Bachelor of Science in Costume Design and Fashion Top Colleges, Syllabus, Scope and Salary

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Bachelor of Science in Costume Design and Fashion or B.Sc. Costume Design and Fashion is a 3-year full time graduation course, the eligibility for which is a Higher Secondary Certificate (10+2) qualification in arts stream from a recognized board, preferably with fashion design as one of the subjects.

The program is spread over 3 years, divided into 6 semesters of six months each. The cut-off marks for application in this course varies from institute to institute. In various recognized universities, there are entrance tests held followed by an interview, besides taking the 12th marks into consideration, to judge the eligibility of the candidate seeking admission.

The course is an undergraduate course in fashion and interior designing, which often interests students who seek a career in the fashion industry as a costume designer. The program offers massive opportunities to those who have a knack and talent for conceptualizing, designing, and creating an outfit from the very scratch, sometimes for stage or on-screen characters.

Such graduates may be hired as Fashion Consultants, Apparel Production Manager, Costume Designer, Fashion Coordinator, Fabric Quality Control Manager, Graphic Designer, Fabric Buyer, Fashion Show Organizer, Technical Designer, Production Pattern Maker, Show Room Sales Representative, etc. They may be hired in areas such as Export Houses, Garment Store Chains, Garment Manufacturing Unit, Leather Companies, Textile Mills, Colleges and Universities, Brand Outlets, etc.

The average full time fee charged for the course in India ranges between INR 13,500 to INR 3.3 lacs, and the average salary offered to such professionals’ ranges between INR 2 lacs to INR 15 lacs per year, increasing with expertise and experience.

B.Sc. Costume Design and Fashion: Course Highlights

Listed below are some of the major highlights of the course.

Course Level



3 years

Examination Type

Semester system


Higher Secondary Certificate in Arts stream

Admission Process

Based on HSC marks, performance in entrance test and interview(if held)

Course Fee

INR 50,000 to 3.3 lacs per year

Average Starting Salary

INR 2 lacs to 15 lacs per annum

Top Recruiting Companies

Export Houses, Garment Store Chains, Garment Manufacturing Unit, Leather Companies, Textile Mills, Colleges and Universities, Brand Outlets, etc.

Job Positions

Fashion Consultants, Apparel Production Manager, Costume Designer, Fashion Coordinator, Fabric Quality Control Manager, Graphic Designer, Fabric Buyer, Fashion Show Organizer, Technical Designer, Production Pattern Maker, Show Room Sales Representative, etc.

B.Sc. Costume Design and Fashion: What is it about?

The program has been designed to offer to eligible candidates the knowledge and focus on assessing the technical know-how behind costume designing. From the conception of an idea to its execution, the course provides both creative, technical, practical, and professional knowledge on how to survive and prosper in the fashion industry. The candidate must possess an eye for recognizing, developing, and retaining creative ideas pertaining to designing of costumes.

A B.Sc. degree in Costume Design and Fashion is a very valuable addition to the candidate’s CV since it offers them with opportunities that are diverse and not restricted to local or national companies.

The program will equip the students with the practical and professional know-how of costume designing. The fashion industry is not just limited to local or national, it spreads across countries and, hence, the candidate may find job opportunities abroad as well.

The course also offers opportunities in the fields of teaching and professing. The course will create fully efficient costume designers who, with their knowledge of the technicalities and the nuances of costume designing can either choose to pursue further studies in the field or seek a job in the fashion industry or become entrepreneurs themselves.

Top Institutes Offering B.Sc. Costume Design and Fashion

Listed below are some of the top institutes in India that offer the course.

Name of Institute City Average Fees Per Year
AJK College of Arts and Science Coimbatore 16,500
Bharathidasan College of Arts and Science Tamil Nadu 13,500
DVR Institute of Fashion Technology Hyderabad
National Institute of Design Ahmedabad 2.2 lakhs
National Institute of Fashion Technology Navi Mumbai 1.9 lakhs
Pearl Academy New Delhi 3.2 lakhs
Symbiosis Institute of Design Pune 3.3 lakhs
PDM University Bahadurgarh 50,500
Northern India Institute of Fashion Technology Mohali 98,500
International Institute of Fashion Technology Chandigarh 55,000
Pearl Academy of Fashion Management Jaipur 3.03 lakhs
Satyam Fashion Institute Noida 1.3 lakhs
MIT Institute of Design Pune 3.15 lakhs

Eligibility for B.Sc. Costume Design and Fashion

Candidates wishing to apply for the course need to have passed their Higher Secondary Certificate in Arts, preferably with fashion design as one of their subjects.

After application, some colleges/institutes may hold an entrance test followed by an interview to judge the eligibility of the candidate for the course.

B.Sc. Costume Design and Fashion: Admission Process

Most institutes offering the course admit the students based on their performance in their HSC exam in the Arts stream. Some institutes conduct their own entrance tests for offering admission. Admission process generally varies across colleges.

A few institutes also provide direct admission based on the candidate’s performance in his/her HSC exams.

B.Sc. in Costume Design and Fashion: Who Should Opt?

B.Sc. in Costume Design and Fashion is curated so as to equip the students with the technical know-how regarding the implementation of their ideas and bring them to life, think creatively, and work with a team.

Besides that, they should possess efficient communication skills, be able to generate creative ideas and evaluate team projects. The program is also a favourable option for those who seek a career in teaching and professing at a higher degree level.

B.Sc. Costume Design and Fashion: Syllabus and Course Description

A semester-wise breakup of the course’s syllabus is tabulated here.

