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B.E. EEE is 4-year post-graduation degree course. The eligibility criteria for this course is a 12th pass with science as their major discipline or its equivalent from recognized school boards. This course is a semester system where the students will undergo 8 semesters with various types of subjected related to this stream.

Some of the top institutions that provide admission to B.E. EEE are:

Admission process of the candidate may include his/her performance in entrance tests that are specific to the institutions. These may vary from one institute to another institute.

B.E. EEE is the undergraduate course that deals with all the areas of electronics and electrical engineering. Those areas include circuits, machines, Power systems, instruments etc. Electrical Engineering is responsible for generating, transferring and conversion of electric power. Electronic engineering is an engineering field that deals with transmission of information using radio signals.

The average tuition fee for the course in India ranges from INR 4.5  to 12 lac for the span of 4 years. On completion of B.E. EEE course the candidate is capable for various career opportunities in the fields like Engineering Services, Electric power generation, transmission and distribution, Semiconductor and other electronic component manufacturing, Navigational, measuring, electro medical  and control instruments manufacturing, Research and development in the physical, engineering, and life sciences, Telecommunications, Federal government, excluding postal service.

B.E. EEE: Course Highlights

Course Level Post graduate
Duration of the Course 1 to 2 years
Examination Type Semester
Eligibility 12th completion
Admission Process Entrance exam based (May also look at graduation percentage) / Merit Based
Course Fee Between INR 5 to 12 lac
Average Starting Salary INR 15,000 to 3 lac
Top Recruiting Companies Measuring, electro medical and control instruments manufacturing, Research and development in the physical, engineering, and life sciences, Telecommunications, Federal government, excluding postal service.
Job Positions Manager, HR Manager, research engineer, purchase manager, graduate engineer trainee etc.

B.E. EEE: What is it About?

Students interested in studying electrical or electronics engineering benefit from taking courses in physics and mathematics, including algebra, trigonometry, and calculus. The main objective of this course is to make the students more productive and professionally more innovative in the field of electronics and electrical industry.

In order to enter the occupation, prospective electrical and electronics engineers need a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, electronics engineering, or electrical engineering technology. Programs include classroom, laboratory, and field studies.

B.E. EEE course include digital systems design, differential equations, and electrical circuit theory. Electrical Engineering is responsible for generating, transferring and conversion of electric power. Electronic engineering is an engineering field that deals with transmission of information using radio signals.

The candidates are capable in taking up their career in the fields like spectrum industries, automation, robotics, aerospace, power industry, electronic appliances, manufacturing and industrial research.

B.E. EEE: Top Institutions table

B.E. EEE: Eligibility

The candidates who have completed their higher education that is 12th with science as their major discipline with at least minimum aggregate 50% marks obtained in their exams are eligible for this course.

B.E. EEE: Admission process

Admission process is carried over by considering the merit score of the student in their exams. Some institutes conduct entrance exams and there would be personal interview carried by the institute that various or depends up on the institutes.

B.E. EEE: Syllabus and course description

Year I Year II
Engineering Mathematics Engineering Mathematics II
Engineering Physics Hydraulic Machines and Heat Engines
Engineering Chemistry Hydraulic Machines and Heat Engines
Engineering Graphics Network analysis and synthesis
Engineering Mechanics Solid state devices and circuits
Basic Mechanical Engineering Electrical machines I
Basic Civil Engineering Engineering Material Science
Basic Electrical and electronic engineering Power System Engineering I
Basic Communication and Information Engineering Electronic Circuits Lab
Engineering Workshops -
Year III Year IV
Engineering Mathematics IV Control Systems
Electronic Instrumentation Power System Engineering III
Electrical Measurements II Digital Signal Processing
Power Electronics Electrical Drawing
Electrical Machines II Electrical Machines Lab II
Digital Circuits Lab Power Systems Lab
Measurements & Instruments Lab Projects & Seminar
Electrical Machines III Advances Control Theory
Microprocessors & Applications Electrical Machine Design
Numerical Techniques & Computer Programming Electrical System Design
Industrial Engineering & management Power Semiconductor Drives

B.E. EEE: Career Prospects

The candidates on successful completion of this course are eligible to work in the wide range of fields like Measuring, electro-medical and control instruments manufacturing, Research and development in the physical, engineering, and life sciences, Telecommunications, Federal government, excluding postal service. There also lies a different range of job positions available such as Manager, HR Manager, research engineer, purchase manager, graduate engineer trainee etc.

