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BA Psychology or Bachelor of Arts in Psychology is a 3-year undergraduate course which is offered by many colleges and universities in India. The basic eligibility for pursuing this course is 10+2 qualification. The student should have qualified senior secondary with a minimum of at least 50% marks. Some institutes even conduct entrance tests for this course.

Some of the top institutes offering BA Psychology are:

In BA Psychology, students learn mainly about the processing of the human mind and human behaviour. They study how humans behave differently in different circumstances while dealing with different sets of people. On the basis of this, various conclusions are drawn.

The average course fee ranges from INR 20,000 to INR 3,00,000 depending upon the college in which admission is sought. The graduates get job opportunities in hospitals, educational institutes, corporate organizations, etc. The average starting salary for such graduates is something around INR 1.2 to INR 3 Lakhs per annum. 

What is BA Psychology?

What is BA Psychology?

Psychology, in simple terms, is the study of human mind and human behavior. A student of psychology has to study how a human mind works in different situations, how it develops perception, what are the various circumstances and how they affect the development of human behavior. Although psychology is introduced at school level in India, it is only at the college level when one learns the basic theories and applications related to Psychology and Psychoanalysis. Psychology courses at the undergraduate level are generally application based and prepare students for entry level jobs in related fields.

BA Psychology is ideal for students who have a leaning towards Arts and Social Sciences and are willing to take up an in-depth study of psychology.

BA Psychology Course Highlights

Course Level Bachelors
Examination Type Semester-wise/Year-wise
Eligibility for the program 10+2 examination with English as a core subject
Duration of the program 3 years
Number of Universities Over 300
Number of students enrolled in Arts Programs Over 70 Lakh
Average Tuition Fee 20,000 INR – 3,00,000 INR
Average Salary (per annum) Between 1.2 Lakh to 3 Lakhs
Job Profiles Editor, Proofreader, Writer, Researcher, ScreenWriter, Illustrator, PhotoJournalist, etc.
Why Study BA Psychology?

Why Study BA Psychology?

  • Technology involvement to know the ideology and reflexes of a Human Being is one of the contemporary and popular trends which the Bachelor of Arts [B.A](Psychology) pursues with incredible career growth opportunities. 
  • Career opportunities like Market Researcher, Advertising associates and Content Writer are some of the perks for a Bachelor of Arts [BA] (Psychology) graduate.
  • Designated as Social Service Specialists, Counsellor in some of the finest and top-notch globally affiliated companies in India like Accenture, Fortis and Flipkart.
  • According to a Research and survey, Internship opportunities with classroom interaction are one of finest combinations for an Individual's growth 
  • An aspirant can opt for a Higher Studies in the same specialization of Psychology in Master of Arts [Psychology] which will improve his/her concepts more precisely with a greater weightage in Resume. 
BA Psychology Eligibility

BA Psychology Eligibility

There is just one eligibility criterion for this course. The student should have cleared their senior secondary examination with at least 50% marks. The school should be affiliated to a recognized board.

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BA Psychology Admission Process

BA Psychology Admission Process

Admission to BA Psychology degree begins after the results of intermediate exams are declared. The admission process for regular college is generally through a cut off list which is published by the concerned university. The process for admission can be best explained as:

  • Universities release Application Form (Online/Offline)
  • Cut off Percentage/CGPA Announcement
  • Admission Formalities begin

Universities offering undergraduate courses, ideally, announce the beginning of the application process in the month of May and June. After the first phase is over where interested candidates fill the application forms, universities announce cut-offs required for admission to the program.

BA psychology Admission Process

There are other universities like Banaras Hindu University, which apart from a certain weightage to marks scored in 10+2, also conduct entrance test for admission to BA Psychology program.

BA Psychology vs BSc Psychology

BA Psychology vs BSc Psychology

While BA Psychology is an Arts degree, B.Sc. in Psychology is a science degree. Apart from this, there is not much difference between the two courses as the core subjects generally remain the same.

Parameters BSc Psychology BA Psychology
Domain Science Arts
Qualification Bachelor of Science in Psychology Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Course Overview Bachelor of Science in Psychology is a full-time undergraduate program the duration of which is 3 years and is a more diverse field as compared to BA Psychology. The course is delivered through science perspective. B.A. Psychology is a full-time undergraduate program which is of 3-year duration and can be pursued on completion of Class 12. The course is delivered through arts perspective
Knowledge Delivery It focuses more on logical approach. It focuses more on Philosophical approach.
Eligibility Passed Class 12 with an aggregate of 50% marks 10+2 examination with English as a core subject
Admission Merit/Entrances Merit/Entrances
Average Annual Fees INR 25 000 to 2,00,000 INR 20 000 to 1,50,000
Colleges Stella Maris College, Chennai, Women’s Christian College, Chennai, Ethiraj College For Women, Chennai etc. Gargi College, NIMS University, Sharda University etc.
Average Salary INR 2 to 6 LPA INR 2 to 5 LPA

BSc Psychology Vs BA Psychology

Source: University Websites and Payscale.

