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BA Interior Design Course:  Eligibility, Admissions, Top Colleges, Syllabus, Scope, and Salary 2023

Bachelor of Arts Interior Design or BA Interior Design is an advanced stream of Architectural course outline and involves the construction, designing and maintenance of housing and space management skills. This degree is solely based on the art of designing interiors and spaces and making them more comfortable and secure by using world class techniques and latest trends. 

The basic emphasis of BA Interior Design is laid on the idea of how a blank space or an area can be transformed into a space suitable for any individual pertaining to their needs and demands. It also includes the principles of planning and designing as well as basics of architectural principles to provide thorough understanding of different types of spaces and their needs.

Know More About Interior Courses

Interior design is not only limited to expression of art but transforming an entire available space into constructive environment and making it more comfortable and foremost secure is also included in this course

BA in interior designing is a three year undergraduate course conducted by various colleges to enhance the artistic capabilities of students and to make them aware of the opportunities lying in the industry of architecture and design. The course pertains to the design and development of architectural spaces as well as to contribute in their making and overall formation

The minimum qualifications needed for this particular course is a 10+2 degree from a recognized board with 50% distinction. The annual fee for this particular course ranges around Rs 90,000 to 5 lakhs.

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This particular course also consists of an attractive pay package that usually involves around  Rs 2-10 lakhs, employment opportunities are also diverse and includes museums, boutiques, Architectural magazines and offices, as well as people engaged with efficient space management.Students are taught the basics of all architectural keynotes as well as they are made familiar with the designing tools and their usage, computer based designing and software are included to provide precision in drawing spaces using basic mathematics and statistics.

Students are also provided with practical experience by letting their own creativity flow with the usage of all theoretical and experimentation via design software to transform a simple available space into something more refined and sophisticated.

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Students have the option of doing an MBA Course since MBA Jobs offer better returns. Students can also do an MA Course where there are many MA Specialisations.

BA Interior Design Course Highlights

Course level Undergraduate
Full Form Bachelor of arts in interior designing
Duration Three year program
Examination type Offline and Semester wise
Eligibility 10+2 from a recognized board with 50 percentage as qualifying marks
Admission process 10+2 or entrance tests or interview or merit based
Course fee Rs 60000 to 4 lakhs
Average salary In approximation to rs 2-10 lakhs
Top recruiting companies Architectural firms, teaching institutions, construction companies and assistants to Architects or engineers (Civil) etc.
Job positions Interior Designer, space manager, teacher, assistant civil engineer, consultants and advisors

Why Study BA Interior Design?

BA in interior designing is a new age course with a lot of potential. This particular course in today's world has its own loyal base, with the growth of rising architectural marvels and development projects being taken up by private and public sectors. The need for efficient interior designing with the knowledge of all basic principles and laws of design and architecture are in popular demand. With the active employment, budding interior designers can learn the art of transforming spaces for their clientele and furthermore increase and expand bases. They can seek employment in various organizations of architectural caliber as well as be employed as teachers and professional consultants to big firms. 

BA in Interior Designing is an innovative course which follows the current evolving trends of the Architectural industry. This particular course is designed keeping in mind the need of developing transformative and constructive spaces that are different in form and suited, and cater to the needs of each individual or designation. The course is highly beneficial because of the following points:

  • Interior design is a developing degree, with the basics involved it also teaches the current trends and scenarios in the field of Architecture and lets the individual decide their way of expression using the knowledge gained through this course
  • With the growth of eco friendly environment and housing, interior designing has been a legitimate profession pertaining to the needs of ever evolving industry and to constantly cater to the latest trend by applying innovation and technology.
  • This particular course also is beneficial to any private and public undertakings in the field of construction as every space and area has different needs and requires a newer dimension to access its potential. Hence this field is constantly challenging and also highly appreciated for its extensive monetary packages
  • Interior design is a budding field and is universally appreciated. The demand for efficient interior designers and space managers are high in abroad as well as in India
  • Interior designing also offers employment in the sector of construction business, private and public Architecture firms which provide excellent growth and experience
  • In regards to career expansion, an interior designer are also employed with various magazines, digests and newspaper section to provide valuable insight on current Architectural trends and developments
  • They are also employed in the sector of teaching in institutions as well as consultants to architects and engineers.

BA Interior Design Admission Process

Candidates seeking admission in this course can apply directly into the college without any prior special requirement; however certain colleges conduct entrance tests (CET) before admitting students into this course 

  • Candidates are advised to regularly check their respective college's website to see any updates regarding the admission dates
  • Candidates are expected to register themselves on the admission portal as soon as the notification has arrived for the admission
  • Candidates are required to fill in their details along with their documents ( scanned copies)
  • Candidates then are required to pay the fee for the admission form via Net banking or debit/credit cards on completion and submitting the form
  • If an entrance exam is conducted by your college, download your admit card after filling your form and give the test on the appointed date
  • After declaration of entrance tests results. Candidates can finish the remaining formalities (payment of fees etc.) later.

