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B.A. (Hons.) History is a 3-year undergraduate course, the minimum eligibility for which is a 10+2 qualification. The program aims to build in eligible students basic and advanced lessons in the discipline of History, and skills in research, analysis, and quantitative reasoning that are essential for a firm base in the Liberal Arts. History covers the study of the evolution of human civilizations from down the ages i.e. from the pre-historic to the present time. The course covers a comprehensive study of the major historical events that have occurred both in India and across the world.

Top Institutes offering this course are:

The average tuition fees charged for the course in India ranges between INR 8,000 and 1.8 Lacs for the span of three years.

Admission to B.A. (Hons.) History course is based on the candidate’s performance in a relevant entrance test, such as UGC-NET, and the subsequent round of counselling, however, the admission process may vary across institutes.

Such graduates are hired in capacities such as Museum Curator, History Teacher, Broadcast Journalist, Charity Officer, Chartered Certified Accountant, Corporate Investment Banker, Early Years Teacher, Editorial Assistant, and Exhibition Designer etc. They are hired in areas such as museum curation, genealogy, museum education and archeology, marketing, advertising and public relations, law, business, commerce, and media.

The average annual salary offered to B.A. (Hons.) History graduates ranges between INR 2 and 10 Lacs, based on the candidate’s experience and skill set.

B.A. (Hons.) History: Course Highlights

Listed below are some of the major highlights of the course.

Course Level Graduate
Duration 3 years
Examination Type Semester System
Eligibility 10+2 with Science subjects
Admission Process Based on counselling after qualification of entrance tests such as UGC-NET for different colleges.
Course Fee INR 8,000 to 1.8 Lacs
Average Starting Salary INR 2 to 10 lacs per annum
Top Recruiting Companies Museum Curation, Genealogy, Museum Education and Archeology, Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations, Law, Business And Commerce, Media, etc.
Job Positions Museum Curators, History Teachers, Broadcast Journalist, Charity Officer, Chartered Certified Accountant, Corporate Investment Banker, Early Years Teacher, Editorial Assistant, Exhibition Designer, and such.

B.A. (Hons.) History: What is it about?

B.A. (Hons.) History course involves a mode of study replete with historiographical approaches oriented towards research in the discipline. Seminar-style formats and regular tutorials form part of the curriculum which includes a wide range of courses in both Indian and global history, and ancient and contemporary archaeological methods that represent the disciplinary practices today.

The course offers to eligible candidates the opportunity to explore History on an advanced level as an academic discipline, with insight on how the human civilization developed from the ancient times and how advancements happened over time. The curriculum includes a detailed study of the kings who ruled different countries of the world at different times.

The course is also often offered in the distance learning mode at some institutes across the country. B.A. (Hons.) History syllabus essentially covers subjects of study such as History of India, Social Formations and Cultural Patterns of the Ancient World, Medieval World, History of Modern West, and the History of Modern Europe.

B.A. (Hons.) History: Top Institutes 

Name of Institute City  Average Fees (in INR)
Loyola College, Chennai Chennai 13,430 
Christ University Bangalore  61,000 
Fergusson College Pune 8,000 
Madras Christian College Chennai 59,500 
Indraprastha College for Women Delhi 19,000 
LSR Delhi 16,400
Miranda House Delhi 12,200
Hindu College Delhi 14,300
Hans Raj College Delhi 19,200
Ramjas College Delhi 10,600

Eligibility for B.A. (Hons.) History

As a minimum criterion of eligibility, aspiring candidates need to have completed the Higher and Senior Secondary levels of education (classes X and XII) from a recognized educational Board, with a minimum aggregate score of 50%.

B.A. (Hons.) History: Admission Process

The admission process for B.A. (Hons.) History course is varied, as various institutes have their very own criteria and processes of admission. Admission to the course is often based on the candidate’s performance at the 10+2 level, and other times, on the candidate’s performance in a relevant entrance test. Some such entrance tests conducted in India are listed here.

  • UGC-NET exam in History
  • Punjab University entrance exam
  • Kerala University Entrance exam
  • Delhi University entrance exam
  • Nehru Arts and Science College entrance exam
  • Mahatma Gandhi University entrance exam

B.A. (Hons.) History: Syllabus and Course Description

A semester-wise breakup of the course syllabus is tabulated here.

