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BA English Literature Course, Admission, Entrance Exams, Syllabus, Distance Education, Colleges, Jobs, and Salary 2023

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BA English Literature is a modern undergraduate degree course of 3-years duration that is known to equip students with a well-designed course curriculum that includes English language and creative writing. 

Admission to the BA English Literature program is based on the merit of class 12 for which aspirants need to score a minimum of 50% marks. A few BA English Literature Colleges such as Jamia Millia Islamia University, BHU, and EFLU Hyderabad conduct their own entrance tests.

BA English Literature is one of the most sought-after Art Courses, as students can find multiple job opportunities in teaching, publishing, government NGOs, and even non-traditional sectors of IT, Marketing, and Digital Marketing

Advertising account executive, Content marketing manager, Client Service Manager are the current high-paying Job Options After BA English Literature with an average pay of INR 15,0000- 20,0000 per month initially.

BA English Literature: Quick Facts 

Course Level Undergraduate
Full-Form Bachelor of Arts in English Literature
Duration 3 years
Examination Type Semester-based
Eligibility A minimum of 50% in Class 10+2 in any stream
Admission process Merit-based/ Entrance Examination
Course Fee INR 1-3 lakh
Average Salary INR 3-6 LPA
  • The duration of BA english literature is 3 years if pursued in regular mode, but can exceed up to 4 years when pursued in distance education mode from colleges in abroad.
  • The minimum eligibility criteria to pursue BA english literature is 10+2 in any stream from a recognized board with an aggregate of at least 50% marks. Additionally, the candidate must have had English as a core subject.
  • The Admission Process is usually merit-based but few colleges conduct entrance exams.
  • The only colleges that conduct entrance exams for BA english literature are: Jamia Millia Islamia University, BHU, and EFLU Hyderabad.
  • Top Universities: St. Stephen’s College, Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Hindu College, Miranda House, Kirori Mal College
  • The average tuition fee charged for a BA English Literature program is around INR 18,000 to INR 1.5 lakhs. Some colleges also offer dual degrees like BA and MA.
  • Upon graduating with a BA English Literature degree, students can expect to gain employment as teachers, journalists, writers, proofreaders, editors, etc. 
  • Job opportunities are abundant in various sectors of the economy, including private and public organizations. The average salary is around INR 2,00,000 to INR 5,00,000 lacs p.a.
  • Students also opt for higher studies after graduation. Some sought-after higher educational degrees include Master of Arts, LLB, MBA, etc.

What is BA English Literature? 

Bachelor of Arts English Literature is a 3-year undergraduate course that teaches students about various avenues of English and Indian literature including novels, plays, poetry, prose, etc. BA English Literature is one of the most popular programs among students who wish to pursue a career in scriptwriting, journalism, teaching, etc in India. The range of topics covered in the program starts from Shakespeare to Elizabethan age literature, Contemporary and Western Literature.

Why Pursue BA English Literature? 

  • There is a huge demand for teachers in private English medium schools across India, and in private universities, and colleges. To get a job as a teacher or a lecturer, you need to do an MA in English along with BA English Literature.
  • There is a huge demand for BA English Literature graduates in publishing houses that offer regular and freelance jobs for developing course content for schools and colleges.
  • It is easier for BA English literature graduates to enter the marketing sector. With MBA or PG Diploma in Management, students can get high-paying jobs in the marketing sector.
  • There are various career options available in print and electronic media to pursue a writing career as a novelist, reporter, journalist, editor, scriptwriter, copywriter, etc. 
  • BA English Literature graduates can also work in IT or Digital Marketing sector as a content writer, copywriter, and editor. 
  • Due to the rise in employment opportunities in the digital/online marketing industry, BA English literature students can easily work as freelancers in such sectors.
  • BA English Literature graduates can also find employment opportunities in the government sector by either clearing civil services exams or finding jobs in NGOs.
  • The range of job profiles available are so wide, the salary range is also accordingly quite large for a BA English Literature graduate. Salaries will differ from company to company and according to the job profile. One can expect to earn between INR 2,00,000 lacs p.a. - INR 5,00,000 lacs p.a.
  • One attractive feature of this program is that graduates are not restricted to only Art Courses, but also can build a career in Management Programs, Law Courses, etc.

BA English Literature Admission Process

Admissions into most BA English Literature colleges are on the basis of merit. Some institutes such as BHU, and JMI New Delhi do hold entrance examinations to admit students. The admission season is around May to July of each year when each institute releases its admission deadlines and admission process. 

The steps to be admitted into a BA English Literature college is as follows:

  • Step 1: Register for admission using the university’s website online or offline by visiting the campus.
  • Step 2: Fill up the application form and attach all required documents to support the admission.
  • Step 3: Upload and submit all documents.
  • Step 4: Submit the completed form and pay the application fees.

BA English Literature Eligibility Criteria 

Generally, the eligibility criteria to be admitted into a BA English Literature college is as follows:

  • As per the minimum qualification requirement, the student must have completed their 10+2 level examinations with at least 50% scored from a recognized board.
  • As a part of the core subjects, English must have been studied by the student.

