Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Food Science)

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course structure

The course is divided into 8 semesters. The marking scheme of this course involves marks scored in theory and practical papers. You also have to submit a research project and do practical Training at the end of the last semester.

The scheme of assessment for B.Tech Food Sciences is given below:-

Syllabus for B.Tech. Food Sciences

The curriculum for B.Tech Food Sciences covers many specialized topics which helps in enhancing the skills of the student.

Some of these topics are explained below:-

Name of subject

Topics covered


Traditional & Fermented Foods                

Microscope its parts and utility in identification

Familiarization with common techniques for handling pure culture.


Simple and differential staining of microorganisms and their examination.

In this subject a student learns about the basics of fermentation process.

Food Quality & Food Laws

Ways of describing of Food Quality

Quality control and Quality Assurance functions

Statistical quality control

Quality costs

Analysis and Interpretation of sensory scores

Application of sensory evaluation in Quality Management of foods

Nutritional Quality of foods and its assessments

Food standards and Specifications

This subject helps a student to learn all the food laws. This is of great help when you work in the profile of quality control or audit.

Food microbiology

Isolation of microorganisms

Food preservation

Development of scope of microbiology

Microbial spoilage in foods

A persons learns about microbiology and its applications in food industry.

Fruits, Vegetables & Plantation Products

Structural, Compositional and Nutritional aspects of fruits and vegetables

Physiological development

Growth, Maturation, Ripening and Senescence

Post harvest handling including controlled and modified storage

Techniques of processing and preservation of fruits and vegetables

It is a subject that makes a student understand about the plantation products.

Food Chemistry

Water in Foods




Modification of food proteins in processing and storage

Vitamins, Minerals, Pigments and Flavors

Enrichment and fortification

This subject gives detailed information about chemistry involved in various food processes.

Food Preservation & Processing Principles

Aims and objectives of preservation & processing of foods

Characteristics of tissues and non-tissues foods

Causes of quality deterioration and spoilage of perishable foods

Preservation of foods by low temperaturesPreservation of foods by high temperatures General process of caning of foods

Preservation by water removal

This subject helps a student to understand the importance of food preservation and conservation.

List of electives:-

  • Non Conventional energy Resources
  • Specialty Foods
  • Food Products & Process Development
  • Non linear Dynamic Systems
  • Food Processing Waste Management
    Food Packaging
  • Product Development
  • Rheological & Sensory Assessment
  • Engineered, Texturised &Fabricated

The students will be required to prepare a detailed project report with complete lay-out and economic analysis for assessment at the end of this course.


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