Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Power Engineering)

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Course Structure

The course structure majorly across all the colleges involves theory exams, practical tests, industrial visits, industrial training and project submission at the end of training and course.

Scheme of Assessment

There are two semesters in each of the four years and each and every student has to submit a project and undergo training at the end of the course. A general weightage for Theory and Practical papers is as follows:

Assessment Criteria


Theory Examination





Detailed Syllabus of B.Tech. Power Engineering is as follows:

Name of the course

Topics Covered


Applied Mathematics – I

Complex numbers and infinite series ,

Calculus of one variable ,

Linear algebra – matrices ,

Ordinary differential equations ,

The course introduces the students to the basic concepts of applied mathematics.

Applied Physics – I

Interference of Light ,

Diffraction ,

Polarization ,

Laser ,

Mechanics ,

The course introduces the students to the basics of applied physics.

Applied Chemistry – I

Water ,

Fuels ,

Environmental Pollution and Control ,

Solutions ,

The course introduces the students to the basics of applied chemistry.

Manufacturing Process

Casting Processes ,

Smithy and Forging ,

Metal joining ,

Sheet Metal Work ,

The course entails to introduce the students to the basics of manufacturing process.

Introduction to Computers and Auto CAD

Introduction to Computer ,

Introduction to OS and Office Automation ,

Introduction to Auto CAD ,

Web Technologies ,

The course entails to introduce the students to the basics concepts of computer that we use in our day-to-day lives.

Communication Skills – I

Remedial Grammar ,

Vocabulary and Usage ,

Technical Writing ,

Text ,

Communication is the basic requirement in each job. The course entails to teach the students this very basic necessity.

Applied Mathematics – II

Calculus of several variables ,

Functions of complex variables ,

Vector calculus ,

Laplace transformation ,

The course entails to give the students a very advanced level of understanding in applied mathematics.

Applied Physics – II

Electromagnetic Theory (EMT) ,

Quantum Mechanics & Statistical Physics ,

Solid State Physics ,

X-Rays ,

Ultrasonic ,

The course entails to give the students an advanced level of understanding about the concepts in applied physics.

Applied Chemistry – II

Chemical Bonding ,

Gaseous State ,

Thermochemistry ,

Catalysis ,

The Phase Rule ,

Polymers and Composites ,

The course entails to give the students an advanced level of understanding about the concepts in applied chemistry.

Introduction to Programming

Introduction to Programming ,

Programming using C ,

Iterations and Subprograms ,

Pointers and Strings ,

The course entails to educate the students about what is programming and its various concepts.

Engineering Mechanics

Force system ,

Structure ,

Distributed Force ,

Kinematics of Particles ,

Kinetics of Particles ,

Kinematics of Rigid Bodies ,

The course entails to give the students an understanding about the various concepts in engineering mechanics.

Electrical Science

Circuit Analysis ,

A.C.Circuits ,

Measuring Instruments ,

Transformers ,

The course entails to give the students an understanding about circuits and the various devices made using it.

Communication Skills – II

Basic Concepts in Communication ,

Writing Skills ,

Verbal, Non-Verbal and Listening Skills ,

Group Discussion ,

The course discusses the concepts of communication in detail.

Material science & metallurgy

Crystal structure, structure determined by X-ray diffraction ,

Structure of metals and alloys, Ionic crystals, silicates and organic polymers. ,

Conductors and resistors ,

Semiconductors ,

Magnetic materials ,

Dielectric materials ,

The course entails educating students about the metallurgy of various metals.


Fundamentals and Definitions ,

Work ,

Heat ,

First Law of Thermodynamics ,

Second Law of Thermodynamics ,

Entropy ,

Ideal gas ,

Second Law Analysis of Engineering Processes ,

The course aims to educate the students about the basic and advanced level of concepts of thermodynamics.

Strength of materials & theory of machines

Simple Stress & Strain ,

Torsion of circular shafts ,

Thin walled vessels ,

Shearing force and bending moment in beams ,

Theory of simple bending ,

The course’s objective is to educate the students about the concept of stress and strain and strength of materials and theory of machines.

Circuit theory

Networks ,

Fourier series and signal spectra ,

Signal ,

Laplace Transform ,

Network Theorems ,

Two-Port Parameters ,

The course educates the students about the concepts of circuits and its working in detail.

Power distribution and utilization

Distribution System Planning ,

Distribution Sub-stations ,

Distribution Losses and Efficient Energy Management ,

Cost Economics / Commercial Aspects ,

The course introduces the students to the concept of power distribution and utilization.

Power plant maintenance

Boiler structure steel work ,

Economizer ,

Boiler Drum & Drum internal ,

Water Wall Tube Arrangement ,

The course entails to train the students about the processes involved in the maintenance of a power plant.

