Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Urban & Regional Planning)

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Course structure includes Lectures, Industrial Trainings, Project, case studies and appeals trials. There are Core courses and electives. Some basic subjects prescribes by most of the universities are as following- 



Concepts of Urban & Regional Planning

Introduction and understanding basic concepts of urban and regional planning at every stage, rural planning and economic planning also.

Architecture & Design

Understand how make design and architecture of land and areas.

Building Structure & Construction

Learn about building structure concepts to apply them in construction of buildings.

Computer Basics & Applications

Knowledge of computer applications and use them in urban and regional planning.


Understand the housing schemes and their implementations.

Environmental Studies

Basic concepts of environmental studies to execute the planning process of urban and regional areas.

Estimation & Valuation

Learn how to make budgets for the estimation and valuation of land.

Project Formulation, Monitoring & Evaluation

Learn how to control over projects and their formulation and how to do evaluation at different stages.

Land Management

Optimal use of land and management to use the resources in their better way.

Development Management, Policy & Finance

Cope up with the policies and regulations related to development of landscape and management of funds.

Metropolitan Planning & Development

Learn the planning process of metropolitan areas and their development.


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