BTech (Bachelor of Technology) Mechanical Engineering Subjects, Syllabus and Books

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What is the BTech Mechanical Engineering Syllabus?

BTech Mechanical Engineering syllabus is designed in such a way that one would learn theoretical and practical knowledge of different fields that are covered in the study of mechanical engineering. The main BTech Mechanical Engineering subjects are  Strength of Materials, Materials Science, Thermodynamics, IC Engines, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Automobile Engineering etc. Apart from these, there are some tools that are taught to use for enhancing the skills of mechanical engineering.

In most of the engineering institutes, the first year of every branch has common subjects like  Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Communication Skills, Environmental Science,  Engineering mechanics, Basic Electrical Engineering, Engineering Graphics, etc. Second year onwards the specialization starts. Thus, the first year courses are similar for everyone.

Following is the basic course structure followed for BTech Mechanical Engineering curriculum.

Coure Work Training Placement
Classroom Lectures Internships Campus Placements in Private Sectors
Labs and Workshops Industrial Visits and Training Placement in Public Sectors through GATE

Every BTech Mechanical Engineering college gives a weightage of 75 and 25 marks to  internal and external papers respectively. Candidates throughout the duration of the course are compulsorily scrutinized on the basis of theory examinations, internals  practical and project works assigned to them.

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What are the BTech Mechanical Engineering Subjects?

Tabulated below is  the semester wise breakup of the BTech Mechanical Engineering syllabus.

Semester I Semester II
Mathematics I Mathematics II
English Programming Languages)
Physics I Physics II
Engineering Materials) Introduction to Information Tech
Chemistry Engineering Mechanics
Engineering Graphics Electrical Technology
Environmental Studies Electronics and Instrumentation
Value Education Electronics & Instrumentation Practical
Workshop Practice I HR Environment
Chemistry Practical Physics Practical II
Physics Practical I Electrical Technology Practical
- Engineering Mechanics Practical
- Workshop Practice II
Semester III Semester IV
Machine Drawing and Computer Graphics Dynamics of Machinery
Applied Thermodynamics Mechanical Engineering Design
Mechanics of Solids Fluid Mechanics
Theory of Machines Numerical and Statistical Methods
Mathematics III Electrical Machines and Control
Mechanics of Solids Practical Numerical and Statistical Methods
Theory of Machines Practical Fluid Mechanics Practical
Applied Thermodynamics Practical Numerical and Statistical Methods Practical
- Dynamics of Machinery Practical
Semester V Semester VI
Production Technology I Computer-Aided Design
Advanced Mechanical Engineering Design Internal Combustion Engines
Heat and Mass Transfer Mechanical Vibration
Fluid Machines Advanced Solid Mechanics
Industrial Engineering and management Internal Combustion Engines Practical Production Technology II
Fluid Machines Practical Mechanical Vibration Practical
Heat and Mass Transfer Practical Workshop Practice IV
Workshop Practice III
Semester VII Semester VIII
Measurement and Instrumentation Computer-Aided Manufacturing
Operations Research Mechanical Handling Equipment
Energy Conversion Equipment Advanced Fluid Mechanics
Industrial Tribology  Automobile Engineering
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Ergonomics
Mechatronics Finite Element Analysis
Utilization of Non-Conventional Energy Maintenance Engineering
Waste Heat Utilization Composite Materials
Fracture Mechanics Automation and Robotics
Advanced Manufacturing Systems Hydraulic and Pneumatic System
Measurements and Instrumentation Practical Power Plant Engineering
Energy Conversion Equipment Practical Environmental Engineering

Above mentioned is the common BTech Mechanical Engineering followed by top colleges, but  the exact syllabus may vary slightly from one college to another.

What are the Electives offered in BTech Mechanical Engineering? 

Following are some of the options of electives to choose while pursuing BTech Mechanical Engineering:

  • Computational Heat Transfer
  • Combustion Engineering
  • Reliability Engineering & Plant Maintenance
  • Tribology and Terotechnology
  • Non-conventional Energy Sources
  • Finite Element Method and its Application
  • Experimental Stress Analysis
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Robotics and Robot Applications
  • Management Information Systems
  • Energy Management & Auditing
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
  • Optoelectronics and Laser Material Processing
  • Gas Turbine Theory
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing
  • Information Technology 
  • Total Quality Management
  • Mechanics of Composite Materials
  • Fracture Mechanics
  • Advanced Sensors for Engineering Applications & NDT
  • Entrepreneurship and E-business
  • Computer Networking and Web Based Technology 

Throughout the duration of the course candidates will have to choose three electives from the above mentioned list.

