BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) Syllabus, Subjects, Course Curriculum, Assessment Scheme, Books 2020-2021

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BCA, or Bachelor of Computer Applications is an undergraduate course of 3 years that deals with various aspects of computer science and its applications in the real world. 

The basic eligibility to pursue this course is a minimum of 50% in Class 12, and BCA admission is done on the basis of merit or performance in a relevant BCA entrance examnation.

Students are taught several computer languages such as C, C++, Java, Python, etc. as a part of BCA syllabus.

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BCA Course Scheme of Assessment

The final assessment of students is on the basis of performance in year/semester-end examination and internal assessment. An estimation of weightage for internal assessment and year end examination is given below.

Type of Paper Internal Marks range External Marks range
Theory Paper 25 - 50 50 - 75
Practical Paper 40 - 50 50 - 60
BCA Syllabus

BCA course delivery includes classroom learning, lectures, lab sessions, project work, seminars, group assignments, classroom presentations and interactions with the industry experts. 

As a part of BCA course curriculum, students have to study a set of core courses and two concurrent courses out of which one is a language paper. Equal emphasis is given to both theory and practical papers.

Students are also required to submit a project report in the final year of BCA as part of the BCA course requirement.

Apart from gaining computer knowledge, the importance is also given to social awareness, communication skills & professionalism to work as a team in maintaining diverse environments towards the betterment of society.

The basic structure of BCA syllabus is formulated in table below:

Name of the Course Description
Introduction to Programming Using C This paper introduces the programming language C. In this paper a student learns to understand the logic of a problem and write structured C programs.
Statistics for BCA In this paper students learn various statistical methods and it prepares students for future courses having quantitative components.
Digital Computer Fundamentals This paper introduces the basic concepts of functioning of a computer. It helps a student to learn the use of Boolean algebra for performing calculations in various number systems.
Operating Systems This course helps acquire the fundamental knowledge of the operating system components and to know the various operations performed by operating systems.
Data Structures This paper helps a student understand the need for data structure when building an application. It also teaches a student methods to calculate and measure efficiency of a code.
Graph Theory and Linear Programming This course aims at introducing various terminologies of Graph theory and formulation of Linear Programming problems and solving them with graphical methods and simplex method.
Database Management Systems This paper helps a student learn database concepts and develop skills for the design and implementation of database application.
Object oriented Programming using C++ This course helps in understanding the principles behind the object oriented programming process and its use in the development of small to medium sized application programs.
Programming in Java This paper helps students acquire skills in using Java programming language and development of small to medium sized application programs.
Computer Networks This course will help a student understand the various components of a computer network and its functionality.
Computer Graphics and Animation In this paper a student learns to create objects through 3d modelling, add effects using light and material and create animated frames.
Computer Architecture This course introduces to the basic hardware components of a computer and how it has evolved to meet the demands of multi-processing systems.
Multimedia Applications In this paper students learn the use of latest image editing tools and animation tools to create and edit images and animation.
Embedded Systems This course focuses on the various concepts of embedded systems and RTOS.

BCA Subjects

Some of the common BCA subjects along with major topics covered are listed in the table below:

BCA Subject Topics/Units included
Introduction to Programming Using C Introduction to Computers and Programming, Introduction to C Control Structures and Arrays Functions and Pointers Structures, Unions and Files Low Level programming and C Preprocessor.
Operating Systems Introduction and System Structures,Process Management, Process Synchronization, Deadlock Memory Management File and I/O system
Computer Graphics and Animation Autodesk 3ds Max, Introducing Objects Creating shapes with Splines Editing Meshes and Creating Complex Objects, Organizing and Editing Objects, Light and Shadow Enhancing Models with materials, Using the Camera Organizing Objects and Scene Management, Understanding Animation Creating Animation, Particles, and Dynamics Rigging for animation
Programming in Java Introduction Arrays & String Handling Inheritance and Exception, Handling Multithreading and IO package Applets AWT Classes
Computer Networks Physical Layer Digital Transmission, Analog Transmission, Multiplexing Transmission Media, Data Link Layer, Data Link Control Multiple Access, Wired LANs, Wireless LAN, Network Layer Internet Protocol, Address Mapping Protocol, Routing Protocols, Transport Layer Congestion control and QOS Application Layer and Network Security
Database Management Systems Introduction DBMS Architecture, Data Modelling using Entity-Relationship Model, Index Structures for Files Relational Data Model, Database Design, SQL Transaction Processing Concepts and Concurrency Control Techniques, Database Administration, Database Recovery, Distributed Databases, Introduction to Advanced Database Concepts

BCA Books & Course Material

The table mentions some of the best BCA books that are included in the course curriculum. Check below:

Name of the Book Name of the Author
A Textbook on C: Fundamentals, Data Structures and Problem Solving Karthikeyan
The C Programming Language Brian W Kernighan
Data Structure Using C A K Sharma
Operating System Concepts Avi Silberschatz and Peter Galvin
Design of the Unix Operating Systems Maurice Bach
Software Engineering Ian Sommerville
Algebraic Methodology and Software Technology  Grigore Rosu and Jose Meseguer
Fundamentals of Numerical Computation G Alefeld and R Grigorieff
Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with Applications Booch

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