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Bachelor of Arts (B.A) Honours in Economics is a 3-year full time graduation course. The eligibility for which is a Higher Secondary Certificate qualification from a recognized board with a minimum aggregate marks of 45% .The entire course program is spread across 3 years which is divided into 6 semesters of 6 months each. Some universities also follow the yearly program of examination. The cut-off marks for application in this course varies from institute to institute. In various recognized universities, there are entrance tests held followed by an interview to judge the eligibility of the candidate seeking admission.

The course is best-suited for students who are seeking to build a career in the economics field. This will be helpful in prospective career programs such as MBA and the likes to build oneself as an entrepreneur with the detailed knowledge of the economy and how it runs. It is the social science which analyses the economy as a whole and its production, consumption, distribution of different goods and services. A BA honours in Economics takes into consideration the detailed study of both the macro and micro aspects of economics.

The course covers the definition, scope, limitations, concepts, utility, production, market, and other major/minor aspects of economics. It teaches them to not only learn in detail but to also scrutinize and analyse the different aspects based on which an economy runs. The course is not limited to the Indian economy and covers international economies as well, providing it a global scope when it comes to career opportunities.

Top Institutes offering this course are:

Such graduates may be hired Sales Analyst, Economics Researcher, Economist, Customer Profit Analyst, Investment Analyst, Investment Administrator, etc. in areas such as Analysis/Forecasting Firms, Stock Exchanges, Manufacturing Firms, Agricultural Companies, Financial Information Firms, Banks/Credit Unions, International Trade Companies etc.

The average full time fee charged for the course in India ranges between INR 25,000 to 3 lakhs per academic year, and the average salary offered to such professionals’ ranges between INR 2 lakhs to INR 18 lakhs per annum, increasing with experience and expertise.

B.A. in Economics: Course highlights

Course Level Graduation
Duration 3 year
Examination Type Semester System
Eligibility A Higher Secondary Certificate qualification from a recognized board with a minimum aggregate marks of 45%
Admission Process In various recognized universities, there are entrance tests held followed by an interview to judge the eligibility of the candidate seeking admission.
Course Fee INR 25,000 to 3 lakhs
Average Starting Salary INR 2lakhs to 18 lakhs
Top Recruiting Areas Analysis/Forecasting Firms, Stock Exchanges, Manufacturing Firms, Agricultural Companies, Financial Information Firms, Banks/Credit Unions, International Trade Companies etc.
Job Positions Sales Analyst, Economics Researcher, Economist, Customer Profit Analyst, Investment Analyst, Investment Administrator, etc

B.A Honours in Economics: What is it about?

The program has been designed to offer the eligible candidates a comprehensive course which delves into the nuances of the Indian as well as the other economics around the world. B.A. honours in Economics studies the definitions, scope, limitations, markets, consumers, producers, and distribution of goods and services within an economy. Along with macro, the micro aspects of an economy are also taken into consideration. The students develop analytical and problem-solving skills. As a result, it prepares them for different commerce and banking-related jobs. They may also become entrepreneurs running their business with the knowledge of production, consumption, and distribution in the economy.

The candidates are required to possess a few qualities such as numeracy, problem solving, analytical, communication, computing, and time management, among others. These qualities will help the candidate to build himself/herself as a successful economist after the completion of the course. B.A.  Honours in Economics is both an inclusive as a well-round up program which starts off with the basic definition and understanding of economics as a whole. Following which is the study of the evolution, nature, and scope of economics along with methods of economic analysis. Through a comprehensive study of the market forces of demand and supply, utility, consumption, production, and other important but basic aspects of economics, the course gives a very detailed introduction to economics to the students.

A very important aspect of the course is the inclusion of the environmental aspects of economics and its impacts on the environment, which is extremely crucial in the present times. Since the course concentrates on the foundations of economics, it is extremely helpful in building the perfect base for future studies of the subject.

The course requires an analytical bend of mind in the students and also a sharp capability to solve problems quickly. Logical and numerical ability and an interest in the current social and political activities are also very appreciated in the field. After the successful completion of the course, the candidates can seek a career in the prestigious Reserve Bank of India, Planning Commission, Planning Board, Ministry of Economic Affairs, and The Indian Economic Service.

