admission to programs offered by the University of Sherbrooke depend on the cycle of the program chosen. All students are required to demonstrate a certain level of French proficiency for admission.

    How to Apply?

    Students seeking admission to the University of Sherbrooke must take note of the following details:

    Application Portal: Online Application

    Application Fee: 90 CAD

    Application Deadline: Fall - January 15; Winter - September 1

    Admission Requirements: The following requirements must be satisfied before admission to the university:

    • Requirements for admission to 1st cycle programs:
      • 13 years of schooling in the relevant field of study
      • Birth certificate (photocopy)
      • Transcripts
      • Photocopy of your academic results
      • Letters of recommendation
      • Program-specific requirements
    • Requirements for admission to 2nd and 3rd cycle programs:
      • 16 years of schooling in relevant discipline
      • Diplomas
      • Cover letter
      • Curriculum vitae
      • Letters of recommendation
    • Legal documents required to study in Canada:
      • Stay less than 6 months: Visa or Electronic travel authorization (eTA)
      • Stay more than 6 months: CAQ (Application for temporary selection for studies with the Government of Quebec), Government of Canada study permit.

    French Language Proficiency

    All students are required to provide proof of French language proficiency. Most programs require a minimum of FLS 060 and FLS 083-084 to apply for regular courses or a C1 to a Common European Framework of Reference for Languages test. A student with a strong B2 stands a great chance of passing the test or being invited to do a mix of regular courses and advanced FSL courses.

    University of Sherbrooke Cost of Attendance

    Expenses Amount (in CAD)
    Housing (rent, electricity, heating) 5,400
    Health insurance 900
    Books and Supplies 1,200
    Food and Hygiene Products 4,200
    Personal Expenses (clothing, activities, etc.) 1,500
    Miscellaneous 600
    Urban transport Free with student ID
    Inter-city transport 360
    Total 15,600

    Tuition fees for international students enrolled in various programs at the University of Sherbrooke are as follows:

    Area Registration Fee Tuition Fee and Lump Sum Cost Related Student Associations UdeS Foundation Campaign
    Term of study in the medical, premedical, arts, pure and applied sciences sectors (Cycle1) 35.37 10,031.10 300.95 40 17
    A term in education in all other sectors (cycle 1) 35.37 8,980.65 300.95 40 17
    A term in school-Research type master (cycle 2) 35.37 8,980.65 300.95 40 17
    Quarter in thesis writing(cycle 2) 566 - 79.11 40 17

    University of Sherbrooke Scholarships

    • The Ministry of Higher Education offers financial assistance to the University of Sherbrooke students.
    • There are several financial aid options for international students at the University such as loans and bursaries, scholarships
    • Loans and grants are offered to students pursuing full-time university studies to students with insufficient financial resources.
    • Some scholarships and grants for international students include:
      • Admission Grants at 1st cycle: the University of Sherbrooke offers several admission scholarships to students of the 1 st cycle, enrolled full-time in their first choice program. Last year, more than 100 laureates benefited from these scholarships worth up to 5,000 CAD.
      • Scholarships from the University of Sherbrooke Foundation: Every year, foundation awards more than 350,000 CAD in scholarships.
      • FORCE Foundation scholarships: The FORCE Foundation offers financial support grants to students of all cycles of the Université de Sherbrooke.
    • Scholarship programs for international students are:
      • Government of Canada international scholarship programs (Commonwealth scholarships, Organization of American States scholarships, other scholarships depending on your country of origin, etc.)
      • Canadian Francophonie scholarship program
      • Programs of the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (initial training grants, research training grants, post-doctoral research training grants, etc.)
      • Canadian Bureau for International Education
      • Exemption from additional tuition fees

    University of Sherbrooke Alumni Network

    Some notable alumni of the University of Sherbrooke are as follows:

    • Jean Charest: Former Quebec Premier
    • Pierre-Marc Johnson: Former Quebec Premier
    • Liu Chao-shiuan: Prime Minister of Taiwan
    • Charles Sirois: Chairman and CEO of Telesystem Ltd., a private equity company
    • Moulay Hafid Elalamy: Minister of Industry, Trade, Investment and Digital Economy of Morocco (34th richest personality in Africa according to Forbes 2015)

    University of Sherbrooke Placements

    • The university has dedicated career services for both its students and graduates. Career services are available to its alumni who have graduated up to two years.
    • It assists its students to get co-up programs and internships.
    • Nearly 5,000 co-op internships are carried out in a thousand organizations of all kinds.
    • The University of Sherbrooke ranks second in Canada for its placement services plan.
    • The center provides professional development assistance, individual coaching, and training.
    • For graduates, it provides various opportunities to get placed, including:
      • Virtual presentations
      • Campus meetings
      • Off-campus recruitment activities
      • On-campus employer kiosks Career days
      • Contest

    University of Sherbrooke FAQs

    Ques. What is the overall ranking of the University of Sherbrooke?

    Ans. The university has been ranked in the range of #701-#750 by the QS World University Rankings, and in the range #601-800 by THE World University Rankings. the University has also been ranked as the 763rd best global universities and 24th best global universities in Canada by the US News world Rankings. Also, the university has been ranked 26th best university in Canada and 1st best university in Sherbrooke by eduRank.

    Ques. What are the admission requirements at the University of Sherbrooke?

    Ans. Admission e form, an application fee of CAD 90, photocopy of birth certificate, photocopy of high school documents/ results, proof of French language proficiency, and additional requirements like CV/ interview/ motivation letters/ recommendation letters and others

    Ques. What are the international student requirements for the Masters of Business Administration at the University of Sherbrooke?

    Ans. The requirements are admission e form, an application fee of CAD 90 which is non refundable, photocopy of birth certificate, photocopy of high school documents/ results, additional requirements like CV/ interview, additional information form, and 2 years of relevant professional experience.

    Ques. Which graduate programs are available at the Sherbrooke University?

    Ans. Some of the graduate courses available at the Sherbrooke University are Environment, Gerontology, Drug Addiction Intervention, Rehabilitation Practices, Master of Nursing in Nursing Intervention, and Master of Science in Nursing Pathway leading to specialized studies in primary care.

    Ques. What is the tuition fee at the University of Sherbrooke?

    Ans. The tuition fees at the University of Sherbrooke for undergraduate students, 2020-2021, for the disciplines, Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, for a student residing on campus is CAD 8775, and for the disciplines, Law, Management, Engineering, Computer Science, and Pure and Health Sciences, it is CAD 12,000.

    Ques. What are the deadlines at the University of Sherbrooke for international students?

    Ans. The deadline for the Fall trimester is January 15 and the deadline for the Winter trimester is September 1.

    Ques. What programs are the most famous at the University of Sherbrooke?

    Ans. The university is quite famous for its research programs, apart from that Some of the popular undergraduate programs at the university include BBA, Bachelor of Health in Biochemistry, and others. Some of the famous graduate programs offered at the University of Sherbrooke include MBA in various concentrations, Master of Nursing in Nursing Intervention, and others.

    Ques. Does the university offer accommodation facilities to students?

    Ans. Yes, the University of Sherbrooke offers accommodation facilities to students in the form of rooms, Students can directly apply at the housing facilities through online applications. Students are required to pay a fee of CAD 305 beforehand.

    Ques. What are some of the scholarships offered by the university?

    Ans. Various scholarships are offered by the university like the admission scholarship, with the amount CAD 2000, and the excellence scholarship, with the amount CAD 5000 - CAD 7500.