The candidates are also applicable for continuing their higher education in the same field and discipline such as M.E. EEE or M.Tech. EEE

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B.E Electrical and Electronics career prospects
Job positions Job Description Average Salary (in INR)
Manager The one who is responsible for all the job scheduling and managing works 7 to 8 Lacs
HR Manager To manage all the human resources and schedule their job and location for an organization 5 to 6 Lacs
Research Engineer The one who is responsible for the research project in specialized domain 4 to 5 Lacs
Purchase Manager The one who is responsible for buying and selling the components for the organization 4 to 5 Lacs
Graduate engineer trainee The one who works all the tasks assigned under the organization 2 to 4 Lacs

Bachelor of Engineering [BE] (Electrical and Electronics Engineering) : 42 answered questions


Ques. Is REVA University good for EEE in terms of teaching and placements?

● Top Answer By Satyam Purwar on 03 Nov 21

Ans. Yes, the electrical engineering branch in REVA University is considered one of the best branches offered by REVA University. The faculty and their method of teaching are good. They are well experienced in dedicated fields.  They have a well-equipped lab and provide quality education. Placements are good with decent salary packages offered to students, ranging from 3 to 7.5 LPA. If you maintain a good CGPA, you are bound to get a job offer in one of the top MNCs. Categories EEE at REVA University Course Fee 15.80 lakh Placement Percentage 80% Highest CTC 23 LPA Average CTC 7 LPA Recruiting Companies Accenture, DXC, Zenken, Dell, etc. However, to get a job opportunity in the core sector, you may have to try a bit harder and opt for off-campus placements. So, overall REVA University is good for pursuing EEE.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. How is LNCT Bhopal for EEE?

● Top Answer By Aaditya Hari Nair on 28 Sept 21

Ans. If you are considering doing an EEE from anywhere in Bhopal, please reconsider. Be it LNCT or OIST or RGPV, none of them provide you with good opportunities that you may push your career forward. The syllabus of EEE is very vast and hard to grasp. It is considered one of the toughest branches. One of my friends opted for it and she thinks that it was a big mistake. Getting good grades with just an average amount of studies sounds like a dream because if you are not willing to work hard, this branch is not for you.  Most of the students like my friend accepted a career outside of their branch. Though it is somewhat disheartening for EEE students to get jobs in their core fields, even after investing 4 years in them. Most of them ended up in corporate houses or IT firms, doing technical jobs.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. What is your review about NIT Trichy EEE branch?

● Top Answer By Aaditya Hari Nair on 27 Sept 21

Ans. One of my friends completed her EEE from NIT Trichy. Here is her insight regarding the department and the college.  College life: It is more or less similar, regardless of the department. In EEE they used to have classes or labs all day long. The schedule for other branches is not that hectic. In clubs and festival events, they obtain an edge over you since their free time is more. But if you are interested in something you can make time for it.  Professors: EEE has, arguably, more professors than any other department. Most of the faculty are friendly and cooperative. However, don't rely too much on them for lessons. You will have to cover most of your academics by self-study. Peers: The peer group for EEE at NIT Trichy is great. From your classmates, you'll learn things that you won’t from your teachers.  Placement: NIT Trichy boasts of a great placement record and EEE is one of the departments with nearly 100% placements. According to the recent placement highlights, the average CTC offered was 6 LPA. Many students also go for MS, MBA, and M.Tech, both in the nation and outside.  If you have a good CGPA throughout all the semesters, you don't have to worry because hundreds of firms visit the school each year. Not only that, but in your pre-final year, certain firms may give you internships which will lead you to a pre-selection offer. Living on the Campus is a great experience. You will feel like you are in a home away from home. When you graduate, it will certainly make you sad. So, try to make the most out of your stay at the institute. Read more
1 Answer

Ques. What is the placement scenario of EEE in DSCE?