The students can also seek further studies in the field and can pursue M.A. in Economics

Top Institutes Offering B.A in Economics

Name of Institute City Average Fees in INR
Lady Shri Ram College for Women New Delhi 16,390
Loyola College Chennai 4,614
Quantum University Roorkee 53,000
Christ University Bangalore 56,667
Miranda House College Chennai 12,160
Presidency College Chennai 4,617
Madras Christian College Chennai 18,179
Hindu College New Delhi 14,333
Hansraj College New Delhi 14,333
Fergusson College Pune 3,037
K J Somaiya College of Arts and Science Mumbai 8,345
Ramjas College New Delhi 10,573
Jesus and Mary College New Delhi 12,997
Presidency University Kolkata 3,700
Jai Hind College Mumbai 4,262
Sri Venkateswara College New Delhi 9,590
Delhi College of Arts and Commerce New Delhi 9,120
St. Xavier’s College Ahmedabad 4,740
Shri Ram College of Commerce New Delhi 29,273
St Andrew’s College of Arts and Commerce Mumbai 5,263
St. Mira’s College for Girls Pune 1,400

Eligibility for B.A. Honours in Economics

Candidates wishing to apply for the course need to have a Higher Secondary Certificate qualification from a recognized board with a minimum aggregate marks of 45%. The cut-off marks for application in this course varies from institute to institute.

Admission Process for B.A. Honours in Economics

In various recognized universities, there are entrance tests held followed by an interview to judge the eligibility of the candidate seeking admission. While some institutes offer admission on the candidates’ performance in boards, while some institutes may also hold an entrance test followed by an interview to judge the eligibility of the candidate for the course.

Some such entrance tests and counselling held in the country for admission are:

B.A. Honours in Economics: Syllabus and Course Description

Semester I Semester II
Economics Core Course 1 : Introductory Microeconomics Economics Core Course 3 : Introductory Macroeconomics
Economics Core Course 2 : Mathematical Methods for Economics-I -
Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course (AECC)-I Economics Core Course 4 : Mathematical Methods for Economics-II
Generic Elective (GE) Course-I Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course (AECC)-II
Semester-III Semester IV
Economics Core Course 5 : Intermediate Microeconomics-I Economics Core Course 8 : Intermediate Microeconomics-II
Economics Core Course 6 : Intermediate Macroeconomics-I Economics Core Course 9 : Intermediate Macroeconomics-II
Economics Core Course 7 : Statistical Methods for Economics Economics Core Course 10 : Introductory Econometrics
Skill Enhancement Course (SEC)-I Skill Enhancement Course (SEC)-II
Generic Elective (GE) Course-III Generic Elective (GE) Course-IV
Semester V Semester VI
Economics Core Course 11 : Indian Economy-I Economics Core Course 13 : Indian Economy-II
Economics Core Course 12 : Development Economics-I Economics Core Course 14 : Development Economics-II
Discipline Specific Elective (DSE) Course-I Discipline Specific Elective (DSE) Course-III (From List of Group-II)
Discipline Specific Elective (DSE) Course-II Discipline Specific Elective (DSE) Course-IV (From List of Group-II)

B.A. Honours in Economics: Career Prospects

This course caters to the students who seek a career in the trade and commerce and banking sectors of the economy as it offers them a highly detailed and comprehensive study of the basics of economics. The program helps the students develop a highly keen and analytical attitude which further helps in their academic and professional careers. The 3 year long course offers a well-round up study of the Indian economy, agricultural economy, and industrial economy. It also takes into account the environmental aspects of the growth and development of different economic plans in the country, as it includes a specialized study of the Indian economy in particular.

A B.A. honours in economics requires the candidates to have analytical, logical, and problem-solving capabilities in order to survive and prosper in the field. Along with communication, computing, numeracy and time-management, hard-work and dedication is also appreciated in the field of economics.  It will, as a result, not only provide theoretical knowledge to the students but also hone their skills which are required to sustain oneself in the industry, along with the theoretical knowledge.