BA Psychology deals with the counseling aspects of Psychology and is application based. A student with a BA degree in Psychology is more likely to find a job as guidance counselors with various organizations. Whereas, B.Sc. in Psychology deals with the clinical aspect of Psychology and a student has to learn statistics and research methodologies in addition to other subjects associated with Psychology. B.Sc. Psychology is suited for students who have an interest in Mathematics and reasoning.

BA Psychology Top Colleges

BA Psychology Top Colleges

BA Psychology top colleges according to NIRF Rankings and location and fees are mentioned below:

NIRF College Rankings 2020 College Name Location Fees (INR)
2 Lady Shri Ram College For Women New Delhi 17,890
16 Gargi College Delhi 13,195
42 Fergusson College Pune 9,245
43 Indraprastha College for Women Delhi 29,600
43 Kamala Nehru College Delhi 10,500
59 St. Xavier's College Ahmedabad 7,385
75 Loreto College Kolkata 3,000
88 Bethune College Kolkata 1,181
90 St. Xavier's College Mumbai 6,537
101-150 D. A. V. College Chandigarh 18,000
BA Psychology Distance Education

BA Psychology Distance Education

Apart from the regular course, BA Psychology is also offered in distance mode in India. While Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) remains one of the top universities for distance education, there are other universities as well which offer this course in the correspondence mode. Some of the universities which offer BA Psychology in distance mode are:

BA Psychology Syllabus

BA Psychology Syllabus

The year wise syllabus for BA Psychology are mentioned below:

First Year Second Year Third Year
Introduction to Psychology (Theory+Practical) Development of Psychological Thought (Theory+Tutorial) Understanding and Dealing with Psychological DIsorders (Theory+Practical)
Statistical Methods for Psychological Research- I (Theory+Tutorial) Psychological Research (Theory+Practical) Developmental Psychology (Theory+Practical)
Biopsychology (Theory + Tutorial) Social Psychology (Theory+Tutorial) Organizational Behaviour (Theory+Practical)
Environmental Science Understanding Psychological Disorders (Theory+Practical) Counselling Psychology (Theory+Practical)
English Communication Statistical Methods for Psychological Research-II (Theory+Tutorial) DSE-1
Psychology of Individual Differences (Theory+Practical) Applied Social Psychology (Theory+Practical) DSE-2

Know More: BA Psychology Syllabus

BA Psychology Scope

BA Psychology Scope

The graduates of BA Psychology have a lot of opportunities ahead, both in academics and in the job sector.

Higher Studies

For students who wish to pursue further studies after BA Psychology, multiple options are available in India. They can opt for an MA course in Psychology and its allied branches from any of the Universities offering Postgraduate courses in psychology.

Since BA Psychology also deals with understanding the personality, skills, and potential of individuals, it prepares for an ideal ground for an MBA in Human Resources Management.MBA in Human Resource Management is offered at all leading B-Schools in India.


The graduates of this course get various opportunities to work in many different fields in both the private sector and the government sector. They get work in departments like hospitals, educational institutes, corporate organizations, etc. Some of the profiles which are open for them are Social Worker, Sales Representative, Recruiters, Teachers, etc.

Profession Description Salary (INR)
Sales Representative In BA Psychology program, a student learns certain interpersonal skills which can be then used in different sales and marketing roles. 3,11,000
Advertising Agents The art of persuasion forms a major part of psychology education and can be effectively used in careers related to advertising. 4,26,850
Career Counselors A degree in psychology comes handy when working as a career counselor as it requires understanding the skills and potentials of an individual and guiding them towards their right career path. 2,70,000
Recruiter A Psychology graduate can also thrive in the role of recruiter for a company as it requires the skill to recognize strengths and skills of an individual and employ it in a way to benefit an organization. 3,00,000
Social Worker A bachelor in Psychology can find employment at NGOs and rehabilitation centers. This role includes assessing psychological needs of a community, providing counselling services etc.  4,00,000
Teacher After a Bachelor degree in Psychology, one can easily get into the profession of teaching. However, in India an additional B.Ed. degree improves chances of employability as a teacher. 4,50,000

To know in more detail about the career options, click here.