● Top Answer By Akanksha Gupta on 20 Sept 21

Ans. One of my friends studied at Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering. According to him, you will be put in the mass recruitment of any MNCs if your communication skills are strong.  You'll receive more reputed IT firms if your communication skills are extremely good and you know coding very well.  You can be put in one of the very few core EEE industries that visit the campus if you are clear about electrical engineering concepts.  Herewith I am highlighting the placement scenarios in DSCE : Parametres EEE at DSCE Tuition Fees 12 lakh Placement Percentage 70-80% Highest Package 12 LPA Average Package 4.5-5 LPA Many reputed companies participate in their placement program. They include TCS, Tata Steel, Texas Instruments, L&T, Siemens, Jindal Steel and Power Limited, General Electrics, Wipro and many others. Therefore EEE from DSCE can prove to be good for your career.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Which is better- IEM in Ms. Ramaiah or EEE in Dayanand Sagar College of Engineering?

● Top Answer By Aaditya Hari Nair on 17 Sept 21

Ans. After doing some research online, I would suggest not to go for IEM at Ramaiah, until and unless you are extremely interested in studying that particular subject. Since it will not pay you anything and you will eventually wind up in the same category of mass placement at one of the service-based companies.  Double-check the topics you will be studying. EEE is usually less exposed than IEM, yet EEE is regarded as the most complex branch to be studied.  The majority of EEE / ECE / other branches receive job offers from Infosys, HCL, Accenture, or Tech Mahindra. Parameters IEM at Ms. Ramaiah EEE at Dayanand Sagar College of Engineering Tuition Fees INR 3.47 lakh  INR 10 lakh Placement Percentage 95% 70% Highest Package 13 LPA 15 LPA Average Package 7.6 LPA INR 8 LPA So, what is the point of learning core Electronics if all you have to do at the conclusion of your engineering degree is code? If you want to build a career, think seriously about the branch you select. Regardless of the institution you attend, I believe EEE is far superior to IEM. Pursue EEE only if you are truly passionate about the subject.Read more
1 Answer

Bachelor of Engineering [BE] (Electrical and Electronics Engineering) Fee Structure in India

28.46 K (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES4.08 L  (Maximum Fee)
1.70 L (Average Fee)
30 K (Minimum Fee)Private COLLEGES20 L (Maximum Fee)
2.58 L (Average Fee)

Bachelor of Engineering [BE] (Electrical and Electronics Engineering) Fee Structure By state

Tamil Nadu

1.74 L
30 KPrivate COLLEGES6.85 L
2.12 L


1.43 L
1.14 LPrivate COLLEGES20 L
3.97 L

Madhya Pradesh

94.33 K
1.56 LPrivate COLLEGES4.38 L
2.17 L


82.78 K
1.11 LPrivate COLLEGES3.01 L
2.49 L


2.53 L
1.40 LPrivate COLLEGES5.20 L
3.37 L

Andhra Pradesh

40 K
1.20 LPrivate COLLEGES3.05 L
1.93 L


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823 Reviews found out of 177278

8.7 /10

Campus Life :

Our course requires great lab facilities which are provided by the college. They have the latest equipment for them. Our college has great Football, Basketball, Cricket, Kabaddi, and other sports teams. Students participate at interzonal and university level as well. Both boys and girls are active in extracurricular activities. There are other active clubs on the campus too. There are more boys than girls in college. Ragging is strictly prohibited.

Course Curriculum Overview :

The course curriculum is hard as engineering is but is manageable. The main focus us upon Electrical Sciences, Power Systems, Power Electronics, and Electrical Drives. At the end of the course, we'll all emerge as tech-savvy. There are semester exams as well as internal examinations. Lab exams are also equally important.

Placement Experience :

Our placement cell provides various training for students as we're nearing placement drives. I'm now in my second year. We're given training in Aptitude, Reasoning, and Communication. The training really helps us a lot. Top recruiters like Infosys, CTS, HCL, etc., visit during placements.

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8.2 /10

Campus Life :

It's a lush green campus with different types of building, Students can engage in various clubs like technical and non-technical. College fests and seminars are really great on the campus. The students are from various parts of the country so it's nice to know different people, teachers are very good and the support staff does a good job well.