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Power Engineering) : 80 answered questions


Ques. Which one would be better: production in Jadavpur university, power in Jadavpur university, mechanical in Jalpaiguri, or government engineering or mechanical in Kalyani govt. engineering?

● Top Answer By Prerona Datta on 22 Oct 21

Ans. Choose the course that interests you, college is a secondary thing. Here are some of the facts that may help you in choosing the right branch for you. If you want to work in PSUs or Govt. sectors, it’s better to not choose Production Engineering as there are fewer recruiters. Jadavpur is the best college you can get through WBJEE. If you choose Production or Power in JU, you will have good on-campus job opportunities. Production Engineering is a branch of Mechanical Engineering itself. The syllabus will be more or less the same.  Mechanical at Kalyani University will be slightly better than Jalpaiguri. You may not get lucrative job packages at on-campus placement from Kalyani University but in the long run, you will have a much better hold with your Mechanical degree. You can expect well-paid jobs in the future.  Your future will depend on the branch you are choosing so choose according to your interest. All these Universities will offer you enough opportunities and resources to prosper. It’s up to you to use that well. Read more
1 Answer

Ques. How is electrical engineering at UIT Burdwan University?

● Top Answer By Aaditya Hari Nair on 28 Sept 21

Ans. Overall, UIT Burdwan University is not that great. However, if you are only considering the electrical engineering department of the institute, then it is quite good. The faculties are extremely supportive and helpful towards students. They are well-experienced. But don’t expect to score easily. You will have to study hard to score good marks in examinations.  The institute offers good lab amenities as well. However, unlike many other universities, UIT Burdwan University does not quite provide the best technical or practical knowledge. It is up to you to make the most of your time at the institute. Read more
1 Answer

Ques. How is the electrical engineering branch at Heritage Institute of Technology?

● Top Answer By Aaditya Hari Nair on 17 Sept 21

Ans. Heritage Institute of Technology is a good private institute if you want to pursue electrical engineering. The placements at Heritage are also good and there is no shortage of candidates looking for admission. All the branches in Heritage are good. The same goes for the electrical engineering branch. The equipment in the library is well maintained. The environment is also friendly. Categories EE at Heritage Institute of Technology Course Fee 4.04 lakh Placement Percentage 70% Highest CTC 18 LPA Average CTC 8-10 LPA Recruiting Companies TCS, Tech Mahindra, Phillips, Microsoft, etc. The students in the department of CSE get placed the most followed by the students of IT. The students ECE and EE come after them. Placements however are determined by your hard work and dedication. The faculty at Heritage is arguably one of the best of all the private engineering institutes in West Bengal. So Heritage will prove to be a good choice.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. How are placements for electricial engineering students in Thapar University?

● Top Answer By Debdeep Majumder on 09 Aug 21

Ans. According to some of my friends studying there, the institute has managed to show good placement records every year. Students often receive Pre-placement offers by top companies in their 6th semester after they had training or internship with them. Placement highlights: A total of 264 recruiting companies visited the campus for placements. On average, about 90% of B.Tech students were placed. The highest CTC offered in B.Tech at Thapar was INR 25 LPA and the average CTC was between INR 6-8 LPA. The top recruiting firms for Electrical engineering are Maruti, Deloitte, Exl Analytics, Tata Motors, Mu Sigma, Honda, Schneider Electric, Asian paints, Reliance, Wipro, Sapient, etc. The internship opportunities are also good and these turn into full-time offers sometimes.  One girl got an internship at Reliance which turned into a full-time job at CTC 16 LPA. The top mass recruiters were Infosys and TCS. They offer a salary package of 3-3.5 LPA. The students of B.Tech score the highest number of placements every year at Thapar University. The institute has even managed to get more than 90% of students placed in the last 6 years. You should make sure to contact a currently enrolled student and know the scenarios.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Is EE the worst branch in Thapar University?

● Top Answer By Sandhya R on 09 Aug 21

Ans. It’s not true that EE is the worst branch at Thapar. Electrical Engineering at Thapar is far better than any other college in India. The Electrical Engineering Program at Thapar University is designed to prepare its graduates for continued learning and successful careers in industry, government, academia, and consulting. Some merits of joining Thapar University - They help develop and excel in the field of Electrical Engineering with effective communication and management skills. At Thapar, you get good exposure along with a better understanding and knowledge about the subject. The faculties are cooperative at TU, who help you throughout your journey on TU. Here are the recent placement highlights of TU. Highest CTC  43 LPA  Placement average  90% Top recruiters  IBM, Wipro, Infosys, TCS Many of my friends are at Thapar University pursuing Electrical Engineering and I never heard any negative feedback about the program from them. So, EE is not the worst at Thapar. However, there are possibilities that you might not find it as per your expectation but that doesn’t mean that the program is bad. Read more
1 Answer


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