Department of Management Studies (DMS IISc) is the management school at the Indian Institute of Science. The institute has completed its Diamond jubilee, was established in 1947. The basic vision of the department was to develop methods of education, ethics & psychology, Indian history & archaeology, statistics & economics.

  • The department offers Master’s program in Management and various other research programs.
  • The campus has all the basic amenities and the campus facilitates interactions and creative thinking through its infrastructure.
  • Training programs for government and private organizations are offered by the department. 

Placements: Management department of IISc, Bangalore has good placements track record. This year 15 companies visited the campus and highest package given is of about 13 lakhs and the average package is 11 lakhs

Research Work:

  • R&D Management & Knowledge Management
  • Strategic Management & Marketing
  • Human Resources Management
  • Industrial Economics: SMEs and Innovation
  • Empirical Finance and Applied Statistics
  • Management of Intellectual property
  • Project Management & Entrepreneurship
  • Operations Research
  • Energy Policy and Management
  • Public Policy
  • Operations Management
  • Language for Specific Studies
  • Organization Behavior

Extracurricular Activities: The students of the department not only focus on their academic excellence but also show their interests in other activities as well. These are as follows:

COSMAR- The Consortium of Students in Management Research which began in 2000 and is a student-driven event.

There are various seminars going on besides the regular curriculum of the college. These include:

  • Friday Seminars
  • Department Seminars
  • Management Seminars.

Facilities: The college has facilities to cater to the needs of the students and to facilitate creative thinking among them. These include:

  • Hostel: There is a separate hostel facility available for both boys and girls with mess facility provided in all the hostels. There are 2500 rooms in boys' hostel and 500 rooms in the girls' hostel.
  • Gymkhana: The campus has one of the oldest Gymkhanas in Bangalore. The Gymkhana hosts the variety of events in the campus including sports, cultural events etc. It also has a swimming pool, various sports grounds (both indoor as well as outdoor).
  • Library: The Gymkhana has a library known as Ranade Library, which has a variety of books numbering approx. 10,000.
  • Health Center: The institute has a medical facility and center which are administered by full-time professional doctors. It has various lab facilities like Ultrasonography, X-ray facility, etc.
  • Banks: The campus has 2 banks viz. State Bank of India and Canara banks which are provided with ATM facility as well.

Scholarship: Students in the research program are given per month scholarships during their course which values as follows:

Students with BE/B. Tech./M.Sc. qualification- Rs. 16,000 (for 1st 2 years) and Rs. 18,000 (for next three years)

Students with ME/M. Tech. qualification- Rs. 18,000 (for 1st 2 years) and Rs. 20,000 (for next three years)