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Bachelor of Design in Interior Design is a 4-year undergraduate course, designed for students who have successfully completed the Higher Secondary level of education (10+2). Admission to the course is generally provided based on the candidate’s performance in a relevant entrance test, and the subsequent round of counseling.

The program is sub-divided into 8 semesters, wherein enrolled students are taught the art and science of interior decoration of building/ residence, towards making them more attractive, comfortable, and useful to human beings.

Interested candidates can pursue the course in India for an average course fee ranging between INR 3 and 12 Lacs, varying across institutes. Areas of employment for such graduates include the following:

  • Architectural Firms
  • Airport Terminals
  • Media Houses
  • Corporate Houses
  • Hospitals
  • Theatres
  • Studios
  • Museums
  • Hotels
  • Town Planning Bureaus, etc.

At an initial level, such graduates earn up to INR 25K to 60K monthly, depending upon the candidate’s expertise in the field, and increases gradually with the candidate’s experience and skillset.

B.Des. in Interior Design: Course Highlights

Tabulated below are the major highlights of the course.

Course Level Undergraduate
Duration 4 Years
Minimum Qualification Required Classes 10th & 12th qualified from a recognized Board.
Admission Process Merit-based/ based on counseling after qualification of entrance test
Examination Type Semester system
Major Entrance Test NATA, CEED, NID, CPET, etc.
Total Course Fee INR 3 12 Lacs
Top Recruiting Areas/Fields Town Planning Bureaus, Museums, Hotels, Public Work Departments, Architectural Firms, Hospitals, Media Houses, Private Consultancies, Restaurants, Studios, Schools, Jewelry Houses, etc.
Job Positions Exhibition Designer, Consultant, Independent Interior Designer, Teacher, Researcher, Set Designer, Interior Design Publicist, and such.
Average Starting Salary INR 3 to 10 Lacs

B.Des. in Interior Design: What is it About?

The program has been designed to offer to eligible students specialization in a wide range of concepts and techniques involved in organizing, managing, and planning the interiors of residences and buildings, by understanding people’s behavior and needs. The aim is to refurbish the places so that it reflects the choices and nature of the people occupying it.  

Successful graduates of the program interested in learning more about this art, may go for pursuing M. Des., Ph. D., or other advanced research in the subjects.

The course aims to educate students about the techniques and art of converting artistic talent and creativity in beautifying living spaces, involving choice and decoration of walls, roofs, floors, besides choice and placement of furniture and other indoor objects, lighting, and control of visual and sound effects, and anything that adds to the style and usability of the built environment.

One of the principle objectives of the course is to train students for successfully operating in and contributing to the modern world of art by using original ideas and creativity, as also for pursuing advanced research in the discipline. The course’s curriculum integrates practical and theoretical components of study.

B.Des. in Interior Design: Who should opt?

Aspiring eligible candidates would ideally possess the following:

  • genuine interest in the art of decorating
  • creativity, imagination, self-motivation
  • excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Basic knowledge about past and present styles of architecture
  • Proficiency in computer-aided design skills
  • Awareness of artworks, building materials, and infrastructure, texture, and lightings, etc.

B.Des. in Interior Design: Top institutes

Various institutes offer a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design, but a few of them are considered good for the program. Some of the top such institutes offering the course in the country are mentioned below along with their corresponding locations and fees charged by each annually.

National Institute of Design (NID) Ahmedabad INR 2.22 Lacs (course)
National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Navi Mumbai Navi Mumbai INR 2.15 Lacs (course)
National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), New Delhi New Delhi INR 2.15 Lacs (course)
Pearl Academy New Delhi INR 3.2 Lacs (course)
Symbiosis Institute of Design (SID) Pune INR 3.3 Lacs (course)
National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Hyderabad Hyderabad INR 2.15 Lacs (course)
National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Kannur Kannur INR 2.15 Lacs (course)
National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Bangalore Bangalore INR 2.15 Lacs (course)
National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Bhubaneswar Bhubaneswar INR 2.15 Lacs (course)
National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Chennai Chennai INR 2.15 Lacs (course)
National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Srinagar Srinagar INR 2.15 Lacs (course)
National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Shillong Shillong INR 2.15 Lacs (course)
National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Mohali Mohali INR 2.15 Lacs (course)
International Institute of Fashion Technology (IIFT) Chandigarh INR 38,667 (course)
Pearl Academy of Fashion Management (PAFM) Jaipur -
Arch Academy of Design Jaipur -
Satyam Fashion Institute (SFI) Noida INR 1.3 Lacs (course)
JD Institute of Fashion technology Mumbai INR 1 Lacs (course)
Pearl Academy of Fashion (PAF) Mumbai INR 3.07 Lacs (course)
National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) Gandhinagar INR 2.15 Lacs (course)

Eligibility for B.Des. in Interior Design     

Mentioned below are the minimum criteria that candidates interested in pursuing a career in Interior Design need to fulfill, in order to be eligible to apply for admission to the course.

