Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Chemical Science and Technology)

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B. Tech. Chemical Science and Technology help students attain problem solving skills and equipment designing which prove to be beneficial for students as they can get a job in fields like Chemical Industry, Pharma companies, Biotech companies, and in Research and Development.

Nano Technology companies hire students from this course as well due to the efficient knowledge which students gain after completing B. Tech. Chemical Science and Technology. Other domains where students can get placed after completing this course are as follows:

  • Agrochemicals
  • Manufacturing
  • Geochemical
  • Metallurgy and Mineralogy
  • Biotechnological
  • Oil and Gas
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Medical
  • Energy Production

B. Tech. Chemical Science and Technology: Job Profile

Students can work as following in the above mentioned sectors:

Job Profile Description
Technical Assistant-Chemical Science Technical Assistant-Chemical Science is responsible for maintaining technical operations of selected instrumentation and tasks related to scanning Electron Microscope.
Chemical Engineers Chemical Engineer is responsible for developing safety measures for those working with potential dangerous chemicals and troubleshoot manufacturing process.
Research Chemist Research Chemist create and improve products like electronics, cosmetics and drugs.
Clinical Research Scientist Clinical Research Scientist conduct research and clinical investigations of diseases and conditions to determine accurate diagnoses and treatment.
Formulation Scientist Formulation Scientist is responsible for managing latest trends, improvement methods, and functions of currently used pharmaceutical drugs.
Project Lead Project Lead has to carry out risk assessments to meet targets and earn profits.

B. Tech. Chemical Science and Technology: Top Recruiters

Many companies offer jobs to B. Tech. Chemical Science and Technology degree holders offering them a decent remuneration. Some of the top recruiters are:

  • Reliance
  • Atul
  • Lanxess
  • Gharda
  • BASF
  • SRF

B.Tech. Chemical Science and Technology: Salary Trends

The chemical industry in India is growing at a fast pace as many large scale and small scale units have come along increasing 3% of India’s GDP. Due to industry’s 14% weightage in the overall Index of Industrial Production, country’s industrial growth has reached a new level.

Industrial and economic development of India is a result of Indian Chemical Industry as this is one field which is the established traditional sector in India, thus generating jobs for Chemical Science and Technology professionals in various sub-sectors of the field.

The graph below shows the generic salary trend prevailing in Chemical Science and Technology industry:

salary graph for B. Tech. Chemical Science and Technology

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Chemical Science and Technology) : 79 answered questions


Ques. Should I go for chemical engineering at Heritage Institute of Technology or CSE at Techno India, Salt Lake ?

● Top Answer By Satyam Purwar on 23 Sept 21

Ans. Heritage Institute of Technology (HIT) is a very popular engineering institute and if you are interested in pursuing Chemical engineering then you should definitely take admission in this college.  The competition is much less for chemical engineering students and a lot of facilities are available for them. There are a lot of placement opportunities available for students and they can easily get a job in both core and IT companies.  Many students are getting PSU through GATE and some core companies such as BOC, PCBL, Paharpur Cooling towers, Voith Papers, etc. visit the campus for interviews.  But if you are interested in technology and coding then you should probably choose Techno India as this college provides very good opportunities to CSE students.  The placements available are very good and top companies such as TCS, Infosys, CTS etc visit the college for interviews.  The college provides very good facilities and support to teach you coding and if you are really interested in it, then you will be able to master it with your patience and hard work.  And your coding skills are not determined by your college or branch.  You should be really passionate about it to be successful in this field.  Categories Chemical Engineering at HIT CSE at Techno India Course Fee 3.95 lakh 6.32 lakh Highest CTC 12-15 LPA 15-20 LPA Average CTC 5-6 LPA 7-8 LPA Recruiting Companies GlaxoSmithKline, Bengal Chemicals, etc. Wipro, Infosys, Dell, HP, etc. Hence, both the colleges are very good with excellent placements and academics and it completely depends on your interests in which branch you would like to study and build your career.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. What was the CGPA of the student who grabs the highest package at Haldia Institute of Technology in chemical engineering department?

● Top Answer By Aaditya Hari Nair on 23 Sept 21

Ans. One of my brothers was placed in a prominent company through on-campus placement. As per his experience, CGPA isn’t required for the process of getting a good job.  He scored 9 CGPA and many of his friends scored less than him yet they were successfully placed in prominent companies. The reason behind this is that marks hardly matters when recruiters visit campus moreover, they are all focused on your knowledge and skills.  Getting a good placement is definitely a dream for all the engineers but you definitely have to brush up on your skills and knowledge before sitting for the recruitment process. Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Will it be a good choice to choose the chemical branch in LNCT Mains Bhopal?

● Top Answer By Janvi Bhambri on 21 Sept 21

Ans. LNCT Bhopal is without a doubt Madhya Pradesh's most reputable private engineering college. In addition, LNCT is the only engineering college in Bhopal that offers Chemical Engineering among the 65 private engineering institutes. This institution provides appropriate guidance as well as practical analysis. But Chemical Engineering at the institute does not enjoy the same exposure as branches like CSE or IT. If you want decent placement opportunities then you will have to work for them on your own. In 2021 placement drive Chemical Engineering students from LNCT were recruited by Indian Oil, Tata Chemicals, Reliance Petroleum, etc. Read more
1 Answer

Ques. How is the chemical engineering branch in Haldia Institute of Technology? Should I join?

● Top Answer By Aaditya Hari Nair on 15 Sept 21

Ans. Chemical Engineering at Haldia Institute of Technology used to be one of the best courses at the institute. But with years the condition of this branch has gotten worse. The old faculty members have retired. The current faculty base is not that great.  I have a few friends from the institute and according to them, if you are keen on exploring the field of chemistry then Haldia would not be one of your best choice institutes. But the placements here are decent. In the 2020 placements, the highest and average CTC offered was 3.5 LPA and 24 LPA. Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Is chemical engineering at jntuh is good?

● Top Answer By Aaditya Hari Nair on 13 Sept 21

Ans. Yes, chemical engineering at JNTU is good. If you are interested in chemical engineering, then it's the best place to pursue it.  Infrastructure: The Chemical Engineering branch started at the institute only a few years ago. It does not even have a specific departmental block. It shares the block of the Metallurgical department. CE also doesn't have their own labs. Students go to other departments to do their lab work.  Placements: The first batch of Chemical Engineering graduated in 2018 and it had good core placements. Companies like Vedanta, ITC recruit Chemical Engineering students. In recent years the average CTC offered at the institute is 9 LPA.  I will advise you to only opt for Chemical Engineering if you are interested. If a student needs only the tag and brand of JNTU then choosing a chemical branch will not be a good idea. Read more
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