Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) Polymer Engineering Top Colleges, Syllabus, Scope and Salary

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B. Tech. Polymer Engineering is an undergraduate degree course in Engineering. B. Tech Polymer Engineering is a four-year-long course. Having passed 10+2 or equivalent exam from a recognized board with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as recommended subjects, a candidate may apply for this course.

Top Institutes offering this course are:

The average tuition fee of B. Tech Polymer Engineering ranges from INR 2 to INR 5 lakhs depending on colleges offering this course. The admission mode in this course is entrance test. The tests for admission are held on all India level as well as state.

This is the branch of engineering that familiarizes the students with the concepts and principles applied to Polymer Engineering. It is concerned with the theoretical and practical knowledge for production and use of polymers.

B.Tech Polymer Engineering students have a wide variety of Career Options and Jobs.There is a constant demand of B. Tech Polymer Engineering graduates in both public and private sectors. In public sector, opportunities lie in Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, petrochemical plants etc. The private sectors with opportunities for B. Tech Polymer Engineering graduates are electronics, IT, aerospace, automotive, rubber and plastic, pharmaceuticals, computing and medical.


The duration of B. Tech Polymer Engineering is four years spread over eight semesters as it is an engineering course. However, it can also be 3 years long in case of lateral entry allowed in institutions such as Institute of Chemical TechnologyMaharashtra Institute of Technology and College of Engineering Roorkee.

What is B. Tech Polymer Engineering?

B. Tech Polymer Engineering is a discipline of engineering which acquaints the students with the knowledge and skills needed for the production of polymers. Polymers are rubber, plastics, adhesives, resin, and fibers combined together. Polymer engineering is all about the study of methods and technique for efficient production and use of polymers.

B.Tech Polymer Engineering Syllabus is designed as such that it primarily aims at preparing the students by equipping them with specialized knowledge and innovative perspective on it. It enables the students to think expertly in a creative way and come up with radical ways to maximize the production and applications of polymers.

Who Should Opt for B. Tech Polymer Engineering?g2

Polymer Engineering calls for the candidates who are organized, can work well in teams, have an analytical bent of mind and possess excellent communication skills. Since this field requires innovation, candidates with a creative imagination would be a good fit. The students who dream of making a career in engineering and contribute something radical can take this course and fulfill this dream.

The aspirants having a strong interest in process design, thermodynamics, transport phenomena, and plant design are meant for B. Tech Polymer Engineering. The intense nature of this course means that students aspiring to pursue should not be averse to hard work. 

Where to Study?

The top colleges offering B. Tech Polymer Engineering are:

Academic Options after B. Tech Polymer Engineering

After completion of B. Tech Polymer Engineering, the students can go on to add further qualification on their CV. They may opt to go for postgraduate degree. B. Tech Polymer Engineering offers the step up from the basic knowledge acquired in graduation to the advanced level. It is offered by Anna University of Technology, Institute of Chemical Technology, University of Mumbai, North Maharashtra University, University of Mumbai and other institutes.

In the field of research, universities such as Cochin University of Science and Technology, Hindustan University, Sri Jayachamrajendra College of Engineering and University of Mumbai offer Ph.D. Polymer Science and Technology.

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Polymer Engineering) Fee Structure in India

58.26 K (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES1.57 L  (Maximum Fee)
1.08 L (Average Fee)
1.50 L (Minimum Fee)Private COLLEGES12.40 L (Maximum Fee)
8.77 L (Average Fee)


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Course Curriculum Overview :

Polymer engineering is a very good course to choose and those who love chemistry choose this subject without any doubt if you didn't get admission for chemical engineering. The subject includes study about rubber technology(tyre), plastic technology, material science, biopolymers, biomaterials. which are very interesting to study and enjoyable. We can study this subject without any tension freely as this is a completely theory type paper and practicals are extremely interesting ones. University College of engineering is a best option for keralites for studying polymer engineering as there is no other college coming under keam having this course in Kerala and I assure UCE is a very good place and campus to study and you live. Even though campus is not very wide the small area itself is mind charming and cool place.We have all the lab, library and other facilities here. The faculties are very much friendly and very much educated.Well equiped labs, well trained faculties, teachers having PhD's in various subjects are here to make the campus more lively.Syllabus of subject is not very hard. If we study it by loving it,it will be very easy to grasp.

College Events :

The campus life here is very glorious, attractive and enjoyable. We can enjoy maximum here bringing our academics with enjoyment. UCE is a best option not just to study but to live in campus. We have women cell programs, college day, arts, techfest valentines week programs, Holi, finalyear week program, sports and many other events to enjoy. Many celebrities will come here to inaugurate and be a part of functions.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

College provide scholarship for most of the students including merit cum means scholarship, e grants, AICTE scholarshipa etc. More than 70? of students here are getting scholarships so their tuition fee amount can be remitted front that. Top 3 rank holders in each year(KEAM RANK ADMISSION BASE) will be getting AICTE SCHOLARSHIP, they will be feewavers(No tuition fee).

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9.5 /10

College Events :

Technical event mainly hesperos is conducted in even years. In which alumini & scientist from all part of world are joined & sections will be there. Hesperos is mainly for polymer students which is a big event in which all part of world enterprenuers & mnc s joined together as well. As part of cultural we are having arts, sports, tech fest, valentines day all fest are celebrated yearly & final year day, freshers day as well.

Course Curriculum Overview :

Polymer engineering is the special course we are having there. Which is mainly authentically iconic course as well. Only 3 colleges in kerala provide this course & having major opening in many mnc company after this course. Exam & labs were upto well. We will get a correct dimension on course by labs & well. Our course mainly focused on rubber, tyre, paint, plastic as well field.

Faculty :

I have no words to say about faculty which we are having such a helping people they are. They are just like friends to us & as family. They are truely helpfull & by them we all can reach in higher position because as such training they are giving to us. They are all highly qualified teachers many having doctorate as well.

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8.3 /10

College Events :

.College day celebration .union inaguration .Fest .camps College day is a good event with lot of activities that like dance music etc. An inaguration with respected authority was there for first. An event was be on afternoon section for all make thrill like it wa DJ last year. All other events are normally happened there.

Faculty :

They are hardworking ones keep as on academic track better. Not make us a bad feel at all. Helping guide and also not got terrible at any isntance. Their ideas make the study keeps simple. The faculty includes lot of teaching staff and others.all with helping hands.

Campus Life :

Not bad. all types of activities are there.but need a inspection for such activities. Not s good ground for playing there. Other extra caricullam needs were promote by faculty and classmates. They give powerback boost for improvement of such skills.

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3.1 L first year fees
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