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BA in Kannada is a 3-year undergraduate course involving an advanced study of the history, usage, and culture of Kannada language.

The minimum eligibility for pursuance of the course is an intermediate (10+2) qualification from a recognized educational Board, in any stream.

Kannada is one of the official languages of India and holds the status of the official and administrative language of the southern Indian State of Karnataka. Also known as Kanarese, Kannada is:

  • one of the oldest Dravidian languages existing in the country.
  • not just limited to Karnataka, but is also prevalent in the States of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra.
  • spoken and written in its various dialects by 45 million people across the world. among the top 40 most spoken languages across the globe.
  • variable in dialects according to region, but the written form remains constant throughout Karnataka.

Kannada is a historically significant language, since it:

  • has been long in use in its spoken form for the past 2500 years, and in written form for 1900 years.
  • is the third oldest language of India, after Sanskrit and Tamil.

in contemporary times, Kannada acquires relevance owing to factors such as:

  • Several literary works of Kannada have been translated into Sanskrit and other languages for its cultural beauty.
  • Through the years, Kannada has been developing as both a literature and a language and has thus been recognized as a Classical Language of India.
  • Recently, the government of Karnataka has made it compulsory for its employees to learn Kannada language.

The average course fee charge in India ranges between INR 30,000 - 5 lacs for the total duration.

The average annual salary offered to successful graduates of the course ranges between INR 3 and 10 lacs per annum.

BA in Kannada: Course Highlights

Listed below are some of the major highlights of the course.

Course Level Graduate
Duration 3 years
Examination Type Semester System
Eligibility 10+2 from a recognized educational Board
Admission Process Direct admission to colleges. Entrance test in some cases.
Course Fee INR 2,000 - 8,000
Average Starting Salary INR 2 - 5 lacs
Top Recruiting Organizations' South Indian cinema, Schools, Colleges, Newspapers, magazines, etc.
Top Recruiting Areas' Banks, Business Houses, Consultancies, Educational Institutes, Fire Department, Economic Development, Export Companies, Foreign Affairs, Field Research Firms, Financial Organizations, Industrial Houses, Law Firms, Lobbying Firms, Management, Marketing Research Firms, Municipal Planning, Multinational Companies, News Media, Public Works, Publishing Firms, Political Organizations, Police, Tourism, and such.
Top Job Profiles Multimedia Reporter, Kannada Translator and Interpreter, Kannada Teacher, Kannada Linguist, Museum Curator, Accountant, among others.

BA in Kannada: What is it About?

Kannada, also known as Canarese or Kanarese, belongs to the Dravidian family of languages.

It is spoken primarily by Kannada people in India spread in the State of Karnataka, besides linguistic minorities in the States of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Kerala, Goa, and abroad. The 40 million native speakers of the language are called Kannadigas (Kannadigaru).

The Kannada language follows the Kannada script that evolved from the 5th-century Kadamba script. Kannada has remained epigraphical for more than one and a half millennia. Kannada has an unbroken literary history of more than a1000 years.
After the recommendations from the Committee of Linguistic Experts, the Government of India designated Kannada with the status of a classical language of India.

In July 2011, a formal center for studying classical Kannada was established at Mysore to facilitate research related to the language.

BA in Kannada: Who should opt?

Ideal candidates for the course would possess the following:

  • Communication skills
  • Critical, creative thinking
  • Detail-orientation
  • Inquisitiveness about the culture behind the language
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Ability to integrate and apply knowledge
  • Observational and Investigative skills
  • Understanding of linguistic relationships, interactions, and patterns.

Top Institutes offering BA in Kannada

Listed below are some of the top institutes offering the course in the country with the corresponding locations and fees charged by each.

