BTech (Bachelor of Technology) Mining Engineering Syllabus, Subjects and Books

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What is the BTech Mining Engineering Syllabus?

In synchronization of the latest trends and demands from the industry, the BTech Mining Engineering syllabus is designed and revised accordingly. It aims at boosting the knowledge and polishing the skills of the students that are applicable in the mining industry and get proper job roles.

The course encompasses core courses, electives, and practical sessions over 8 semesters. The delivery methods for this course involve theoretical classes, lab work, hands-on practical training, workshops etc.

BTech Mining Engineering syllabus offers students general engineering course knowledge followed by professional mining classes in drilling and blasting, materials handling, rock mechanics, mine health and safety, mine ventilation, mine cost engineering, ore reserve analysis, operations analysis, mine planning, and minerals processing, etc.

What is the BTech Mining Engineering Course Structure?

What is the BTech Mining Engineering Course Structure?

The subjects of the course structure are allocated according to the current trends in the BTech Mining Engineering Jobs and the requirements posed by the recruiters. 

The table below elucidates the BTech Mineral Engineering curriculum which provides a basic understanding of engineering concepts and a deeper understanding of Mining Engineering and its elements   

Semester I
Group A Group B
Physics  Chemistry 
Electrical Sciences  Elements of Mechanical Engineering
Computer Programming English Communication
Introduction to BioScience Environmental Science and Technology
Introduction to Management, Human Values & Behavior Basic Electronics
Physics Laboratory Manufacturing Process
Engineering Graphics Chemistry Laboratory
Electrical Science Laboratory English Communication Laboratory
Computer Programming Laboratory Basic Electronics Laboratory 
Semester II
Group A Group B
Mathematics I Mathematics I
Chemistry  Physics 
Elements of Mechanical Engineering Electrical Sciences
English Communication Computer Programming
Environmental Science and Technology Introduction to BioScience
Manufacturing Process Introduction to Management, Human Values & Behavior
Basic Electronics Physics Laboratory
English Communication Laboratory Engineering Graphics
Chemistry Laboratory Electrical Science Laboratory
Basic Electronics Laboratory Computer Programming Laboratory
Semester III Semester IV
Mathematics II Applied Thermodynamics
Machine Drawing Fluid Mechanics 
Strength of Materials Mine Surveying 
Mine Development Introduction to Mining Technology
Introduction to Geology System Engineering
Mineral Exploration Mine Surveying Laboratory
Material Characterization Lab Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
Geology Laboratory -
Semester V Semester VI
Surface Mining Technology Mine Ventilation
Rock Mechanics & Ground Control Underground Coal & Metal Mining Technology
Material Handling Systems Surface Mining Technology
Mineral Processing Technology Operations Research
Engineering Economics and Industrial Management Human Resource Management and Industrial Relation
Rock Mechanics Laboratory Mine Ventilation Laboratory
Mineral Processing Technology Laboratory Geo Mechanics Laboratory
Material Handling Systems Laboratory -
Semester VII Semester VIII
Mine Environmental Engineering Mine Planning
Mine Legislation and Safety Engineering Elective II Ecology and Environmental Management OR Remote Sensing and Its Application OR Mining of Deep Seated Deposits
Elective I Advanced Coal Mining Technology OR Advanced Surface Mining Technology OR Tunneling Elective III Mine Economics and Mine Management OR Small Scale Mining OR Geo Mechanics
Open Elective I Mine Environmental Engineering Laboratory Simulation and Modeling of Mining systems Open Elective II Mine Planning and Design Laboratory
Research Project I Research Project II
Short Term Industrial / Research Reports Seminar and Technical Writing

BTech Mining Engineering Open Electives 

The students have to take one elective each out of the lists offered by the college in the final year of the BTech course. 