Such professionals are assets to companies such as the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Reserve Bank of India, The Planning Commission of India, National Sample Survey, The Indian Economic Service, etc in job positions such as Sales Analyst, Economics Researcher, Economist, Customer Profit Analyst, Investment Analyst, and Investment Administrator. They may also be hired in areas such as Analysis/Forecasting Firms, Stock Exchanges, Manufacturing Firms, Agricultural Companies, Financial Information Firms, Banks/Credit Unions, International Trade Companies etc.

One can also opt to pursue further studies in the field, like M.A. honours in Economics to further hone their knowledge of the subject. Doing so helps the students to be eligible for more lucrative jobs in The Planning Commission of India, the Reverse Bank of India, Ministry of Economic Affairs, etc. B.A. honours degree itself will bring you to a position where you can find employment in prestigious companies and acquire better job positions with increase in expertise and experience.

Some of the popular professional avenues open to successful graduates of the course are listed below with the corresponding salaries offered for the respective positions.

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Honours in Economics Annual Salary
Job Position Job Description Average Annual Salary Per Year
Investment Analyst Responsible for providing insights on economic trends and evaluate investment potential for firms/companies. 4.5 lakhs
Sales Analyst Responsible for making sales forecasts, collects, and analyses data in order to evaluate present sales goals for the company. 4.5 lakhs
Economist Responsible for the research, organization, and evaluation of economic data pertaining to current economic status of the country. 6.87 lakhs

Bachelor of Arts [BA] {Hons.} (Economics) : 14 answered questions


Ques. Which is better for a BA Hons. Economics Hindu College or Hansraj College?

● Top Answer By Komal Chawla on 30 Oct 21

Ans. According to the reviews online, several students have preferred Hansraj over Hindu college. They also mentioned some reasons to support the fact. Better Faculty -  Hansraj boasts DSE, Oxford, Nottingham, former IAS as professors.  Some of the best faculty for Economics in DU are professors at Hansraj.  More opportunities -  Hansraj College is bigger than Hindu not only in terms of the number of students but also in courses, which counts for greater exposure and more societies. Higher Studies -  Hans Raj has a record for a maximum number of students to join DSE MA Economics every year.  MA aspirants also find their way to other top schools such as IGIDR, Oxford, LSE, IIMs, etc. Hansraj Economics Council is the leadership body of Hans Raj Economics Society. The structure is such that every student can participate and contribute to the year-long activities of the Society and aspire to join the Council. It is important in 1st year when searching for guidance.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. How is economics honours course from Aryabhatta College?

● Top Answer By Admin on 28 Oct 21

Ans. Some of my friends studied Economics honors at Aryabhatta College. According to them, economics honors itself is a comparatively tougher subject, graduating with it is an achievement itself. You get to know about how markets work and relate almost anything and any topic or current issue to the prevailing conditions of an economy.  It also demands good skills in mathematics and quantitative ability that will benefit you in the long term.  This course will push you to your limit. You will have to submit numerous projects based on case studies and current market scenarios. Aryabhatta College is the youngest college of DU. It originated from an evening college converted to a morning one.  The only thing that is a bit concerning is its placement cell, it is very new. Thus, not having established contacts with the reputed organizations and companies might come as a disadvantage. Few companies that visit the campus are average.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Which is better for a B.A. hons in economics Ramjas College or Kirori Mal College?

● Top Answer By Aaditya Hari Nair on 18 Oct 21

Ans. Most DU institutions are on a similar footing. But Ramjas is regarded to be superior in most areas. Apart from similar academics to KMC, Ramjas College has one of the best cultural events. Its focus is on the holistic development of students. With time, the value of these colleges is diminishing as cut-offs are getting competitive, and the quality of students is spreading more evenly. However, Ramjas is the best if you want to challenge yourself.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. How good is Loyola College Chennai for economics?