Fee Structure And Facilities :

I feel the courses cost the average. As compared to other colleges, it's almost the same but it's just that keeping in mind the placements, the college is worth it. My course costs around Rs. 5 lakhs which I find to be reasonable compared to other private colleges.

Admission :

This college was always on my list and I had researched this college online. The college?s basic eligibility was my class 10+2 results. I also had a plus point so that?s why my admission was done directly I had a good score in the KCET exam.

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8.5 /10

Campus Life :

library is the best one they will provide 4 books per student per semester which they can keep for whole semester and we can even take book from library for a day where we should renewal every week.. classrooms has CC CAMERA its safe and spacious as well it has basketball court inside the campus

Placement Experience :

placement is awesome I got placed in a good company but I dint go because of my health condition so many many of my friends got placed in very good company

Internships Opportunities :

my department offered me internship off campus in my native and i did it for whole month and its called SELCO FOUNDATION where i did my internship

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7.8 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

I was interested in electrical field so i chose this field The professors were really great in teaching and experimenting new ideas We have to work hard for the exams to get a good grades The faculty were well educated and very experienced in teaching

Campus Life :

Culturals, sports,College day These are the fest done in our college There is a tech fest every sem from every dept The library has every journal related to subjects

Placement Experience :

From 7th semester students are eligible for campus placement Wipro, Tech mahindra and many more companies visited our college 80% of the students gets placed

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9.0 /10

Remarks :

Placement opportunities were provided in many companies.The placement training cell provides proper training to attend companies.Our college provides an updated big library in all provides excellent transport facility. food served in the canteen is good. The infrastructure of our college is excellent.Our college provides a well-structured course. Faculty members in our college are well-trained and experienced. The course curriculum makes the students industry-ready with the updated industrial standards.I have chosen this course because it is a accredited course with experienced faculty members and well-facilitated labs.It is an autonomous institution.

Course Curriculum Overview :

it is an autonomous institution and it is big plus for the students.Our college provides a well-structured course. Faculty members in our college are well-trained and experienced. The course curriculum makes the students industry-ready with the updated industrial standards.Every faculty will be good to you like friends and we can learn many things from them.They treat you like friendscore labs are present in our college,so the industry exposure will always be therewe have many extra trainings related to our subjects

College Events :

cultural happens every single year and it will be the biggest event of the year.Every department conducts their own fests,like EEE department will a event called coulomb many departments conduct many other events like mentioned.These fests contain both technical and Non technical events.Many other college students participate in these fests and learn many things and they enjoy als0

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7.3 /10

Campus Life :

The annual fest and tech fest include Adsophos which happens once in a year it is separate for engineering and pharmacy for pharmacy there is a different fests-yes there is a huge library for engineering and separate for pharmacy at all types of books and journals in the library classrooms are equipped with projectors there are also grounds for sports and extracurricular activities in the campus we have a football ground a basketball ground and volleyball and badminton and a separate indoor base as well yes there are social groups and clubs websites run by students organisation such as ICl orators club and many more

Course Curriculum Overview :

Because this course consist a part of electric engineering and a part of electronic engineering the the students and the faculty ratio are quite high, qualification of the faculty is graduation at least and their teaching methods are absolutely inquisitor the term exams were held once in two months and the semester exams would be held at the end of the six months, it is quite tough to actually pass in this exams the question paper used to be tough so basically it's a hard job to crack.

Placement Experience :

The students basically becomes eligible from third year in campus placements so many companies visiting colluding Microsoft Facebook Google Apple and much more companies the highest packages was at least three lakhs 25% of the students usually get placements my plans are I on I would start a startup and probably become a businessman.

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10.0 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

I choose EEE because it’s is the one of the best course in the college and with multiple offer from placement and faculty in the EEE department is very trained and qualified faculty. The faulty of all the department are qualified and highly skilled. We can approach our faculty for any doubt. There is no restrictions or no pressure on students. Most of the faculty member holds doctorate degree in there domain. They provide us with enough real time examples to have a better idea about the subject which makes us easy for us to understand the subject, they help us to develop our practical knowledge of the subject. To be honest it is easy to pass the exam, because we are well prepared for the exam.