  • Higher Secondary Examination (classes 10th & 12th), completed from a recognized educational Board, in any stream (Science, Commerce & Arts)
  • A minimum aggregate of 50% for general and 45% for ST/SC candidates at the level of Higher Secondary Examination (classes 10th & 12th)
  • Aptitude for, and interest in art and creativity.

B.Des. in Interior Design: Admission Procedure

Admission to the course in most of the institutes is based on the candidate’s performance in a relevant entrance examination, and the following round of counseling.

The round of counselling comprises rounds of Group Discussion and Personal Interview, wherein the candidate’s general aptitude for the course is examined. However, there are some institutes that provide admission solely on the basis of the student’s performance in the last qualifying examination (i.e. class 12th).

Some of the popular entrance tests conducted in the country for admission to the course are listed below.

  • NATA (National Aptitude Test in Architecture)
  • CEED (Common Entrance Exam for Design)
  • NID (National Institute of Design) Entrance Test
  • CEPT (Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology University) Entrance Test

B.Des. in Interior Design: Syllabus & Course Description

Tabulated below is a semester-wise breakup of the course’s syllabus.

Semester I

Semester II

Fundamentals of Structure 1 Fundamentals of Structure 2
Theory of Design Research Strategies Design Process
Freehand Drawing & Geometric Construction Analytical Drawing
Material Exposure Basic Photography
Communication Skills Humanities, Art Appreciation and Appraisal
Introduction to Computers 1 Introduction to Computers 2
Fundamentals of Design 1 Fundamentals of Design 2

Semester III

Semester IV

History of Crafts and Interior Design 1 Building Services 1
Interior Materials 1 Interior Materials 2
Anthropometry and Ergonomics Elective: Poetry and Literature OR Elective: Journalism
Technical drawings and Computer Applications Advance Computer Application
Interior Construction 1 Interior Construction 2
Interior Design 1 Interior Design 2

Semester V

Semester VI

Building Services 2 Building Services 3
Interior Materials 3 Cost Estimation
Elective: Dance and Music OR Elective: Theatre and Film Making Elective: Human Interaction OR Elective: Marketing
Materials and Processes 1 Arts and Crafts
Interior Construction 3 Interior Construction 4
Interior Design 3 Interior Design 4

Semester VII

Semester VIII

Building Services 4 Seminar-Thesis Topic
Professional Practice Dissertation (Case Study)
Specifications and Controls Interior Design – Topic
Product Semantics -
Interior Landscape -
Interior Design 5 -

B.Des. in Interior Design: Career Prospects 

Interior Design is a popular branch of art, with Interior Designers needed in hospitals, malls, hotels, restaurants, town planning department, etc. Upon successful completion of the course, graduates can work as Teachers/ lecturers, independent consultants, among others.

Some of the popular professional avenues open to such graduates are listed below along with the annual average salary and basic job duties associated with each one of them.

B. Des. in Interior Design  Average Salary
Interior Designer They are responsible for making interior spaces functional, safe, and beautiful by determining space requirements and selecting decorative items, such as colors, lighting, and materials. They read blueprints and must be aware of building codes and inspection regulations. INR 4 to 9 Lacs
Teacher They create lesson plans and teach those plans to the entire class, individually to students or in small groups. Also, they track student progress and present such information to parents, create tests, work with school administration, and prepare students for standardized tests. INR 2 to 5 Lacs
Researcher While projects are in the planning stage, Research Officers and Managers work with team members to identify project goals, research methods, and other test parameters. They also choose how to collect data and offer recommendations on evaluating relevant techniques and methods. INR 3 to 7 Lacs
Theatre Designer They are responsible for designing and creating the sets that appear in films, on television programs, as well as in the theatre. The role involves reading scripts, working and communicating with directors, producers, costume designers, and other members of staff. INR 2.5 to 6.5 Lacs
Consultant They offer advice and expertise to organisations to help them improve their business performance in terms of operations, profitability, management, structure, and strategy. INR 3 to 5 Lacs
Exhibition Designer They are responsible for the design and layout of shows and exhibitions, including displays and exhibitions for museums, galleries, and local businesses. INR 2.7 to 8 Lacs

Bachelor of Design [B.Des] (Interior Design) Fee Structure in India

2.40 L (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES4.35 L  (Maximum Fee)
3.38 L (Average Fee)
95.32 K (Minimum Fee)Private COLLEGES17.12 L (Maximum Fee)
6.31 L (Average Fee)