Eligibility criteria will vary from college to college.

BA English Literature Entrance Exams 

Some institutes conduct their own entrance examinations every year as part of their admission process. The important or most popular entrance examinations for BA English Literature are as below.

  • EFLU Entrance Test: English and Foreign Language University Entrance Test or EFLU Entrance Test is a national-level test conducted for admission into EFLU’s BA English Literature program. It is a computer-based online test of 2 hours duration.
  • BHU UET: Banaras Hindu University’s Entrance Examination or the BHU UET is required for admission into undergraduate programs. The exam mode is online and is of 2 hours 30 minutes duration. The paper pattern is a multiple-choice question format. The topics and sections will depend on the course applying for.
  • Jamia Millia Islamia University Entrance Exam: Jamia Millia Islamia conducts its entrance exam during the month of May every year for admission into the BA English Literature program. Depending on the program applied to, candidates are required to appear for a counseling round after the entrance examination.

The table below lists some of the important dates and details of the BA English Literature Entrance Exams.

Exam Name Application Period Exam Date
CUET February 2023 – 4th week of March 2023

May 21 – 31, 2023

Reserved date: June 1 –7, 2023

NPAT December 01, 2022  – May 21, 2023  January 04, 2023 – May 31, 2023
TISS BAT To be Announced To be Announced
IPU CET March 2023 – April 2023 April 2023
JNUEE To be Announced To be Announced

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BA English Literature Syllabus 

The table below gives the semester-wise breakup of the BA English Literature Syllabus.

Semester 1
Indian Classical Literature European Classical Literature
Semester 2
Indian Writing in English British Poetry and Drama: 14th to 17th Centuries
Semester 3
American Literature Popular Literature
British Poetry and Drama: 17th and 17th centuries -
Semester 4
British Literature: 18th century British Romantic Literature
British Literature: 19th century -
Semester 5
Women’s Writing British Literature: The Early 20th century
Semester 6
Modern European Drama Postcolonial Literature

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BA English Literature: Recommended Books 

Name of the Book Author 
An Advanced History of India Majumdar, Ray
Ancient India  Tripathi, R.S
The Wonder That Was India, London 1954 Basham, A
Political History of Ancient India, Calcutta, 1963 Ray Chaudhary, H.C
The age of the Nandas and Mauryans Sastri. K.A.N
Environmental Law Dr. I.A. Khan

BA English Literature vs BA 

Parameter BA English Literature BA
Full Form Bachelor of Arts in English Literature Bachelor of Arts
Overview This program specializes in all aspects of English Literature. The BA program provides a general overview of all arts related subjects without specializing in any one subject.
Objective This is a program designed to teach students about writing, grammar, poetry, prose etc. Aim of this program is to familiarise students with arts subjects.
Admission Criteria Students are admitted on both merit-basis and entrance examinations. Cut-offs are higher for this program. Students are admitted on merit basis. Cut-offs are on the lower end.
Average Fees INR 18,000 to 1 lakh INR 30,000 to 1.5 lakhs
Average Salary INR 25,000 to INR 35,000 INR 20,000 to INR 24,000.

Know More About BA:

BA English Literature: Top Colleges

Top BA English Literature Colleges in Tamil Nadu

Top BA English Literature Colleges in Uttar Pradesh

Top BA English Literature Colleges in Rajasthan

Top BA English Literature Colleges in Kerala

Top BA English Literature Colleges in Madhya Pradesh

BA English Literature College Comparison 

The table below gives a comparison of the top BA English Literature colleges of India.

Parameter Banaras Hindu University University of Delhi
Overview BHU is a public university from Varanasi that was established in 1916. It is a highly ranked university for a number of courses. Admission is competitive. The University of Delhi, also called Delhi University is a public university established in 1922. It is one of the most popular universities in the country for BA English Literature courses.
Rank NIRF: 10 NIRF: 13 Outlook India: 8 
Location  Varanasi  New Delhi
Average Annual Fees INR 3,420 INR 3,630
Average Placement Package INR 5,00,000  INR 4,30,000 
Top recruiting companies TCS, Genpact, NIIT etc. E&Y, Cognizant, KPMG, Deloitte, NIIT etc.

BA English Literature Distance Education

Currently, no university or institution in India offers BA English Literature in distance education mode. Popular distance education colleges like IGNOU and Mumbai University all offer BA English in distance education. However, few universities abroad offer BA English Literature in Distance Education mode.

The table below provides the details of BA english literature distance education colleges.

College Course Duration
European University Cyprus Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature 4-Years
Unicaf University Zambia BA in English Language and Literature 8 Semesters

BA English Literature Job Prospects and Career Options

Career options after completing a BA English Literature degree is either looking for a job or going for higher education.

  • BA English Literature graduates find jobs in media houses, publishing houses, MNCs and other industries in both private and public sectors.
  • Some job profiles that graduates get hired as are content writer, copywriter, teachers, journalist, editors, proofreaders, human resources management etc.

