B.Tech in Physical Sciences Syllabus and Scope

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B. Tech in Physical Sciences is a 4- year undergraduate course with branches in natural science exploring the non-living systems and related biological phenomena.

The basic criterion of eligibility for getting admission to the course is a 10+2 qualification with Biology, Mathematics and Chemistry as main subjects. The salary and remuneration depends on the job profile, work experience, qualifications etc. and the average starting monthly income of a skilled engineer ranges between INR 15,000 to 20,000 in the private sector.

The fees charged for the course in India may vary from college to college and can go up to INR 2, 00,000 per annum. There is a vast range of job opportunities including Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Digital Physical Design Engineer, Executive Scientist etc. that are offered to successful graduates of the course.

B.Tech in Physical Sciences: Course Highlights

Some of the major highlights of the course are tabulated here.

Course Level Graduate
Duration 4 years
Examination Type Semester- based examinations
Eligibility 10+2 qualification with Biology, Mathematics and Chemistry
Admission process Based on rank obtained in the entrance exam
Course Fee INR 2,00,000 Per Annum
Average starting Salary INR 12,000-15,000 at entry level
Top Recruiting Companies Intel, Nokia, Microsoft, Wipro, TATA consultancy services, Oracle, Cognizant, Cisco etc.
Job Description Physical Scientist, Professor, Chemist, Environmentalist, Executive Scientist, etc.

B.Tech in Physical Sciences: What is it About ?

B.Tech in Physical Sciences is an interdisciplinary course with its roots in Mathematics, Chemistry, Environmental Science and Geology. Students are familiarized on an advanced level with the physical surroundings around them.

It contains a study of the fundamentals of almost all branches of science with scientific researches developing, designing and conducting experiments to collect material and specimens that could be observed in natural phenomena.

The curriculum includes foundation and advanced- level courses in Applied Mathematics, Physics, as well as courses related to space sciences such as astronomy, astrophysics, earth system and remote sensing.

B.Tech in Physical Sciences: Who Should Opt?

Aspiring candidates with good skills in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry, and interest in environmental studies and related phenomena are ideally suited for the course. B. Tech in Physical Sciences is a broad discipline which includes geology and astronomy, so familiarity with subjects related to these is an added advantage.

Aspiring students with analytical abilities and practical problem- solving skills may opt for this course.

B.Tech in Physical Sciences: Course Duration

B. Tech in Physical Sciences is a 4- year undergraduate program which is further divided into 8 semesters. There are colleges that provide dual degrees- M. Tech and B. Tech- in the subjects.

Top Institutes offering B.Tech in Physical Sciences 

B.Tech in Physical Sciences: Eligibility

The basic eligibility for getting an admission in B. Tech physical sciences is to pass senior secondary school with science subjects that are mathematics, biology and chemistry. For IITs it is mandatory to qualify the joint entrance examination JEE. The duration of the course is 4 years.

B.Tech in Physical Sciences: Admission Process

Institutes generally carry out their own entrance tests for admission to the course, and admissions are based on the rank obtained in the exam. Joint entrance examinations usually carry a 60% weightage in the admission process.

Students are admitted to the colleges upon qualifying the relevant entrance examination. JEE Mains offers 2 papers and candidates are required to take any one paper for admission, or both as required in their discipline. The maximum number of valid attempts that a student can avail for JEE Mains is 3, while for JEE Advanced, it is 2.

B.Tech in Physical Sciences: Entrance Exams

Students aspiring to take admission to B. Tech in Physical Sciences are needed to clear any of the following entrance exams conducted in India for admission to the course.

JEE mains The exam conducted by JEE Main apex board of admission for undergraduate engineering programs. There are also two modes of giving the test which is offline (computer based exam) and online mode (pen paper based exam). Objective type with equal composition of physics, chemistry and mathematics.
JEE advanced This exam Is conducted under the guidance of joint admission board and will be conducted in seven zonal Indian institute of technology. Objective type questions to test drawing aptitude

Selection P?rocess

Students are required to appear for the examinations to secure admission and score the minimum eligible score laid down by the university for admission.

B.Tech in Physical Sciences Career Prospects and Jobs

Successful graduate of B. Tech in Physical Sciences can find a range of rewarding career opportunities such as the ones listed below with the corresponding job descriptions and salaries offered for each role.