● Top Answer By Aaditya Hari Nair on 04 Oct 21

Ans. The answer to this question depends on what you want to do. I have a few friends from Loyola College, Chennai, and here is what they have to say about the institute. Loyola has really good professors and a vast library with huge collections of books. It also has a digital library and conducts national-level symposiums. The placement office is amazing and a lot of different companies from diversified fields come to the campus. In the last placement drive, the highest CTC offered was 5 LPA.  Loyola has a policy of 80% attendance. It also has a compulsory club of 60 hours during the first year and there are a lot of options to choose from – NCC, NSS, FOP, Loyola dream team, AICUF, Rotaract, Radio, LPA, Debate Club, etc. Even after all of this, certain students have arrear and do not like to study. They just want to enjoy themselves and do not enroll in any club, do not use the library at all.  Overall, the college is good but it is up to you to make the most of your time there.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. How is Shyam Lal College of Delhi University for doing a BA in economics honours?

● Top Answer By Aaditya Hari Nair on 30 Sept 21

Ans. Shyam Lal College, Delhi is a good institute but not exceptional, if its prospects are compared with various other colleges. However, the economics department alone can be a good choice if you are opting for Shyam Lal College. Now, the faculties are good but it is essential that you study as per your pace and competence, without depending upon the professors. Shyam Lal College can be a good choice only if you are devoid of any other options to go for. There are other aspects to consider when choosing a college, the infrastructure, crowd, internship programs, fest, societies, canteen, campus, location are to name a few among many others. The infrastructure is quite good. The internship programs, alongside the fests, are not quite exceptional. In a way, the societies, in contrast, are ranging higher from time to time. Moreover, the canteen of the college is somewhat above average, while the location is quite disadvantageous. However, the institute is deemed pretty much better than others since it is under the University of Delhi.  Overall Shyam Lal College, Delhi is a decent option for pursuing your Economics Hons. Now whether you should go for it or not depends on what other options you have. Read more
1 Answer

Bachelor of Arts [BA] {Hons.} (Economics) Fee Structure in India

1.17 K (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES5.24 L  (Maximum Fee)
24.41 K (Average Fee)
1.54 K (Minimum Fee)Private COLLEGES24.55 L (Maximum Fee)
2 L (Average Fee)

Bachelor of Arts [BA] {Hons.} (Economics) Fee Structure By state

West Bengal

10.22 K
3.95 KPrivate COLLEGES3.21 L
57.48 K

Delhi NCR

47.79 K
44 KPrivate COLLEGES24.55 L
4.44 L
10.66 K
1.54 KPrivate COLLEGES93.45 K
25.36 K

Uttar Pradesh

81.08 K
9 KPrivate COLLEGES5.55 L
1.51 L


14.35 K
2.44 KPrivate COLLEGES1.92 L
62.79 K


17.02 K
2.83 KPrivate COLLEGES3.99 L
89.77 K


25 K
23.50 KPrivate COLLEGES24.55 L
5.27 L


12.92 K
35 KPrivate COLLEGES4.04 L
1.56 L
15.38 K
14.91 KPrivate COLLEGES2.48 L
92.25 K


27.46 K
23.50 KPrivate COLLEGES3.50 L
1.26 L

Madhya Pradesh

62.79 K
25.50 KPrivate COLLEGES3.03 L
1.31 L


18.15 K
36 KPrivate COLLEGES94.70 K
56.54 K


23.22 K
11.73 KPrivate COLLEGES9.57 L
6.07 L


41.88 K
72 KPrivate COLLEGES72 K
72 K


5.24 L
2.11 KPrivate COLLEGES5.24 L
2.29 L


33.20 K
23.50 KPrivate COLLEGES51.02 K
37.26 K


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215 Reviews found out of 177274

3.8 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

Economics Honours is one of the most prestigious course of Delhi University. It is also one of the few subjects which require very high percentage to clear the merit list. Keeping in the mind tha value of course, you should choose the course over college anytime. The faculty is really one of a good points as compared to other things. The teachers are well versed with their knowledge and are eager to teach. Even during online classes they are successful in making you understand all the concepts of the subjects.

Placement Experience :

Students are eligible for placements only in third year. However sometimes you get an opportunity for small internships in lower classes. There is rarely any placement provided by college. Moreover there is no information available to students about the placements and average packages in a year. Most of the students from my course plans to go for Master Degree and then step into either corporate world or in teaching world as college professors.

