B.Tech in Metallurgical Engineering Colleges, Syllabus and Scope

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Bachelor of Technology in Metallurgical Engineering is a four-year undergraduate program offered by universities/institutes in the field of metallurgy. Candidates who have successfully completed their 10+2 or equivalent education in science stream can apply for this course.

B.Tech in metallurgical engineering is basically the study of metals. Employment opportunities for metallurgical engineers are available in various areas such as chemical and metallurgical labs, iron and steel companies etc.

Admissions in Bachelor of Technology in Metallurgical Engineering can be obtained through entrance examination that are conducted on national, state or institute level. The candidates are required to study subjects such as physical metallurgy and extraction metallurgy etc. Average fee of the course is INR 75,000/annum; it is relatively less for government institutes. Candidates applying for the course must have prior knowledge of basic chemistry and physics.

Metallurgical engineers are employed in every industry and enterprise that produces, buys, sells refines or manufactures metals or metallic products. Employment opportunities are constantly on the rise. Average salary of the graduated candidates is INR 350,000/annum.

Top Colleges for Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Metallurgical Engineering)

B.Tech in Metallurgical Engineering Course Highlights

Name of the course Bachelor of Technology in Metallurgical Engineering (B.Tech in Metallurgical Engineering)
Duration Four years
Stream Metallurgy
Average course fee INR 75,000/annum
Sectors of employments Metallurgy industry
Average entry level salary INR 350,000/annum
Top entrance exams IIT-JEE, MH-CET, WBJEE

What is B.Tech in Metallurgical Engineering all about?

Bachelor of Technology in Metallurgical Engineering is an undergraduate program that requires four years for completion. Metallurgical engineering is study of metal. The course offers combined study of theory and practice, this program covers the mining, extraction, design and processing of metals along with fundamental engineering principles.

It also includes separating metals from their ores, the making and compounding of alloys, and the technology and science of working and heat-treating metals to alter their physical characteristics. Bachelor of engineering in metallurgy and B.Tech in metallurgical and material engineering are a few courses similar to this one.

Who should opt for B.Tech in Metallurgical Engineering?

Candidates with keen interest in metallurgy and materials science aspects such as scientific principles of fabrication should opt for this course. The course is apt for those interested in gaining in-depth knowledge about various processes that include mining, extraction, design and processing of metals. Having an extensive amount of knowledge in physics and chemistry along with skills like critical thinking and analytical mindset helps to attain excellence in the field.


Bachelor of Technology in Metallurgical Engineering is an undergraduate course that requires four years for completion. It comprises of total eight semesters and an examination is held at the end of each semester.

B.Tech in Metallurgical Engineering Top Institutes

A lot of institutes/universities offer B.Tech in Metallurgical Engineering. Some of them are listed below along with their average annual fees.

University/Institute City Avg. fee/Annum
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Varanasi, Kharagpur, Roorkee, Chennai, Guwahati, Delhi INR 90,000
National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli, Raipur, Durgapur INR 70,000
College of Engineering Pune INR 75,000
Kakatiya University Warangal INR 26,650
Government Engineering College Bhuj -
Coimbatore Institute of Technology Salem INR 55,000
Bengal Engineering College Howrah -
Birsa Institute of Technology Sindri INR 28,000 
Jain University Bangalore INR 1,60,000

B.Tech in Metallurgical Engineering Eligibility Criteria

The candidate applying for the course must complete 10+2/equivalent examination with minimum 55% aggregate in PCM/PCB. The candidates who have completed a diploma in metallurgical engineering can also apply for this course through lateral entry. Along with these requirements the candidates are to appear for entrance examinations to get admitted into carpet and textile technology course. 

B.Tech in Metallurgical Engineering Admission process

The admission processes vary from institute to institute and/or state to state. Most of the colleges require the candidate to qualify an entrance examination. Candidates who are currently appearing or have completed 10+2 or equivalent examination are eligible to appear for these entrance examinations.

  1. IITJEE Mains

JEE mains is an all India common engineering entrance examination of the objective pattern which is led for admission in various engineering colleges and courses all over the country. It is considered as one of the most challenging engineering admission tests.

JEE mains score is used by almost all the engineering colleges across India. IITJEE Mains entrance examination for B.Tech and B.E. (Paper I) has objective type questions with equal weightage to Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics.

