Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Motor Sports Engineering)

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B.Tech in Motorsport Engineering Colleges, Salary and Syllabus

Bachelor of Technology in Motorsport Engineering is a 4-year undergraduate program. It is a unique program offered for specialization in motorsport technology. 10+2 graduated candidates are eligible to apply for this course. It is an interdisciplinary course developed to cater the needs of motorsport industry.

Entrance examination on college level is conducted as a part of the admission process for the course. Candidates applying for the course are required to have prior knowledge of basic physics and kinematics.

Employment opportunities for graduate candidates are available in motorsport technology and design industry. The motorsport industry is continually evolving as corporations continue to grasp the edge on their rivals. The average salary of the employed candidates in this industry is INR 450,000.

B.Tech in Motorsport Engineering Course Highlights Table

Name of the course Bachelor of Technology in Motorsport Engineering (B.Tech in Motorsport Engineering)
Duration 4 years
Stream Motorsport
Average course fee INR /annum
Sectors of employments Motorsport Industry
Average entry level salary INR 450,000/annum

Course Description of B.Tech in Motorsport Engineering

B.Tech in Motorsport Engineering is a fulltime undergraduate program that requires 4 years for completion. It comprises of 6 semesters and an examination is held at the end of each semester. Motorsport engineering is a multidisciplinary branch of engineering that provides combined application of two disciplines- automobile engineering and mechanical engineering. This program aims to produce graduates well-appointed to play foremost professional roles in the motorsport and automobile industries. B.Tech in automobile engineering is a course similar to this one.

Who should opt for B.Tech in Motorsport Engineering ?

Candidates having an interest in motorsport aspects and automobile industry should opt for this course. Candidates willing to gain a thorough understanding of the relevant technologies and innovations in the motorsport industry can apply. Having proficiency in mechanical structure design, fluid mechanics and similar subjects helps candidates gain excellence in the course.

Institutes offering B.Tech in Motorsport Engineering

B.Tech in Motorsport Engineering is a relatively new course in the engineering and technology field. A very few numbers of colleges in India offer this course:

University/Institute City Avg. Fee/Annum
Cornerstone International College Chennai, Tamil Nadu INR 62,500
Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science Chennai, Tamil Nadu INR 156,625


The candidate applying for the course must complete 10+2/equivalent examination with minimum 60 % aggregate. Along with these requirements the candidates are required to appear for entrance examination and a personal interview as a part of the admission process. Excellence in English Language is mandatory for admission into the course.

Admission Process for B.Tech in Motorsport Engineering

There are few colleges offering courses in B.Tech in Motorsports. Direct admission are also available through management quota. Details of two such institutes are given below:

Cornerstone International College:

Cornerstone International College located in Chennai is the only institute that offers a 3-year undergraduate course in Motorsport Engineering in India. This program is developed in collaboration with Hertfordshire University in United Kingdom.

Upon admission, the candidates are to spend first 2 years in at Cornerstone campus in Chennai and the 3rd year at Hertfordshire University in UK. After the completion of the course, graduated candidates are given work visa of 18 months in Australia. Admission process comprises of a mandatory personal interview and completion of prerequisites such as:

  • Excellency in English language
  • 60% aggregate score in 10+2 or equivalent exam
  • Candidate applying must be of age 17 and above

Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science:

This institute offers a 4-year undergraduate B.Tech course in Motorsport. It is located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The students are trained to manufacture, design, develop and repair automobile or motor parts.

Career Prospect in B.Tech in Motorsport Engineering

Motorsport manufacturing and designing industry is the major employment sector for the graduated candidates in B.Tech in Motorsport Engineering. The Motorsport Industry largely comprises of small to medium sized industries supplying products and services to the teams participating in a widely-varied series of events around the globe.

These industries take part in research and testing and development, race car construction as well as provision of products/components like composites and gearboxes. Some of the companies employing motorsport engineers are given below:

  • Red Rooster Racing
  • McLaren
  • Fiat
  • Recado
  • Land Rover
  • Jaguar
  • Jordan
  • Bridgestone

What can you become ?

Undergraduate course in Motorsports Engineering offers a wide range of employment opportunities in the Motor and Automobile Industry. The various job Descriptions are summarized below

B.Tech in Motorsport Engineering

Job Description Avg. Salary/Annum
Calibration Engineer Making alterations in various types of instruments and machines as well as the components related to them using diagnostic software. Their job is to ensure that precision settings are placed in accordance with the established standards. INR 10,23,000
Design Engineer Researching and developing different ideas and systems for manufacturer. It also includes working towards constant improvement of the performance and efficiency of prevailing products. INR 607,000
Product Development Engineer Creating a product design which will fulfill client/company’s strategic objectives as well as integrating the needs of marketing, manufacturing and sales departments. Their job also includes overseeing design and research teams, leading the testing procedures and drafting specifications. INR 445,000
Research and Development Engineer Analyze processes and conduct experiments. Moreover, they take on consulting roles and advocate improvements or provide recommendations during the research and development (R&D) process. INR 600,000

Course Structure

B.Tech in Motorsport Engineering is a 4-year program which encompasses of total 3 years with 6 semesters. Candidates are required to propose and implement a project at the end of the curriculum in order to complete the course successfully. The project can be implemented individually or in a group.

Year 1
Engineering Application and Practice Involves project planning, health and safety, professional practice and fundamental workshop skills
Engineering Design, Materials and Manufacture 1 Develop competence in the application of the fundamentals of engineering design to a given specification 
Engineering and Mechanical Principles Fundamentals of thermodynamics to include fluid and solid mechanics which involves statics and dynamics
Technology Mathematics, Electronics and Computing Fundamental mathematical skills essential to support the application of core engineering principles in solving typical engineering problems
Year 2
Project Engineering and Management Principles and commercial practices for the management of engineering projects
Analytical Techniques, Electronics and Control Extending mathematics and electronics concepts to more complex devices and methods of analysis.
Design Methods and Materials Develop knowledge and skills in materials, manufacturing processing and engineering design
Engine and Vehicle Technology Introduces and expands the understanding of basic operating principles related to performance engine
Motorcycle Systems Technology Key major assemblies of performance vehicles and introduces the principles of motorcycle systems including engines
Year 3
Business Management and Quality Systems An in-depth understanding of business and management concepts required by professional engineers and gain a set of skills 
Individual Project A major project undertaken throughout the final year of the program
Industrial Group Project major-based project is undertaken throughout the final year of the program
Racecar Design and Analysis The design of major assemblies associated with performance vehicles, as well as cover specialized areas such as aerodynamics
Motorcycle Design and Analysis The design of major motorcycle systems, including chassis, suspension and braking systems


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