Campus Life :

The social life the college is very bad. There are no good fest, no proper functioning societies, library has out dated books but its still good. The classroom infrastructure is not up to the mark. There is no digital class or smart class service. There are no AC classes. There is no ground or court for sports. There are societies like drama and music. There are many social groups run by colleges for LGBTQ students, for women and others.

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9.0 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

BRIEF: OUT of the other college available, after St, Xaviers, this college had the most reputed and well qualified faculty for Economics, and as being a keen learner for finance and economics function, I thought of nothing better than this to pace my interest to profession through this college. FACULTY: Our H.O.D was A.K Govil who is in Faculty since 1976, is a treat to all the eco_heads to juggle up the economic concepts clarity just by his lectures.Professors like Jyoti Kumar sir for Mathematics, A.G.D SIR for theoretical Economics and Rekha ma'am for Stats and Econometrics are the brighter stars of the pride of our department, provision of notes and classes for subsidiary subjects is provided. Student Ratio : As the admissions is on merit basis the cut off rises from 99% to 72% and lower relaxation for E.W.S AND B. P. L students. A maximum of 90 students is in a class. Exam : conducting of exams is strictly on time, with efficient syllabus coverup and tough securing marks to pass

Campus Life :

FESTS: "AAHVAN", is an annual youth fest organised by Student Union in March is hell of a fun time in the college with entertainment, and all source of games, adventures, latest pubg battle, ramp walks, regional and rock bands, dance, sing, stand up comedy, mime, acts, theatre drama is conducted, Apart from this conducting of literary events, photography, art skills for girls like face paint, mehndi, rangoli, nail art etc. Is held. Also, College by itself conducts Annual Sports Meet, Zonal & National Level Youth Fest competition for dtudents in co- curricular field. Election : also in November Student Union Elections is done. Where one desired student can get himself enrolled in start years in any desired parties of the campus for standing as a candidate. Gather Clubs: The popular and skilled students of the college in any field can be found in the Instagram pages handled by few admins of our student union such as DSPMU CONFESSIONS, DSPMU DAZZLERS, ABVP UNIT, DSPMU MEMES for detail.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

Fees : The Fees that is to be paid annually for a U.G program is 2200/yr, with a amount of 600 for gen and 400 for other class is to be paid as examination form on conduction of semesters. Generally, it is rare to see any price hike policy for students by authorities as their is Student Union involved to look onto the matter and fair price charge for the facility availed for every section of the society, Other than that it includes no charge to study here, while the assignment work also cost fairly to Rs. 10 hardly if spent as it is all on written basis and no digital printing needed. FINANCIAL Assistance : E-Kalyan is fairly available for students under the criteria to apply and get relaxation in charges other than that the authorities also look onto the need of students and rewards them financially for scoring. CAMPUS : Job Fair for final years to work in companies like ATAWIPRO, INFOSYS, CAPGEMINI and Stipend at Piramal Group of Companies for desirable time period & skill

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6.7 /10

Remarks :

DU gives a lot of exposure. Its courses are so inclusive of real life problems and if course DU is special in itself. Its popularity alongwith fests and extra curriculars drove me to this university. I had to face some real life things in a new world which is just about exposure and it is the best place no doubt.

Course Curriculum Overview :

Syllabus gets updated every year.there is no industrial exposure but we have attended seminars who are really working wiyhib the fields.faculty is helpful and inspiring.MRs. Divisha Goyal is a really good teacher there and my personally favourite.

Placement Experience :

Placement cell is kind of very new here.from last 2 3 years it has come into working.many companies have visited but i cannot recall the name as i never opted for the placement but its working and will be progressive by next 4 5 years.

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7.3 /10

Remarks :

Its prestige, atmosphere and good quality of education drove me here. Also, the resident they provide is cheap and the environment is very friendly. It is actually very safe for girls. Faculty is upto the mark. Also university had Cultural education Centre which includes clubs like literary, fiber arts, drama etc. which eventually helps a student to frame his personality. Being a part of university had a different experience, you came across number of students hailing from diverse background and get to learn a lot and further options are also open for you. Like if you want to pursue masters or anything you have ample guidance here. And for those who are planning for civil there is also an RCA for students. Overall, a lot of opportunities for you.