  1. MH CET

MH CET is conducted for admission to engineering, health science, law, and management courses. MH-CET score can be used to get into engineering colleges in Maharashtra.

Subjects Marks
Physics 50
Biology 100
Chemistry 50
Mathematics 100
  1. WBJEE

West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination or the WBJEE is a state-government organized centralized test, conducted by the West Bengal Joint Entrance Examinations Board for admission to many private and governmental engineering colleges in West Bengal. The examination is taken after the 12th class for admission to graduation courses. The exam can be given by those who studied science stream in 10+2 grade.

Direct admissions

Direct admission through management quota is available in almost all the colleges. Government engineering colleges do not offer a management quota so direct admission is not available.

Lateral entry

The candidates who have successfully completed a diploma in metallurgical engineering can get admission into B.Tech Metallurgical Engineering course through lateral entry. The candidates are admitted the course directly from the third semester.

Distance Learning

A distance learning course for Bachelor of Engineering in Metallurgy is available at Neptune Institute of Management and Technology (NIMT). The details of the course in distance learning mode is given below: -

Course Duration Fast-Track 12 Months
Duration Normal 12 Months
Semester/Year/Session 2 Sessions
Course Fee INR 18,350/Session
Exam Fee INR 1,250/Session
Study Material Fee INR 2500/Session
Eligibility Diploma/10+2

Career Prospects

The metallurgical profession is widely diverse, and it provides an extensive variety of career opportunities for people who have a keen interest in technology, science and engineering. Metallurgical engineers have opportunities both in India and abroad.

Employment industries for metallurgy engineers are listed below

  • Metallurgical R&D labs
  • Chemical R&D labs
  • Tata Iron and Steel Company
  • Hindustan Copper Limited
  • Hindalco Limited
  • Mishra Dhatu Nigam Limited 

What can you become?

Job Profile Description
Project Engineer  A project engineer's responsibilities include schedule preparation, pre-planning and resource forecasting for engineering and other technical activities relating to the project.
Research Assistant  A research assistant is a researcher employed, often on a temporary contract, by a university or a research institute, for the purpose of assisting in academic research.
Assistant Engineers  Under general supervision, performs routine to moderately difficult professional engineering work in the research, design and construction of capital improvement programs, major maintenance programs and general services.

The Job profiles along with average salary is given below in the table

B.Tech in Metallurgical Engineering

Job Profile Avg. Salary/Annum
Project Engineer INR 341,900
Research Assistant INR 301,500 
Assistant Engineer INR 332,700 

B.Tech in Metallurgical Engineering Course Structure and Syllabus

Bachelor of Technology in Metallurgical Engineering is a 4-year program which encompasses of total 8 semesters. Candidates are required to put forward and implement a project at the end of the curriculum in order to complete the course successfully.

Projects are to be implemented in groups. Candidates are also given a set of electives to choose from during the last two semesters, these electives give a proper direction in terms of specialization. The course structure of the program varies from college to college.

Semester I Semester II
Chemistry-I Engineering Sciences Course Chemistry-II Engineering Sciences Course
Computer Programming Engineering Sciences Course Mathematics-IIN Engineering Sciences Course
Mathematics-IN Engineering Sciences Course Strength of Materials Core Course
Engineering Mechanics Engineering Sciences Course Heat Engineering Core Course
Physics-IA Engineering Sciences Course Physics-IIA Engineering Sciences Course
Semester III Semester IV
Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer Core Course Numerical Analysis Core Course
Geology and Minerals Beneficiation Core Course Material Science Core Course
Electrical Technology Core Course Thermodynamics of Materials Core Course
Mathematics-IIIN Engineering Sciences Course Testing of Materials Core Course
Fuels and Combustion Core Course
Semester V Semester VI
Deformation and Fracture Behavior of Materials Core Course Steel Making Core Course
Physical Metallurgy - I Core Course Foundry Metallurgy Core Course
Iron Making Core Course Extraction of Non-ferrous Metals Core Course
Chemical Kinetics and Mass Transfer Core Course Solid state Phase Transformation Processes Core Course
Electro-Chemistry and Corrosion Core Course Physics of Metals Core Course
Semester VII Semester VIII
Alloy Steel Making and Ferroalloys Core Course X-ray Diffraction Core Course
Metal Working Processes Core Course Industrial Management and Engineering Economics Core Course
Material Engineering Core Course Metal Joining and Powder Metallurgy Core Course

List of Electives

Elective – I

a) Theory of Metallurgical Processes

b) Light Metals and Alloys

c) Composite Materials

Elective – II

a) Advanced Characterization

b) Coating Technology

c) Nanostructured Materials

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Metallurgical Engineering) : 38 answered questions


Ques. How is metallurgical and materials engineering at IIT Ropar?