    Important Dates

    ProgramApplication DeadlineFees
    B.Eng Mechanical Engineering
    fall (15th Jan 2020)
    $13,065 /Yr
    fall (15th Jan 2020)
    winter (1st Sep 2020)
    $13,065 /Yr
    Certificate Business Administration
    fall (15th Jan 2020)
    winter (1st Sep 2020)
    $13,065 /Yr
    Certificate Financial Management
    fall (15th Jan 2020)
    winter (1st Sep 2020)
    $13,065 /Yr
    USD 13,065/Yr
    Exam Scores: TOEFL100|IELTS7|TOEIC850

    Bachelor of Engineering [B.Eng] Mechanical Engineering

    4 years
    Co Op, On Campus
    Full Time
    USD 13,065/Yr
    Exam Scores: TOEFL100|IELTS7|TOEIC850
    Application Deadline: 15 Jan, 2020

    Master of Business Administration [M.B.A]

    2 years
    Co Op, On Campus
    Full Time
    USD 13,065/Yr
    Exam Scores: TOEFL100|IELTS7|TOEIC850

    Master of Science [M.Sc] Computer

    18 months
    On Campus
    Full Time
    USD 13,065/Yr
    Exam Scores: TOEFL100|IELTS7|TOEIC850

    Bachelor of Business Administration [B.B.A]

    3 years
    Co Op, On Campus
    Full Time
    USD 13,065/Yr
    Exam Scores: TOEFL100|IELTS7|TOEIC850
    Application Deadline: 15 Jan, 2020


    QS World University logo

    Overall #751 out of 1200 in Global Ranking

    Nearest Ranked Colleges

    University of Windsor

    Ranked#701 - #750

    Ryerson University

    Ranked#801 - #1000

    College Rating

    Based on 3 Students Rating

    7.2 out of 10
    7.7/10Social Life

    University of Sherbrooke Reviews

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    3 Reviews Found

    8.0 /10

    The internship perspective was really great with this school and the program is recognized by my professional order. It gives me one year to credit to become an engineer full time when I graduate. Its also well know in my field of study.

    Fees :

    We get to pay the tuition fees and the book. Included we get the bus pass and also access to a sports match. We get free coffee at our faculty every day.

    8 /10 academic/food
    8 /10 faculty
    9 /10 infrastructure
    4 /10 accomodation
    10 /10 placement
    9 /10 extracurricular
    6.5 /10

    Co-op program gave me the chance to have great internship opportunity, furthermore, great student life and gave me the chance to stay near my house where I lived all my life. In conclusion, was simple.

    Fees :

    In Canada the fees are really a lot less expensive then is the united states. Thus, really less to pay.

    7 /10 academic/food
    5 /10 faculty
    4 /10 infrastructure
    5 /10 accomodation
    10 /10 placement
    8 /10 extracurricular
    7.2 /10

    After my bachelor, I couldn't find work and this program was specializing in the field I wanted to work. It seemed easier to then study than and gain experience in an academic environment than to just wait for the perfect work to pop up.

    9 /10 academic/food
    9 /10 faculty
    7 /10 infrastructure
    6 /10 accomodation
    6 /10 placement
    6 /10 extracurricular

    University of Sherbrooke Admissions

    Regular Decision Deadlines

    January 15

    Application deadline

    April 16

    Application results

    Test Scores For International Applicants

    ExamsAvg. ScoreMin ScoreMax. Score%Submitted
    Language Proficiency

    Attendance Cost


    attendance cost

    The table shows average yearly cost of attendance for international students. Amount may vary with the course opted, nature of accommodation, and personal spending habits of a candidate. Check Program wise Fees

    Tuition fees
    Undergraduate Programs
    $14,594 / Year
    Post Graduate Program
    $13,065 / Year
    On Campus
    Residence Room
    $4,992 / Year
    Meal Plan
    $4,200 / Year

    Top Accreditations [Institutional & Program Wise]

    Institutional accreditations
    Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada
    Program wise accreditation
    Engineering Programs
    Engineers Canada
    Law Programs
    Federation of Law Societies of Canada
    Medicine Programs
    Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada (CME/CPD Offices)
    Nursing Programs
    Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing
    Physiotherapy Programs
    Physiotherapy Education Accreditation Canada
    Canada's Association of I.T. Professionals
    Canadian Association for Social Work Education


    total facultyfull timepart timegraduate assistants
    +1-819 821-8000
    2500 University Boulevard

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