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B.Com. in Corporate Secretaryship is a 3-year full-time undergraduate course that involves advanced study of the concepts and processes of corporate governance, with particular focus on the areas of secretarial practices and company laws. The course’s curriculum consists of components of study such as corporate management practices, investment management, and economic legislations. The course is offered in various specializations in India, namely Computer Applications, E-Commerce, and Corporate Secretaryship.

For prospective Transcriptionists, certification in transcription is offered for fields related to law or medicine. Transcriptionists provide typed records of business meetings, seminars, presentations, and other corporate activities. As regards job responsibilities, they may take individual dictation to produce correspondence or business documents, or proofread the documents they produce to create polished publications.

In addition to providing accurate transcripts of corporate proceedings, they may also be often responsible for maintaining documents in accordance with privacy and confidentiality standards, as often, businesses may require employees or freelancers to sign non-disclosure agreements and need measures to protect sensitive information.

The average annual course fee in India ranges between INR 5,000 and 1 lakh, depending upon the institute offering the course. The average annual salary offered in India to successful graduates of the course ranges between INR 2 and 10 lacs, depending upon the candidate’s expertise in the field.

B.Com. in Corporate Secretaryship: Course Highlights

Tabulated below are some of the major highlights of the course.

Course Level Under Graduate
Duration 3 years
Examination Type Semester System
Eligibility 10+2 qualification from a recognized educational Board
Admission Process Merit-based/ Based on counselling after qualification of a relevant entrance examination
Course Fee INR 5,000 to 1 lakh
Average Starting Salary INR 2 to 15 lacs

B.Com. in Corporate Secretaryship: What is it about?

The course has been designed to adequately prepare eligible candidates for job responsibilities such as convening meetings, maintaining statutory record books, drafting and executing agreements, managing dividend and interest payments, contracts, and resolutions. Prospective Corporate Secretaries learn to write a variety of documents including letters, business documents, email, and memos.

The program also familiarizes students with use and applications of computer programs such as Microsoft Office, including spread sheets, emailing, creation of power point presentations, and word processing tasks. Also included are lessons in basic keyboarding, use of speech recognition, file management software, and such.

The course is also offered for pursuance on part-time basis at some institutes across the country.

B.Com. in Corporate Secretaryship: Course Objectives

The course essentially aims to:

  • build in eligible candidates competent understanding of the overall functioning of industries and businesses
  • impart learning in management functions such as personnel, production, marketing, finance, etc.
  • train eligible candidates in areas of administrative support, business development
  • build in students the skills needed in corporate transcription and accurate keyboarding
  • familiarize students with business terminology, clerical skills, procedures, and business concepts
  • build in candidates transcribing skills needed in positions such as Executive Secretary, Manager, and Administrative Assistant.

Top Institutes offering B.Com. in Corporate Secretaryship

Some of the top institutes offering the course in the country are listed below with the corresponding locations and fees charged by each.

AASC Pondicherry INR 52,000
Agurchand Manmull Jain College Chennai INR 31,000
AKD Dharma Raja Women’s College Virudhunagar INR 10,000
Alpha Arts and Science College Chennai INR 7,000
Arcade Business College Bihar INR 81,000
Kakatiya University Warangal INR 13,930
Sree Narayana College Kozhikode INR 22,500
Bharathidasan Government College for Women Pondicherry INR 8,000
Bishop Ambrose College Coimbatore INR 50,000
Cherran College for Women Tiruppur INR 15,000
CTM College of Arts and Science Thiruvallur INR 20,000
Dr. Gr Damodaran College of Women Coimbatore INR 80,000
Dr. RK Shanmugam College of Arts and Science Villupuram INR 7,500
Erode Arts and Science College-Autonomous Erode INR 15,000
GSAC Madurai INR 90,000

Eligibility for B.Com. in Corporate Secretaryship

Candidates wishing to pursue the course are needed to fulfil the minimum eligibility criteria listed below in order to apply for the course:

  • Higher Secondary (10+2) or equivalent qualification, completed from a recognized university, preferably in the Commerce stream.
  • A minimum aggregate score of 45% or equivalent CGPA at the 10+2 level.

B.Com. in Corporate Secretaryship: Admission Process

Interested eligible candidates are offered admission to the course in India mostly on the basis of merit obtained at the 10+2 level. In cases of some institutes however, admission to the course is based on the candidate’s performance in a relevant institute-specific entrance test. Often subsequently, two additional rounds of Group Discussion and Personal Interview are held for assessment of the candidate’s general aptitude for the course.

B.Com. in Corporate Secretaryship: Syllabus and Course Description

A semester - wise breakup of the course’s syllabus is tabulated below.