College Events :

It was awesome. Every year there is college fest and a hostle fest also. There are events every year in CEC, university fest. Life is fun here. We learn a lot here. If you are interested in any field with college you get enough time to practice your passion.

Course Curriculum Overview :

It's nice.Faculty is good, teaching pattern is somehow traditional but teachers are actually very qualified. Talking about academics, vast syllabus to cover but at the same time it is fun to have it.

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6.8 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

I chose Economics as my subject because I found it more interesting than any other. Although I had a science background. For me, Economics was different as well as difficult for me. The faculty for Economics is good. The teachers have ample of knowledge. We have to face tough competition in this subject because the students for this course are quite high in number. the faculty is well qualified. I liked the teaching method. They had also taken us for a trip to economics during our first year which is I think a good initiative. There are Internals before every semester. The paper for internals is very tough. And it should be to learn more.

Campus Life :

The fest which took place in Feb 2020 was named as TIDE the fest was outstanding. It went for 3 days which included a band, sunburn, and a famous singer .about the library which has all the books you require. The classroom is very good it has windows and well ventilated. There are sports clubs as well which are very active. College has huge basketball, cricket, and football grounds. There are many societies in different fields such as dance, drama, singing, debate, entrepreneurship skills, etc.

Internships Opportunities :

There are many Internship opportunities provided by the college. A number of societies work for the internship such as the placement cell .many companies have provided internship such as career launcher, du connect, stanza etc.they offer you different roles such as hr intern or campus Ambassador Intern or in marketing and financing.

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8.0 /10

Campus Life :

AMU follows the modern infrastructure system. Being a historic place there are few buildings from the olden times but they have been upgraded too with the latest technology. AMU Maulana Azad Library is placed among the biggest libraries of Asia.

Course Curriculum Overview :

The course was good and I was satisfied with the syllabus too. I was the student of Social Science Faculty which holds nearly 6000 students in the university. All the facilities are good and provide the required knowledge to the students.

Remarks :

Aligarh Muslim University is one of the top most Central Universities in India. The education curriculum is strictly based on the modern learning and provide students a deep insight into the best ways of practical training

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8.4 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

I had chosen this course because of its world-wide scope and also due to my interest in Economic related issues. The faculty of economics in my college is very experienced. As my college is women college, so the ratio of students in my college is 1:0. The exams are easy to pass because of the teacher's amazing way of teaching. Overall, the education system in my college is very good.

Campus Life :

The annual fest in our college is Shruti. Everyone waits eagerly for this fest season. There are a lot of extra curricular activities in my college such as Swimming, Badminton, Basketball and many more. There are many societies in my college such as western dance society - Afroza, NSS, NCC and many more.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

The fees in my college is high as compared to other colleges that is my course is offered at 24,100 Rs while in other colleges of North campus, the same course is offered in around Rs. 19000. Apart from this, the university charges Rs.500 in every semester for examination.

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8.5 /10

Campus Life :

In JMC, there are many fests that are conducted by various departments and societies. As per the economics department, Ecovantage is the name of the fest that is conducted in the month of October every year. The annual fest conducted is Montage in the month of February. the library on the campus is really big and air-conditioned. it contains all the necessary books as per the DU curriculum and the extra books also. There is a separate sports room. Various extracurricular activities are held in the campus. there are many societies as well which are run by the students like NSS, MUDRA. CAULDRON. MERCATUS, ENACTUS, MUN, etc.

Course Curriculum Overview :

I choose the Economics Hons course because of my interest in economics as a subject, It really helps in the future especially for preparation for government exams. The faculty and student ratio is about- 1:50. The faculty of the college is really good. All the teachers are well versed in their teaching subjects. The exams are semester wise that is twice a year. It is relatively difficult to pass the exams.

Placement Experience :

The students of the final year become eligible for the campus placements. There is a different society for campus placements. There are many companies like Axis bank, Ernest young, etc for the placement of the students. The placements are about 80% of the students who apply for the placements. After the degree, I will pursue a Masters in Economics.

