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B.Tech. in Plastic Engineering is a 4- year course concerned with the processing, designing, developing, and manufacturing of plastic products and synthetic materials. This course is designed to familiarize students with the basic concepts involved in, provide hands on practice in, and prepare skilled professionals for, the plastics industry.

The average course fee in India ranges between INR 40,000 and 2 lacs for the total duration. The average annual salary offered in the country to successful graduates of this field ranges between INR 5 - 7 lacs.

B.Tech. in Plastic Engineering: Course Highlights

Listed below are some of the major highlights of the course

Course Level Graduate
Duration 4 years
Examination Type Semester System
Eligibility 10+2 from a recognized university with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as main subjects
Admission Process Counselling after taking entrance examination
Course Fee INR 40,000 - 2 lacs
Average Starting Salary INR 5 - 7 lacs
Top Recruiting Fields/Areas Textile Technology, Automobile, Thermal power plants, Transport sector, Household appliance, Goods Packaging Industry, Electricity, Telecommunication etc.

B.Tech. in Plastic Engineering: What is it About?

The course comprises eight semesters of core subjects, such as Applied Physics, Math, Chemistry, Mechanics, Engineering Drawing, Heat and Mass Transfer, Plastic and Product Mould Design etc. Students have the option of choosing their own selective/ specialization in the final year. Project work is carried out simultaneously. Curricula of some colleges offer project work and internship in the final year of the course.

B.Tech. in Plastic Engineering: Who Should opt?

The essentially skills that ideal students of the course would possess are listed below:

  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Good problem- solving skills
  • Awareness of the latest trends of chemical engineering
  • Creativity to develop new products
  • Attention to detail

Top Institutes Offering B.Tech. in Plastic Engineering

Listed below are some of the top institutes offering the course in the country with the corresponding locations and fees charged by each.

Eligibility for B.Tech. in Plastic Engineering

The minimum criterion of eligibility needed to be met for admission to the course is a 10+2 qualification in the science stream. Additionally, candidates are needed to qualify any of the relevant JEE exam/ institute level entrance exam for admission to the course.

B.Tech. in Plastic Engineering: Admission Process

The general procedure for admission to the course for most institutes is similar. Students are needed to appear for the entrance exam, conducted on any of national, State, institute- level. Thereafter, they are required to appear for rounds of personal counseling held in intervals. Based on the cumulative score, qualifying candidates are granted admission in the institute.

Some of the major common entrance exams held in India for admission to the course are:

B.Tech. in Plastic Engineering: Syllabus and Course Description

A semester- wise breakup of the course’s syllabus is tabulated below

Semester 1

Technical English - I
Mathematics – I
Engineering Physics – I
Engineering Chemistry – I
Computer Programming
Engineering Graphics

Semester 2

Technical English-II
Engineering Physics-II
Engineering Chemistry-II
Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Engineering Mechanics

Semester 3

Transforms and Partial Differential Equations
Environmental Science and Engineering
Materials Engineering
Organic Chemistry and Technology
Strength of Materials

Semester 4

Polyurethane Technology
Polymer Nanocomposites
Adhesives and Surface Coatings
Biomedical Plastics
Statistical Quality Control Techniques
Total Quality Management

Semester 5

Probability and Statistics
Mould Manufacturing Engineering
Polymer Structure and Property Relationship
Principles of Chemical Engineering
Physical Chemistry of Polymers
Plastics Materials & Applications – I

Semester 6

Numerical Methods
Polymer Rheology
Polymerization Engineering
Plastics Materials & Applications – II
CAD/CAM/CAE for Plastics Engineering
Plastics Processing Technology – II

Semester 7

Fundamentals of Plastics Mould and Die Design
Rubber Technology
Plastics Testing Techniques – I
Process Control & Instrumentation
Additives and Compounding
Plastics Processing Technology – II

Semester 8

Polymer Composites Technology
Plastics Testing Techniques – II
Industrial Management & Costing
Plastics Product Design
Plastic Waste Management and Recycling Techniques
Biodegradable Polymers

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Plastic Engineering): Career Prospects

Successful graduates of the course are lucratively employed in areas such as plastic and polymer technology, oil and natural gas, petrochemicals, and various others.

