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BA Islamic Studies is an undergraduate program in Arabic studies. The course is completed in a span of 3 years, which is divided into 6 semesters, the examination of which is conducted in a span of 6 months each. The eligibility for the course is to qualify with 50% aggregate in 10+2 in the stream of Arts with Urdu/Arabic language as one of the subjects for study.

Some of the top colleges who offer the program of BA Islamic Studies are as follows:

The average course fee falls between INR 3,000 to 15,000 which is subject to vary based on the norms laid by different institutions.

Admission to BA Islamic Studies course is done on the basis of marks secured in the qualifying examination. It is mandatory for students to have taken either Urdu or Arabic language in their 12th grade. The course renders a comprehensive study of the various dimensions of the religion. Students are provided an in-depth view of the religion so as to polish their skills from the perspective of Islam.

Candidates who wish to deepen their knowledge of Islam and enrich their skills, pursuing BA Islamic studies can prove beneficial. Students wanting to promote the intricacies of the religion and its ethics, the study of this subject is deemed lucrative. The course is beneficial for all those who wish to undertake research-based programs of M.Phil. and Ph.D. in Islamic studies.

Graduates after the successful completion of the program are made competent to take up lucrative opportunities in News Media, Museums, Islamic Organizations, Research Centres and many more. The average remuneration earned by the experts ranges from INR 2 to 11 Lacs per annum, which is subject to increase with higher qualification.

B.A. Islamic Studies: Course Highlights

Course level Graduation
Duration 3 years
Examination Type Semester
Eligibility Qualifying 10+2 or equivalent examination in the stream of Arts with a minimum aggregate of 50% with either Urdu/Arabic language as a subject of study.
Admission process Merit List
Course Fee Approx. INR 3,000 to 15,000
Average salary Approx.INR 2 to 11 Lacs per annum
Top Recruiting Companies Education, News & Media, Islamic Organizations, Art Galleries, etc.
Job Positions Translator, Islamic Studies Teacher, Administrator, Business Consultant, etc.

Top Colleges for Bachelor of Arts [BA] (Islamic Studies)

B.A. Islamic Studies: What is it About?

B.A. Islamic Studies is the branch of study which deals with the details of Islam as a field of research. The course provides a detailed understanding of the various aspects of the religion. Taking Islam as a subject of study, candidates are introduced to the history of Islam, dimensions, and events which took place to make it one of the mass religions. In the span of 3 years of study, students are trained exclusively in every aspect of the study. Candidates having gained expertise in the subject are availed to explore a myriad of options with regards to study and career.

Candidates throughout the study of the course are assisted in broadening their expertise in the subject. Applicants are polished in their interpersonal skills and communication. The subject concentrates on deepening and enriching the knowledge of Islam, thereby educating students to promote the aspects of Islamic studies to different mediums across the world.

B.A. Islamic Studies curriculum is designed in a manner which is divided into theory and practice. Students are prepared to contribute their qualification in the multi-religious and multi-cultural environments of Islam. Applying a comprehensive medium of theory and projects clubbed together, students are detailed about the aspects of Islamic humanities, its contribution to spirituality, its contribution to the modern world and anthropologies of religion. Students are required to work on different projects and assignments aiding in strengthening their skills on the subject.

B.A. Islamic Studies is a career-oriented program which opens many lucrative fields for candidates after the completion of the program. They have opportunities in the fields of Education, Research, Business, Media and many more. Also, students who wish to broaden their knowledge in the field can further enhance their qualification in Masters and Research programs of M.Phil. and Ph.D. in Islamic Studies. The overall aim of the course is to broaden the expertise of students in the subject thereby helping them in becoming able professionals in their field of career.

B.A. Islamic Studies: Top Colleges & Institutes

Name of Institution Location Average Course Fee (in INR)
Chishtiya College of Arts and Science Aurangabad NA
Maulana Azad National Urdu University Hyderabad 12,450
Jamia Hamdard Delhi 3000
Preston International College Chennai NA
Ma’din Model Academy Kerala NA
Ismail Yusuf College of Arts, Science and Commerce Mumbai 12,470
GM Momin Women’s College Maharashtra NA
BS Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science and Technology Chennai 14,833
AVK Institute of Higher Learning Bangalore 6,300
Amar Singh College Srinagar NA
Regional Management College Kerala NA
Rajarajan Academy Chennai NA
Sir Sayyed College of Arts, Commerce, and Science (SSC) Aurangabad NA

B.A. Islamic Studies: Eligibility

The minimum eligibility criterion for availing admission to the program of BA in Islamic Studies are as follows:

- Candidates who have qualified their 10+2 or equivalent qualification in the stream of Arts with at least Urdu or Arabic language as their subject of study can avail for the admission.

- There is no entrance examination held for the program.

B.A. Islamic Studies: Admission Process

Aspirants seeking admission to the program are required to qualify the minimum criterion as set by the university. Candidates are required to hold 10+2 in Arts stream with Urdu/Arabic language as a subject of study during the 12th grade. They are required to have earned an aggregate of 50% in the 12th grade. Candidates are not required to clear any entrance examination.