Semester I

Semester II

English English
Financial Accounting I Financial accounting II
Management concepts Organizational behavior
Quantitative methods I Quantitative methods II
Managerial economics I Indian constitution
Mind management

Semester III

Semester IV

Business communication Financial markets
Corporate Accounting I Corporate accounting II
Marketing management Human resource management
Company law Financial management
Cost accounting Applied cost accounting
Commercial laws Tax laws
Computer fundamentals Environmental science

Semester V

Semester VI

Security laws Diligence and compliances
Economic and labor laws Business ethics.

B.Com. in Corporate Secretaryship: Career Prospects

Business Secretaries provide a wide array of clerical and managerial services to business executives and upper-level managers. With growing impact of advances in information technology on businesses, such Secretaries are increasingly needed to be trained in diverse business-related computer applications.

Corporate transcription is often performed by full-time employees as part of regular job responsibilities. However, students specializing in corporate transcription can work as independent contractors for multiple businesses and corporations, or as specialists in a particular industry, such as automotive engineering, computer programming, and such.

Some of the popular professional avenues open to such graduates are listed below with the corresponding salaries offered for the respective positions.

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) in Corporate Secretaryship
Corporate Financial Analyst Corporate Finance Advisors specialize in mergers and acquisitions. A merger is when two companies become one, through shareholding; while an acquisition refers to a complete corporate takeover. They mediate these transactions and protect the interests of the client, the company doing the bidding, and the target company. INR 3,55,000
Corporate Credit Analyst Commercial Credit Analysts evaluate the credit worthiness of businesses and determine their ability to repay loans and lines of credit, used in purchasing equipment and other goods. They work for developing financial profiles and investigating credit histories. Analysts also compare the cash and liquid assets a business has in hand with how much it owes. They are usually employed by banks, and such commercial lenders. INR 5,00,000
Corporate Sales Executive Sales Managers train and direct teams of salespeople in a company setting. Executives may assign sales territories and set income goals and assign quotas for Sales Representatives. Employers prefer to hire Sales Managers with specialized skills in business administration and computer applications. INR 5,51,000
Export Manager Import-Export Specialists perform a variety of duties such as documenting shipments to ensure that they are in compliance with customs rules and regulations. They also counsel clients on matters such as tariffs, insurance, and quotas. This position also requires consulting with customs agents to ease passage of shipments through customs. They also counsel their clients on ways to reduce duties and taxes owed. INR 4,98,000
Corporate Manager Business Operations Managers plan and organize the many activities of businesses and non-profit organizations. Business Operations Managers may be responsible for overseeing a variety of departments from Human Resources to accounts payable. Job duties may include coordinating educational assignments for staff, reviewing budgetary information, monitoring expense reports, interpreting financial data, and performing cost-benefit analyses on internal programs. INR 6,00,000

Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com] (Corporate Secretaryship) Fee Structure in India

1.31 K (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES2.28 L  (Maximum Fee)
37.81 K (Average Fee)
1.56 K (Minimum Fee)Private COLLEGES2.40 L (Maximum Fee)
89.77 K (Average Fee)

Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com] (Corporate Secretaryship) Fee Structure By state

Tamil Nadu

42.04 K
1.56 KPrivate COLLEGES2.40 L
90.16 K


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9.8 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

There are so many courses in my college but I choose B.Com CS ( Corporate Secretaryship) as I'm good at Accounts..It is a 3 years full time professional course and follows semester system.. Faculties are very much supportive and are really inspiring who motivates each of us to do achieve something.. Not only academically but also they are very friendly to help us to succeed..

Placement Experience :

From the 5th semester, the students will start getting their training for attending their interviews.. The maximum number of students get placed in the campus, the average package for fresher's will be around 1.5L to 2.5L per annum.. Top companies and MNCs mostly comes for recruitment.. And the students are selected based on their talents and skills possessed by them..

Campus Life :

Life at the campus is actually a beautiful thing which of us miss it each day now.. It wouldn't seem to be like a college as it was a place of happiness to each one of us.. Many events literally bring back all the hidden talents of the students which can be explored by themselves.. Literally a happy time and best moments can be captured from here

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7.5 /10

Campus Life :

College cultural happened in July 2018 and many events like vbazzar 2018-2019,2019-2020. The books in the library are very useful they have a very good journal. The sports day is conducted very year many participants participant in sports. Rotrat club is run by students.

Placement Experience :

The D.G Vaishnav college has excellent placement opportunities for students who really want to get employed. The students who can go for placement should have at least 65 percentage. I will go for an MBA.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

The fees are affordable. The college also provides a great scholarship for students who cannot afford the fees. The campus job is a good many student get selected in campus interview.

