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Faridkot, Punjab BCIEstd 2004 Private

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2.5 /10

Remarks :

I went for taking my character certificate which is required while enroll in Bar council of India. The principal and two other teachers were gossiping so I had to wait for 3 hours to get their sign.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

Some people took education loans for paying fee which was not easy to get. But if a person is not able to pay fee he/she can meet chairman of this college and request for a waiver which is passed easily.

Entrance Preview :

I joined this college in 2009 at that time we had Common law entrance test (CLEW), but now this test is not requires and can directly take admission is marks in 10+2/ graduation is greater than 45% for BALLB and LLB resp. I opt out this college because it was near to my home, otherwise there was nothing special.

Faculty :

Teacher are good for nothing. They will compel you to give 75 percent of attendance or else they wont give you university roll number but they wont teach you. Everyone is full of attitude despite of the face they know nothing. They will not teach you anything. Some teachers were very good but most them left.

Exam Structure :

For five year course you have to give 50 exams in 10 semester (five in each semester). In five year course after completion of 3 years one gets BA degree. The worst thing is that in fourth and faith year 100 marks are internal marks which they die while giving.

Admission :

Around April every year one can visit this college and enroll him/her self for three year/ five year course. They will ask some basic forms to fill. and you will get on the spot admission there are 180 seats in this college so you will get admission easily.

Alumni/Alumna :

Most of the students are looking for jobs even after 2&3 years of completion of their studies. If a person goes for practice, no one starts earning before 2-3 years.

Internships Opportunities :

No internship. Even if you try internship outside your attendance will get short. Personally, I went for some Moot court competition due to which my attendance went short and they almost detained my roll number.

College Events :

There are no events at all. Not even farewell parties. They got a small moot court hall where events are supposed to happen but is never used. Some times but very rarely if some event happens, most of the students don't attend them as they are boring.

Course Curriculum Overview :

As of now it is very poor. During 2010 principal BS Nirwan was soul of college and was running it but now some new faculty came which is good for nothing. Teacher are good for nothing. You are not allowed for any internship as if you do so you will fall short of attendance and your career will be screwed. They have a moot court hall which is never used.

Hostel Facilities :

Hostel is fine when compared with the hostel fee. But there are many drawbacks. Mess food is pathetic. Washrooms and all other things are total unhygienic. There are no guest allowed at any time. A person outside the hostel can't come to meet a hosteler.

Campus Life :

Speaking about gender ration is almost equal i:e 1:1. No parties are allowed. Even farewells are also not conducted Females/ Girls are often given more marks in internals even if she knows nothings. Coming to economic status most of the students are from middle class/ lower middle class.

Fee Structure And Facilities :

Fee is feasible. Its around 15000 for a semester which comes around 15000 * 10 = one lac and fifty thousand for complete course. If a person is not able to pay fee and good in studies chairman of this college provides discounts too. Other than this books required up to sixth semester are issued from library for complete semester without any charge.

Placement Experience :

Placement and Jobs are big joke for this college. Till date not even a single company came for placement. All pass-outs have to get their own placements which is very very difficult as a person don't have internship because of attendance. Being this college situate in Punjab most people joins their paternity business or start doing farming.

2 /10 faculty
1 /10 placement
1 /10 social life
5 /10 course
3 /10 hostel
3 /10 campus life
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4.8 /10

Remarks :

There are both positive and negative remarks about my college which all i have mentioned above. According to me negatives are college management donot provide interships and jobs opportunities and the study system is not so good

5 /10 faculty
1 /10 placement
5 /10 social life
5 /10 course
7 /10 hostel
6 /10 campus life
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4.0 /10

Remarks :

Teachers are well qualified and very experienced in teaching, only problem is that college is not college its managed like some senior secondary School, which is bit annoying as u are pursuing professional degree.

7 /10 faculty
1 /10 placement
1 /10 social life
7 /10 course
3 /10 hostel
5 /10 campus life
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7.0 /10

Admission :

The admission was given on the basis of online counseling which conducted by the University authorized by Government of Punjab. I just applied for the college and had to give a telephonic interview and then was sent the offer letter for the admission.

Placement Experience :

We have a placement cell in the college which informs us about various placements that come to college and help us to prepare for that. The college doesn't provide any internship as such but we can apply and get for internships off campus. However we can do internships only in college holiday periods as attendance is a big issue here.

7 /10 faculty
7 /10 placement
7 /10 social life
8 /10 course
6 /10 hostel
7 /10 campus life
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College is very Good .Teachers are strict but we can't say they are not Friendly . All teachers Are good and well qualified and study is good attendance is important but no restrictions on internships. College is very much changed from 2014 batch in comparison to 2018 . Highly qualified families children Are part of Baba farid law college . Very strict but that is disciple .study point of view college is great .

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