Designation Description
Academic Editor- Physical Science Responsible for focusing on specific subjects of expertise such as technology, health, medicine. They collect and analyze and translate it so that the general public can understand.
Research Scientists Responsible for planning and carrying out experiments in different fields like geosciences, medical research, meteorology and pharmacology, planning and conducting experiments and analyzing data.
Digital Physical Design Engineer Responsible for implementing engineering change orders, ensuring the final data base is logically correct using formal verification, performing physical verifications etc.
Process Safety Engineer Responsible for developing practices for process safety strategies, supporting the project team and establishing parties fit for purpose and cost.
Assistant Professor Responsible for preparing and teaching lab sessions as assigned, adhering to lab safety and hazardous waste disposal, contributing to the faculty body.

B. Tech in Physical Sciences

Jobs Profile Average Salary
Thermal Engineer INR 1,48,934- INR 8,51,161 
Research Scientist INR 2,61,811- INR 13,90,410
Assistant Professor INR 8,00,000- INR 9,00,000
Textile Technology INR 3, 00, 000- INR 4, 50, 000
Polymer Engineering INR 2,00, 000- INR 2, 50, 000

B.Tech in Physical Sciences: Course Structure and Syllabus

A comprehensive semester- wise breakup of the course’s syllabus is tabulated here for aspiring candidates’ reference.

Semester I Semester II Semester III Semester IV
Geometry and Calculus Linear Algebra and Differential Equations Complex Analysis and Integral Transforms Numerical Methods, Partial Differential Equations and Calculus of Variation
Physics I Physics II Computer Networks And DBMS Modern Optics or Analytical and Computational Chemistry
Chemistry I Engineering Materials Optics and Electromagnetic Waves Classical Mechanics
Basic Mechanical Engineering Basic Electronics and Computer Engineering Organic Chemistry and Polymer Science Earth System Science
Basic Electrical Engineering Engineering Mechanics Remote Sensing and Applications Measurements and Instrumentation
Physics Lab I Engineering Graphics Introduction to Economics Introduction to Social Science and Ethics
Chemistry Lab I Basic Electronics and Electrical Engineering Lab Physics Lab II or Chemistry Lab II Optics Lab or Computational Chemistry Lab
Basic Engineering Lab Basic Programming Lab Remote Sensing Lab Earth System Science Lab
Communication Skills Lab --- ---- Measurement and Instrumentation Lab
Semester V Semester VI Semester VII Semester VIII
Probability and Statistics Statistical Mechanics Principles of Management System Stream Comprehensive Vice-Voce
Quantum Mechanics Atomic, Molecular and Nuclear Physics Stream Elective IV Project Work
Atmospheric and Ocean Science Pattern Recognition Stream Elective V ---
Introduction to Astronomy and Astrophysics Stream Elective I Department Elective ---
Environmental Science and Engineering Stream Elective II Institute Elective ---
Computational Physics Lab Stream Elective III Elective Lab ---
Digital Signal Processing or Basic of Chemical Engineering Modern Physics Lab Seminar ---
Digital Signal Processing Lab or Chemical Engineering Lab --- --- ---

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Physical Sciences) : 5 answered questions


Ques. What are placement opportunities of engineering physics from NIT Calicut?

● Top Answer By Aaditya Hari Nair on 24 Aug 21

Ans. In terms of the research field, there are almost no placements opportunities in Engineering Physics at NIT Calicut. The only companies where you will be are allowed to apply for the placements are in the Consultancy services, Sales, etc.  Basically, we can say that NIT Calicut has nothing to offer to the students of Physics. If you want a decent job, then you should work on your coding skills else, you will have to do the basic 8-7 jobs. You can also apply for IIT JEE coaching institutes as these companies offer better salaries and less workload. If you wish to pursue higher studies in the future, you can get a side job at one of these coaching institutes and prepare for your entrance exams. This way you will be in touch with your subject and earn part-time.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. What should I choose, DTU engineering physics or Thapar University CS?

● Top Answer By Megha Rohilla on 10 Aug 21

Ans. Having known some people studying in both these institutions, I can say that if you plan to get a job offer, go for CS at Thapar University. If not and are interested in doing research opt for Engineering Physics at DTU. Engineering Physics is a field which does not anymore provide a promising opportunity to its aspirants.  If you go with this choice of branch you might get research opportunities after higher studies.  Moreover, if you have prioritized DTU, keep in mind that the quality of education and academic career is reducing with every passing year.  Few of the many branches at DTU are striving to keep their esteemed position with engineering physics not being one of them. Instead, CS at Thapar University would be an excellent option for building a path for your career.  This branch is known for its exceptional academics and for the opportunities held out to the students.  Although it is a batch of almost 570 students in CS you can certainly end up with a 5LPA and above package by the end of your 4th year. Categories CS at Thapar University Course Fee 13.23 lakh Highest CTC 22 LPA Average CTC 8 LPA There are many reputed companies that take part in their placement program and recruit CS graduates. These include Infosys, Wipro, Accenture, Capgemini, Oracle, IBM, ZS Associates, Morgan Stanley and many more.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Which college should I join among IISER Pune, IIT Madras Physics, IIT Kanpur Physics or IIT Engineering Physics?

