B.Tech in Enterprise Information Systems Course Detail, Salary and Scope

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B.Tech in Enterprise Information Systems is a 4- year undergraduate course. Candidates having successfully attained 10+2 or equivalent qualification with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as the main subjects are eligible to apply for this course. Admissions can be obtained through the entrance examinations that are conducted on the national, State or institute level. The average annual fee charged for the course is INR 150,000.

The course is designed in relation to enterprise business management. Successful graduates of the course are employed as Information Officers or SAP Consultant in sectors such as business and commerce industries.

Average annual income of employed candidates is INR 400,000.

As an academic discipline, B.Tech in Enterprise Information Systems applies systems engineering to design of enterprises. It includes a body of knowledge, principles, and processes tailored to the concept of design of enterprise information systems. The discipline aims to meet the requirements and expectations of different stakeholders in the organization. It requires an input device to collect information and output device to satisfy information needs.

Top Colleges for Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Enterprise Information Systems)

B.Tech in Enterprise Information Systems Course Highlights

Major highlights of the course are listed below in the table.

Name of the course Bachelor of Technology in Enterprise Information Systems (B. Tech in Enterprise Information Systems)
Duration 4 years
Stream Enterprise Industry
Average course fee INR 150,000/annum
Sectors of employments Information Systems Solutions Industry
Average entry level salary INR 400,000/ annum
Top entrance exams HITSEEE

B.Tech in Enterprise Information Systems Course Description

The course has been designed to equip students with the requisite knowledge and skills to design, analyze and develop an Enterprise Information System which improves the functioning of enterprise business processes. The course aims to enable students to acquire a thorough theoretical and practical understanding of enterprise information systems that fit specific purposes. The emphasis of the course is on understanding how different types and formats of information help in better decision making and improving the communication quality of an organization by satisfying customer needs. 

B.Tech in Enterprise Information Systems: Who Should Apply?

Candidates having keen interest in Information Systems Engineering may opt for this course. The course is also apt for those interested in enterprise management. Candidates interested in learning various skills in programming languages and tools may apply for this course.

Top Institutes offering B.Tech in Enterprise Information Systems

B. Tech in Enterprise Information Systems is a recently- introduced discipline, and thus very few institutes offer this program. The only one is listed below.

University/Institute City Avg. Fee/Annum
Hindustan Institute of Technology & Science Chennai, Tamil Nadu INR 1,56,625

Eligibility for B.Tech in Enterprise Information Systems

Candidates applying for the course should have completed 10+2/equivalent examination with a minimum aggregate score of 45%. Candidates who have completed a diploma in computer engineering and software engineering are also eligible to apply for this course through lateral entry. Along with these requirements, candidates are also needed to appear for and qualify the relevant entrance examination to get admitted into this course. These examinations are generally conducted on institute level.

B.Tech in Enterprise Information Systems Admission Process

Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science Engineering Entrance Examination:

Hindustan Institute of Technology & Science located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, is the only college that offers B. Tech in Enterprise Information Systems. Candidates wishing to get admitted into this college are required to appear for Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science Engineering Entrance Examination (HITSEEE), an examination that is held by the institute for engineering admissions. Qualifying candidates can fill the application form for the course. Details of the examination are given below:

Exam Name Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science Engineering Entrance Examination (HITSEEE)
Exam Type UG Entrance Exam
Conducting Authority Hindustan University (Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science)
Mode of Exam Online
Number of Questions 120
Time 2 Hours

Direct admissions:

Direct admissions to the course are available through the management quota.

Lateral Entry

Candidates who have successfully completed a diploma in Software Engineering or Information Technology Engineering are eligible to apply for admission into the course through lateral entry. Through lateral entry candidates are provided admission directly into the 2nd year.

Distance Learning

Distance learning courses in B. Tech in Enterprise Information Systems are not available in India.

B.Tech in Enterprise Information Systems Career Prospects

Successful graduates of B. Tech in Enterprise Information Systems are sufficiently trained to develop enterprise information systems using appropriate programming language and tools, work with the existing commercial software available for EIS and learn their feature, analyze the information systems of a company and integrate different Information Systems and design a DSS. They are employed in commerce and business industries. Some of the industries that employ such graduates are listed below:

  • Embedded Systems Solutions
  • Ranal Software
  • ERP Software Solutions
  • Inspira Enterprise
  • Infogain

Career Opportunities After B.Tech in Enterprise Information Systems

Popular job positions that are on offer for successful graduates of B. Tech in Enterprise Information Systems are listed below.

Information Technology Engineer:

IT engineers have the responsibility of meeting their employers’ needs for computer hardware, software and networking tools. They work to develop, test, install, configure and troubleshoot computer hardware and software. IT engineers typically work in offices or research labs.

SAP Consultant:

An SAP Functional Consultant evaluates popular demands in relation to customer representatives, transforms the essence into an abstract and algorithmic business model.

Information Officer:

Information officers acquire, organize and distribute information in printed form and other media. They are not unlike librarians in that they identify, select, order and manage information in computer databases.

Some of the popular job opportunities and corresponding salaries offered are listed here.

B.Tech in Enterprise Information Systems

Job Avg. Salary/Annum
IT Engineer INR 428,290
SAP Consultant INR 592,632
Information Officer INR 700,000

B.Tech in Enterprise Information Systems Course Description

B.Tech in Enterprise Information Systems is a 4-year program involving 8 semesters.

Given below is a description of the course and its syllabus.

  • The 1st 2 semesters i.e. the 1st year of the program, contain basic engineering courses such as basic Electronics Engineering, Engineering Mechanics and Basic Electrical Engineering etc.
  • Core courses are introduced into the program from the 4th semester onwards.
  • Students are required to put forward and implement a project at the end of the curriculum in order to complete the course successfully.
  • Projects are to be implemented in groups.
  • Candidates are also given a set of electives to choose from during the last 2 semesters, these electives give a proper direction in terms of specialization.

Also, the following modules are part of the course, meant to be learnt as compulsory electives along with core subjects:

Enterprise Software Architecture and Design
Middleware Technologies
Free and Open Source Software
ERP & Enterprise Domains
Software Design and System Integration
Software Quality Management.

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