Candidates who wish to pursue this college should also check their university/college website for additional information and qualifications required which may vary from college to college. Certain colleges also conduct tests comprising basic aptitude levels as well as interviews in order to give admission.

Certain colleges also offer admission on the basis of merit. After filling all the forms,  a merit list is generated which is either uploaded on the website or is put up on the notice board of the colleges to inform the students of their respective admission.

BA Interior Design Eligibility

The eligibility criteria for BA Interior Design are mentioned below:

  • Candidates should have a 10+2 degree from a recognized board of certification
  • Some colleges can conduct their own personal tests and interviews, the test usually includes questions related to comprehension, reasoning and aptitude skills.

BA Interior Design Syllabus

The BA Interior Design syllabus is mentioned below that is divided into semesters are mentioned below:

Semester I Semester II
Interior design-I Interior design II
Theory and design visual arts I Theory of Design and visual arts II
Work shop Work shop
Building technology I Building technology II
Graphics and CAD I Graphics and CAD II
Communication skills I Communication skills II
History I History II
Semester III Semester IV
Interior design III Interior design IV
Furniture design I Furniture design II
Theory of Design and visual arts III Theory of Design and visual arts IV
Workshop Workshop
Interior technology and material I Interior design and material II
Interior services, Graphics, history III Interior services II, graphics III, History IV
Presentation Presentation techniques II
Semester V Semester VI
Interior design V Interior design V
Furniture design III Furniture design IV
Design execution drawing I Design execution drawing II
Landscape and environment science I Landscape and environment science II
Interior technology and materials II Interior technology and materials III
Estimating and costing, Sustainable interior and professional practice I Estimating costing and professional practice II
Electives Electives

The list of elective subjects present in BA Interior Design syllabus. Electives are as follows:

  • Appreciation of literature
  • Indian dance
  • Calligraphy
  • Urban management
  • Issues in building construction
  • Looking at art
  • Sculpture
  • Folk dance
  • Media and print making
  • Movement and isms in interior

Essential books for the BA Interior Design are mentioned below along with the name of the author.

Name of the book Author's name
Architecture form, space and order Francis D Ching
Architecture drafting and design Helper E Donald,Wallach and I.Paul
India :decoration interior design Henry Wilson
Color in interior design John F Pile
Indian interiors Sunil Sethi, Angelika Taschen
Architectural drafting, structure and environment bobbs Bies, D.John
T.B of building construction Sushil kumar
Building construction S.C Rangwala
Architectural graphics Francis D Ching
Elementary building construction Moxley R Mitchell

BA Interior Design Top Colleges

The top colleges that provide BA Interior Design are mentioned below along with eligibility for each colleges and annual fees: 

BA Interior Design Course Comparisons

The comparison between Diploma in Interior Designing and BA Interior Designing are mentioned below based on various parameters.

Diploma in Interior Designing vs. Bachelors of Arts in Interior Designing

Parameters Diploma in interior designing Bachelor of Arts in Interior designing
Overview This particular course is a one year program and offers a glimpse into the world of interior designing and its various fields through knowledge and practice experience.  Bachelor of Arts in Interior designing is a comprehensive course of three year duration and was meticulously designed for in depth studies in various fields of interior designing. 
Eligibility The eligibility for the diploma course is the same as one needs to have a 10+2 degree from a recognized board with a minimum 50 percent.  This course requires a minimum 10+2 from a recognized board and after admission a student studies various forms of designing and development techniques with practical knowledge and most importantly in a settled manner.
Syllabus However the curriculum of diploma courses is designed in such a way that they merely provide a short insight and impart knowledge which is compact and not rich in depth and expertise. Most importantly, Diplomas are vocational degrees whereas a bachelor degree is an undergraduate degree. A student is provided with ample time and experience to innovate and inculcate the subject and its understanding and perform well in their course and later in life.

BA Interior Design Job

A bachelor in interior design is a holistic course for people who are always engaged in renewing and rejuvenating spaces with valuable insight on its interior and exterior premise.

Interior designing is a vast opportunity for many people who are inclined towards this profession and can have stable jobs with consistent salaries and benefits. There are plenty of jobs, designations and career growth for people interested in this field.

