The Auxilium School of Interior Design was established in 1989 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu by Mr. Mathew Jacob Chakramakal.

The School offers the Interior Design & Decor courses, correspondence and distance education program in four levels.

Why to join Auxilium:

Auxilium’s home study course is better than any other course as you can study from your home by postal course. They will send you assignments and books through post and after studying you can send those assignments to them back for evaluation. All your doubts are cleared over phone. After completing course you are capable of designing home, offices and showrooms.


Scholarship 1- hobby level course 100% free

Scholarship 2- Diploma Level course 50% off

Scholarship 3- Advanced Diploma level 100% free

Scholarship 4- Advanced Diploma level 100% free

Scholarship 5- Advanced Diploma level 75% off.