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BTech Aeronautical Engineering Jobs include many different professions. Most of the time it may happen that a BTech Aeronautical Engineering student will have to work in a profession that is different from Aeronautics. With experience the BTech Aeronautical Engineering will get the chance to work where his heart lies. Some of the job roles that an BTech Aeronautical Engineering may have to fill being a fresher are logistics executive, Patent Analyst, Development Engineering, Software Tester, Software Trainee and Web Developer. Some of the companies that hire BTech Aeronautical Engineering fresher are :

Vibrant Healthcare Consulting and Services PVT LTD STACS Global Neropat IP
Diraa HR Services Learnovate AINE AI PVT LTD
Mentor Push NCR Eduservices G-Talent Pro
Government Jobs for BTech Freshers in BTech Aeronautical Engineering

Government Jobs for BTech Freshers in BTech Aeronautical Engineering

BTech Aeronautical Engineering students have huge scope in the Government sector. Since the aerospace industry in India is still mainly run by the Government, the public sector is a huge scope for BTech Aeronautical Engineering students. Students must apply for competitive exams in different organisations of the government that need Aeronautical engineers. Since the recruitment is done on the basis of Entrance exams, the value for experience reduces and freshers can stand on an equal footing on knowledge alone. 

Airport Authority of India Air India Air Force
Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) DRDO Aeronautical Development Establishment
Aeronautical Development Establishment National Aeronautical Lab (NAL) Civil Aviation Department 

The Government of India issues the number of vacancies there are for a particular position and conducts Entrance Exams which is followed with an interview. The vacancies range from 10 to 1000 according to the deficiency in each department. The salary ranges from INR 35,000 to INR 55,000 in the starting phase. The salary is sure to rise with experience. The online registration for the exam requires the applicant to provide all the required information from class 10 marks to graduation percentage. 

BTech Salary for BTech Aeronautical Engineering

BTech Salary for BTech Aeronautical Engineering

The Salary for different BTech Aeronautical Engineering jobs are mentioned below:

Job Job Description Salary (INR)
Aerospace Designer Checker Research, analyze, and create structural engineering specifications using metallic and non-metallic components. Test damage, tolerance, durability, and stability to determine structural configuration. 30,00,000
Aircraft Production Manager Supervising and coordinating efficient aircraft production lines and making sure that the aircrafts are as per industry and safety standards. 32,00,000
Mechanical Design Engineer Reviewing specification and other related data to develop mechanical layouts. They measure physical dimensions for machinery and observe production lines. 35,00,000
Assistant Technical Officer Cleaning and maintenance of aseptic units and equipment on a daily or weekly or monthly basis. 34,00,000
Aerospace engineer Researching ways to make fuel efficient parts and engines. Carrying out ground level testing and estimating project cost with time scales. 27,00,000
Lecturer/Professor Professors and teachers teach in colleges and universities to develop future Aeronautical Engineers. 6,50,000
System Safety Manager Engineer The safety of the pilot is of the highest importance and thus special care and technology is required to assure best possible conditions for the pilot and everyone involved. 13,47,000
Design Engineer Aeroplanes need design engineers to figure out the best possible design to save fuel, better performance and longer duration flights. 15,00,000
Software Engineer Aeroplanes are having more and more software installed in them for better performance mainly by air forces . These are developed by Software Engineers who know everything about aeronautics. 9,00,000
Flight Engineers Flight engineers are responsible for the smooth performance of the aircraft during the flight by making pre-flight inspections, keeping a check on system failure and managing repairs. 7,50,000
BTech Aeronautical Engineering FAQ

BTech Aeronautical Engineering FAQ

Ques: What is the work of an aeronautical engineer?

Ans: An aeronautical engineer works with aircraft. Their primary job is to design aircraft and propulsion systems but with time, the engineers are given many more responsibilities to carry out. The aeronautical engineers study the mechanisms of aircraft. They work for a career in aircraft, airplanes, jet planes and space shuttles.