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8.3 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

The course has been introduced in 2017 only, I being the student of the first batch of this course. The course is well categorized and there is a complete balance between practical knowledge as well as theoretical.

Campus Life :

Vips Spandan , the annual fest of VIPS is a lifetime experience. The college is equipped with AC and Lift. Football, Art, Mun, and other opportunities are available.

Placement Experience :

Placement is not as expected. Hardly 10 or 15 companies visited for our course and the placement cell also needs to be improved.

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6.3 /10

Fee Structure And Facilities :

Fees is very reasonable as in any college of Delhi University. At my time, it was 6000 per annum. The college accepts all the payment mediums. Security charge is there with the annual fees, rest there are no extra charges. The college definitely provides transparency in the fee breakdown.

Faculty :

The faculty is a mixture I would say. A few teachers are very helpful and knowledgeable and do their best. And a few of them are just doing timepass. Since the teachers at that time were on temporary basis but they were doing very well. But permanent teachers take things for granted.

Admission :

I wanted to pursue economics honours and my grades fell into this college's cut off list. The admission was on the basis of percentage acquired in higher secondary. The same procedure is followed as in other colleges of Delhi University. This college is specifically for girls.

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8.3 /10

College Events :

Our college is among the top 5 in organising the annual fest. Besides these different societies conduct different competitions, workshops & seminars. Students & teachers come from other colleges to participate in our various events.Its a grand celebration during fest time.

Campus Life :

We do have a playground with basketball court & tennis court. There is an additional sports room for the hostilities. Wi-fi is very poor inside campus. However library is the best place to get as much books as u can with excellent authors. Labs are also well maintained.

Course Curriculum Overview :

We were before hand been informed regarding the subjects. Within 3-4 days we got the syllabus whivh was actually finalised after 2 weeks. I think each & every faculty is good. Moreover, there are sessions with eminent personalities every month.

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8.0 /10

Remarks :

About the college, it is a decent college and the students here are nice. The seniors are supportive and we have many societies one can join for co-curricular stuff. The college follows anti-ragging policy and thus ragging is prohibited. The teachers are well experienced and trained apart a few. The infrastructure of the building is decent and the classroom is spacious too. They are just like one has in their schools. We have a great auditorium in which the Air conditioner rarely works. The canteen is great too. The ground is good and regularly maintained. The library has good seating capacity as well as is air-conditioned.

Admission :

So there are so many colleges which are affiliated through Delhi University. I was in the college named CVS previously than the new cut off came and I was surprised to get my dream college and dream course. So I withdrawal my admission from CVS and went to Satyawati College with my dad. I think it was on the 28th of August when we get to the college for admission. I was really happy to get my dream college and dream course as well. The process is really smooth you need to submit all necessary documents to the administration department and then you have to pay a fee online.

Fee Structure And Facilities :

Satyawati is owned by the central government and afflicted through the University of Delhi. Fees of the college are just like peanut for me. It is Rs. 7000 per year. The prime reason for this is that the UGC funding to the college is less in proportion because the college strictly admits only 300–400 students in 1year, which is 1. 2k students across all years and courses. Whereas other colleges have a population of 5–6k students, one can imagine the kind of difference it portrays, both in fee collection and the quality of students.

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4.8 /10

College Events :

Several events are conducted throughout the year but funds provided to the students are much less than the assigned amount which shows corruption in the system. Students work hard even till late night and spend their money and we also provide smooth processing and humble behaviour to the guests. And still remain unappreciated.

Admission :

Nearby my house but hostel is compulsary and that's just improper management decision. Course is interesting but teaches are not supoortive. Admission process is fine staff can be supportive if not busy and to take money everything is provided but if mistakes are made it can take upto months to treat them.

Faculty :

4 classes per day, 30 average age of teachers, no expertise teaches like a villager and improper syllabus division which causes syllabus rush towards exams. Only graduation ceritfication and no extra sessions or seminars are conducted often teachers even don't conduct classes due to personal reasons.

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