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Patiala, Punjab AICTEEstd 2004 Chitkara University, Patiala Private Institute Ranked 30 For Architecture By Indiatoday 2021 +1 more

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Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

No idea about the scholarship (even if any; although I highly doubt). However there exists education loan facility in the university. One should contact admission department for more specific details

Remarks :

It typically takes a semester or quarter to hit your stride. Looking back on those early days you may very well shake your head and wonder what all the fuss was about. You might even feel a little nostalgic! A few students, however, may feel overwhelmed and homesick for a while. They may miss their parents, friends, even the family dog. They may find that going to college is not quite what they expected. If this turns out to be you, take advantage of on-campus counseling services. Virtually all colleges have such services. Your health center staff can help you get started. They are highly experienced at helping students just like you.

Course Curriculum Overview :

• The students who are eligible can apply for the entrance examination. In order to fill the form, the candidate should have 12th class qualified with the minimum of 50% aggregate marks. • The application forms can be downloaded as well as released along with the prospectus. The aspirant can avail it as per convenience. • The entrance examination will be held on the scheduled day in which the syllabus of the examination is covered. • In order to qualify the exam, the students must have to cross the cutoff marks. • The result will be declared and the merit list will be prepared for the qualified students. This merit list contains the names of the students in order of their respected ranks. • Final B Arch Admissions 2016 will be given as per ranks, choice filling and seat availability.

Fee Structure And Facilities :

Fees is roughly 70k per semester. which I believe is way too much (not forgetting its a non-profit university) Other expenses includes Hostel charges, college trips, stationery, print-outs, canteen expenses an not to forget transportation charges which are again around 23k per annum

Admission :

The B.Arch Admissions will start soon for the candidates who wish to get enrolled in the top ranking architecture colleges of India. The admission is given through the merit list which is prepared after the architecture entrance examination. B.Arch is the undergraduate program of five years duration and provides ample employment opportunities to the students. In order to participate in the entrance examination, it is an imperative to fulfill the eligibility criteria of the examination.

Placement Experience :

There in no job placement in the campus for Architecture, and job opportunities depends on the current market. Students typically require five years to complete a Bachelor of Architecture and become licensed through the Council of Architecture to practice architecture in a professional sense. In India, most programs of studies will require one semester of practical training with a professional architect beyond the 10 semesters of in-classroom instruction.

Exam Structure :

3 middle semester tests, 5 assignments per subject, 5 theory subjects, 3 practical subjects each semester To introduce Architectural Design to students through Basic Design. The main aim of the course is to get the students interested in and to familiarize them with the art of design and architecture. To enhance and promote visualization, expressional skills and sensitivity to surrounding environment. Making student learn the art of collecting data and to carry out analysis for the process of evolving design and individuality of approach. CONTENTS Two & Three dimensional Design Exercises involving real and imaginary objects, drawing compositions and models made of matchsticks, cardboard, wires, wood pieces etc. to form an appropriate base for subsequent Architectural design and theory. UNIT-I PART A( Theory) Max. Marks -40 1. Introduction to Basic Design 2. Objectives of Design 3. Basic Elements of Design 4. Principles of Design PART B 1. Scale and proportion in Architecture. 2. Anthropometrics dimensions including physically challenged persons

College Events :

Once a year Vastu fest is held apart from the university fests, where many events like modeling, fashion show, tug of war, quiz and many other fun games take place. the college is divided into four teams and the winner is awarded, along the other academic winners.

Hostel Facilities :

Hostel rooms accomodate 4 people, with basic needs like tables, bed, cupboards. with no allowance for any gadgets other than laptops and mobile phones. Corridors are under CCTV coverage so security is no issue, unless your room mates are the culprit.

Campus Life :

You may wonder about making friends at college. Many people do. But you'll discover soon enough there are plenty of potential friends to meet. What do you enjoy experiencing with others? Whether that's rock climbing or the camaraderie of a Greek society, chances are excellent you'll meet people you have much in common with. On the other hand, one of the big benefits of college is meeting new kinds of people, so going outside your comfort zone might surprise you

Internships Opportunities :

They don't provide any kind of internships, Students prepare their portfolios and send their CV to the firms the want to work with. Usually the stipend is around 7k per month. But it rages from working free/ volunteer to 12k per month. while many students join foreign architecture firms as well

Entrance Preview :

NATA with 80 marks atleast, and more than 50% marks in 12th with Mathematics Admission is purely based on first come first serve basis. No Donation

Faculty :

Architecture is a delicate and fine art that should be taught by educators who are both knowledgeable and have exceptional design skills. Not all schools focus on the same aspects of architecture. Thus, it is important to clarify the different schools of thought and teaching methodology to ensure that the program of study is conducive to what students hope to accomplish in their careers. Here is what you may need to know about the teaching methodology for architecture in India.

Alumni/Alumna :

Students report another source of freshman anxiety: the amount of unstructured time. This is one of the major differences between high school and college. In high school you may have felt that you were constantly scheduled, with very few breaks. In college your classes may be spaced out during the day, with free time between each class. Or they may be bunched up into a few days, mornings, or afternoons—leaving large periods of "leisure" time. Sound good? The challenge is managing your "free" time. There can be many demands on this time: studying, attending clubs, eating, working, and exercising, just to name a few. It is up to you to work it out. Here's a bit of advice many experienced college students offer: Don't procrastinate. There is nothing worse than approaching the end of a semester and realizing you have an impossible mountain of work to do. By all means, have a good time—but keep in mind why you are in college in the first place.

6 /10 faculty
2 /10 placement
3 /10 social life
6 /10 course
6 /10 hostel
4 /10 campus life
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7.3 /10

Remarks :

Good: Anti Ragging, Good Infrastructure, Good Management Safe and secure hostel Bad: located in the middle of nowhere.

7 /10 faculty
5 /10 placement
9 /10 social life
7 /10 course
7 /10 hostel
9 /10 campus life
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4.7 /10

Entrance Preview :

I took NATA and my score was 111 out of 200. I opted for this college as it has the required infrastructure. I chose this course because I had always wanted to be an architect.

Placement Experience :

No placements offered. In architecture, no placements were offered to us even though at the orientation we were told that we would be placed. But no such thing happened. Other departments, especially engineering, offer placement to students. Companies like mahindra, google, and max hospital come to get the University to take students for jobs.

4 /10 faculty
2 /10 placement
6 /10 social life
6 /10 course
4 /10 hostel
6 /10 campus life
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