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8.2 /10

Faculty :

In my course there are 4 lecturers. They are all vary in ages. From 30 to 40. Their qualifications are,MBA and phd. But there is always a confident into them to guide a students in a right path. They have 5 to 13 years experience. AndYes of course. This is the only college in pondicherry u can afford a best placement in various high rated and top level companies like tcs, wipro,etc.surely there will be industrial visit in ur final year. And every year they will enlight ur etc curricullum. They will help u according to the student's unique talent. They will provide a management skill to u when u studying in the college itself. They will bring u to the companies for the training and for ur personel growth and social development in u. So its very helpful for u when u get into the campus interview. U have the great confident in u. They will guide u till the college end for great future. There is also field trip evry year. They are experts in marketing,financial etc The main thing is control their students in their kind way. So the students are very kind to the teacher in my coursee. But they havent any certificates for industry experience.

Course Curriculum Overview :

Yes of course. This is the only college in pondicherry u can afford a best placement in various high rated and top level companies like tcs, wipro,etc.surely there will be industrial visit in ur final year. And every year they will enlight ur etc curricullum. They will help u according to the student's unique talent. They will provide a management skill to u when u studying in the college itself. They will bring u to the companies for the training and for ur personel growth and social development in u. So its very helpful for u when u get into the campus interview. U have the great confident in u. They will guide u till the college end for great future. There is also field trip every year.

College Events :

According to technical festival. In this year also we had done a great work in National cnference festival which is the 2days national conference.And yearly our department of commerce held a grand Achariya Business League(ABL) And culturals have done every year in the grand manner. But the auditorium is not much better. Its a average auditorium. And there a club for every department. Our course also have club and running very well. There is national level participation and inter college level participation. Always there is a grand participation from various colleges. In our college. Culturals and technical events are very popular and done in a very popular manner.

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8.2 /10

Faculty :

The faculty in the college are well experienced and have a wide knowledge about their subject. Moreover, They are expertise with their subject and their lectures give clarity the the students about the topic. But at the same time their are 1 or 2 faculty would don't know the art of teaching otherwise they do have a good knowledge but they have to work on the art to teach

Campus Life :

The college is a woman college, so every it's obvious everyone one are women. Their is no difference regarding race,sex, economic status, sexual orientation but catholic students are give more preferance in the time of admission. There and not ragging done in the college. Everyone is treated equally and is given equal opportunities.

College Events :

The college hold up a lot of celebration and encourages everyone the participate in everything. The different festivals are freshers, farewell, interdepartmental competition, intercollegiate competition, interyear competition, Christmas festival, Ethnic day, Sports day, Hostel day, NCC day, NSS day, Dance night, etc.

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7.5 /10

Placement Experience :

The placement of our college when compared to other ARTS college is very good. Yes. College suggest for mandatory Intenship for second year student. The companies that visited my college for placement are TCS, CAPGEMINI, CTS, ICICI BANK, LIC, ZOHO, TYROCARE, KONGU NATIONAL SCHOOL-ERODE etc. YES. The institution conduct PLACEMENT CLASSES to enrich students knowledge and experience. My have PLACEMENT CELL for placement purpose. 60% of PLACEMENT OPTED students are placed from our college regularly.

Fee Structure And Facilities :

The fee structure is feasible to all students. My course B. com CSCA fee is 150000 which is collected as six semesters and two semesters a year. Each semester fee is 25000. No additional charges or fee for admission. Yes. The college provide transparency in the fee structure. The mode of payment of college fee is by BANK MODE. The institution will give CHALLAN and we have to give that challan to KVB BANK and pay fee.

Faculty :

There are Fifteen(15) lectures in my course. The average age of lectures is Thirty five(35). The qualifications of lectures; Two(2) lectures with M. com, M. Phil, Ph. D, Seven(7) lectures with M. Com, M. Phil Six(6) lectures with M. com, PGDCA The Head of the Department is very knowledgable person and his classes are awesome. Some staffs have relevant industry experience and certification.

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8.7 /10

Admission :

I opted this course of Bcom Corporate Secretaryship because of my interest in learning about the corporate world and how it works. I was very much satisfied with this course and also got relevant knowledge of how to be a professional in corporate and also how to maintain an office decorum. The admission process in this college is simple as long as you get good Mark in your higher secondary.

Course Curriculum Overview :

The course curriculum I opted for is relevant and fair. I got a better knowledge along with the help of faculty to cope up in ths industry I opted. Also the faculty of our college helps us in guiding even after our graduation. This college surely does makes you a better professional with all the specific knowledge and skills.

Faculty :

Each faculty present in this college focuses on each and every student and gives clear understanding to all the students about the syllabus or the subject The faculty here are well disciplined and patient enough to clear all the doubts of the students during class and also have good knowledge about the subjects they teach.

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Presidency College
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1.25 K first year fees
Ethiraj College for Women
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1.04 K first year fees
1.35 L first year fees
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