● Top Answer By Aaditya Hari Nair on 07 Sept 21

Ans. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department at IIT Ropar offers a B.Tech program, alongside a Ph.D. program. Since the establishment of the branch, it has involved a wide range of study areas, in India as well as other foreign countries. Mainly, it has shown a great scope of exposure relentlessly in these few years. Sir P.K Raina, considered one of the main heads of the institute, is a Ph.D. holder from IIT Kanpur and knows how to incentivize new talents. At present, he is known as the Students Associate Dean of IIT Ropar.  In terms of infrastructure, there is a separate building in the permanent campus, usually called the Satish Dhawan for SMMEE. There is a provision of only one lab located in the Transit campus - 1 of XRD. Other similar labs are located elsewhere, RMML (Ropar Machines of Materials Laboratory ) Material Testing Lab In case you are about to pursue your higher studies, then going for IIT Ropar is not at all a bad elective. Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Should I go for civil engineering or metallurgy and material science engineering in NIT Trichy?

● Top Answer By Aaditya Hari Nair on 31 Aug 21

Ans. I would suggest you go for metallurgy if you plan to do a job right after completing your degree. Metallurgy has more job opportunities to offer. With Metallurgy, you can easily learn coding and go for tech companies. NIT Trichy has a great coding culture, so picking up coding skills will not be difficult.  If you plan to prepare for civil services or any other government job, I would suggest you go for civil engineering. When compared to metallurgy, there are fewer job opportunities in the civil department. If you plan on doing an MBA after having done your engineering, you can opt for either of them because then it does not matter anyway.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. What is the current placement scenario for metallurgy and materials engineering at NIT Trichy?

● Top Answer By Aaditya Hari Nair on 30 Aug 21

Ans. One of my friends graduated from NIT Trichy and here are some facts about the institute I got to know from her. As you have not mentioned any specifications, let me just describe the placement scenario of Metallurgy at NIT Trichy. The placements generally vary from year to year.  Out of a batch of around 60 students, people looking for placements every year is around 40. The rest of the people either go for higher studies or have some other plans.  Most of the people get into material science-related fields at very good universities. Out of the 40 students, around 30 usually get placed.  Companies that usually open for metallurgy graduates include, Core Metal (steel/ aluminium), Automobile, Analytics, Software and others. There are a few companies that are regular visitors. The rest depends on the market and your training placement coordinator. Placements for metallurgy students are lesser than the other departments. Categories Metallurgy and Materials Engineering at NIT Trichy Course Fee 5.65 lakh Highest CTC 22 LPA Average CTC 10-12 LPA Recruiting Companies BPCL, L&T, Tata Steel, Reliance, etc. So, you need to act upon those selected shots you get. You'll have many chances throughout the year. You will also get a lot of guidance from immediate seniors.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. How is NIT Calicut for a B.Tech in material science?

● Top Answer By Aaditya Hari Nair on 26 Aug 21

Ans. B.Tech in material science in NIT CALICUT is a slightly underrated course as it is newly introduced. NIT Calicut also has an M.Tech course for material science.  The material science branch in NIT Calicut is a very promising branch despite being an underrated and newly introduced branch and has become an important part of NIT Calicut. This branch also has a dedicated department for nanotechnology. Recently they have made their college proud by preparing and distributing hand sanitizer in the entire campus and also in local sections of society to fight against the coronavirus pandemic.  The placements of this department are not as great as in the computer science department as it is a newly introduced branch.  This is a research-oriented branch with a strong alumni network. Material Science is definitely a promising field and offers a lot of opportunities in higher studies. If you love nanoscience then you should go for this course. Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Which is better, metallurgy at NIT Warangal or an MSc in Biology at BITS Goa?