Job Profile Description of the job Salary
Head of management ( Events , Decor and interior) This particular job role requires a candidate to organize, cater and deliver exceptional services in regards to designing, transforming a space or an available area for any event. Rs 2-4 lakhs
Teachers and lecturers A candidate can successfully be employed by any academic institution or architectural firm to impart knowledge of this profession's intricacies and laws. Rs 3-4 lakhs
Interior designer In this particular job, a person is expected to design, utilize and deliver quality transformation to any given space. It can have many sub branches like urban and rural housing as well as transforming public spaces Rs 5-8 lakhs
Product designer For this particular job ,a candidate is expected to design and innovative various ideas for the promotion of products keeping in mind the essence and quality of the product Rs 5-6 lakhs
Space and design planner One of the sub branches of interior designing, this particular job role expects from its candidate to design a given space and utilize it to its maximum potential and adding new layers to it by using innovative methods Rs 2-4 lakhs
Consultants and advisors ( textile, interior, furniture) This particular job requires candidates giving their valuable insights to professional architectural firms and any projects that they are assisting with. This can include private and public firms and also certain architectural digests and magazines that provide in depth knowledge for architectural technologies and trends Rs 7-10 lakhs

BA Interior Design Scope

BA In interior designing is an excellent arena with new dimensions being added to it each day, this course offers new career expansions and growth with the evolution of architectural industry, the need of interior designing in diverse fields have become a necessity. The benefits of pursuing this degree are as follows.

This particular field has grown immensely since its inception and is not limited to just designing houses, but consists of designing various housing categories namely offices, public spaces and private houses as well as any space that requires optimum utilization of its area

This particular course also offers new opportunities in the field of professional architectural firms , designing spaces and planning on a salary basis is also an attractive offer

After successful completion of this degree and gaining valuable experience in this field, one can always open their own showrooms, boutiques of their choice, be it in the field of furniture or textile design or in the industry of interior planning. This course covers all bases of interior and spatial planning.

Certain valuable and very vintage architectural digests and magazines also offer a consultant post to various efficient interior planners to contribute in their columns or editions or to comment upon various trends that keep on adding themselves in this vast field of architecture. These jobs provide the exciting monetary gains and also public recognition as a columnist

This degree also ensures proper value in the field of education, if one has inclinations towards teaching and impartial theoretical and practice expertise to students, they can also find attractive offers as lecturers and teachers in architectural schools and institutions

The pay package of all industries combined in this particular sector is also very fine ,on an average a person can annually earn around Rs 4-7 lakhs which can increase with time and experience

Commercial industries such as sales of products also require design planners to design the packaging/labeling of their products. This degree can also provide opportunities in the commercial sector of sales and design management to enhance one's capabilities and for a better salary package.

BA Interior Design FAQ

Ques:  What is BA in interior designing?

Ans: As explained above, Bachelors in interior designing is a course of three year duration, conducted on an undergraduate level to provide the candidates with the necessary skills in the field of interior and space designing, furniture and textile designing with practical knowledge.

Ques: What is the scope of BA in interior designing?

Ans: This particular field spans a large amount of area extending to various industries such as architecture, journalism (columnists) , teachers etc.

Ques: What colleges are best in this field of interior designing?

Ans: As mentioned above, the colleges provided in the article are all best in their particular area and offer the best of the latest curriculum and currents that are happening in the field of interior designing.

Ques: How much is the salary of an interior designer?

Ans: As Mentioned in the article, an interior designer’s salary can grow with time and ranges around rs 4-7 lakhs per annum

Ques: Is interior designing a universally accepted degree?

Ans: Yes, this is a legitimate degree with universal acceptance and can offer opportunities and jobs abroad as well.

Ques: How to take up interior designing after graduation?

Ans: Admission in this course requires a minimum 10+2 along with tests and interviews conducted by colleges and universities. You can easily get admission in this course if you follow the guidelines and eligibility rules of the college.

Ques: Is it worth going for a degree in interior design?

Ans: Yes, this course is comprehensive in its nature and ascertains maximum output combining both theory and practical expertise. Students can be assured that they will have plenty of opportunities in this sector which are discussed above in the article.

Ques: How long does it take to study interior designing?

Ans: As mentioned above. This course is of three year duration with six semesters along with workshops and projects.

Ques: Is interior designing hard?

Ans: This is a question that is different for each individual. If you have inclination towards designing spaces using your own creativity and innovation, then this is a perfect career opportunity for you.

Ques: What is the course of interior designing?

Ans: This particular course has various disciplines or subjects being taught into one such as furniture or textile design, interior and spatial design as mentioned above in the article.

Bachelor of Arts [BA] (Interior Design) Fee Structure in India

4.34 K (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES2.40 L  (Maximum Fee)
1.61 L (Average Fee)
35 K (Minimum Fee)Private COLLEGES10 L (Maximum Fee)
3.51 L (Average Fee)

Bachelor of Arts [BA] (Interior Design) Fee Structure By state


1.61 L
3.21 LPrivate COLLEGES3.21 L
3.21 L


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