Semester I Semester II
Paper I – History of India-I Paper IV – History of India-II
Paper-II- Social Formations and Cultural Patterns of the Ancient World Paper V – Social Formations and Cultural Patterns of the Medieval World
Paper III - Concurrent – Qualifying Language Paper VI - Concurrent – Credit Language
Semester III Semester IV
Paper VII – History of India-III (c. 750-1206) Paper XI- History of India-IV (c. 1206-1550)
Paper VIII – Rise of Modern West-I Paper XII- Rise of Modern West-II
Paper IX (a) I: History of United States of America (C. 1776 – 1945) Paper XIII (a) II: History of the United States of America (C. 1776 – 1945)
Paper IX (b) I: History of the USSR (c. 1917- 1964) Paper XIII (b) II: History of the USSR (c. 1917 – 1964s)
Paper IX (c) I: History of Africa (c. 1500 – 1960s) Paper XIII (c) II: History of Latin America (c. 1500 – 1960s)
Paper IX (d) I: History of Southeast Asia – The 19th Century Paper XIII (d) II: History of Southeast Asia - The 20th Century
Paper X - Concurrent – Interdisciplinary Paper XIV - Concurrent – Discipline Centered I
Semester V Semester VI
Paper XV- History of Modern Europe I (c. 1780-1939) Paper XIX – History of India-VII (c. 1605-1750)
Paper XVI –History of India-V (c. 1550-1605) Paper XX- History of India-VIII (c. 1857-1950)
Paper XVII – History of China & Japan – I (c. 1840-1949) Paper XXI- History of China & Japan – II (c. 1840-1949)
Paper XVIII – History of India-VI (c. 1750-1857) Paper XXII - History of Modern Europe –II (1780-1939)
- Paper XXIII - Concurrent – Discipline Centered II.

B.A. (Hons.) History: Career Prospects

Successful graduates of B.A. (Hons.) History course are equipped with a broad range of skills, including critical thinking and writing that can be harnessed in many different careers. Such graduates can serve as teachers, museum curators, and advertising executives to journalists. Popular areas of employment would include Archaeology & Archives, Genealogy, Historical Fiction, Historical Parks, Public Relations, Radio, Research and Restoration, and such.

Graduates interested in pursuing higher studies in the discipline may go for pursuing M.A., and later, Ph.D. in History, and B.Ed. if they are interested in teaching.

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Some of the popular professional avenues open to such graduates are listed below with the corresponding salaries offered for the respective positions.

Bachelor of Arts [B.A.] {Hons.} in History
Job Position Job Description Average Annual Pay Scale in INR
Archivists Archivists help acquire, catalog, and maintain historical documents and records intended for display or storage in a museum or other facilities. These items can come in the form of audio, video, pictorial records, or paper documents. Some Archivists choose to specialize in one of these specific records formats. The goal of an Archivist is to preserve such original records. 2,95,493
Information Managers They communicate job expectations, plan, monitor, and appraise job results, coaching, counsel, and discipline employees, initiate, coordinate, and enforce systems, policies, and procedures. 4,47,559
Librarians The main responsibilities of a Librarian include selecting, developing, classifying, and cataloguing the resources of a library. Also, they answer the queries of readers. As staff managers, they also recruit, supervise, and train personnel in the library. 2,55,347
Politician They represent the financial, economic, administrative, and educational interests of particular communities, and also attempt to elect to represent those interests at the legislative level. They have responsibilities of the scale of municipal, regional or national level. 9,00,900
Public Relations Officer Public Relations (PR) is about managing reputation. PR Officers provide support and understanding to clients and try to influence public’ opinions and behavior. All means of media and communication are used to manage the reputation of the client. 2,40,790
Records Managers These managers are hired to perform duties such as organizing, protecting and maintaining records related to business-related documents, and are vital components of successful business practices. Also, these database are maintained in both paper and electronic forms. 4,87,745

Bachelor of Arts [BA] {Hons.} (History) Fee Structure in India

1.17 K (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES1.37 L  (Maximum Fee)
16.84 K (Average Fee)
1.54 K (Minimum Fee)Private COLLEGES24.55 L (Maximum Fee)
93.60 K (Average Fee)

