B.Tech in Fashion and Lifestyle Design Syllabus and Scope

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B.Tech in Fashion and Lifestyle Design is a 4-year program which allows for broad intake of undergraduate level students from diverse backgrounds to gain basic concept of knowledge in core subjects related to Design and Lifestyle along with the technical skills.

The program is designed to train students in comprehensive practical skills and techniques for specialized application in Fashion and Lifestyle Design. The program emphasizes an intensive theoretical and experiential training in core areas of Design, Design Management, Design Process, Textile, Apparel Production and Computer Applications.

 The hands on practical exercises related to the above subjects are intrinsically linked to the Design aspects/Fashion Industry for understanding and application of the Design aesthetics.

To be eligible in this course the candidate can be of any background but has to be from a recognized institution from where he/she has passed class 12th.

The tuition fee for this course varies from Rs 40,000 to Rs 75,0000 per semester depending on the institution. For private institutions the course fee per annum is higher than the government institutions and it also depends on the reputation of the college.

As a fresher a student on completing this course can earn as high as Rs 50,000 per month as the starting salary as this is a course which has an immense scope.

Top Colleges for Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Fashion and Lifestyle Design) (FLD)


The course duration is of 4 academic years for B.Tech/ is of 4 years and of 3 years in the same for diploma course.

Eligibility for B.Tech in Fashion and Lifestyle Design

To be eligible in this course the student should have passed from a recognized institution and completed his/her 12th from any background with a minimum percentage of 50%.

What is Fashion and lifestyle design Engineering?

 Fashion and lifestyle design has a well-defined curriculum for developing integrated expertise in design methodology, materials & production process, consumer behavior, market dynamics trends, forecast interpretations, business practices and project management in the field of fashion and lifestyle accessories.

It interfaces student learning. The programme has gradually evolved to address the entire spectrum of accessories and lifestyle products including personal, home, retail and office accessories, automobile accessories, digitally smart products, luxury and hand crafted accessories

The program considers that in contemporary lifestyle every product needs to address the core of fashion in terms of aesthetics and usability to remain consumer centric and meaningful to society.

Who should Opt for B.Tech in Fashion and lifestyle design?

The course not only teaches the basics of fashion but also sharpens the creative skills of the students which is the basic element of the course. Hence the students having a liking towards the latest trend or those with a creative side should opt for this course. Seeing the popularity of fashion and its trends, the students who have a zeal towards such knowledge and would like to be imparted the same should opt for this course.

Institutes Offering Fashion and lifestyle design Engineering

A few colleges in India offering this course are:

  1. Institute of Apparel Management, Gurgaon
  2. Institute of Apparel Management, Mumbai

B.Tech in Fashion and lifestyle design Admission Procedure

Students can obtain the application form directly from the concerned institute or through post in certain cases. They can even visit the respective institute’s official website and download the application form. After duly filling the form they can send it to the desired institute either online or through post for further proceedings.

Annual entrance exams for Fashion and Lifestyle Design courses are held by various universities which test general knowledge, creativity and basic artistic skills. After clearing the written test, an interview is conducted. Having previous knowledge of Computer Aided Design (CAD) is an added benefit.

List of Entrance Examinations

The students are advised to go through the previous entrance examination papers and cut offs.

AIEEED (All India Entrance Examination for Design)

Scope of B. Tech in Fashion and lifestyle design

The word fashion immediately conjures up glitz and glamour in the mind. Fashion industry has emerged as one of the blooming industries and so many young people are attracted towards this course and decide to indulge in the fashion industry.

While the academic requirements are not very high but the students need to have the considerable aptitude, creative thinking and aptitude to be labeled as fashion and lifestyle design engineer. By the end of the course the students will have mastered the step by step the process of designing, production and even marketing. The scope of this course is endless due to the versatility of the options. The increasing spending power of the general population also aids the accessories market.

Career Prospects

In India the fashion industry is in the fledging state and it has just come to a start. The industry offers plenty of opportunities for talented and enthusiastic workers. Prospects for fashion graduates are huge and it has a growing demand and outsized exports. After completion of the course a student can remain even self employed or join any fashion industry or media houses.

Salary Structure

B.Tech in Fashion and Lifestyle Design salary graph

Job Profile Salary per annum
Design Administrative Assistant Rs 3,50000
Design Consultant Rs 4,00,000
Creative Designer Rs 3,50,000
Visual Merchandising Manager Rs 4,00,000

Top recruiting Companies

  1. Top notch garment and textile export houses
  2. Textile and Fabric manufacturing units
  3. Exclusive and branded fashion showrooms

Academic Options after B. Tech in Fashion and design lifestyle

After graduating in this course the student can opt for post-graduation on the same or even go for a management course in its related field. Many institutions provide facilities for entrepreneurship and workshops for the students to showcase their creative side in this field.

B. Tech in Fashion and design lifestyle Syllabus

The objective of B. Tech in Fashion and design lifestyle is to equip students with technical and creative thinking knowledge. The detailed syllabus of the course is given below: -

Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3 Semester 4
Drawing techniques and processes in Arts and Design(Basic) Drawing Techniques & Processes in Art & Design (Advance) CAD/ CAM-III CAD/ CAM-IV
Contextual and cultural referencing in art and Design(basic). Contextual & cultural referencing in Art & Design (Advance) Jewelry Design (Basic) Jewelry Design (Advance)
Idea generation and development in Art and design (Basic). Idea generation and development in Art & Design (Advance) Pattern Drafting in fashion-I Pattern Drafting in fashion-II
CAD/CAM-1 CAD/CAM-II Garment manufacture-I Garment manufacture-II
Material Exploration (basic) Material Exploration (Advance) Fashion & Textiles material Understanding (Basic) Fashion & Textiles material Understanding (Advance)
- - Fashion collection realization-I Fashion collection realization-II
- - Fashion Illustration (Basic) Fashion Illustration (Advance)
- - History of fashion (Basic) History of fashion (Advance)
- - - Experimental Embroidered textiles (Basic)
Semester 5 Semester 6 Semester 7 Semester 8
Project Design, Implementation and Evaluation (Basic) Project Design, Implementation and Evaluation (Advance) Fashion retail & brand management Craft documentation
Professional Practice in Art & Design (Basic) Professional Practice in Art & Design (Advance) Fashion Entrepreneurship Design research and development of final collection
Experimental Embroidered textiles (Advance) Visual communication in Art & Design (Advance) Lifestyle Luxury management -
Visual communication in Art & Design (Basic) Fashion promotion & marketing (Advance) Organization theory & finance -
Fashion promotion & marketing (Basic) Fashion Forecast (Advance) CAD and E-fit -
Fashion Forecast (Basic) Fashion collection realization- IV Intellectual Property Rights -
Fashion collection realization- III Pattern Drafting in fashion-IV - -
Pattern Drafting in fashion-III Garment manufacture-IV - -
Garment manufacture-III Fashion Photography (Advance) - -
Fashion Photography (Basic) Clothing manufacture production operations (Advance) - -
Clothing manufacture production operations (Basic) - - -


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