Bachelor of commerce, B.Com (Banking and Finance) Top Colleges, Syllabus, Scope and Salary

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B.Com (Banking and Finance) is a 3 year graduate course, eligibility to which is a (10 + 2) or equivalent examination in any board throughout the country. Students must have also studied and passed in any one of the subjects like accountancy/ Business studies/ Economics/ Mathematics in the intermediate level. The student should have also secured a minimum of 55% in the exam. 

Some of the main institutes that offer B.Com (Banking and Finance) are:

The fee for the course varies between INR 15,000 to 30,000.

The course provides basic knowledge in the field of banking and finance. The course offers the basics of banking, finance, regulations, Banking law, accounting etc. 

Graduates of B.Com in Banking and Finance have a wide range of job opportunities like Banks, Business Schools, Credit organizations, Consultancies, Economic consulting jobs, Indian civil services, health departments, Insurance industry, securities industry and investments, Mortgage agencies etc. The opportunities are not limited to the said fields. Once completed, the graduate may pursue further studies or may take up said job opportunities associated. The average salary for a fresher ranges between INR 3.5 – 4 LPA  and increases with experience and knowledge.

B.Com (Banking and Finance): Course Highlights

Course Level Graduate
Duration of the Course 3 years
Examination Type Semester
Eligibility (10 + 2) or equivalent examination in any board throughout the country. Students must have also studied and passed in any one of the subjects like accountancy/ Business studies/ Economics/ Mathematics in the intermediate level
Admission Process Merit based
Course Fee INR 15000/- and 300000/-
Average Starting Salary INR 3.5 – 4 LPA
Top Recruiting Companies Banks, Business Schools, Credit organizations, Consultancies, Economic consulting jobs, Indian civil services, health departments, Insurance industry, securities industry and investments, Mortgage agencies etc.
Job Positions Accountant, Broker, Cashier, Credit risk Manager, Auditor, Equity research analyst, Loan officer, Market Analyst, Sales officer, sales manager etc.

B.Com (Banking and Finance): What is it about?

B.Com in banking and finance is about the basics of banking, accounting and Insurance. The course covers the basics of courses like security analysis, derivatives markets, financial management, risk management etc. these equip the student in dealing with a variety of financial problems in any particular sector or any kind of client.

The course offers a variety of courses and also the final project at the end of three years. There are a number of job opportunities with a lot of versatility and also ability to easily move from one to another job easily. The job opportunities and associated salaries are discussed below.

B.Com (Banking and Finance): Top Colleges

Name of the Institute Location Total Fees(INR)
AKI’s Poorna college of Arts, science and commerce Pune 10420/-
Jain University Bangalore 345,000/-
K J Somaiya College of arts and commerce Mumbai 27435/-
K.P.B Hinduja college of arts and commerce Mumbai 66000/-
St. Xavier’s College Mumbai 15075/-
Christ University Bangalore 635000/-
Symbiosis college of arts and commerce Pune 52085/-
Stella Mari’s College Chennai 88935/-
HR college of Commerce and Economics Mumbai 30000/-
Sri Venkateshwara College New Delhi 28770/-
St. francis College for Women Hyderabad 30000/-

B.Com (Banking and Finance):  Eligibility

Basic Eligibility is 10 + 2 or equivalent examination in any board throughout the country. Students must have also studied and passed in any one of the subjects like accountancy/ Business studies/ Economics/ Mathematics in the intermediate level. The student should have also secured a minimum of 55% in the exam.

B.Com (Banking and Finance): Admission Process

Admission to the institute will be based on the total marks in the 10+2 examination. TIt is by merit to most of the institutions. Some Institutes conduct their own entrance exam followed by personal interview round for admission to this course

B.Com (Banking and Finance): Syllabus and Course Description

The three years of study is divided into six semesters and each semester has compulsory courses.