Salary After BA Psychology


Ques: What does psychology BA mean?

Ans: A Bachelor's Degree in Psychology (BA/BS) is an undergraduate degree conferred upon a student who has met all the graduation prerequisites at a degree-granting college or university. Students who major in psychology are desirous of a greater understanding of the human mind, emotions and behaviors.

Ques: Is BA Psychology a good course?

Ans: The B.A. in psychology is a great option: For students who have a keen interest in psychology but also want to explore other disciplines. For example, you might want to study psychology but also take a lot of courses in an area such as nutrition and health.

Ques: Which is better BA or BSC in psychology?

Ans: The B.A. option usually involves taking fewer courses in psychology and more classes in subjects outside of the major field area. A Bachelor of Science degree will focus on more science and mathematics courses. Students pursuing a B.Sc. in Psychology may have to take more lab and statistics general education classes.

Ques: Is a BA in psychology worth it?

Ans: One reason for the lower earnings of psychology majors is not that the degree is worth any less, but that education and many social services fields are severely underfunded. Fortunately, however, many psychology majors do go on to complete a graduate degree, which will benefit their career earnings potential.

Ques: How do you get a BA in psychology?

Ans: A Bachelor's Degree in Psychology (BA/BS) is an undergraduate degree conferred upon a student who has met all the graduation prerequisites at a degree-granting college or university. Typically, a BA in Psychology will take 4 years to earn; however, if the college permits, it may be completed in less or more time.

Ques: Is maths required for psychology?

Ans: Math classes, and statistics in particular, are an important part of any psychology program. As a psychology major, you will need to take math classes that fulfill your school's general education requirements as well as additional statistics requirements to fulfill your program's core requirements

Ques: Is psychology a science course?

Ans: It is often located in the school or division of social sciences. Similarly, most colleges and universities have a biology department. In high schools, psychology is considered one of the social studies, occasionally a social science; biology is considered one of the sciences.

Bachelor of Arts [BA] (Psychology) : 7 answered questions


Ques. Is it good when doing a BA in Psychology from Nizam College? What is the fee structure?

● Top Answer By Janvi Bhambri on 08 Nov 21

Ans. It entirely depends on your interest in the course. If you have a certain career goal in mind and want to achieve it by going through BA Psychology, you should opt for it. One of my friends studied at Nizam College. According to him, psychology was very popular here. They had students from all over the world. They had a diverse student crowd. According to academics, it is one of the best.  Also, you should keep in mind that attending regular classes and paying attention to whatever is being taught there is crucial. This is because the more you familiarize yourself with the subject, understanding it becomes easier. The fee structure depends on the combination of subjects you get with psychology, courses with lab practicals cost more than regular ones. Since it is a government institution, fees will be comparatively less. BA in Psychology may cost you INR 13,800 for 3 years.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. How is Aryabhatta College of DU for psychology?

● Top Answer By Neha Uniyal on 28 Oct 21

Ans. One of my friends studied Psychology at Aryabhatta College. According to her, it is really great as it offers immense exposure and opportunities. The college, though being a new establishment, is growing rapidly academically. The college is very strict and has certain rules and regulations to maintain its discipline. 75-80% attendance is compulsory. The faculty is highly experienced and cooperative. The department organizes guest lectures on a regular basis from eminent people in the field of psychology.  Srijan, the psychology association of Aryabhatta college is a very active society. Being in Delhi University South Campus there is the ease of transportation.  The student crowd is also very good. Therefore, you can consider this college as a good option not just for psychology but for other courses as well. It might be a little less recognized among other DUs but it will surely provide you with the proper exposure.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Which college would be better for pursuing BA im psychology St. Xaviers at Mumbai or Fergusson college in Pune?

● Top Answer By Aaditya Hari Nair on 27 Sept 21

Ans. St. Xaviers and Fergusson College both are one of the best institutes for pursuing law in Pune. According to the reviews online, here are some things I got to know about them. During the time of admission in terms of cut off St. Xaviers has a far higher cut off than Fergusson College.  St. Xaviers also has an aptitude test conducted and an interview session for choosing the best candidates for BA in psychology.  The demand for BA in psychology as a major subject is very high within Maharashtra.  St. Xaviers has a very good faculty and departments.  The only problem is it has a lot of demand from the people.  Fergusson College is a suitable place in terms of everything. Fergusson College is the same as St. Xaviers but with less demand so admission can be done easier.  The atmosphere for studying here is great.  The faculty members are caring and supportive and they bring out the best in you and also they help you reach out to your inner potential.  Categories St. Xavier’s Mumbai Fergusson College Pune Course Fee INR 23,361 INR 22,340 Course Duration 3 years 3 years Average CTC 6 LPA 6-7 LPA In 2020 Fergusson College had a higher ranking than St. Xaviers and continues to dominate it. So Fergusson college would be the better choice here.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. What is the cut off for a BA in psychology at Fergusson College in Pune?