Bachelor of Arts [BA] {Hons.} (History) Fee Structure By state

West Bengal

11.02 K
3.09 KPrivate COLLEGES1.98 L
25.98 K

Delhi NCR

38.15 K
44 KPrivate COLLEGES24.55 L
5.26 L
7.05 K
1.54 KPrivate COLLEGES93.45 K
17.27 K


16.13 K
2.83 KPrivate COLLEGES15.10 K
8.49 K


14.50 K
2.44 KPrivate COLLEGES72 K
20.35 K
15.38 K
17.49 KPrivate COLLEGES2.48 L
78.89 K


13.70 K
41 KPrivate COLLEGES2.10 L
1 L


32.89 K
23.50 KPrivate COLLEGES1.83 L
1.06 L

Uttar Pradesh

54.48 K
22.60 KPrivate COLLEGES2.64 L
1.68 L


16.92 K
23.50 KPrivate COLLEGES24.55 L
5.68 L


18.15 K
36 KPrivate COLLEGES94.70 K
56.54 K

Madhya Pradesh

25.93 K
56.65 KPrivate COLLEGES2.07 L
1.18 L


37.92 K
72 KPrivate COLLEGES72 K
72 K


23.22 K
5.40 LPrivate COLLEGES7.60 L
6.87 L


33.20 K
23.50 KPrivate COLLEGES51.02 K
37.26 K


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Maulana Azad College - [MAC] (3)
Delhi University - [DU] (3)
BJB Autonomous College - [BJB] (3)
Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma College - [ARSD] (2)
Bankim Sardar College (2)
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Sri Guru Nanak Dev Khalsa College - [SGNDKC] (2)
Sri Venkateswara College (2)
St Paul's Cathedral Mission College (2)
Vivekananda College for Women (2)
Ambedkar University Delhi - [AUD] (2)
Jamia Millia Islamia University-[JMI] (2)
PGDAV College (2)
Bankura University - [BU] (2)
Jogamaya Devi college (2)
Directorate of Distance Education Rabindra Bharati University (2)
Maharani Kasiswari College (2)
Shyam Lal College - [SLC] (2)
Ram Lal Anand College - [RLA] (2)
Maharaja Bir Bikram College (2)
Acharya Brojendra Nath Seal College (1)
Bagnan College (1)
Bankura Zilla Saradamani Mahila Mahavidyapith (1)
Baruipur College (1)
Bejoy Narayan Mahavidyalaya (1)
Berhampore Girls College (1)
Bethuadahari College (1)
Bhagini Nivedita College (1)
Bidhannagar College (1)
Bijoy Krishna Girls College - [BKGC] (1)
Daulat Ram College - [DRC] (1)
Deshbandhu College (1)
Dhruba Chand Halder College - [DCH] (1)
Dinabandhu Andrews College - [DAC] (1)
Dr. Kanailal Bhattacharyya College (1)
Dumkal College (1)
Gargi College (1)
Indraprastha College for Women - [IP] (1)
Jamini Roy College (1)
Lady Brabourne College - [LBC] (1)
Marwari College (1)
Nahata Jogendranath Mandal Smriti Mahavidyalaya (1)
Patna Women's College - [PWC] (1)
Raiganj Surendranath Mahavidyalaya (1)
Rajdhani College (1)
Raniganj Girls College (1)
Scottish Church College (1)
Seth Anandaram Jaipuria College (1)
Seth Soorajmull Jalan Girls College - [S.S.J.G.C] (1)
Shivaji College (1)
Sitalkuchi College (1)
Sonamukhi College (1)
St Stephen's College (1)
St. Xavier's College - [SXC] (1)
Surendranath College (1)
Suri Vidyasagar College - [SVC] (1)
Swami Shraddhanand College (1)
Syamsundar College (1)
Vidyasagar College - [VSC] (1)
Zakir Husain College (1)
Zakir Husain Delhi College (Evening) (1)
Falakata College (1)
Presidency University (1)
C. M. College (1)
Utkal University, Directorate of Distance and Continuing Education - [DDCE] (1)
City College (1)
Fakir Chand College (1)
Islampur College (1)
Krishnagar Government College (1)
Naba Ballygunge Mahavidyalaya - [NBGM] (1)
Marwari College (1)
Sudhiranjan Lahiri Mahavidyalaya (1)
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Fee Structure (40)
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Faculty :

Our college faculty is very good. Professors are highly qualified. They solve doubts skilfully. I personally feel if you pay attention to the class you can make maximum out of them. They maintain a good discipline. Teacher-student relation is also good. They treat us like their own son.

Campus Life :

We have a college library with a huge collection of books. We have a reading room for study. There is also labs for science and geography students. We have a play ground. College campus is environment friendly. It is a government sponsored and constituent college of Burdwan University.

Admission :

You have to pass Higher Secondary exam, then you can apply online for admission. Admission will be based on merit list. The admission fee is 1200 rupees which you have to pay through online while you fill up the form. Academic session generally stars in August.

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7.0 /10

Campus Life :

The extra curricular activities are promoted in the college. The college has a very big playground and the students are promoted to take Part in sports too. The college believe that education is necessary but also the student should be in courage to take part in extracurricular activities so that they are groomed.

Placement Experience :

The college placement hey Siri text and also provide career counselling sessions. In the sessions the students are motivated to choose their dream company and how to be professional in real life. Multiple companies come into the college and the college train us for the effective communication skills.

Admission :

The admission process of the college is online and has done on merit basis. When I took admission in the college I just fill the online application form and give the application fees and then I was qualified on the basis of the merit list which was provided by the college after getting the results.

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