Semester I Semester II
Environment and Management of financial services Principles and practices of banking and Insurance
Principles of Management Financial accounting
Effective communication I Effective communication II
Economics I (Micro) Economics II (Macro)
Quantitative methods I Quantitative methods II
Introduction to Computer systems Business Law
Semester III Semester IV
Laws Governing Banking and Insurance Universal Banking
Financial Management I Financial Management II
Management accounting Innovations in Banking and Insurance
Customer Relationship Corporate Law and Laws governing Capital markets
Information Technology in Banking and Insurance Entrepreneurship management
Organizational Behavior Financial markets
Taxation of financial services Cost accounting of banking and Insurance
Semester V Semester VI
Marketing in banking and Insurance Strategic Management
Financial services Management Central Banking
International Banking and Finance International Business
Financial Reporting and Analysis Human Resource Management In banking and Insurance
Security analysis and Portfolio management Business ethics and corporate governance`
Auditing Turnaround Management
 - Project Presentation – Banking and Insurance II

B.Com (Banking and Finance): Career Prospects

Career prospects of a historian and archivists are many depending on the level of expertise and inclination of practice. They are hired for profiles from cashiers to sales managers. The average salary is between INR 3.5 – 4 LPA. The employment areas are among Banks, Business Schools, Credit organizations, Consultancies, Economic consulting jobs, Indian civil services, health departments, Insurance industry, securities industry and investments, Mortgage agencies etc.

The job profiles for these positions range as Accountant, Broker, Cashier, Credit risk Manager, Auditor, Equity research analyst, Loan officer, Market Analyst, Sales officer, Sales Manager etc.

The compensation and salaries for these individual jobs are very area specific depending on the kind of music and the method of practice and also depend on expertise and level of operation.

Bachelor of commerce, B.Com (Banking and Finance) annual salary
Job Profile Job Description Average annual salary
Equity research analyst The role of an equity analyst is to analyze financial data and public records of companies, and use this analysis to determine the value of the company's stock and to predict the company's future financial picture. Most equity analysts are employed by brokerages or financial firms. 4 - 5 LPA 
Account Manager An account manager is a person who works for a company and is responsible for the management of sales and relationships with particular customers. The account manager does not manage the daily running of the account itself. They manage the relationship with the client of the account(s) they are assigned to. 5 – 6 LPA
Accountant Prepares asset, liability, and capital account entries by compiling and analyzing account information. Documents financial transactions by entering account information. Recommends financial actions by analyzing accounting options 2 to 3LPA
Stockbroker To manage the financial portfolio of your client; so this could be an individual or a company. On the advice of investment analysts, you'll discuss with your client, which shares to buy or sell to get them the best return on their money. 3 to 4 LPA
Auditor Ensures compliance with established internal control procedures by examining records, reports, operating practices, and documentation. Verifies assets and liabilities by comparing items to documentation. Completes by documenting audit tests and findings. 4 – 5 LPA
Market analyst Market research analysts perform research and gather data to help a company market its products or services. They gather data on consumer demographics, preferences, needs, and buying habits. 4.5 LPA
Sales Officer Their primary job responsibilities are to explain, sell and execute banking securities products, and serve as a liaison between the bank and its securities customers. 3 to 4 LPA
Cashier Receive payment by cash, check, credit cards, vouchers, or automatic debits. Issue receipts, refunds, credits, or change due to customers. Count money in cash drawers at the beginning of shifts to ensure that amounts are correct and that there is adequate change. 2 to 3 LPA

Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com] (Banking & Finance) Fee Structure in India

4.45 K (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES1 L  (Maximum Fee)
29.86 K (Average Fee)
10.27 K (Minimum Fee)Private COLLEGES3.90 L (Maximum Fee)
1.26 L (Average Fee)

Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com] (Banking & Finance) Fee Structure By state


18.36 K
54 KPrivate COLLEGES54 K
54 K


12.38 K
10.50 KPrivate COLLEGES18.11 K
15.57 K


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7.3 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

As I mentioned earlier I have a dream of becoming a banker in a reputed bank, and this college is providing be the opportunity to fulfill my dreams along with my graduation course. hence it saves my time as well as money for going to coaching classes. B COM and NIIT class are so well arranged that there is no pressure of managing both courses in 1st year a 14 years experienced teacher has taught about banking and finance. And I am excited for the other 2 years. faculty of B com is very good. they are so friendly and supportive in nature. i share a very good bond with each and every faculty member. There teaching skills are excellent They guide us with proper understanding. faculty members focus more on real-life learning more thank bookish knowledge. All topics are covered in a proper duration of time.