● Top Answer By Admin on 23 Sept 21

Ans. According to some of the reviews I gathered online, The cutoff score for a BA in a Psychology course at Fergusson College is usually above 92% in class 12th board examination for grant in aid division and it is above an aggregate score of 85% for non-grant division. For students who are not domicile of Maharashtra, the cutoff score for getting admission in BA in Psychology is above 95%.  The students are required to opt for special subjects in S.Y.B.A. for which the admissions are granted based on the F.Y.B.A. scores of the candidates in the subject of Psychology.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Which is better for BA in psychology- Jai Hind or St. Xavier College Mumbai?

● Top Answer By Aniket Atul Mahulikar on 19 Jan 21

Ans. Among the two institutes mentioned, St.Xavier College, Mumbai is better for a BA in psychology.  The table below will give you a brief overview of the two colleges. Parameters Jai Hind St.Xavier College Fee structure INR 16,200 (for 3 years) Rs 17,625 (for 3 years) Placement rate (2020) - >90% Average salary package (2020) 3 LPA 6.5 LPA Comparison:  Both the institutes provide good learning opportunities, but the difference is St. Xavier is autonomous and hence better. As St. Xaviers is autonomous, it can update the syllabus anytime, if needed. While Jai Hind is affiliated with MU and follows the same syllabus as MU. Which may not be updated.  Xavier’s also conducts its own examinations. So any problem caused in the result published by MU will not affect the students of Xaviers.  Like any other autonomous institute, Xaviers also publishes its results first. So, students get the first preference for a job.  While containing a degree from MU through Jai Hind is quite convenient since university and college will both have a set of mark sheets. From the academic point of view, St. Xaviers College is better than Jai Hind College Mumbai.Read more
1 Answer

Bachelor of Arts [BA] (Psychology) Fee Structure in India

1.70 K (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES1.66 L  (Maximum Fee)
21.75 K (Average Fee)
2.44 K (Minimum Fee)Private COLLEGES19.65 L (Maximum Fee)
70.53 K (Average Fee)

Bachelor of Arts [BA] (Psychology) Fee Structure By state

Uttar Pradesh

16.90 K
4.02 KPrivate COLLEGES90 K
17.15 K


15.12 K
3.52 KPrivate COLLEGES19.65 L
78.51 K


38.09 K
12 KPrivate COLLEGES2.35 L
1.19 L


11.92 K
3.25 KPrivate COLLEGES4.95 L
73.37 K
10.26 K
3.66 KPrivate COLLEGES25.20 K
10.93 K


14.78 K
32.67 KPrivate COLLEGES3.44 L
89.09 K

Madhya Pradesh

6.21 K
25.50 KPrivate COLLEGES3 L
92.83 K


7.68 K
2.44 KPrivate COLLEGES1.20 L
41.66 K

Delhi NCR

47.31 K
4.17 KPrivate COLLEGES4.17 K
4.17 K


19.98 K
27.61 KPrivate COLLEGES65.74 K
43.88 K

West Bengal

24.27 K
11.52 KPrivate COLLEGES20.81 K
16.16 K


18.98 K
12.90 KPrivate COLLEGES51 K
27.80 K


6.10 K
6.63 KPrivate COLLEGES12.47 K
9.55 K


45.60 K
66 KPrivate COLLEGES90 K
74 K


17.36 K
74 KPrivate COLLEGES74 K
74 K


51.63 K
7.19 KPrivate COLLEGES3 L
1.54 L

Himachal Pradesh

40.51 K
6.32 KPrivate COLLEGES6.32 K
6.32 K


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7.5 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

1.Psychology has a career scope in many Institutes and Organizations especially in abroad & in the city side of the Country. The college also provided brief understanding about psychology & aspects & its importance. 2.The College staff cooperates very well with the students. They also take special efforts for handicap students.The Staff member is very prompt in replying any queries. And they coordinate very well with each other.The staff also make sure that the students enroll in various scholarship schemes. 3.Almost each Professors has done Ph.d , The Professors conducts their lectures through PPT & interactive lectures, Professors makes each & every student to present a PPT in the class.They also encourages student to participate and Organize different events like Avishkar & various College Fest. 4.Each Semester are boards ,the paper are set by the University.1st Semester is in the month of Nov & 2nd in the month of March. Students must write a lot & cover lot of contents.Its easy to pass.