Placement Experience :

Rajalakshmi engineering college is one among the top engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu which holds the highest placement records every year. There is a dedicated placement cell which works endlessly in all possible ways to train students for placement and invites all top companies for recruitment. More than 1000 students are recruited from the top companies every year. Software companies like Amazon, Zoho, TCS,HCL etc. Core based companies like vernails, Tata elxsi, Verizon are the top companies which recruit students from our college.

Campus Life :

Our college organised different event such us sports fest,cultural fest,paper presentation ,conference ,project displays,blood donation camps regularly from various clubs. There are different clubs such as rotary, innovation cell, E cell, atrium and more to develop our knowledge.

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8.0 /10

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

The cet fees or the comedk fees is common all the years. Tuition fees differs just by 2 or 3 thousand every year. It's around 35000 including exam fees. Hostel fees is around 90000 to 100000 U can get all information about scholarship in admission department.

Campus Life :

As I already informed. There are many clubs in R V . Both technical and non technical clubs. If you join any club it will be a much benefit. You can even go abroad along with your club members

Internships Opportunities :

Many companies visit RV college to give internship opportunity. Many departments get opportunity for these internship. But Internship are offered for a very little students on campus.

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8.8 /10

Campus Life :

Symposium would be conducted in September month for each department. Cultural fest is conducted in February for 2 or 3 days. They give importance to sports and extra curricular activities also.. Library contains all type of journals an publications. There are so many clubs such as Readers club,etc.

Internships Opportunities :

Many companies offer internships for off campus as well as on campus.. I too went internship to Panickker Switchgear company even in 2nd year starting itself.. Projects and research are on going simultaneously and companies are Rane, Pega,etc

Course Curriculum Overview :

Electrical and electronics engineering course have major core jobs. There is 1 teacher for every 5 students. Many doctorate faculties with very good experience in engineering are present. Term exams conduct according to semester exams.

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8.0 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

I didn't actually choose this course I got it under the convener quota, the faculty teaching methods are absolutely amazing student ratio is also girl about 60 students per class, the teacher's explain to the possible level using projectors laptops to make the student for fully compatible with the teaching methods, exams where within one and half month duration, the question paper used to be weight of it was actually a difficult job to pass

Campus Life :

David actually many fests like adsophos, and pharmacy fests in the early year like January ,February and march, the library is huge and we get all types of books newspapers ect, the classrooms are also usually equipped with projectors the sports and extracurricular activities is available there are many student groups and clubs run by the second third year students some of them are orators club,

Placement Experience :

From third year the students are eligible in campus placements those students who don't have any backlogs many use companies visit like Microsoft Google there is almost 75% the package forgetting placement actually the plan is to to do masters and then get a job

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8.3 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

The course syllabus was extremely well and updated to practical knowledge. And Board of syllabus everyyear try to find the new things and set the syllabus. As we have updated labaratory system and many industrial webinars were organised to explore and we have visited few industries and undergone internships. Faculties are very helpful and in every step they help us to reach the destiny. I would like to take Dr. S H Jangamshetti name for guiding me in every step.

Placement Experience :

Training and placement cell organises many trainings to the final year students. And nearly 50+ companies visit our campus everyyear. From the College full support is provided to the students in placement aspects. The highest package offered is 7.36 lacks from TCS fro digital drive. And median 3.5 lacks is the package from the companies. Alumni's are placed in well and many have started startups and they are entrepreneur so we get few offers from alumnies.

Campus Life :

College was established in 1963. Through its an old college but infrastructure was well designed and college gives important to sports and in many sports College has won the prizes. The library is constructed with advanced technology and E-library is also available to students. Wi-fi is provided to students by 24*7 with high band width.Laboratory is highly advanced and trying to give there best to students.

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9.0 /10

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

The fee of my college is very expensive but it provides various scholarships like national scholarship and merit scholarship. If u get good CGPA in each semester then according to ur CGPA the tuition fee deducted in next semester

Course Curriculum Overview :

Our college faculty are very well And more teaching experience, all faculty come in my college through gate qualified, the relationship between students and teachers are very well

Placement Experience :

Placement in our college is a very high package for some students most reputed company come to my college and give a good package to the maximum students

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