Placement Experience :

campus placement is provided from the last year but many internships are provided after completing 1st year which helps students to gain experience so that in campus placement he can attempt his best. Various Companies visit for campus placement like Amazon, Flipkart, Patanjali,Samsung, KPMG, we have told that for NIIT students, they will be placed in good BFSI (banking, finance, and service, insurance) sector. For internship profiles offered are not so good but campus placement offer job profile according to your marks. My plans after getting both the degree is to have a good job in the banking sector or go for government banking exams.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

The fee structure of the college is very reasonable as compare to other private colleges. If we compare the facility provided along with fee structure you will get a great deal. Normal Graduation courses are very fewer rates B COM fees for one year is only 45000 and if you opt for BCOM + NIIT ( banking and finance ) fees would be 75000 which includes all the study material, college dress, as well as new HP laptop. The scholarship program is very amazing if you get more than 85 % in any year you will get great advantages. there are a lot of internships provided with good companies .various companies visit our campus for job selection.

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5.5 /10

College Events :

We have many events, During the begin we have Welcome event which is for the new students its organised by the seniors to the juniors, it has games and dine its a bonding and social time. Then we have a lot of festival functions also and during December, we have alot of inter class competitions and inter group competitions like debate, treasure hunt and many more games. Then in January we have are days. Which is the biggest event of the year. We have a week full of fun and games. And during the end of that week all the winners trophy is given which ends in dancing and partying. Then after are exams we have a small before the holidays party just meet, eat and greet kinda stuff for the teachers and students to bond more.

Faculty :

We had a total of 6 classes a day 3 in the morning and 3 at noon, the average age while graduating was 21. We had good and bad professors, the good professors classes were very educational but the bad professors were not interested in taking classes and teaching us. We had alot of professionals come over to are colleges and guide us we were given good amount of mock interviews and probably guided on the various professions we can choose. We also had industrial visits but more then side seeing I didn’t think it was of much help.

Course Curriculum Overview :

The course is to the point we have a subject of business law too which is very hard but definitely relevant. Although the course needs an update on the current level of business. Again alot of importance is given into memorising than actually understanding of the theories. Alot of theories can definitely be used in professional trainings and the tax which we had was updated and was of the current year rules so it is very helpful for understanding the current situations and criteria.

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7.8 /10

Alumni/Alumna :

Alumni and senior students were very helpful and they were also friendly. They are now placed due to college placement and internship and are happy with there jobs. They are helping me out for placement and how to give interview.

Campus Life :

There are different labs like computer lab, electronics lab, etc and there is also a gymkhana in our college and ground where green gym is also present. Every year inter college games are conducted Like volleyball, cricket, etc.

Faculty :

Teachers are friendly and helpful and are qualified. Most of the teachers are PhD. They do different activities to understand the concepts of topics clearly. Super campus is also there in which students give test every week.

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6.5 /10

Remarks :

Every college has a positive side and negative side All students are take the positive side and move as they like my college is a strict college so there is little negative problems faced by students for that but also it is a positive sign because every students can improve their skills and can be motivated for higher studies

Campus Life :

Of course college is not only for studies there have another side that has extra curricular activities computer lab sports except for the implementing more skills of the college students. There are events are conducted on sports day and the winners of the event will select to the sub district level district level and national

Alumni/Alumna :

Yah senior students are always have any problem they will help us and taught the things that happen before in the college and if we want any books of previous year previous sem we should ask the old seniors of students and they will give us the complete details and text books or not books or study material for our better life

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5.7 /10

Campus Life :

Labs are very fine... neat and comfortable looking very clean and modern ... but sports is little less here .... grounds are available but it's not properly used. mainly collage deals with educational aspects extra curricular activities is comparatively less here

Course Curriculum Overview :

Collage is working under calicut university . There is 6 semesters which should be needed to complete within 3 years in each year there will be 2 semester exams. Question paper is provided by university itself and valuation also by university

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

Scholarships are available here .. special fee discounts are allowed to financially backward students .. scholarships are available to those who had 95% and above Mark's in semester exams . ... sc/ st students also have fee discounts

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6.0 /10

Campus Life :

The fest are very well conducted in the month of December. the organization is very well and our library is also maintained and it is so big all types of books are available in many other languages. The students also run many NGOs.

Course Curriculum Overview :

I chose to do this course because I wanted to learn complete details about the commerce field. my faculty is a bachelor of commerce it s a complete study about account and management and much other e-commerce

Placement Experience :

From semester 5 the students start preparing for their campus placement. numerous companies visit such as Asian, Tata, Mahindra, etc, and there 80% chances of placement from our college.

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