● Top Answer By Aaditya Hari Nair on 24 Aug 21

Ans. One of my cousins recently encountered a similar situation where she had to choose between an M.Sc in Chemistry at BITS Hyderabad, and Biotechnology at NIT Warangal.  Having a conversation with the seniors, she found out that placements at NIT Warangal for Biotechnology, Metallurgy, Civil, and Chemical, are not as good as they should be. The recruiters are a handful, like Dr. Reddy’s, who recruit a few students out of many. Most of the students begin preparing for CAT or GRE during their 3rd and 4th year of the course. The ECE placements are quite reasonable. This means, the median package for circuit branches in BPHC can range anywhere from around 10 LPA to 11 LPA, while the average package can still be higher.  However, Metallurgy will not supposedly bring as many prospects as other branches can. It can pose a real problem in your case. You can choose to pursue an MBA or opt to study abroad for an MS.  But, M.Sc in Biology at BITS Goa can possibly be a good choice because you will still secure a position in EEE, ECE, or ENI. It can fetch you a position in the IT sector. The placements between BITS Pilani and BITS Goa are almost in the same range, with little to no difference at all. Only recently, there are candidates who went abroad to MIT or Caltech after their M.Sc, to pursue their thesis. It can make an easy dodge for you to secure seats in MS or Ph.D. programs. Thus, going for BITS Goa can be a superior choice to the NIT Warangal. Read more
1 Answer

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Metallurgical Engineering) Fee Structure in India

9.10 K (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES5.52 L  (Maximum Fee)
1.54 L (Average Fee)
1.20 L (Minimum Fee)Private COLLEGES3.84 L (Maximum Fee)
2.69 L (Average Fee)


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9.7 /10

Campus Life :

The campus was in 1500 acre land. Well laid out campus with very good road. It was established by Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya. It had almost all courses in the country. Many of the courses were first started in this campus. It has theaters, hospitals, play grounds, gardens, religious institutions etc.

Course Curriculum Overview :

Very much relevant. It gave me the basic education in the field. I got selected in the prestigious firms like BARC & HAL through tough entrance examinations and interviews. Then grew in the ladder and even became CEO of a company. Any institute or company or place you will get an alumni.

College Events :

Diamond Jubilee Celebration of the prestigious Banarus Hindu UniversityMany International & National Conferences on technical subjected. Almost every monthKashi Yatra is an annual cultural functionUnity in Diversity functionsNational Inter University Athletic Meet.

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7.7 /10

College Events :

Our College has 4 flagship events.1) MindSpark: It is the technical festivals of our College. The biggest technical fest of Maharashtra after Techfest. It is a 3 days festival and has a footfall of 150002) Regatta: It is unique boat club festival of our College. It is celebrated on the river which is there in our campus. It includes activities such as Rowing, Telematches, Mashal Dance. It is 92 years old festival of our college.3) Zest: It is the sport Festival of our College. It is the fifth largest sport Festival of India. Various students from all over Maharashtra comes to compete in this fest. 30 different sports are held in this fest. It is a 4 day fest and has a footfall of 12000.4) Impression: It is the Cultural Festival of our College. It is a 3 days fest and has a football of 8000.5) Pune Startup Fest: It is the fest started by E-Cell ( Entrepreneurship Cell ) club in which startup in various fields comes to our College and explain their products to students/ visitors. Investors also comes to this fest and invest in the startups.

Course Curriculum Overview :

My course curriculum is updated.As everyone is moving towards Python for programming language. Our college made Python course compulsory for First Year students.We have maths subject for all the 8 semesters.We also have Biology compulsory for every second year student.We also have subjects Professional Communication, Professional Ethics, Entrepreneurship development, Environmental studies etc.Atul Patil sir the teacher of the course Professional Communication is one of my favourite.

Remarks :

It is the one of the best engineering college in India. And the best engineering college in India.Good Academics.Good CompetitionCET Toppers from Maharashtra comes to this college to pursue engineering.Good Placements record.There are almost 34 clubs in the college which includes technical and non technical clubs.Autonomous College.Extra curricular development.One of the few colleges in India to provide B-tech in Metallurgical Engineering.Therefore I opted for this course.

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40.5 K first year fees
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CMJ University
Ri-Bhoi, Meghalaya
50 K first year fees
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Ranchi, Jharkhand
2.35 K first year fees
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