Ques: Can an Aeronautical Engineer become a pilot?

Ans: Yes ,an Aeronautics engineer can become a pilot provided if he has done 10+2 WITH PCM, scoring more than 50%. Also, he must pass the class 1 Medical done by the aero medics approved by DGCA

Ques:  In which sector does aeronautical engineers get jobs?

Ans: The aeronautical engineers get jobs in the defence and aviation industry.

Ques: Is aeronautical engineering hard?

Ans: Aeronautical engineering is one of the complex fields among various engineering degrees. However, it has been a popular course pursued by engineering aspirants across the globe. Aeronautical engineering requires expertise in Physics and Mathematics. If you are best at these subjects it would not be much difficult. However, I should have a great observation and strong calculative skills.

Ques:  What is the salary of an aeronautical engineer in India?

Ans: An aeronautical engineer earns the average salary in India between Rs 5 lakh per annum. The salaries in the government sector are determined as per the pay scale for the particular post.

Ques: Is aeronautical engineering good for females?

Ans: Yes, definitely. If students are good at PCM and have an interest in aircrafts mechanics, they should pursue this course without any hesitation regardless of their gender.

Ques: Which university is best for aeronautical engineering?

Ans: Below are some of the institutes that are best to study in aeronautical engineering:

  • Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
  • Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
  • Indian Institute of Space Science and Thiruvananthapuram
  • Manipal Institute of Technology
  • Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology
  • PEC University of Technology
  • Indian Institute of Aeronautical Engineering, Dehradun

Ques:  How can I become an aeronautical engineer after 12th?

Ans: Students who have successfully completed their class 12th examination or equivalent with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (PCM) and aggregate of with a minimum of 70 to 75% in the examination are eligible to apply for the entrance exam for Aeronautical Engineering for BTech course.

Ques: How is aeronautical engineering as a career?

Ans: Aeronautical Engineering is one of the best engineering courses with a high recruitment rate. They also have opportunities to work in government and private organizations, research centers etc.

Ques: What is the job opportunities for aeronautical engineers in India?

Ans: Aeronautical engineering is one of the most challenging branches of engineering. It has a wide scope of growth in the field of engineering. This field is concerned mostly with the technical as well as the mechanisms of the flying aircrafts. This field deals with the development of new technologies in aviation and defense systems. This field mainly consists of the construction, designing, working, testing, operation, maintenance of the space craft’s, satellites, missiles, space vehicles, etc.

Ques: What are the major sectors which recruit a graduate aerospace engineer?

Ans: Sectors like defense, cargo shipment, private airlines, space research are some of the major sectors which hire an aerospace engineer.

Ques: Will I get good pay in India if I join an aerospace engineering course?

Ans: Aerospace engineering has a good market in India. Aerospace engineering recruiters look for expertise and experience in a candidate. If you have relevant experience, you will be offered a good salary package.

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Aeronautical Engineering) : 34 answered questions


Ques. Which one should I choose, Aerospace at IIEST or ECE at Heritage Institute of Technology, given that I'm interested in both?

● Top Answer By Aaditya Hari Nair on 23 Sept 21

Ans. Seeing your interest in both branches, IIEST has a wide scope of diverse cultures and you will find many students from all over the nation.  IIEST Shibpur offers great exposure in terms of academics as well as extra-curricular activities along with the interactive clubs and fun happening fests. It comes under the Government of India and is one of the NIT.  However, Aerospace Engineering is not a trending branch anymore and it was in the limelight a decade ago. To open up more opportunities, you will be required to pursue a Master’s or prepare for the competitive exams to get a decent job.  ECE at Heritage Institute is more prominent but being a private college, it is not up to the mark as compared to Aerospace Engineering. The placement opportunities at HIT are not good. Therefore, all you can do is to opt for IIEST, get a decent aggregate, and change the branch from Aerospace to ECE in the second year.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. How are the facilities of the aerospace engineering department in Karunya University?