Some of the electives are as follows:

Business Environment Business Ethics
Organizational Behaviour Knowledge Management
Logistics and Distribution Managerial Economics
Human Resource Management Financial and Cost Accounting
Industrial Psychology Marketing Management
Engineering Economics and Industrial Management Entrepreneurial Development & Management
BTech Mining Engineering Reference Books

BTech Mining Engineering Reference Books

Books  Authors 
Textbook of Mineralogy H.H.Read
Sedimentary Rocks Pettijohn F.J.
High Technology in Drilling and Exploration C.P. Chugh
Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering Ashfaq Hussain
A Text-Book of Engineering & General Geology Parbin Singh
Principles & Practices of Modern Coal Mining R.D. Singh
Engineering Rock Blasting Operations Dr.Sushil Bhandari
Introductory Mining Engineering Howard, L.Hartman
A Textbook of Engineering Geology N Chenna Kesavulu
Text Book of Finite Differences and Numerical Analysis H.C. Saxena
Principles & Practices of Modern Coal Mining R.D. Singh
Rock Mechanics and design of structures in rock Obert & Duall
Experimental stress analysis Railey & Dalley
Elements of Mechanics of Mining Ground B.S. Verma
Handbook of Mechanical properties of rock Vutukuri & lama
Coal Mine Ground Control S.S.Peng
SME Mining Engineering Handbook Cummins & Givens
Underground Mining Methods William A. Hustrulid, Rechard Bullock
Numerical Problems on Mine Ventilation L.C. Kaku
Mine ventilation & Air conditioning Mutmansky & Weng
Mine Ventilation Prof. S. P. Banerjee
Thick Seam Mining Singh & Dhar
Underground Mining Methods William A. Hustrulid, Rechard Bullock
BTech Mining Engineering : FAQs

BTech Mining Engineering: FAQs

Ques. Which are the mandatory papers in the first year of the BTech Mining Engineering syllabus?

Ans.  The subjects that are mandatory for an individual to study in the first year of BTech Mining Engineering are Professional Communication, Environmental Studies, Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Mathematics, Engineering Physics, Engineering Chemistry, Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering, Technical Communication, Fundamentals of Electronics Engineering, Engineering Drawing, Fundamentals of Computer, etc.

Ques. Which are the core BTech Mining Engineering subjects?

Ans.  Mining Geology, Strength of Material, Mining Machinery, Rock Mechanics, Electrical Engineering, Mine Development, Ground Control, Surface Mining, Mineral Processing, Underground Coal Mining, Underground Mine Environment, Environmental Management in Surface Mines, Computer Applications in Mining, Mineral Deposits, Mining Survey, Exploration and Field Mapping, etc are some of the other major BTech Mining Engineering subjects.

Ques. Are studying electives in BTech Mining Engineering compulsory?

Ans. Yes, it is compulsory to choose electives in the 5th semester of BTech Mining Engineering

Ques. What are some of the popular BTech Mining Engineering electives?

Ans.  Engineering Economics and Industrial Management, Entrepreneurial Development & Management, Business Environment, Business Ethics, Organizational Behaviour, Knowledge Management, Logistics and Distribution, Managerial Economics, Human Resource Management, Financial and Cost Accounting, Industrial Psychology, Marketing Management, etc are some of the top BTech Mining Engineering electives.

Ques. What are the practical subjects in BTech Mining Engineering?

Ans. Physics Laboratory, English Communication Laboratory, Chemistry Laboratory, Electrical Science Laboratory, Basic Electronics Laboratory, Computer Programming Laboratory, Mine Surveying Laboratory, Material Characterization Lab, Fluid Mechanics Laboratory, Geology Laboratory, Rock Mechanics Laboratory, Mine Ventilation Laboratory, Mineral Processing Technology Laboratory, Geo Mechanics Laboratory, Material Handling Systems Laboratory, etc some of the practical subjects in BTech Mining Engineering.

Ques.  How is the BTech Mining Engineering course delivered?

Ans.  BTech Mining Engineering course delivered to students through Classroom Lectures, Internships, Labs and Workshops, Industrial Visits and Training, etc

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Mining Engineering) : 13 answered questions


Ques. How is mining at NIT, Raipur?

● Top Answer By Komal Chawla on 08 Jul 21

Ans. Mining at NIT Raipur is certainly an interesting choice. The Mining branch is one of the oldest branches at the institute. It is almost 70 years old. I have a few friends at NIT Raipur and here is what they had to say about the Mining branch. Faculty:The faculty base is great for the branch. They are experts in the field with years of experience. Try to get along with your professors. That way you can work with them on their projects. This will give you exposure to the field and you will also be able to make industry contacts. Infrastructure: The infrastructure of the department is also quite good. There are laboratories for Rock Mechanics and Mining Machinery. The labs are also equipped with premium mining software. Placements: Placement for Mining at NIT Raipur is also quite impressive. All the mining and cement companies visit the campus for placements. Overall, NIT Raipur is certainly a good option for Mining Engineering. You will also have the opportunity to get a 3 day-long training at Kolkata at the cost of 40,000-50,000.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. According to placement, how good is BIT Sindri for the mining branch?