What are the Practical Subjects in BTech Mechanical Engineering Syllabus?

What are the Practical Subjects in BTech Mechanical Engineering Syllabus?

Apart from the theory papers, students will have to study practical papers as well. Some of the prime BTech Mechanical Engineering practical papers are as follows:

  • Graphics Laboratory 
  • Manufacturing ProcessLaboratory 
  • Electrical Machines Laboratory 
  • Measurements and Instrumentation Laboratory
  • Manufacturing Technology Laboratory
  • Thermal Engineering Laboratory 
  • Manufacturing Technology Laboratory 
  • Strength of Materials Laboratory 
  • Mechatronics and ModernControl Laboratory
  • Design Practice
  • Dynamics of Machines Laboratory
  • CAD – CAM Laboratory 
  • Industrial Engineering Laboratory

Above mentioned are some of the core practical papers included in BTech Mechanical Engineering syllabus and there can be many more depending on the respective universities.

BTech  Mechanical Engineering Books

Tabulated below are some of the highly followed BTech Mechanical Engineering  Books

Book Title Author Name
Introduction to Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machines S.K.Som and G.Biswas.
Fundamentals of Classical Thermodynamic Van Wylen and Sonntag
Higher Engineering Mathematics Dr. B. S. Grewal 
Introduction to the Mechanics of Solids S.H.Crandall, N.C.Dahl and T.J.Lardner
Schaum's Outline of Theory and Problems of Computer Graphics  Roy A.Plastock & Gordon Kalley
Electrical Machinery and Transformers  I.L.Kosow, PHI,
Hydraulic and Compressible Flow Turbomachines  A.T.Sayers
Fundamentals of Classical Thermodynamics Van Wylee and Sonntag. 
Experimental Methods for Engineers  J.Holman
Measurement Systems - Application and Design  E.O.Doeblin
Instrumentation, Measurement and Analysis B.C.Nakra and K.K.Chaudhary,
Theory of Machines and Mechanisms  J.J.Shigley and J.J.Uicke
Material Science and Engineering  V.Raghavan
Manufacturing Engineering Technology K. Jain, Pearson Education 
Theory and Design of Steam and Gas Turbines  Lee
Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer F.P.Incropera and D.P.Dewitt
Principles of Metal Cutting/Principles of Machine Tools G.C.Sen and A.Bhattacharya

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BTech Mechanical Engineering : FAQs 

BTech Mechanical Engineering : FAQs 

Ques. Which are the mandatory papers in the first year of BTech Mechanical Engineering  syllabus?

Ans.  The subjects that are mandatory for an individual to study in the first year of BTech Mechanical Engineering   are Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Communication Skills, Environmental Science,  Engineering mechanics, Basic Electrical Engineering, Engineering Graphics, etc

Ques. Which are the core BTech Mechanical Engineering subjects?

Ans. Strength of Materials, Materials Science, Thermodynamics, IC Engines, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Automobile Engineering  etc are some of the other major BTechMechanical Engineering subjects.

Ques. Are studying electives in BTech Mechanical Engineering compulsory ?

Ans. Yes, it is compulsory to choose electives in the 5th semester of BTech Mechanical Engineering

Ques. What are some of the popular BTech Mechanical Engineering electives?

Ans.  Computational Heat Transfer, Combustion Engineering, Reliability Engineering & Plant Maintenance, Automotive Engineering, Robotics and Robot Applications, Energy Management & Auditing, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Gas Turbine Theory, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Information Technology , Total Quality Management, Mechanics of Composite Materials, Fracture Mechanic,  etc are some of the top BTech Mechanical Engineering electives.

Ques. What are the practical subjects in BTech Mechanical Engineering?

Ans. Graphics Laboratory, Manufacturing ProcessLaboratory , Electrical Machines Laboratory , Measurements and Instrumentation Laboratory, Manufacturing Technology Laboratory, Thermal, Engineering Laboratory, Manufacturing Technology Laboratory, Strength of Materials Laboratory, Mechatronics and ModernControl Laboratory, etc some of the practical subjects in BTech Mechanical Engineering.

Ques.  How is the BTech Mechanical Engineering course delivered ?

Ans.  BTech Mechanical Engineering course delivered to students through Classroom Lectures, Internships, Labs and Workshops, Industrial Visits and Training, etc

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Mechanical Engineering) : 143 answered questions


Ques. How is Mechanical Engineering at Sastra University?