Admission to the program is done merely on the basis of marks secured in the qualifying examination. Applicants can apply for the program both through online and offline basis in accordance with the rules set by the institution. The selected candidates will be notified either by email or can check the notification published in the official website of the college.

The admission will also be based on the number of seats allocated for each course. All the important details about the program, the dates of admission will be listed on the official website of the college.

B.A. Islamic Studies: Syllabus

The curriculum of the program comprises of aspects related to the study of Islam as a religion. B.A. Islamic Studies coursework comprises of classroom study and projects. The classroom study consists of theory, assignments, and presentations, building a strong base for students in pursuing the future study of Masters and Research. The course also employs projects dealing with topics engaging students in the diverse field of Islam.

Candidates are helped to polish their interpersonal and communication skills, which would deem useful in future careers. The subject study comprises of the study of religion and civilization including compulsory modules of Islam as a religion and the way of life. The course also includes subjects such as the Islamic humanities, anthropological approaches to Islam, Islamic spirituality and perception of Islam in the modern world.

The syllabus followed by most of the universities and colleges covered throughout the program is tabulated as follows:

Semester I Semester II
Understanding Islam Literature and Contemporary Issues
The Legacy of Islam in Kerala Reading Literature in English
Communicative Skills in Arabic Quranic Science
Critical Reading and Writing Presentation Translation and Communication in Arabic
West Asian Studies Paper I Science of Quran
- West Asian Studies Paper II
Semester III Semester IV
Literature in Arabic Culture and Civilization
The Science of Hadith Informatics
Constitution of India, Secularism and Sustainable Environment Philosophy and History of Science
Islamic Jurisprudence Economics in Islam
Islam in Europe Family Laws of Islam
Eminent Muslim Scholars of India Islam in Plural Society
Semester V Semester VI
Islam in India Sects in Islam
Law of Inheritance in Islam Muslim Historiography
Reform Movements in Islam Political Thought in Islam
Analytical Study of the Quran Islam and Comparative Religion
Project-I Project-II

** The Syllabus of the program is subject to vary for different colleges.

B.A. Islamic Studies: Career Prospects

B.A. Islamic Studies trains the students to get an in-depth understanding of the subject. It is a lucrative choice of study for those who wish to pursue the profession of teacher and lecturers in schools, colleges, and universities. By pursuing a further qualification in the field, the students can gain much more credence to handle higher positions in the field.

After the successful completion of B.A. Islamic Studies, candidates have multiple career options in the fields of Education, Research, Training, News Media and much more. They can go on to become expert translators, Business Consultants, Researcher, Administrator in various Islamic organizations and much more.

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Some of the jobs options which can be chosen by the graduates after the completion of the course which are as follows:

BA in islamic study annual salary
Job Profile Job Description Average Salary (in INR) per annum
Islamic Studies Teacher Imparting knowledge in the field of Islam. Teach students to learn, speak and write Arabic/Urdu. 2 to 3 Lacs
Business Consultant Assessing the weakness and strengths of the organization. Providing sound solutions to rectify the problems. 8 to 11 Lacs
Administrator Maintaining external and internal communication amongst the various management sources. Supervising the administrative and communication of business. 3 to 6 Lacs
Translator Conversion of content from the source language to Arabic/Urdu without corrupting the meaning. 4 to 6 Lacs
Researcher Working on the subject of study in stages, identifying research goals, evaluate and build new solutions. 5 to 7 Lacs
Lecturer Assessing student’s work, refining their knowledge about the subject of study, developing skills and refining their expertise in the subject. 3 to 4 Lacs

Bachelor of Arts [BA] (Islamic Studies) Fee Structure in India

7.32 K (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES1.44 L  (Maximum Fee)
46.71 K (Average Fee)
4.20 K (Minimum Fee)Private COLLEGES80 K (Maximum Fee)
31.15 K (Average Fee)


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Placement Experience :

The placement opportunities after completing this course are indeed very good as many students are able to find decent jobs after completing this course. Therefore, I am extremely satisfied with the efficiency of the placement cell of the college.

Admission :

I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts (BA) (Islamic Studies) from Darul Huda Islamic University - [DHIU], Malappuram. The religion Islam has always intrigued me therefore, I decided to pursue it and it feels like a dream come true.

Fee Structure And Facilities :

The fee structure of completing BA (Islamic Studies) at this university is indeed very inexpensive and affordable for any student. The main reason for me to select this college is because of its reasonable fee structure.

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9.5 /10

Placement Experience :

Through this course, translators, college teachers, foreign work jobs, and more like an Islamic caller. The Arabic translator can earn up to 40000-70000 per month. You can earn up to 50000 by college teacher job. With the call of Islamic calling, we can live up to our own, even though we can not earn it. In order to work in a foreign country, we will get a salary as well.

Admission :

I was confused by choosing college. Then my friend's father told me about this College. I also inquired about this and learned that this college has been serving for 9 years and has been teaching the teachers who are well trained. I also had little interest in Arabic. I agree that it's okay. Today I am learning to make easy translation in Arabic.

Course Curriculum Overview :

This study teaches Arabic Language and Islamic Education. This makes it easier for me to learn Arabic. On the way of Islamic education I have to pass. That's why I chose this course. The reasoning methods are very pleasant. It is disappointing. And the college priests are watching us through the cameras.

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