Such graduates can work in capacities such as Designer, Processing Technologist, Processing Technician etc.

Some of the popular avenues open to successful graduates of the course are listed below with the corresponding salaries offered for the respective positions.

Job Position Job Description Average Annual Salary in INR
Design Technician Design technicians are engineers that are responsible for designing products. They work with electronics, mechanical or civil engineers in the creation of products big and small. A Design Technician aids in data collection, experimenting, drafting and revising reports. 5 – 7 lacs
Plastic Testing Technologist A PTT performs chemical and physical tests to develop new polymers and related materials. Laboratory work includes mixing ingredients, devising chemical reactions and testing the polymer’s durability, chemical, physical and tensile properties. The job also involves recording and measuring results and communicating them to a chemist, chemical engineer, mechanical engineer or other scientist on the research or production team. 5 - 7 lacs
Plastic Mould Maker A Plastic Mould Maker is a skilled trades worker who makes moulds for use in metalworking and other manufacturing industries. 5 - 7 lacs
Mould Designer A Mould Designer prepares engineering designs, drawings and related information while working with engineers, architects or industrial designers. 3 - 4 lacs

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Plastic Engineering) : 8 answered questions


Ques. Which is the better option, NIT JSR metallurgy or IIEST Shibpur metallurgy?

● Top Answer By Zakia Parween on 28 Jun 21

Ans. Having friends studying in both the colleges, It is suggested that you go for NIT Jamshedpur metallurgy would prove to be a better option because the placement records of the college are pretty good. More than 78-80% of students get recruited every year from this college and get offers from the core and non-core companies. It has also had the locational advantage of being situated in the city of Tata’s and companies like Tata Steel, Tata Tinplate, Tata Motors, and Tata metals recruit. The laboratories and campus infrastructure of the college are extremely good. IIEST has pretty good campus and has really great faculty members as well. For placement core companies like IOSL, Vedanta, etc visits the college’s campus for recruitment. Many consultancies and finance firms also recruit students from the metallurgy department of this college. Categories NIT Jamshedpur IIEST Shibpur Fees 7.16 lakh 1.36 lakh Lowest CTC 3 LPA 2.53 LPA Highest CTC 30 LPA 40 LPA Both colleges are good in their own ways. They can also be considered a good option for your education only after good research is being made in regard to your requirements. Ultimately it is your choice, but due to its locational advantage, I will suggest you go for NIT Jamshedpur.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. How good is metallurgy in NIT Jamshedpur in terms of placement?

● Top Answer By Gaurav Kalsi on 29 Apr 21

Ans. NIT Jamshedpur is a tier- 3 Indian Engineering College and it fairs well compared to some other NITs like Raipur, Durgapur, Jaipur in terms of placements of Metallurgical branch students.  More than 100 companies pay a visit to NIT Jamshedpur each year to continue the recruitment. This number keeps on increasing every year. Non-core companies are known to offer 6-8 LPA whereas core companies offer 7-8 LPA.  A number of companies such as TATA Steel, TATA Tinplate, Vedanta group, JSW, JSL, etc regularly take a part in the NIT Jamshedpur’s recruitment.  TATA is known to recruit a maximum of its employees from NIT Jamshedpur. For the 2021 batch, the department witnessed 75% placements offers. The average package offered was 12 LPA. Jamshedpur in itself is fortunate to have a number of steel companies and therefore the metallurgy students here have that to their advantage. The exposure, the competitive environment ensure that students obtain a number of opportunities for training and internships. Moreover, this branch has a lot of scopes not just in our country but abroad too. Also, metallurgy is the oldest branch in NIT Jamshedpur.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. How is metallurgy at NIT Jamshedpur?

