Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] (Social Sciences)

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There are a lot of career options available, some of the options are of research assistant, market analyst, data analyst or data scientist in the agriculture and dairy industry and NGOs. Social science degrees relate to the study of human behavior, societies and other aspects of humanity, graduates are often suited for jobs in public service. Career options may include those of research assistants, market analyst and social workers

The major job profiles include:

Job Profile


Social Worker

The job is a selfless job where one works for the welfare of the community through charity and social work.


Economics is one of the major topics covered in the course which makes a student take up the job of an economist easily.


The sociologist’s job is to study humanity at all levels with a strong emphasis on political and economic behavior.


Anthropology is the study of humankind and the related aspects, the anthropologist’s job is to study archeology, impact of language in a society, sociocultural customs and behaviors of people in a society.

Content Author

The job of a content author or content developer is to write for various websites and magazines.

Social Coordinators/Data Collection Officers

The job is to collect data and manage it, the data can be of education, rural health statistics or economy growth etc.

B.Sc. Social Sciences: Salary Trends

Salary offered after this course depends on job profiles. Counselor in any organization gets the highest salary. Data Scientist and financial accountant also well paying jobs. Salarybtrend also depends on company profile and employment sector. Public sector jobs are mostly well paying.

The major salary trends available for the jobs after B. Sc. Social Sciences are:

salary graph for B. Sc social science

Salary data for social science graduates also depnds on majors of the course. Generally who major in economics or political scinece tends to earn more than others. This varies according to the area of empoyment one choose, some students also opt for higher studies which ofcourse may lead you to well paying job opportunities. Earning of graduates also depends on the education and experience of an individual, as well as on the location and kind of job. 


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