Name of Institute City Average Fees per annum in INR
MES College of Arts, Commerce and Science Bangalore 15,000
BMS College for Women Bangalore 7,500
Karnataka State Open University Mysore 3,500
Anjuman Arts and Commerce College Belgaum 4,500
BESM Arts and Commerce College Haveri 700
Anjuman Arts and Commerce College Bijapur 800
BR Tambakad Arts, Commerce and Science First Grade College Haveri 4,000
Smt. Chinnamma Basappa Patil Arts, Science and Commerce Degree College Gulbarga 2,300
JSS College of Arts Science and Commerce Mysore 8,300
Cauvery College Kodagu 20,000
Govinda Dasa College Mangalore 4,150

Eligibility for BA in Kannada

Listed below are the minimum criteria which candidates interested in pursuing the course are required to fulfil, in order to be eligible to apply for the course.

  • 10+2 education completed in any stream from a recognized educational Board.
  • A minimum aggregate score of 50% (45% for SC/ST/OBC candidates) at the 10+2 level.
  • Proficiency in Kannada.

BA in Kannada: Admission Process

Most institutes offering the course admit students based on performance in a relevant entrance test, often followed by a round of personal interview, wherein their general aptitude for the course is tested. Admission process generally varies across colleges.

A few institutes also provide direct admission based on the candidate’s performance at the 10+2 level.

BA in Kannada: Syllabus and Course Description

A year-wise breakup of the course’s syllabus is tabulated below.

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Cultural History of Karnataka Modern Kannada Literature Old and Medieval Kannada Literature
History of Kannada Literature Old Kannada Literature Traditional Kannada grammar
Medieval Kannada Literature Cultural History of Kannada Kannada Folk Literature
- - Linguistics

BA in Kannada: Career Prospects

A variety of career options are available for successful graduates of BA in Kannada. Some popular such options include:

  • Teacher
  • Translator
  • Journalist
  • News Anchor
  • Accountant
  • Bookkeeper
  • Entrepreneur
  • Freelancer
  • Consecutive Interpreter
  • General Interpreter
  • Liaison Interpreter.

Translators work in fields such as:

  • Scientific
  • Literary
  • Technical
  • Business
  • publishing and journalism

 Freelancers work across areas such as:

  • research firms
  • translation bureaus
  • publishing houses
  • international organizations
  • hotel industry
  • travel and tourism sector as travel guides.

Some of the popular professional avenues open to successful graduates of the course are listed below with the corresponding salaries offered for the respective positions.

BA in Kannad Annual Salary
Job Position Job Description Average Annual Salary in INR
Computer Operator Computer Operators oversee maintenance and operation of computer hardware systems. They control the console of mainframe digital computers or sets of minicomputers. The Computer Operator performs maintenance tasks such as checking for viruses, backing up tape, upgrading software, and other basic maintenance. 1-3 lacs
Accountant The job of an Accountant is to prepares asset, liability, and capital account entries. They compile and analyze account information thorough account checking and monitoring. They also report financial transactions to subordinates and management staff. They recommend financial actions by analyzing accounting options. 2-5 lacs
News Anchor A TV News Anchor presents news in the studio through the visual medium to broadcast the news and happenings around the globe. Their role is important since they turn a day's variety of news stories into a cohesive TV program. 2-5 lacs
Curator Curators assemble, catalogue, manage, and present artistic and cultural collections. Some museums offer volunteer programs or offer work placements to those who are interested in displaying cultural wealth to the public. Curators are in charge of presenting collection of exhibits belonging to the past, in a museum or art gallery. 3-5 lacs

Bachelor of Arts [BA] (Kannada) Fee Structure in India

2.82 K (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES1.44 L  (Maximum Fee)
23.73 K (Average Fee)
7.20 K (Minimum Fee)Private COLLEGES1.25 L (Maximum Fee)
31.88 K (Average Fee)

Bachelor of Arts [BA] (Kannada) Fee Structure By state


20.64 K
11.21 KPrivate COLLEGES1.25 L
33.65 K


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Bachelor of Arts [BA] (Kannada) Colleges IN INDIA

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24 K first year fees
19.02 K first year fees
NMKRV College for Women
Bangalore, Karnataka
2.4 L Total fees
Government College
Kasaragod, Kerala
Sangameshwar College
Solapur, Maharashtra
2.43 K first year fees
Shivaji University - [SUK]
Kolhapur, Maharashtra
3.76 K first year fees