● Top Answer By Janvi Bhambri on 03 Aug 21

Ans. If you are completely sure that you would like to study physics, you should avoid going with Engineering Physics. Rather, think of doing a BS+MS from IIT Madras. I have a few friends from IIT Madras and they were able to give some insight into the program. Let me list down the pros and cons of the course. Pros: As far as the physics department of IIT M is concerned, it is about 50 years older than IISERs. With the batch strength being quite small, you will get personalized attention and opportunities. All 10 students from the class end up bagging internship opportunities and you won’t face a lot of competition either. IISERs have an easier syllabus as compared to IITs in the third year. At IIT M, you will be sitting for an MSc project after your first three semesters. This is followed by a project year. You will be able to avoid many of the chemistry, engineering, and biology courses. Many of them are electives too, so you will get to choose what you study. With the IIT tag, you will have broader opportunities. Access to alumni funding, good campus life, clubs, teams, and organizations are just some of the benefits. Even with an average CGPA, you can expect international opportunities. Cons: The fees are quite high as compared to IISER where you can pay it with a scholarship. The engineering students are given preference sometimes which seems a little unfair when it comes to internships overlapping the two fields. They end up bagging the internship even if you have done your research in the field. In conclusion, you should not go for EP if you are planning to do physics. It will be more focused on engineering subjects and not pure physics. You can also think of going to IIT K if you want to do your master’s abroad. So, choose according to your convenience.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Which should I take for engineering - physics at DTU or electronics and communication at IIIT Una?

● Top Answer By Kanu Priya on 13 Jul 21

Ans. Both of the colleges have their own specialties. It depends on your purpose for doing any of the mentioned courses. One of my friends graduated from DTU and he mentioned a few points about the same which may be helpful for you- If your focus is on taking a decent job after graduation or earning money, opt for other options than physics. But if you have your interest in the field of research in physics or you want to do your higher studies in the field of physics, then go for Engineering in Physics. My friend from the physics branch in DTU straight away mentioned that the physics department in DTU doesn’t have decent placement opportunities, be it the on-campus placement or off-campus placement. ECE being a practical-oriented subject has a lot of demand in the industry. Also after graduating with ECE, you can sit for placements of both core companies and IT firms. Thus there will be a lot of job opportunities. Half of the students who have enrolled themselves on the physics branch were misled and the other half was too sure and passionate about this branch. Whereas, ECE at IIIT UNA can provide you with a good job right after you graduate. Categories Engineering Physics at DTU ECE at IIIT Una Course Fee 7.81 lakh 8.16 lakh Highest CTC 15-16 LPA 16 LPA Average CTC 8-9 LPA 8 LPA Recruiting Companies Optum, Tech Mahindra, TCS, IBM, etc. Google, Microsoft, Accenture, Capgemini, etc. Hence, it is up to you what is your purpose behind taking a course, if it’s research, go for engineering physics and if it’s about taking a decent job in the field of Electronics, then go for IIIT Una.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Is it worth it to do engineering physics from NIT Calicut?

● Top Answer By Rishikesh Kumar on 24 Mar 21

Ans. You would first decide whether it is a good option to do Engineering Physics, then no matter whichever college you choose. It is important that you know a few details before making a final decision about college. About the course:  Engineering Physics is a 4-year programme whose course commences in the first year and for three years you will study the same structure as of BSc-Physics.  It includes Quantum Mechanics, Nuclear Physics, etc. But in Engineering Physics practical knowledge is given more importance which will help you gaining extermination knowledge.  Placements: A career after Engineering Physics is not promising. You cannot expect to get a place on campus with an Engineering Physics degree.  There are not many companies that have the Engineering Physics job requirement.  Most of the companies have different recruitment processes which cannot be done on-campus, except government firms like DRDO, BARC, etc. You should not lose hope as college faculties and alumni help students in getting placed by identifying your interest.  Scope: Some students after completing Engineering Physics go for an MSc course and get into research and join IITs or institutes such as BARC.  To get good opportunities you have to work hard and keep taking GRE, GATE, and other exams to clear it.  If you do not want to go for research, then you can join a non-engineering job or can go for TFI etc. Therefore, if you have an interest in Engineering Physics and ready to work hard then go for it. It will surely pay you well. Most of the college faculties also help students in getting placed, so do not worry much about it.Read more
1 Answer


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