St Wilfreds Teachera's Training College, Jaipur was established in 2003 and managed by St. Wilfred's Education Society. It is affiliated to University of Rajasthan. It is approved by National Council for Teacher Education (N.C.T.E.). The college has a team of well-qualified and dedicated teachers.The college has all the modern physical infrastructure and other facilities like computer lab, science lab, work experience lab, Language lab etc.

The motto of the college is "to nurture all development of the students through enrichment and quality education.” and to instil among the students a sense of responsibilities to participate in citizenship duties and strive towards common welfare.

Facts and Figures of St Wilfreds Teachera's Training College:

Type of Institute


Courses offered

-Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)

- Basic School Training Certificate (B.S.T.C.)

Type of College


Admission Based

-P.T.E.T. (Pre Teachers Entrance Test) for B.Ed.

-Pre-B.S.T.C. Entrance Exam for B.S.T.C.