● Top Answer By Sandhya R on 23 Apr 21

Ans. Every year this dilemma strikes most of the students whether to opt for a good NIT but not the branch of choice or branch of choice at any NIT. What you should know is apart from the top five NITs, all the other NITs are equivalent. Therefore, go for the branch of your choice. Now, answering that question that has been asked: Academics: The faculty of the metallurgy department at NIT Jamshedpur is good. They provide a good amount of and appropriate content for the courses. There is not much pressure on large assignments. You can take out time for other interests that you have apart from engineering. Placement: NIT Jamshedpur provides ample opportunities. Companies like Tata Steel and Vedanta Steel are the leading recruiting companies from the metallurgy department. You will also get a lot of opportunities in the non-core sector. Groffers, ZS Associates, Future First also recruit. Looking at the placements, the Metallurgy department at NIT Jamshedpur has been better when compared to other NITs. You can go for metallurgy at NIT Jamshedpur but, I will also suggest you give more preference to the branch of your choice.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. How good is metallurgy in NIT Jamshedpur?

● Top Answer By Anil Tigga on 22 Apr 21

Ans. One of my friends who used to be a student in Jamshedpur says that all hostels of NIT Jamshedpur have equal value. The faculty is also experienced and good at teaching as far as the academic background is concerned. The faculty takes enthusiasm in its teaching and is also energetic. One of the teachers was not only the associate Dean but also the chief warden at the same time. There was also talk that he might just be the next Dean of the students’ welfare department. The cultural students, technical festival, sports meet, and alumni meet consist of a lot of students from the metallurgy. ‘Technica’ is also a popular event for metallurgy students. There are also technical teams like Daksh, Drift, Phoenix, etc where you can work in. Categories Metallurgy in NIT Jamshedpur Course Fee 7.16 lakh Placement Percentage 85% Highest CTC 11.3 LPA Average CTC 4.5 LPA Recruiting Companies Tata Steel, JSW Steel, Jindal Steel, Vedanta, L&T, etc. As for placements, the TATA Steel of the TATA group recruits students from the third year onwards through PPO or Pre Placement. Placement in metallurgy in NIT Jamshedpur is as high as 4.1 out of 5. Other companies that recruit students from this institute are Hindalco, JSW Steel, Vedanta, etc. The ‘Technica’ fest gives you the opportunity to participate in competitions and earn prizes, certificates, etc which can be helpful for you. Jamshedpur is a place where there are a lot of industries around so a lot of them come to the institute to offer jobs to the students.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Which is better IIEST Shibpur mining or NIT Jamshedpur metallurgy?

● Top Answer By Admin on 16 Apr 21

Ans. NIT Jamshedpur has an established brand name in the country. Students are tagged with “NITians”. This tag is beneficial for future training, internships, on or off-campus placements, and even in pursuing a management degree afterward. Professors & Faculty of NIT Jamshedpur: The professors impart decent knowledge to the students about their expertise core subjects. So, scoring marks is not a problem here. Some of the professors are adopting methods to revise the significant topics again and again. It decreases the workload of students. They can easily focus the first two years on pointing out their areas of interest and later two years in achieving their targets for their desired specialization. Placement Statistics of NIT Jamshedpur: As per the past few years of placements, there are core companies that visit the campus. They are TATA Steel, Vedanta, Hindalco, TATA Power, JSW, Usha Martin, etc.  In the metallurgy department, TATA Steel took only one candidate.  If students lack interest in this department then they can opt for off-campus placements too or else prepare for further studies. Winning Institute: As per the above perks, NIT Jamshedpur can be concluded better between both the listed institutes.Read more
1 Answer


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Course Curriculum Overview :

Yes, it's relevant about the course curriculum and exam structure that is been conducted. There are better learning facilities that we can get from this college and vast knowledge in the plastics field. There are internships that are generally done so as it helps in securing campus drive a better placement. There was an industrial visit which helps the students to gain knowledge about the industry.

Faculty :

There are nearly 20 faculties who are hired for our branch and all are recruited by central government basis. The there average age is 40 and their qualification is PhD level. There are many such types of teachings such as video lecture, and they also explain it in a very cool way. They are generally professor so they don't have industry experience but they are experienced in teaching.

Admission :

This is an exceptional course and is very rarely found in all India as it has rare branches such as plastic engineering. It has rare branches and with that it is central government institute which let me think about taking admission in this college. First I applied JEE Main and with the JEE Main mark I applied on OJEE for counseling and I got admission in this college.

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