Semester 1 Semester 2
· Language I – French / Tamil · Language II – French / Tamil
· Fundamentals of Apparel Designing · Fashion Sketching
· Fundamentals of Apparel Designing Practical · Children’s Apparel Practical
· Principles of Pattern Making · Care & Maintenance of Textiles
· English I · English II
· Basic Illustration Practical · Sewing Technology
· Environmental Studies · Human Rights
Semester 3 Semester 4
· Historic Costumes & Textiles of India · Women’s Apparel Practical
· Fashion Designing · Fabric Structure & Design
· Fashion Designing Practical · Fabric Structure & Design Practical
· Fashion & Clothing Psychology · Textile Processing
· Fiber to Fabric · Textile Processing Practical
· Fiber to Fabric Practical · Garment Quality & Cost Control
· Basic Draping Practical Internship in any Textile Processing unit
· Tamil /Advanced Tamil (or) Non major elective I Yoga for Human Excellence / Women ‘s Rights Constitution of India · Surface Embellishment Practical
 - · Tamil /Advanced
Semester 5 Semester 6
· Men’s Apparel Practical · Home Textiles
· Accounting and Business Management · Computer Aided Design (CAD) Practical-II
· Computers in the Garment Industry Knitting
· Computer Aided Design (CAD) Practical-I · Knitting Practical
· Textile Finishing · Elective –II
· Elective –I · Elective –III
· Dyeing and Printing Methods · Fashion Portfolio Presentation
 - · Extension Activities 

B.Sc. Costume Design and Fashion: Career Prospects

B.Sc. Costume Design and Fashion is so designed as to ignite the imaginative and creative skills, and aptitude among the students and to make them skilled professionals who have all the knowledge to sustain in the fashion world.

The program trains candidates and turns them into professionals by providing them the knowledge to create costumes for theatre, opera, cinema and audiovisual programs. The student must see the costume as a medium of visual expression in order to create professionals with the capacity to transform their ideas of periods and styles into wearable fashion.

The course offers a comprehensive insight into the fashion world, enabling students to brace themselves for a professional career in the same.

After the completion of the course, some of the most popular choices that the candidate has in terms of his/her professional career are costume designing, fabric control management, fashion curator, fabric buyer, fashion show organizer, fashion coordinator, merchandiser, fashion designer, etc.

Some of the popular professional avenues open to successful graduates of the course are listed below with the corresponding salaries offered for the respective positions.

Bachelor of Science in Costume Design and Fashion annual salary
Job Position Job Description Average Annual in INR
Costume Designer Create outfits worn in movies, theatre productions, or television shows. 3,58,400
Material Control Manager They manage all aspects of the fabric including quality and quantity, schedule, cost, warehouse, receiving, and delivery to ensure customer satisfaction. 6,66,470
Fashion Curator They are responsible for selecting, assembling, cataloguing, managing, presenting the collections. 3,50,000
Fashion Show Organize They are responsible for every aspect of the fashion show including planning the event, developing the budget, hiring staff, monitoring rehearsals till the final presentation of the show. 3,70,755
Merchandiser Merchandisers nsure the allocation of the right products at the right time in online stores or at physical stores in the correct quantities. This involves working in close co-ordination with the buying team. 5,30,535

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Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] (Costume Design and Fashion) Fee Structure in India

5.23 K (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES1.19 L  (Maximum Fee)
50.19 K (Average Fee)
7.13 K (Minimum Fee)Private COLLEGES2.67 L (Maximum Fee)
1.05 L (Average Fee)

Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] (Costume Design and Fashion) Fee Structure By state

Tamil Nadu

15.79 K
7.13 KPrivate COLLEGES2.67 L
1.06 L


1.19 L
1.17 LPrivate COLLEGES1.17 L
1.17 L


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I had a great experience studying in the nirmala college of information technology as the college specialized in each and every as whether educational or extracurricular. Many opportunities were given to students during the college years

Placement Experience :

The placements in my college were quite satisfactory as almost 80% of the students were placed in well known companies by the end of last semester. The average package offered to students by the visiting companies was 6 lakhs per annnum

Fee Structure And Facilities :

The fee structure of my college very nominal and affordable as several concessions in fee payments and expenses were provided to students of reserved category and with weak economical backgrounds by the college fee department

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8.0 /10

Campus Life :

We have a red ribbon club which is formed by the students to spread awareness against HIV/AIDS. The students who are a part of this club help the youth in educating about the causes of HIV/AIDS. We also have a blood donors club, where every year there is a blood donation camp which takes place around the campus. Apart from these activities, we also have a Fine Arts Club, Enviro Club and a Yoga Club for the students. Every club organizes an event under the supervision and guidance of the club president and club secretary.

Placement Experience :

There is a separate placement and training cell in our college which organizes placement of students in various companies like Nokia, TCS, Toppr, Infosys etc. There are almost 830 placements available. Students also undergo a special training program before joining so that they are thoroughly prepared for the position they want to work in. Many students have been placed in different companies and every year, the college collaborates with several companies so the students get an opportunity to work with them.

Course Curriculum Overview :

Our course curriculum comprises of research, theory as well as practical based teaching so students can explore the field they want to excel in. Along with the lectures, there are industrial visits to various textile industries and units to achieve hands-on experience in the industrial sector. Practicals consist of knowledge and skills necessary for applying it to the world outside. It also gives the students an idea of the competition outside and helps us prepare ideally for it.

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