Bachelor of Design [B.Des] (Interior Design) Fee Structure By state

Madhya Pradesh

4.35 L
95.32 KPrivate COLLEGES3.80 L
2.68 L


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2.7 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

As in future it was a great scope for a interior design as it could be a developing city in our state so there is a scope for a this courss and in this course there is a annual exam only of 120 marks and other is practical marks only so it is easy to score marks in exam

College Events :

The events are freshers party navratri party avishkar exhibition annual function days celebration etc we enjoy all the function sprcially exhibition as from exhibition we learn about marketing personality development and how to conduct a spech

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

There is no scholarship given by our college bcz it was a private college so there is no idea about a scholarship given by or college or any loans there is a student loan given by a bank for a further study bt if student has to pay the loan

Read More
8.5 /10

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

Yes, if you are taking loan for your fees than it's available but for this you have to submit some documents and an written application for this. And for scholarships, some exams are held every year, you have to pass this to get your scholarship.

Fee Structure And Facilities :

Fee structure is little bit expensive. Fees vary between 1 lakh to 4 lakh according to the courses. Other college fees is feasible as compare to this. Otherwise it's good and some scholarship exams are also their to help children financially.

College Events :

Every event is celebrated in our college on a small scale like gandhi jayanti, Teachers day, festivals everything. If any faculty birthday there is a celebration for them. College cafeteria is used as the dinner table for the function.

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7.7 /10

Faculty :

Faculties are no doubtly very very good.they teach us with their level best.they are very sinceour and caring about our future.they have that kalma to done from us the impossible what we many things we learn from our faculties.

Fee Structure And Facilities :

Fee structure obviously expensive.not so much in todays date but some expensive.course will have that weight and josh so obviously fees are expensive.interior designing and civil engineering fashion designing this course has high fees.

College Events :

There are so many events celebrated in our college,likely ganesh puja, saraswati puja, cultural programme, freshers party, farewell party, and many others puja are happening in our college.all students have to participate in it.

Read More
8.8 /10

College Events :

The college celebrates every auspicious occasion. Each and every festival is celebrated. Apart from this cultural festivals , there are even some shows example : for fashion design students there will be having THE Hlabel show where the students can exhibit there fashion works and can sell. And for the interior students there will be having the interior show and can sell there works. And for the photography and jewellery designing there will be having the pixel perfect and alankaran showcase.

Remarks :

I could say it's the best college in Hyderabad to take up the design courses. The college provide good education apart from that it has guest lectures from the famous people in the industry and exhibitions to show up the students teamwork and strength and self confidence, seminars and workshops where we can learn the new , and find the new. It has digital classroom to enhance the learning and for clarity of the concepts. They even take us for site visits. Learn,create , believe.

Campus Life :

The college is coed type for the bdesign courses and for the diploma courses there is separate class for girls for fashion and Interior courses and the certificate is given by SNDT ( shreemati nathibai damodar thackersey women's university) and there is even coed course provide by the jnafau. Workshops are done every year, students work with the famous designers like neeta lulla ( fashion designer and shabnam gupta (interior designer) and avinash gowariker (photographer)

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3.7 /10

Admission :

I took the form from the college , filled it out and submitted the required documents with it. The date was given for the test. I gave the entrance test, then after a few days the merit list came out and i had gotten admission. After that the procedure for the fees payment began the same day. With the fees we had to submit our original leaving certificate and maksheet of standard 12th.

College Events :

We had three events celebrated in the college within the campus- farewell party, matkifod, and college festival. Farewell party is generally in aug-sept. It was for the students who just completed their course. Matkifod is on janmasthami and college fest is in jan-feb. It is a 3 day festival with dj night, gazal night and different workshops and seminars.

Fee Structure And Facilities :

During my time before four years the fee was 60,000 approx. A year (general quota) and 40 students in a class. But now the fees and students per class both have increased. Even the quality of education has decreased. So now i dont think it is worth spending almost 1 lakh on this college a year.

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9.5 /10

Placement Experience :

I was also worried about the job opportunities After pursuing an interior designing course. However, the reputation of ITM University helped me get shortlisted for the right jobs pretty soon.

Course Curriculum Overview :

The faculty at ITM University is very good, talented and helpful too. If you have any query related to your studies you can ask them anytime they will surely help you.

Campus Life :

At ITM University we enjoyed here very much and also studied hard at the time to study. We all friends help each other while studying.

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9.5 /10

Faculty :

The faculty at ITM University-trained us in different interior designing subjects. They shared their personal experience in the field of interior designing.

Campus Life :

We enjoyed the campus life a lot at ITM University along with learning. I gained a lot from the Interior designing course.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

The teachers explained how the concepts of interior designing are changing with times. I gained a lot from the course.

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