● Top Answer By Son Pal Sisodia on 30 Oct 21

Ans. One of my friends studied at SASTRA University. According to him, Mechanical engineering is pretty good when placements are considered.  The overall academics and curriculum are average.  The faculty are highly experienced but are very few in number. Students interested in Research are provided appropriate guidance and backup for it. Intra and Inter-departmental technical festivals also are conducted. Mechanical Engineering students have their labs dedicated to their department. Students take part in events conducted by SAE which make a real good addition to your resume. Categories Mechanical Engineering at SASTRA University Course Fee 6.20 lakh Placement Percentage 90% Highest CTC 15 LPA Average CTC 6 LPA Lowest CTC 3.5 LPA Recruiting Companies PayPal, Mu Sigma, TCS, L&T, etc. Though ECE is said to be the most sought after department in SASTRA University, when placements, faculty and course curriculum is considered. But Mechanical also does not lag behind.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Is NIT Puducherry for ECE better than IIITDM Kancheepuram for mechanical?

● Top Answer By Sakshi Gupta on 25 Oct 21

Ans. Opt for IIITDM Kancheepuram for Mechanical rather than ECE at NIT Puducherry. Here are some reasons as to why I feel so. Faculty: The faculty members at IIITDM Kancheepuram are highly experienced, some of them even have PhDs from the top IITs. At NIT Puducherry the faculty are not that experienced and are also few in number. Infrastructure: IIITDM Kancheepuram’s campus is excellent and appropriate for an educational institution. NIT Puducherry is still functioning from the temporary campus due to construction on the main site. Placements: NIT Puducherry is only known for its placement opportunities provided to its IT students. The rest of the department receives average placement offers. But IIITDM Kancheepuram provides great placements and maintains that record every year. Categories Mechanical Engineering at IIITDM Kancheepuram ECE at NIT Puducherry Course Fee 5.25 lakh 5.49 lakh Placement Percentage 75% 65% Highest CTC 10 LPA 15 LPA Average CTC 7 LPA 4 LPA Recruiting Companies Saint Gobain, L&T, Adobe, Zentrum Labs, etc. Emphasis, Capgemini, L&T, Mu Sigma, etc. Therefore, IIITDM Kancheepuram will be a better choice as here you can excel in your studies, get clear concepts about every topic. You will also receive industry-oriented and research-oriented teachings.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Is it worthy to join Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata for Mechanical Engineering?

● Top Answer By Aaditya Hari Nair on 13 Oct 21

Ans. If you have any plan to choose mechanical engineering then avoid any of the colleges in West Bengal. JU, IIT KGP, IIEST, and NIT Durgapur these colleges are excluded.  Considering all provided facilities by the Heritage Institution which includes well-maintained labs and amazing faculties. Even then it is not recommended for Mechanical Engineering as the placement isn’t up to the expectations.  But if we look at other branches like CS, ECE, IT or Electrical these courses have comparatively better placements. Moreover, you may experience the same in other colleges as well, which include Techno, IEM, etc.  Thus, it is recommended to make a choice at other institutes like VIT or SRM for Mechanical Engineering. Read more
1 Answer

Ques. What is the level of placement in a mechanical branch of LNCT Bhopal? Will it be better to do mechanical engineering from it?

● Top Answer By Aaditya Hari Nair on 23 Sept 21

Ans. Mechanical Engineering is an evergreen branch and considering the placement rate of LNCT, which is 75-80%, it hardly provides any placements to the mechanical branch students. It means the mechanical branch students don't have the core placements.  In the year 2020, there were 3-4 companies that came to the campus for the core placements and took a very less number of students. Therefore, there are very few placement opportunities for a mechanical branch student in LNCT Bhopal. There are either no core placements or else the Institute will ask students to apply for the marketing companies and get a placement in that domain.  But then, if a student is good with the skill set and has good abilities, prepare for the exams like GATE, ONGC. It will help him/her in the future.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. How good is Dayanand Sagar College of Engineering for a BE in mechanical engineering?

● Top Answer By Aaditya Hari Nair on 23 Sept 21

Ans. Yes, Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering is good for Mechanical Engineering. Be it faculty, labs, department, infrastructure, branch, or any other aspect, the college is a perfect fit.  The only disadvantage of DSCE Bangalore is that it doesn't provide any offers from core companies. The students of the mechanical branch end up getting a job in the IT sector. If any core job offers are available, these companies will only hire students in single digit.  Companies like Accenture, Cognizant, Infosys, and Tech Mahindra hire students irrespective of the branches. If a job in the IT sector suits you after graduating from the mechanical branch, then you can opt for Dayanand Sagar College for Engineering as it is the best college. It will furnish a job but in the IT sector.Read more
1 Answer


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