Job profiles are not limited for BA English Literature graduates. One can gain employment in various sectors and industries. Some of the most prominent job profiles are as follows:

Job Profile Job Description Average Annual Salary
Teacher Teachers in schools and colleges are responsible for teaching the future generation of children; prefer to hire BA English Literature graduates. INR 3,00,000 
Content Writer Content writers are responsible for doing write-ups on blogs, company websites, advertisements, product descriptions and more. INR 2,80,000 
Journalist Journalists are hired to chase the latest news and produce quality articles for newspapers. INR 3,40,000 
Script Writer Scriptwriters, hired by media companies to write up scripts for television shows, movies and other forms of production. INR 4,79,000 
Proofreader Proofreaders are hired at publishing houses to read and correct grammar and language of write-ups produced by other writers. INR 2,48,000 
Editor Editors are hired to revise and review all material to be published in magazines, newspapers and also websites. INR 3,90,000 
BA English Literature Salary Trends

BA English Literature Scope

  • A BA English Literature degree helps students gain essential communication skills and a large bank of knowledge of English literature. As such graduates from this course fit perfectly in any industry.
  • Jobs are available in newspaper agencies, publishing houses, schools and colleges, MNCs etc. Higher education degrees like MBA, MA, Mass Communication etc. are also preferred by students.

Career Options after BA English Literature

  • MA: The most obvious choice after a BA in English Literature is to do a Master of Arts or MA in English Literature. Building up the existing knowledge and choosing a specialization at the master level is the best formula to land high paying jobs in a career of choice.
  • MBA: If one wishes to work in management, preparing for an MBA course is the way to go. MBA programs can be done in multiple majors and minors, as per one’s wishes. Pay grade will be high and job opportunities are abundant in this sector.
  • Mass Communication: The scope of a BA English Literature student in Mass Communication is quite wide. Mass Comm will prepare students in the technical and creative aspects of working in radios, televisions, newspapers, movies etc. A BA English Literature student is bound to get a leg up in this field.
  • Civil Services: Civil services examinations are a good choice for graduates of this course. One big aspect of the civil services exams is being able to frame and write the answers properly. The program will come in handy in this regard.
  • Law: Many also opt to study for law courses like LLB. One major advantage of studying a law course after a BA English Literature course is that the standard five-year course can be skipped. Students become eligible for the three-year course instead.


Ques. What is the full form of BA?

Ans. The full form of BA is Bachelor of Arts.

Ques. What is taught in BA English Literature?

Ans. Some subjects taught in the program include Indian Classical Literature, American Literature, British Literature and Poetry, dramas etc.

Ques. What can be done after BA English Literature?

Ans. Students can look for job opportunities after graduation or opt for higher studies like MBA, MA, Law etc.

Ques. What are the top colleges to do a BA in English Literature?

Ans. The top universities to look into to do a BA English Literature are Delhi University, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Banaras Hindu University among others.

Ques. What is the average tuition range to pursue a BA in English Literature?

Ans. The average tuition fee range for this program is between INR 18,000 to INR 1,00,000.

Ques. What are some job profiles a BA English Literature graduate can get hired as?

Ans. Graduates can get hired as translators, content writers, editors, journalists, scriptwriters, lecturers and teachers etc.

Ques. Can a student do an MBA after completing the course?

Ans. Yes. BA English Literature graduates can pursue any courses after completing their program.

Ques. What is the eligibility criteria to get admitted in the BA English Literature course?

Ans. The eligibility criteria to be admitted in the program is that the student must have completed their 12th level examinations with at least 50% marks scored. The student must also have had English as a core subject.

Ques. What is the duration of a BA English Literature program?

Ans. A typical BA English Literature program is taught over 3 years which is divided into 6 semesters.

Ques. Is Delhi University the best college for a BA English Literature?

Ans. The University of Delhi is one of the top-ranked universities in the country. Its affiliated colleges are highly ranked for their BA degrees.

Bachelor of Arts [BA] (English Literature) Fee Structure in India

1.59 K (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES1.66 L  (Maximum Fee)
15.70 K (Average Fee)
696 (Minimum Fee)Private COLLEGES8.71 L (Maximum Fee)
54.76 K (Average Fee)

Bachelor of Arts [BA] (English Literature) Fee Structure By state

Tamil Nadu

10.27 K
696Private COLLEGES1.50 L
51.78 K

Uttar Pradesh

31.30 K
2.93 KPrivate COLLEGES1.05 L
16.15 K


20.14 K
12 KPrivate COLLEGES4.62 L
95.03 K


14.23 K
792Private COLLEGES8.71 L
93.54 K


2.14 K
13.05 KPrivate COLLEGES70 K
31.79 K

Madhya Pradesh

7.99 K
25.06 KPrivate COLLEGES63.01 K
45.27 K


7.74 K
4.50 KPrivate COLLEGES4.50 K
4.50 K


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