Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Polymer Engineering)

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The latest trends and demands of industry are kept in mind while designing the syllabus for B. Tech Polymer Engineering. It is revised at regular basis as per the need.

The course aims to prepare the students to apply the knowledge gained to solving the problem faced by organizations polymers industry related to its production and application.

The syllabus covers core courses, electives and practical. The delivery method of this course offers a balanced approach by incorporating practical subjects along with classroom lectures.

The syllabus of different institutes might differ from each other. Yet, some subjects remain the same in most of the institutes.  A brief summary of such subjects is given below:




Polymer Physics

Stress, strain, properties of strain and strain, Burger model, Boltzmann superposition principle, Power law, Gough-Joule effect

This paper focuses on imparting concepts and awareness to students on polymeric deformation and rheological properties.

Polymer Science

Polymer solutions, X-ray diffraction, chemical reactivity of linear and cross linked polymers, Hildebrand approach

This paper aims at equipping the students with the basic knowledge revolving around structure-property relationship of polymers.

Plastics - Science & Technology

Polymerization, monomer preparation, properties

and application of LDPE, HDPE, cross linked and chlorinated PE, PP and PS

The purpose of this paper is to impart the basic knowledge of chemistry aspects on various plastic materials, their synthesis and applications.

Polymer Processing

Compounding ingredients, compound development, principles of mixing, Processing techniques, troubleshooting.

The objective of this paper is to acquaint the students with various compounding ingredients and mixing equipments.

Latex Technology

Fundamental latex characteristics, Brownian motion, latex concentration methods, principles of latex compounding, latex foam processing methods

The aim of this paper is to teach fundamentals of on processing and product development of polymer lattices

Rubbers - Science & Technology

Various forms of natural rubber, Vulcanization, synthesis of monomers, polymerization, Monomer preparation

This paper provides an insight into the fundamentals on structure, properties and production of natural and synthetic rubbers.


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3.1 L first year fees
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