● Top Answer By Aaditya Hari Nair on 09 Sept 21

Ans. The Department of Aerospace was started in Karunya University with the primary objective to produce aerospace engineers for meeting the ever-growing demand for engineers for serving the sectors that are civil aeronautical and defense-oriented. At the same time, the department also aims to employ part of its staff in the expansion of space R&D as the demand for space applications in communication, strategic applications, remote sensing, etc is increasing. The technologists and entrepreneurs of Karunya University are in much demand by the aircraft design and manufacture as there is still a lack of a viable civilian aircraft and industry sector in the country. A large part of the business still goes out to foreign launch operations despite the presence of large communication satellites that are launched into synchronous orbits. The experimental facilities at Karunya University have been set up not only to teach but also to evolve as tools of research and consultancy. The specifications of the facilities have been laid out with their eventual research application. You will have to perform testing and generation of data for real-life applications in aircraft, spacecraft, and rockets as opposed to cases that are idealized in the UG curriculum.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. How is aerospace engineering at IIT, Madras and Bombay?

● Top Answer By Aaditya Hari Nair on 30 Jul 21

Ans. The scenario for Aerospace Engineering is of an average scale in India, even in institutes like IIT Madras and IIT Bombay. The points below give a brief overview of the Aerospace Engineering department of IIT Madras. The Aerospace Engineering department has nearly 50+ students in total. Even being much less in number, there is a huge competition for stream change, which happens after the first semester of the course. You will be sent for internships during your second year. If you are in the top CGPA scores, then you will get a chance to intern at DRDO. Almost 15-20 students get this opportunity of working at DRDO. Other than these few students, other students have to find their own internships in their second year. Out of the rest, 10 students are sent as interns in their 3rd year by the institute. Students who aspire of getting core placements in Aerospace Engineering have to struggle a lot for getting a decent job. Even CGPA as high as 8.5 and above is necessary for good placement in this department. These are some of the facts related to the Aerospace Engineering department of IIT Madras, which provides decent opportunities to students with a good overall academic score.Read more
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Ques. How is IIT madras Aerospace? How is life like?

● Top Answer By Admin on 27 Jul 21

Ans. On the ranking, the IIT Madras Aerospace department comes after the Mechanical department. Also, keep in mind that the IIT Madras Aerospace and Aeronautical departments of other institutes are different. Aerospace Engineering is designing, whereas Aeronautical Engineering is the maintenance of aircraft. Your life will be good in the aerospace department at the institute as it would be in any other department. Most of the IIT Aerospace students pursue masters after completing their degree. If you are looking to pursue B.Tech in Aerospace engineering then IIT Madras will be a good option. You can also go for master’s after completing your bachelor's degree.Read more
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Ques. Is it true that aeronautical engineering branch in Madras Institute of Technology had the least placements this year?

● Top Answer By Komal Chawla on 17 Jul 21

Ans. Yes, not only this year but for the last 5-6 years, MIT Aeronautical Engineering has been facing a lot of trouble in general. The primary reason is that it is one of the university departments of Anna University. In India, there are fewer core companies, and they mostly visit the IITs and NITs. Most of the students are attending IITs and NITs, which also decreases the number of students getting admission in MIT. Exams are used by public sector companies such as DRDO and ISRO to hire employees, and students had to apply after completing their undergraduate degrees. The curriculum isn't very good, in comparison to other streams. Some businesses require specialization, so they opt for P.G. There was no proper guidance from the staff. This is a major issue in the department. Categories Aeronautical Engineering at Madras Institute of Technology Course Fee 2 lakh Highest CTC 23 LPA Average CTC 10 LPA Recruiting Companies Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Defense Research and Development Organisation, ISRO, NASA etc. Anna University's core placements are declining at a faster rate, and this is not limited to the Aeronautical department. If your goal is to get a job, then it is suggested that you do not go for Aeronautical Engineering at MIT.Read more
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