Campus Life :

1. Jhankar, Subject weeks (like literature week ,Psychology weeks ,Sociology week etc ) were conducted, these were conducted in the month of October & Different Days like Twin day , Pyjama day & many more days were also conducted in the month of december,Aura is the Annual fest which was conducted in the month of January. 2.College has a huge library and creates a very good atmosphere for the students. Students can also seek for Online College library 'Nlist'. There are Computers arranged at the side of the library with internet access. The library also has Movie room where students can watch movies related to their subjects like Shutter Island , Article 15. etc & many more. 3.The classrooms has projectors & Promethean board & a PC in each Class rooms.The library also lends college Laptop for students for PPT 4.Natures club, NSS,FOC,AICUF are various clubs & social outreach programs offered by the college for students. There are gym khanas for sports where they lend students sports item

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

1.The college has very less fees.Its 5000/- for FY for psychology. The payment has to be made online. Extra charges may occur for mode of transaction. 2.The college displays Various Scholarship Schemes on the notice board. Students may even check with the staff members for greater clarity on the same. Scholarships are for students with no KT, Scholarship based on merit, Yearly scholarship, and other gov schemes.Student can opt for only One scholarship in a year.

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8.7 /10

Campus Life :

JMC is an all girl's College. With girls coming from across the country and world. You get to learn about their cultures not just in your curriculum but in fests like those of the north east society. There are countless workshops/ seminars conducted to instill knowledge and tolerance. Often there are certificate courses provided by societies like WSC/ Peace Society on topics of gender, race, identity, environment, etc. The college has a pro LGBTQ+ ally community with sensitivity and support extended by the professors. Students come from a variety of Socio-economic background and learn to function like a unified body. In my class there's majority from Kerela and Delhi alongside Maharashtrians, Rajasthanis, Nagamese and Pahadis. In terms of religious tolerance, there's plenty of it within the campus and that has never been a subject of discrimination. There's open dialogue about all these aspects and no restrictions in terms of your identity (clothing, language, accent, etc).You get to meet staunch feminists to radical thinkers to extremely liberals people. You may also come across conservatives and orthodox, all coexisting under the same roof.

Course Curriculum Overview :

Jesus and Mary College has been an eye opener by all means. The course curriculum is just the right amount of challenging and it demands hardwork. It will be fair to say that, this very institution transforms a carefree high school student into a resilient candidate suitable for the outside competition. With numerous societies holding fests almost every day, there's an outlet to burst your stress amid 8 to 4pm classes. The assignments and internal assignments are open spaces for creativity and self discovery. The library is like a heavy fruit laden tree. ( Often cherished for its coolness on hot summer days :p ). The concerned professors are the backbone of this institution and some of them are like actual mentors. The exam pattern is simple. Exams are held twice a year as per the semester. One can easily ace the exam by referring to the previous year question banks. The college takes you for outings as per the course curriculum. For example, Psychology students are taken to NGOs and Environmental studies students are taken to botanical gardens, etc.

Admission :

The first step is to register on the main Delhi University website, where one can refer to the cut off lists published and apply to the chosen college. From there for colleges like St Stephen's and JMC, one has to fill individual forms present on the college website. The merit list is made based on your percentage and if you fall in any quota. For instance- Sports quota, Christian Quota, PWD, etc. JMC and Miranda College were my priority as according to the cut off list, I could get admission in these. I specifically wanted an all girls college.

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8.7 /10

Admission :

I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts (BA) Psychology from North East Frontier Technical University - [NEFTU], West Siang. The admission criteria was very simple and therefore, it is easy for any applicant to take admission in this reputed university.

Alumni/Alumna :

The alumni network of the college is indeed very strong as all of them come together on alumni meets and various other events to share their life changing experiences with us, which are indeed very resourceful and insightful for students like us.

Course Curriculum Overview :

The curriculum of the B.A. Psychology course is very vast however, it focuses mainly on the practicality of the course as students are given several practicals and assignments regularly and also examinations are held to check their knowledge.

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Bachelor of Arts [BA] (Psychology) Colleges IN INDIA

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15.87 K first year fees
St. Xavier's College
Mumbai, Maharashtra
5.54 K first year fees
Christ University
Bangalore, Karnataka
50 K first year fees
Fergusson College
Pune, Maharashtra
9.25 K first year fees
7.74 K first year fees
Delhi University - [DU]
New Delhi, Delhi NCR
3.53 K first year fees
8.8 K first year fees