Kalapurnam Institute is situated in Ahmedabad since its inception in the year 2006. The institute is the pioneer and excellent training institute providing high-end software training & Creative Arts.

Kalapurnam Institute offers variant and diverse courses in the field of Visual Effects (VFX), Digital Film Making, Audio/ Video Editing, 2D /3D Animation, Multimedia, Graphic, Web, Architecture, Interior, Fashion Design, Digital Photography and many more.

Kalapurnam Institute Courses

Below is the brief of what the institute has to offer in their courses:

Advanced Programme 3D Animation - MAYA (MAYA Master)

Advanced Programme 3D Animation - MAYA (MAYA Master) at KALAPURNAM is an 8 months diploma program. The main feature of the program is 8 months specialization in software Autodesk MayaTM and 4 months in Autodesk MudboxTM. It covers Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Rigging, FX & Animation using the industry's leading software Autodesk MayaTM. For understanding sculpting techniques in Computer Graphics, Autodesk MudboxTM is an integrated programme. Students may choose a specialization after programme completion.

Programme 3D Animation– 3DS Max (Max Master)

Programme 3D Animation– 3DS Max (Max Master) at KALAPURNAM is a 6-month certificate programme. It mainly focuses on the software Autodesk 3dsmaxTM. It trains the students in Modeling, Shading, Lighting, and Particle Dynamics & Animation using Autodesk 3dsmaxTM. There are different types of techniques like appearance sketching, arena building, appearance modeling, abating, camera setup, texturing, alteration and bond and rendering for creating an object.

Animation Film Making- DAFM

Courses available for Animation Film Making and its application to make motion pictures. Coursework aims at introducing students to the various animation tools besides teaching them the process of making the illusion of motion, an illusion of change by means of the rapid display of a sequence of images minimally differing from each other and introducing them to the phenomenon. When you make a film, you need to follow an organized film making process. It’s best to think of it as three distinct stages:

  • Planning and getting ready to film (pre-production)

  • Filming (production),

  • Completing the film and getting it ready to show (post-production)

Advanced Programme in 2D - 3D Animation Film Making (APAFM)

Advanced Programme in 2D - 3D Animation Film Making (APAFM) is a 27 months long diploma program is delivered in full time/part time mode. The course covers the complete process of animation film making. From the pre-production and production to the post-production stage, everything is covered in the program. The course caters to the industry’s need for a job-ready professional. Besides this, it also offers the students four specialization options from which they can choose one, depending on their aptitude.

The course content for the very program is listed below:

1. Concepts of Film Making

2. Digital Sculpting

3. Character Animation

4. Stop Motion

5. Look Development

6. Visual Effects

7. Digital Design

8. Lighting

9. Fluid, Hair & Cloth FX

10. 3D Tracking & Match Moving

Interior Design

Students are nurtured to develop their own natural sense of flair and creativity Interior design is becoming an increasingly viable career option for creative individuals who have a flair for home and office design and decor. However, there's more to it than just the inclination - there's also the ability. To be a good interior designer students need several skills they need - some inbuilt and some acquired. Some of the inherent skills you should possess are:

● Excellent design sense

● Good time management skills

● Good coordination skills

● Good team building skills

Digital Film Making (DFM)

Digital Film Making (DFM) at Kalapurnam is a 6-month certificate programme. DFM (Digital Film Making) is the first step into the entertainment & media industry. It mainly focuses on concepts like of Film Making. Software taught include Adobe PhotoshopTM, Adobe After EffectsTM, Adobe SoundboothTM, Adobe PremiereTM, and more. Students after this programme will be open an array of career opportunities. It consists of all the key concepts required for this field.

Programme in Graphic Design, Web Design, and Animation

The institute offers Program in Graphic Design, Web Design and Animation (GWA) program for students who want to make a successful career in the field. It is a year-long program and has been designed for students who want to enhance their conceptual knowledge and theoretical understanding. This program also imparts practical knowledge of the subject and provides hands-on training to students.

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