Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] (Hotel Management)

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BBA in Hotel Management: Course Structure

The course involves theory exams, practical, project work, assignments, and industrial training in some of the institutes.

Scheme of Assessment

The course which is spread over three years has two semesters each in every year. The last year of college involves students taking industrial training with some of the top-notch names of the hotel industry. Assessment is done on the basis of external and internal exams with a ratio of 50:50.

BBA in Hotel Management: Syllabus

Detailed syllabus set for BBA in Hotel Management in various colleges and universities is as follows.

Name of the course Topics Covered Description
Fundamentals of management
  • Concept And Nature Of Management
  • Planning And Decision Making
  • Organizing
  • Directing
The course aims to make students aware of the basics of management as a discipline.
Hospitality accounting
  • Meaning, nature & need for Accounting
  • Depreciation
  • Basic Accounting Procedures:
  • Joint Venture Accounts
The course entails educating the students about the basics of accounting needed in the hospitality industry.
Basic computing skills
  • Introduction to Computers
  • Components of Computers-hardware
  • Components of Computers – Software
  • Components of Computers-Software: Application Softwares
The course entails making the students equipped with all the computer related skills that they might need to work in the hotel sector.
Fundamentals of hospitality management
  • Hospitality Industry in the World and Indian Context
  • Tourism Industry
  • Type of Hotels
  • Ownership Structure of Hotels
The course is aimed at familiarizing the students with the hospitality industry and how it can be managed the best.
Basics of front office operations
  • Significance and importance of the front office department
  • Equipment used at the front office
  • Guest Service standards at Front Office
  • Basic laws governing Front Desk Operations
The course aims at making students educated about the importance and the various functions of the front office in a hotel.
Managing housekeeping operations
  • Housekeeping- Introduction
  • The organization structure of the department in different types of Hotels.
  • Equipment- classification and their use.
  • Linen-brief specifications and uses of each type
The course aims to make the students understand the functions and importance of the housekeeping department of a hotel.
Personality development and communication skills
  • Communication- Concept & Process
  • Commercial correspondence
  • Job and personal hygiene standards
  • Attributes, Attitudes and personality traits for successful hotel/hospitality career.
The course entails to brush up the communication skills of the students and make them personality ready to face the industry.
Hospitality marketing
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • New product development
  • Channel types and functioning
  • Sales promotion and market research
The course makes the students aware of the concept of marketing.
Business communication
  • Introducing The Concept
  • Media/Channels of Business Communication
  • Types of communication
  • Written Communication-I
The course aims to make students aware of the importance of communication in a business organization.
Human resource management
  • Foundations of HRM
  • HR policies
  • Human resource development
  • Employee compensation
The course entails making students understand the basic concepts and roles and functions of an HR in an organization.
Basics of food production
  • Cooking
  • Ingredients used in cooking
  • Pre-Preparation Techniques
  • Cooking Methods
The aim of the subject is to introduce the students to the basics of food production which involves its composition, planning, and preparation.
Basics of F&B service
  • F&B Services: –Introduction, Importance, Function, Sections
  • Departmental Organization & Staffing
  • Food & Beverage Service equipment
  • Food & Beverage Service
The main objective of the course is to make the students about food and beverage service principles and procedures.
Housekeeping management
  • The role and importance of housekeeping in accommodation operations
  • Cleaning procedure for the floor, public areas and guest rooms, pest control for rooms and public areas.
  • Knowledge of forms, registers, and records maintained
  • Handling procedure relating to guests.
The course entails honing the student’s skills in performing the administrative functions in the housekeeping department.
Introduction to the tourism industry
  • Overview of travel and Tourism Industry
  • The Economic and social significance of Tourism
  • Status of India Tourism
  • Tourism Infrastructure
The course aims to make students aware about the basic working of the tourism industry.
Financial management
  • Nature of Financial Management
  • Time value of Money
  • Basics of Capital Budgeting
  • Cost of Capital
  • Capital Structure
  • Working Capital Management
The course aims to enlighten the students about how to manage the financial aspect of an organization.
Food production techniques
  • Larder- Introduction, and importance in hotel kitchens. Equipment
  • Fish- Introduction, Types, Selection criterion, Nutritional value, and Cuts.
  • Poultry- Introduction, Types, Selection criterion, Nutritional value, and Cuts.
  • Lamb/Mutton- Introduction, Types, Selection criterion, Nutritional value, and Cuts.
  • Beef/Veal and Pork- Introduction, Types, Selection criterion, Nutritional value, and Cuts.