● Top Answer By Janvi Bhambri on 29 Jun 21

Ans. Placements for the Mining branch at BIT Sindri are quite good. You will get a fair chance to get placed through campus placement or GATE. The mining branch at BIT Sindri also has a strong alumni base which helps with the placements. Some of the core mining companies that visit the campus drive for placements are L&T, Vedanta Resources, DMT, etc. In order to get selected in L&T, you have to be among the top 15 in the batch. Vedanta Resources and DMT give chances to students provided they have 60 percent in academics and no active backlog. Apart from these, you can also apply for marketing, software companies, coaching centers, etc. as they also visit the placement drive. You can also apply via a valid GATE score. According to the recent statistics the average and highest CTC offered to the students of the mining branch at the institute are respectively 5 LPA and 11 LPA. If you are good in technical skills and soft skills you have a high chance of getting placed in the mining branch. The rest depends on your skills.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Which is better between mining at IIEST Shibpur and mining at BIT Sindri?

● Top Answer By Ranjana Patraaaaaaaaaaaa on 28 Jun 21

Ans. IIEST Shibpur is better than BIT Sindri in terms of placements, infrastructure, and academics. There are a lot of resources available to you and if you are willing then it will be a great learning experience for you. The college is more than 160 years old and thus has a huge list of alumni base. It has recently been converted to an Institute of National Importance (INI) and is equivalent to an NIT. The campus also offers a great scenic view. Some of the placement stats of mining engineering for the year 2020 are given below. Highest CTC- 14 LPA Average CTC- 7 LPA Lowest CTC- 4 LPA So IIEST Shibpur edges ahead BIT Sindri according to the opportunities they offer. You can definitely talk to other students and form your own opinion as well.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Which is better IIEST Shibpur mining or NIT Jamshedpur metallurgy?

● Top Answer By Admin on 16 Apr 21

Ans. NIT Jamshedpur has an established brand name in the country. Students are tagged with “NITians”. This tag is beneficial for future training, internships, on or off-campus placements, and even in pursuing a management degree afterward. Professors & Faculty of NIT Jamshedpur: The professors impart decent knowledge to the students about their expertise core subjects. So, scoring marks is not a problem here. Some of the professors are adopting methods to revise the significant topics again and again. It decreases the workload of students. They can easily focus the first two years on pointing out their areas of interest and later two years in achieving their targets for their desired specialization. Placement Statistics of NIT Jamshedpur: As per the past few years of placements, there are core companies that visit the campus. They are TATA Steel, Vedanta, Hindalco, TATA Power, JSW, Usha Martin, etc.  In the metallurgy department, TATA Steel took only one candidate.  If students lack interest in this department then they can opt for off-campus placements too or else prepare for further studies. Winning Institute: As per the above perks, NIT Jamshedpur can be concluded better between both the listed institutes.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Which is better, mechanical in BIT DURG or mining at NIT Raipur?

● Top Answer By Rishikesh Kumar on 15 Apr 21

Ans. The students can get better placement in NIT Raipur. One will get good opportunities and exposure in the mining branch too. Moreover, the experience at NIT is far better than BIT DURG. The curriculum followed by BIT DURG and even NIT Raipur is outdated. The institute is at least 10 years behind the current industry practice as compared to NIT Raipur. At least 30 years behind if we compare it with the US or European schools. The industry clientele had taken leaps and bounds in terms of technology and what the students study is old-era theories that have little relevance in practice now.  Many industries hire graduates through campus interviews, 1st train them for 3 to 6 months to prepare the students as per industry requirements and update the knowledge. The table shows a brief overview of the institutions: Particulars NIT Raipur BIT DURG Median Salary Rs. 9.5 lakhs Rs. 6.5 lakhs Highest Salary Rs. 33 lakhs Rs. 32 lakhs Entrance Criteria JEE Mains CPET Fees Rs. 5.52 lakhs Rs. 2.92 lakhs So overall, if the students are into mechanical or mining, don't rely too much on what the book taught you, be aware of current trends and practices.Read more
1 Answer


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