  • Stock- Introduction, Classification, and their recipes
  • Soup- Introduction, Classification, and their recipes
  • Sauce- Introduction, Classification, and their recipes
  • Baking – Introduction & importance
The course entails making students aware of the various techniques involved in the productions of different kinds of food.
Food & beverage service (restaurant & bar operations)
  • Restaurants: Types of full service, specialty, quick service /fast foods, family, Ethnic, casual dining, theme, celebrity.
  • Menu planning, advertising and merchandising
  • Bars: Bar setup, inventory control, Laws relating to Beverages
  • Food beverage management for casual dining restaurants
This course gives the students the knowledge about restaurant and bar operation and types of food services.
Front office management
  • Communication and its importance in the Front office.
  • Front desk operations & functions
  • Cash and billing operations
  • Role and functions of the lobby manager
The main objective of the course is to educate students on various functions of the front office and to develop in them the work ethics toward customer care and satisfaction.
Food and beverage services (Banqueting Management)
  • The concept of banquet, types, functions, modern trends, theme catering in banquet business
  • Banquet menu planning and designing
  • Mise-en-place, banquet and party, banquet planning, banquet services, meaning, types, service of alcoholic beverage and non- alcoholic beverage.
  • Management in control of banquet and party catering, record and other functions
The main objective of the course is to give a very basic understanding of the students about banquet operation and management.
Legal framework for the hospitality industry
  • Role of ethics and law in Business with special reference to the hotel industry
  • Indian contract Act 1872, Definition of Contract Offer and acceptance, Essentials of a valid contract, Void agreements, Performance of Contract, Breach of contracts Significance of the act for the hotel industry. Consumer Protection Act 1986, Definitions, Consumer Disputes Redressal Agencies at District State and national levels then jurisdiction composition, power, and functions, penalties and Appeals.
  • The Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, 1954 Definition. Central Committee for Food Standards Central Food Laboratory, Analysis of food, offenses, and penalties under the act.
  • Laws relating to Food and Beverage, laws relating to the front desk.
The main of the course is to make students aware of the basic laws indirectly or directly governing the hotel industry.
Project and facilities planning
  • Concept objectives and significance of the project
  • The feasibility study, market feasibility, economic and financial feasibility, technical feasibility, preparation of project feasibility reports market demand and demand forecast.
  • Planning and development of hotel building plans
  • Establishing administrative and operational systems
  • Project cost analysis
The course tries to make the students are about the different aspects of projects and facilities planning in a hotel.
Food production management & control
  • An overview of various management practices adopted in the Indian hotel industry for food production.
  • Menu policy, planning, and pricing
  • Food & beverage cost controlling meaning – process & methods
  • Quality control cycle, meaning methods & process.
The main aim of the course to make the students well versed with the product and management of food.
Information technology in the hospitality industry
  • Introduction to the use of information technology in the hospitality industry
  • Computer for communication in hotels
  • Front office operations
  • Restaurant management
The course entails making the students aware of the current computing skills, technologies, and software being made use in the hotel sector.
Service marketing
  • Marketing of Services
  • Hospitality and Health Services
  • Educational Services
  • Educational Utilities
The course deals with the marketing of the hotel service rather than the goods.
Organization behavior
  • OrganisationBehaviour
  • Group Dynamics
  • Conflict
  • Power and politics
The course entails making the students aware of the kind of framework and outlook needed to survive in an organization.
Room division management
  • Administrative and management functions of Room Division Managers
  • Establishing room rates - different methods and strategies adopted.
  • Cost analysis, budget, and budgetary control
  • Revenue Management (Yield Management)
The course is designed to make the students aware of banquet operations and management.
Event management
  • Introduction to Event management
  • Planning Events
  • Convention services
  • Human resource management
The course entails making the students well-versed with the various aspects involved in the management of an event.
Specialized catering operations (Institutional Catering)
  • Off-premises catering
  • Operations and management of Highway catering, Airline catering, Cruise catering, and Railway catering
  • A detailed study of Institutional catering, Industrial catering, Hospital catering, Catering to armed force Prison and catering Other welfare sector catering, old-age homes, and orphanages
  • Operation and management of Fast food operations, Take away service, Home delivery, Mobile vans, and Q.S.R Foodcourt
The course is designed to make the students aware of the various specialized catering operations and management in the hotel industry.

Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] (Hotel Management) : 60 answered questions


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Ans. Mount Carmel College (MCC) is very good for BBA. The placement is average but improving gradually.  Academic Curriculum is good as well. The exposure given to the students is great. Overall it is an average college for BBA, but for other degrees, it is quite reputed and popular among aspiring students. Categories BBA at Mount Carmel College Bangalore Course Fee 3.60 lakh Placement Percentage 60-70% Average CTC 4-5 LPA Recruiting Companies Wipro, CTS, Dell, DE Shaw, etc. If you're interested in doing BBA, you can go for Christ, as it is considered to be a better institution for BBA. You can also opt for other B-Schools to opt for BBA.Read more
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Ans. I have a few friends from the University of Kashmir. According to their experience, it is not a good option for pursuing an integrated BBA-MBA course. After completing the degree, you will want good placement opportunities. However, the University of Kashmir does not offer any placement opportunities. You will end up searching for bank jobs.  Also, BBA-MBA programs need a lot of exposure. You will get little to no exposure at Kashmir University. So, if you are really interested in doing a BBA-MBA program, it’s best to look for better alternatives with decent placement and exposure. Read more
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Ans. Joining an MBA college does not usually depend on a student graduating with a regular course or correspondence course. But if you are not from a regular course, you tend to miss a lot of experiences which are only possible in a college atmosphere.  During your interview for admission in an MBA course, you will be asked why you opted for this rather than a regular college. You might have to put some more focus on extracurriculars as they will also come in handy during your selection. Your selection will only be considered if there are not many students from regular courses applying for MBA. It is a very rare situation, and you should not depend on it. It is suggested that you go for correspondence BBA or any graduate course. Join the full-time program and get familiar with the classroom environment. Symbiosis or Manipal is recommended for BBA as they are more reputed colleges than state Universities.Read more
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Ans. MKU Directorate of Distance Education (DDE) offers many distance UG and PG courses. One of them is B.B.A. The B.B.A. specializations are general, computer applications, and retail. But it is not advisable to pursue an administration course or skillful course through DDE. You will never get benefitted. It is better to seek a regular course. Also, MKU degrees are unreliable. The university is involved in backdated admissions, malpractices in examinations, and other unprofessional conduct.Read more
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Ques. Which course is the best? IIM Indore's IPM, BFIA / BMS at SSCBS, DU; BSc Fin. at NMIMS or BBA at Christ?

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Ans. The best among these institutes is, undoubtedly, IIM Indore. During the first three years of IPM at IIM Indore, you will focus on various topics and learn a number of concepts. The institute has experienced and capable faculty. The main reason for IPM’s popularity is due to the tag IIM has given.  Following are some of the pros and cons of the IPM program at IIM Indore: Pros  Renowned experts are in charge of designing unique programs. Apart from the coveted IIM tag, the infrastructure is excellent, the faculty is great and the network of alumni is also very popular. The peers are also very supportive and helpful. The final two years are spent with the students of PGP. Placements are improving every year A wide range of co-curricular activities. If you want to appear in other entrance exams you will face no pressure and continue your preparations smoothly. Cons The program is still growing so it is still settling. When compared to the PGP program there may be some bias, unfortunately. Your future scopes might suffer a blow if compared to a more secure option like engineering. This will happen only if you are not sure of IPM and switching courses might prove to be troublesome. In addition to the previous cons, you will get a certificate from IGNOU instead of a proper degree. In the case of the other colleges, you will probably not face some of the cons.Read more
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